IMSS doctor fired who reported lack of equipment

Author: Omar Hernández / Correspondent


Two months after retiring, a neurosurgeon in Zacatecas was fired as a specialist doctor of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), on the instructions of the delegate in the entity, after the doctor repeatedly denounced the lack of equipment, infections and deaths to consequence of the coronavirus covid-19.

The neurosurgeon assured that the delegate fabricated an alleged case of medical malpractice to fire him.

I tell him that he must be operated on, he never says yes, he never tells me if he is not going to operate, on Monday the note remains in my own handwriting, something that the delegate disappeared deviously to look for the patient to operate on and the patient to At six o’clock in the afternoon on Friday he signs a voluntary discharge to go with that engineer who was going to cure his cancer, the patient returns to social security a week later and one of my colleagues operates him “

What had to be done was done, the patients simply looked for other non-surgical alternatives, magical medicine alternatives, they realized that it was not like that and they returned to the institute, like they think that if they came with me I would not treat them, because in In theory, a patient who signs a voluntary discharge from the Institute should no longer receive them, in theory, how good they received it, how good they operated on him, how good the man is fine and that is how it would have been from the beginning, “he added.

The first administrative battle where the case was reviewed was already resolved by his superiors, the doctor reported.

My boss, Dr. Esaú Lozano Prado, where he answers to the director, regarding this case, we cannot give the names; and he says at the end: We did not find omissions and there is no lack of regulation for medical benefits by the working personnel because the complaint filed is not considered appropriate, “he said.

The delegate has not issued a response regarding the dismissal of the doctor; weeks ago, she downplayed complaints to her administration for the lack of protective equipment.

What is not valid is that people take advantage to make a situation of protagonism “, said Saandra Durán, IMSS delegate in Zacatecas.

Due to this dismissal, several unions of teachers, miners and government workers are already preparing demonstrations to demand the reinstatement of the doctor.

We cannot allow these practices to continue and stop in their tracks and demand that the Social Security Delegate here in Zacatecas immediately reinstate Dr. Armando Rosales Torres, “said Alejandro Rivera, general secretary of the Zacatecas Independent Workers Union.

And we publicly denounce that if what is not done is done, we as a bloc will have to support the comrade… the comrades in the health sector, “said Sandra Zúñiga, spokeswoman for section 24 of the SNTE.

Dr. Rosales assures that once he resolves the lawsuit for unjustified dismissal, he will begin a tour throughout the country to give support to his colleagues who suffer from lack of equipment or working conditions in the face of the pandemic.

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Mexico | Andrés Manuel López Obrador asks not to use rented computers and not to charge cell phones in public entities

To personnel and salary cuts in the public administration of Mexico, recommendations such as not using the computer or not charging the cell phone in the offices, as part of austerity plan Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which drowns officials amid the pandemic.

When he came to power in 2018, the President lowered the salaries of senior positions, stopped purchases of official vehicles and it limited all kinds of expenditures within the Government to end waste and corruption.

A snip that delved to circumvent the economic crisis derived from the pandemic through a decree of April 23 that cut 75% of the budget this year for general services, materials and supplies, which has forced federal agencies to juggle to continue operating.

No light, no water, no compus

In July, austerity became visible as never before.

Ministries such as the Ministry of Economy established limited hours for the use of electricity and recommended using the stairs to avoid elevators, reduce water consumption or clean work spaces, due to the cut in cleaning personnel.

Even some agencies have requested that officials give part of their salary “voluntarily”.

“Recommendations such as not charging your cell phone do exist but in general there is no strict supervision. I will continue to charge my cell phone as necessary,” Francisco, an official of the Ministry of Labor, tells Efe this Sunday.

What caused a special stir was the cancellation of computer rental contracts to external companies and inviting officials to use your own equipment.

Manuel Lopez Obrador He said that there was corruption in the rental of this equipment, said that computers “are not the most important thing” and recalled that the fathers of the country never used computers.

“Imagine those who fought in other times for freedom, justice, democracy and sovereignty. Were they waiting for them to have their computers to fight and transform?”, He justified.

Francisco, who is involved in the government’s star program of scholarships and apprenticeships “Young People Building the Future”, says that they asked him if he could use his own computer and he said yes, as did most of his colleagues.

And it seems to him an “idiocy” that the Secretariat did not have its own computers. Yes i know “I should support the workers to get their equipment”, he claims.

Much tougher is the labor advisor Patricia Juan Pineda, who emphasizes to Efe that “information and data protection are being put at risk” with the use of personal equipment.

“They take away computers, no water, no paper, no soap… Every employer must provide the necessary tools for the performance of functions, “he claims.

Not returning to work after the pandemic

Laura is in “administrative limbo”. She entered a community culture program of the Ministry of Culture a year ago but since the quarantine began in March she has not returned to work nor has she been formally fired.

“They continued to pay me to calm the waters during the first two months but they gave many of us to understand that we better start looking for work,” says Laura (not her real name), concerned about the difficulty of finding a job in the middle of the pandemic, which collapsed the Mexican GDP 18.9% in the second quarter of the year.

Hiring in the Mexican administration is a long-standing problem, since for decades staff has been increased by fees and with low salaries, which unlike the base personnel do not have employment benefits.

“Due to the austerity programs, there are no new jobs, but the workload is very high and people are hired by chapter 3,000, which puts workers at a disadvantage,” he says.

Chapter 3,000 is precisely the one that corresponds to expenses for general services, now cut by the presidential decree, so they are cannon fodder for layoffs.

Patricia Juan Pineda says that these contracts have been used by previous Administrations to “to bring in compadres of the government on duty”, something you want to reverse Andrés Manuel López Obrador. However, it warns that the generalized layoffs affect dependencies where more than half of the workers were for fees.

“In areas where there were five people, now there are two people doing the same job and the worst thing is that cleaning has been done without objective criteria and they have fired people who know how to do things,” he explains.

Programs and service in jeopardy

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from the leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena), excluded the Health Ministry and priority infrastructure works from cuts to its social support programs.

And although officially the snip is in operating expenses and not in the financing of programs, austerity afflicts a myriad of areas that do not interest the president so much.

Amnesty International raised its voice against cuts by the National Institute of Women, in a country with ten femicides a day.

While the Oscar winners Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González Iñárritu put a face to the malaise of the cultural world by opposing the abolition of the public investment fund for cinema.

Complaints that even reach the fire department of Mexico City, whose city council has copied the federal government austerity plan, due to the lack of protective equipment against the pandemic, which has placed Mexico as the third country in the world with the most deaths by COVID-19.

“The measures are strictly economic, they are trying to protect the budget at the expense of the health of those who work there,” says a firefighter who prefers to remain anonymous.

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Viral, video pickpocketing public transportation fails to act, beaten and stripped of passengers

TEXCOCO, – A group of city transport passengers ( public transportation) of Mexico, managed to thwart the action pickpocket.

However, the passengers judged him by beating pickpockets and stripping him outside the vehicle.

In the CCTV recording on public transportation, it is known that this event occurred on Friday (31/7/2020) afternoon local time.

The scene in Texcoco, a municipality in Mexico.

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From the video uploaded on the Twitter account @HoyEstado, the incident began when a man entered an angkot and forced all passengers to hand over their valuables.

The angkot driver who saw the robbery then immediately stepped on the gas, but a pickpocket had already gotten inside.

Meanwhile the second suspect failed to enter the public transportation and was seen running beside the vehicle.

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Then when his partner fled, the first suspect stepped into the back of the public transportation and grabbed a cellphone from one of the passengers.

There are a total of 6 passengers in the angkot, all men.

After grabbing the passenger’s cell phone, the pickpocket wearing the white undershirt walked to the exit, but a passenger blocked his way and pulled his hand.

Soon the other passengers ganged up on the pickpocket, beat him, then dragged him out of the public transportation.

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Reporting from Daily Mail Tuesday (4/8/2020), thief he had asked for forgiveness.

However the passengers ignored the pickpocket’s request, and one passenger questioned why he was robbing and challenged his toughness.

The pickpocket was repeatedly kicked and beaten while the angkot was running.

Then another video shows three passengers throwing the pickpocket from the public transportation after stopping at the municipality of Los Reyes de La Paz.

One of the passengers kicked him until the pickpocket passed out, while the other passengers left him naked on the road.

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Mexico exceeded 50,000 deaths from coronavirus

Mexico this Thursday exceeded 50,000 deaths from the coronavirus after 819 new deaths were reported in one day.

With the figures announced by the Ministry of Health, the total number of deaths per covid-19 in the nation it rose to 50,517, the third highest number in the world, behind the United States and Brazil.

The agency also reported 6,590 new cases of coronavirus, with which they already add a total of 462,690 in the country.

The authorities recognized that both figures are lower than the real ones, in part due to the extremely low level of tests being carried out in Mexico. The nation has barely performed approximately 1.5 million tests to date, far less than one for every 100 inhabitants.


Transat will enhance its offer this winter

As of November 1, Transat will enhance its offer of flights and packages for travelers. The company, which began to resume its activities on July 23 after 112 days of shutdown, plans to offer 40 destinations during the winter of 2020-21.

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Several Caribbean sun destinations will be served from Montreal. This is the case for Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, the carrier said on Tuesday. Trips to Jamaica, Martinique and Saint-Martin will also be offered, as well as to Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and El Salvador.

As for the United States, Florida, Puerto Rico and New Orleans, Louisiana will be offered from Montreal.

Flights to Europe are also planned, including Malaga (in Spain), Paris (in France) and Lisbon (in Portugal), non-stop from Montreal.

Travelers to Quebec City, for their part, will be entitled to direct flights to a dozen destinations, including Cuba and Florida. Connections from Toronto and other Canadian cities are also on the program.

“Although the entire tourism industry has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic, the desire for elsewhere, for a change of scenery and for discovery is still very present among travelers”, believes Annick Guérard, Chief Operating Officer by Transat.

For now, the federal government continues to advise Canadians against taking non-essential overseas travel, regardless of destination, and the Canada-U.S. Borders are closed until at least August 21, 2020. .

Government warnings have an impact on travel insurance: most of them do not cover travelers while a notice is pending.

As the situation is constantly changing, Transat has implemented a flexible reimbursement and modification policy for its flights and packages.

It currently serves 23 destinations.

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Viral: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Beating a thief aboard a van unleashed numerous

A thief in was the subject of who tried to strip them of their belongings with the help of a buddy. The viral video of the event became the most watched on the Internet and the they did not wait. Don’t miss them!

The event took place aboard a transport unit that was heading to the State of Mexico on the Mexico-Texcoco highway, where six passengers were about to be assaulted by two criminals who got on posing as passengers.

However, When the second of the thugs was about to board the vehicle, the driver sped up and left the first of them alone who, seeing that he was outnumbered, tried to escape but the passengers rushed him and grabbed him with blows.

The entire scene that lasted just over three minutes was recorded by a security camera installed inside the public transport unit, serving as material for They will create all kinds of memes.

It was so referring to movies, television series and cartoons, Internet users gave free rein to their creativity to make various montages of the viral video of the combi thief that became a trend in social networks such as .



Callao: family of the ‘excited avocado’ denounces theft of their vehicle

Callao: family of the ‘excited avocado’ denounces theft of their vehicle


Coronavirus August 5. Mexico reaches 456 thousand cases due to Covid

On the national scene, the Ministry of Health reported that Mexico reached the 456,100 positive cases Covid-19, 6,139 more than yesterday, as well as 49 thousand 698 deaths, 829 more than the day before.

At a press conference, Jose Luis Alomy, Director of Epidemiology, said that according to estimates, at this time the number of confirmed cases to SarsCoV2 would be 494 thousand 882 and 51 thousand 623 deaths. As of today, 304,708 patients have recovered.

Refering to hospital occupationHe mentioned that throughout the country there are 31,846 general beds to treat respiratory disease, of which 17,964 are available and 13,882 are occupied, so there is an occupation of 44%.

While in critical beds, or that have a mechanical fan, there are a total of 10 thousand 670 of which 6 thousand 719 are available and 3 thousand 951 occupied; occupancy is 37%.

Nayarit, Nuevo León and Coahuila maintain the highest occupancy in general beds with 75%, 68% and 65% respectively, in critical beds Nuevo León has 63%, Colima 55% and Tabasco 54%.

* See here the complete transmission of the conference on coronavirus cases in Mexico, from the National Palace:



Viral: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Young man did nothing for more than 2 hours and his video is

A young man of became an instant hit in when recording for more than 2 hours without doing absolutely anything. He of the act became the most reproduced for reasons known only to its own creator.

As reported , the protagonist of this unique clip is called Muhammad Didit. He, 21, is a youtuber who usually shares various types of content on his channel ‘‘; However, the one that he broadcast on July 10 of this year made him jump to fame on the Internet.

And it is that he published a video in YouTube which lasts exactly 2 hours 20 minutes 52 seconds. What is striking is that during all that time, the young man appears sitting in his room, while staring at the camera without doing anything else.

In the description of this publication, he explained that the idea of ​​doing something like this came to mind after the “Pressure from some elements of Indonesian society”, who asked him to create content that educates young people.

What Muhammad Didit never imagined is that the clip would cause a sensation in YouTube, to the point of accumulating more than a million reproductions and more than 18 thousand comments by users from different parts of the world, such as U.S, Mexico and Spain.



French YouTuber Clogs Your Home Pipes With Gel Pellets

French YouTuber Clogs Your Home Pipes With Gel Pellets


Mexico City police chief survives attack and blames powerful cartel | Latin America

The armored car in which the Mexico City police chief and his bodyguards followed was attacked in one of the capital’s wealthy neighborhoods: another car blocked his way, while a group of men with heavy caliber weapons fired. Another police car arrived quickly, but the attackers managed to escape, leaving behind the bullet-ridden armored vehicle.

The target of the attack was Omar García Harfuch, who was hit in the shoulder, collarbone and knee, but survived. Two of his bodyguards were killed in the attack, and a 26-year-old woman who was driving with family members was also shot and killed. The scene of the attack was the chic neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, where many wealthy families live and even residences of ambassadors.

Hours after the attack, in the early hours of Friday, García Harfuch published on Twitter an accusation against the Jalisco Nova Geração Cartel, probably the most powerful in the country, which he blamed for the “cowardly” attack.

The diary The country says that this attack in a prime area of ​​the capital shows the weakness of the authorities. Specialist Gladys McCormick of the University of Syracuse in New York commented to Reuters that this is proof that “no one is safe” from attempts by the criminal group to attack. McCormick has no doubts about the authorship of the attack, which follows the modus operandi of the Jalisco Nova Geração group “to detail”.

Led by a former policeman, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as “El Mencho” – classified in March as America’s No. 1 enemy – the group uses violence as a method of expansion and control, murdering state police officers, security forces , army – one of his spectacular blows was when he shot down a helicopter with an RPG (launched by rocket) five years ago.

The group took advantage of a gap in the synthetic drugs market, and it grew as other rivals weakened, such as the Sinaloa cartel of “El Chapo”, which was last arrested in 2015, extradited to the USA and unable to escape. as before, he was tried and, last year, convicted.

But this bold attack in the heart of Mexico City is an escalation.

The President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the Mayor of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, argue that it is proof of the pressure that drug cartels are under.

The Jalisco cartel has been the target of two recent coups. At the beginning of the month, the Spanish daily tells The country, Mexican financial authorities froze almost 2000 accounts linked to the group, after detecting movements of around 20 million pesos, more than 800 thousand euros. And in March, an operation led by US anti-trafficking forces led to the detention in the USA of more than 600 people, the seizure of 20 thousand kilograms of drugs and a further 22 million dollars (19.6 million euros) .

López Obrador took office just over a year and a half ago, promising to pacify Mexico, but the number of homicides increased last year, and the trend showed no signs of abating this year. This attack, says Reuters, was the latest in a series of security breaches that have left doubts about the President’s ability to control gang violence.

Although the perpetrators of the attack managed to escape, several suspects were later arrested, some in neighboring states, including the man who allegedly planned the attack.

Before leading the police in the capital, Omar García Harfuch worked in the investigative police where he was in charge of capturing several important cartel names, such as one of the closest men to “El Chapo”, known as “El Licenciado”. In 2019, Harfuch was moved to the capital, where violence linked to drug groups was beginning to show, and since then his strength has led to several arrests.

The mayor linked the attack to these arrests of members of other drug groups. But much points to Mexico’s most violent and powerful cartel, and the daily The country he also points out that the García Harfuch team passed on information about cartels beyond the capital, including that of Jalisco.

News corrected on 28.6.2020: 20 million Mexican pesos is approximately 800 thousand euros and not 800 million as was wrongly mentioned.


it raises the number of infections among young people – Telemundo San Diego (20)

According to the count of NBC News, the US reached early this morning of Saturday, the number of 2,467,147 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 125,547 deceased.

Texas and Florida backtracked on Friday, and adopted new measures against the bars, while the daily number of confirmed infections of coronaviruses throughout the united States reached an unprecedented 40,000.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, ordered the closure of all the bars, while Florida banned the consumption of alcohol in those establishments. Both states joined a small but growing list of entities that have been suspended, a greater re-opening of their economies due to flare-ups, mainly in the south and the west of the country.

On Wednesday, the number of new cases of coronavirus by day in the united States, exceeded the peak reached at the end of April, recording more than 45,000 new cases of COVID-19, more than the maximum 36,400 reached on the 24th of April, according to NBC News.

This according to data compiled Wednesday by NBC.

The state most affected by the pandemic remains New York with 395,703 confirmed cases 32,169 deceased.

New York will continue to the neighboring New Jersey with 173,640 confirmed cases and 14,872 deceased, the state of Illinois, with 138,540 infections and 6,847 deaths, and Massachusetts, which has been reported 107,837 positive for coronavirus and 8,013 dead.

Other states with a large number of deaths are Michigan (6,133), Pennsylvania (6,630), California (5,814), and Connecticut, with 4,307.

Health experts have said that it is seeing an alarmingly high number of infections among young people who are coming out again, often without masks and without follow other social distancing measures.

Governor Greg Abbott took the decision to the spike in cases of COVID-19.

“It is evident that the increase in cases is driven primarily by a certain type of activities, as the assistance of texans in the bars,” stated Abbott.

Abbott had undertaken one of the calendarizaciones most dynamic of reopening in the country. The republican had stood up to the demands of that order the use of facemasks and also had refused until last week to allow local governments to impose such a measure.

“The doctors told us at the time, and what is said to who will listen, that this would be a disaster. And what has been”, stated the judge, democrat Clay Jenkins, the authority of highest rank in the county of Dallas. “Once again, the governor acts with slowness. Now you are forced to do the things that you require to do so in the last month and a half”.

Texas reported more than 17,000 new cases in the last three days, and on Thursday reached a record high of nearly 6,000. The second most populous state has also registered daily record of hospitalizations, and Friday surpassed for the first time the 5,000 patients of coronavirus boarding schools.

The couple also has a daughter of 1 year, who also tested positive to the virus.

In Florida, on the instruction of the governor-republican Ron DeSantis, the agency that regulates bars took action after the daily number of new confirmed cases is closer to 9,000, nearly double the record from just two days ago.

Colleen Corbett, a maid of 30 years who works at two facilities in Tampa, was said to be upset and worried to stay again without a job, but pointed out that the restrictions are the correct size. Most customers were not using masks, he said.

“It seems as if they have forgotten that there is a pandemic or just left to worry,” said Corbett.

Several of the states most affected, such as Arizona and Arkansas, have republican governors who have resisted efforts to legislate mandatory use of facemasks and have reiterated the president’s desire to Donald Trump to revive the economy quickly, despite warnings that there could be new outbreaks of coronavirus.

The experts of the federal government estimate that they would be more than 20 million infected with the virus in the US. To see more of Telemundo, visit

The number of deaths from coronavirus in the united States has been around 600 per day recently, compared with about 2,200 in the peak reached in April. Some experts doubt that it will reach that level again due to advances in treatment and prevention.

The virus has caused some 125,000 deaths and has infected almost 2.5 million people in the united States, according to a tally by the Johns Hopkins University. But health authorities believe that the number of cases is 10 times higher. At the global level, the virus has claimed close to half a million lives.

Louisiana reported its second day with more than 1,300 confirmed cases, a number that made the democratic governor, John Bel Edwards to suspend a greater lifting of restrictions on mobility. The republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, did the same thing, since the new cases in your state exceed the 3,000 per day, and 85% of hospital beds are occupied.

For the second time in a week, Tennessee reported its biggest daily increase in confirmed infections, with more than 1,400, but the republican governor Bill Lee has been reluctant to re-impose restrictions or require the use of masks.