Virtual tour of museums from Paris to New York

HOther cracks run through the paint layer on the frayed canvas like the finest cobwebs. And yet this pearl earring shimmers, sparkles and shines like new. Painted over 355 years ago by the master of light, the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. With exactly three brushstrokes of white oil paint placed on a dark primer: one […]

Coronavirus USA: Around 125,000 infections and almost 2,200 deaths

The enemy is everywhere. It is invisible. And he has life and death in new York completely changed within a few days. The metropolis with a population of 8.5 million has become one of the Hotspots of the global corona crisis become. By Sunday morning, New York had more than 53,000 people infected, more than […]

Corona crisis – fight in the US: – Video

The corona virus has a firm grip on America: 9,000 national guards are deployed across the US to provide people in need with the essentials. New drive-through test facilities are being built all over the country. Whiskey distilleries produce disinfectants, the Navy puts hospital ships into service. The situation is currently worst in New York […]

Coronavirus requires states to order nearly one in three Americans to stay home

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Nearly one in three Americans were sentenced to stay home on Sunday to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic while Ohio, Louisiana and Delaware became the last states to enforce extensive restrictions, along with the city of Philadelphia. The three states unite in New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut and New […]

FAA to briefly close New York’s traffic center, LaGuardia Control Tower

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Aviation Administration said Saturday that it will close the Traffic Control Center of the New York air route and the New York LaGuardia Control Tower overnight for cleaning after another person has tested positive. for COVID-19. An American airline plane is seen on the tarmac after the Federal Aviation Administration […]

US-Canada border closed when Florida congressman diagnosed coronavirus

WASHINGTON / NEW YORK (Reuters) – The United States and Canada have closed their shared border to “non-essential traffic” on Wednesday to curb the transmission of the coronavirus while US President Donald Trump has moved to strengthen supplies of equipment medical and the outbreak hit Capitol Hill. Two members of the United States House of […]