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Russian Corona Vaccine Ready for Use, Scientists Doubt Its Safety

KOMPAS.com – A number of candidates vaccine virus Corona is in the clinical trial phase to confirm the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

However, President Russia Vladimir Putin instead announced on Tuesday (11/8/2020) that the country’s health officials had become the first in the world to approve use corona vaccine extensively.

This then sparked anger scientist around the world and condemned the decision as a hasty dangerous act.

The reason is, as quoted from Nature, Wednesday (12/8/2020), Russia has not finished testing great for testing the safety and efficacy of these vaccines.

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Researchers assess that launching the corona vaccine in a hurry could harm people who receive it. In addition, it will hamper global efforts to develop immunization Covid-19 quality.

“Russia may miss steps like that. That’s what worries the vaccine scientist community. If they get it wrong, it could ruin an entire global company,” said Peter Hotez, a vaccine scientist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Francois Balloux, a geneticist at University College London published by the UK Science Media Center, called Russia’s decision “ very flippant. ” Vaccinations bulk vaccines with incorrectly tested are unethical, says Balloux.

Shutterstock Corona vaccine illustration

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“Any problem with the campaign vaccination Russia will be catastrophic both through its negative health effects, but also because it will further hinder vaccine acceptance in the population, “explained Balloux.

In his announcement, Vladimir Putin said that Russian regulators had approved the vaccine corona virus, although the phase 3 trial is not yet complete.

In a phase 3 trial, it will involve giving thousands of people a vaccine or placebo injection, and then seeing if the vaccine can prevent disease.

Next, investigators should confirm vaccine safety and look for rarer side effects that may not have been observed in early-stage trials.


Elmer Huerta on the announced Russian vaccine: “What is known is that there are no published studies on it”

Elmer Huerta, Medical Advisor of RPP Noticias and specialist in public health, commented on the announcement of Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, stating that they have registered “the first vaccine” against COVID-19. According to the medical specialist, the decision of this announcement has political and scientific factors.However, it should be noted that There is no publication in scientific journals that discuss these advances in the search for a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

“On the political side, this is an advantage that they are giving everyone, the Germans, the English, the Americans, the world. Russia is positioned, with this announcement by President Putin, as the first country in the world to already have its vaccine: Sputnik V. They had already done it before, when the United States had developed this drug called Remdesivir, within a few weeks they released their own drug, Avifavir “, he mentioned.

On the scientific side, says Huerta, there are no scientific publications on the advances in the vaccine that Russia has registered.

“When a vaccine is developed, in this western world in which we live, in which we are guided by certain rules, scientists have to publish their data of everything that is the preclinical phase (in animals, for example), then they have to publish the data of the clinical phases that has 3 stages […] Phase 3 is the most important: the vaccine needs to be used in thousands of people. […] This is the essential because you will know if your vaccine works or not. […] What is known, from a scientific point of view, is that there is no study in any scientific journal that talks about this Russian vaccine. What is known, according to the BBC and CNN journalists who have found out, is that their first phase was only done on June 1 and they say they have rushed to do phase 2 that ended on August 3”He commented.

“It is a press conference in style. At this conference, President Putin said that his government has licensed the mass use of a vaccine that they have developed. The only thing that is known about the vaccine is that it is made by adenovirus. That is, they are viruses that cause colds in humans, these viruses have been modified to carry the spikes of this new coronavirus and, according to them, what it does is that it needs two doses to awaken immunity. That’s the announcement, ”Huerta commented.


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday, August 11, that his country developed the “first” vaccine against the new coronavirus. According to his explanation, given through a videoconference with important members of the Russian government, Putin stated that said vaccine “is quite effective, which provides long-lasting immunity.”

In addition, the Russian president said that a vaccine against COVID-19 was registered on Tuesday morning “for the first time in the world.” He also added that one of his daughters was inoculated with the vaccine. “I think he participated in the experiments. […] He just had a little fever, nothing more, “he mentioned.

According to Putin, this vaccine will be distributed on January 1, 2021, with production starting in September. The information was consulted by the Russian press agencies in the National Drug Registry of the Ministry of Health of the European country.

Before the announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) recalled that the “prequalification” and approval of a vaccine go through “rigorous procedures.”

“We are in close contact with the Russians and discussions continue. Prequalification of all vaccines goes through rigorous procedures. […] Prequalification includes the examination and evacuation of all the required safety and efficacy elements collected during clinical trials, “said Tarik Jasarevic, WHO spokesman, during a press videoconference.. With information from AFP.


Trump promises Americans 100 million doses

Trump promises his population a vaccine soon, and his chief epidemiologists are cautiously optimistic.
Bild: AP

After Russia’s “Sputnik V” vaccine approval, the United States followed suit: President Donald Trump speaks of several promising substances that are about to be approved.

NAfter the approval of the first corona vaccine worldwide by Russia, America’s President Donald Trump promised his people quick progress. “We are well on the way to quickly producing 100 million doses as soon as the vaccine is approved, and shortly afterwards up to 500 million,” said Trump on Tuesday at a press conference in the White House. Several promising substances are in the final testing phase and are about to be approved. “The military is ready to deliver a vaccine to Americans once it’s fully approved.”

It usually takes several years to develop a new vaccine. Trump, however, is hoping for a much quicker breakthrough given the huge amount of effort and funding currently devoted to vaccine research. Government health professionals such as the renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci have been cautiously optimistic that there could be an effective and safe vaccine against the coronavirus by the end of the year.

In the race for a drug against Sars-CoV-2, Russia became the first country in the world to approve a vaccine on Tuesday. It is “effective and creates a permanent immunity,” Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin said on state television. With its name “Sputnik V” it is intended to commemorate the first satellite in space that the Soviet Union launched in 1957 off the United States. But important tests are still pending – neither the effectiveness nor the side effects can currently be assessed in a well-founded manner. Experts are very skeptical.


Krasnodar got the right to start in the Champions League from the final qualifying round

According to the results of the quarterfinals of the Europa League Krasnodar won the right to start in the 2020/21 Champions League not from the third qualifying round, but from the fourth.

Having made their way to the UEL semifinals, Manchester United, Sevilla, Inter and Shakhtar previously entered the Champions League through their domestic league results, which means Krasnodar’s start in the Champions League from the final qualifying round of the Champions League playoffs …

Note that the French “Rennes” directly got into the group stage of the Champions League.

Last season Krasnodar took third place in the Russian championship.

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Peru: Coronavirus | Doctor Elmer Huerta on Russian vaccine against COVID-19

Dr. Elmer Huerta spoke on Tuesday after the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that his country was the first in the world to approve a vaccine against the coronavirus. In his program “Sanamente” of America TV, the Public Health specialist stated that “there are very big doubts about the effectiveness and safety ”.

Huerta held the announcement of Putin It has “several dimensions”, among which he identified political, scientific and public relations.

In terms of science, he pointed out that the Russians “they have not published any scientific study in any medical journal on the development of their vaccine “.

The renowned Peruvian doctor indicated “that the first human study started on June 1 (two and a half months ago). According to them, their phase two (which normally lasts between 4 or 5 months) they finished last week, on August 3. And now, August 11, they are already giving it a license to be used in humans. There is a big question mark there ”.

Elmer Huerta on Russian vaccine against COVID-19: “There is no information on safety and effectiveness

Huerta He also pointed out that during the announcement of the Russian government it was reported that studies of the vaccine will just be conducted in different countries of the world. “It is not understood how a vaccine that they already say is licensed to be used in their country, will start studies in other countries.”

However, Dr. Huerta clarified that Russian scientists have the technological capacity to produce vaccines and that the Gamaleya Institute, responsible for the product, is “a first-rate research institution”. “There is no doubt that they can do it, but it has not been a transparent method for the western world.”, He pointed.

Secondly, Huerta made reference to the political dimension of the ad. “President Putin rarely talks about his family on television. Today he said that his daughter had been vaccinated and had had a slight fever. Look at the need for the president to say that his family has been vaccinated to justify having a vaccine”.

Finally, the expert pointed out that in matters of public relations “this is heralded as a great feat of the Russianss ”, since they would be positioning themselves ahead of the English, Germans, North Americans, among others.

There are very great doubts about the effectiveness and safety”, He concluded.


German energy company Uniper worried about pipeline

The completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline could still fail, fears the energy company Uniper. One reason is the sanctions imposed by the USA on the Baltic Sea pipeline.

The one involved in the financing of the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 involved energy group Uniper sees a growing risk for the failure of the project. Since the USA Their efforts would have intensified, sanctions against the gas pipeline by Russia to Germany To enforce, “the probability that there will be delays in the construction of the gas pipeline or that there will be no completion at all,” writes Uniper in the interim report published on Tuesday for the first half of 2020.

USA accuses Europe of dependence on Russia

In the event of an end to the pipeline, Uniper “may have to adjust the credit provided for Nord Stream 2” and “cannot realize” the planned interest income. Uniper is involved in the financing of the gas pipeline with 950 million euros. According to Uniper, the money has already flowed in full.

The US government is a thorn in the side of Nord Stream 2. President Trump accuses the Europeans of being too dependent on Russia for energy. At the end of 2019, it enabled the first punitive measures against certain companies involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2.

“View developments in sanctions with concern”

“Basically we are looking at the development of the sanctions with concern”, said Uniper CEO Andreas Schierenbeck in a conference call. As a financial partner, Uniper is not directly affected by sanctions. “We believe that the project will be finished,” emphasized Schierenbeck. The classification of Nord Stream as a “significant individual risk” for Uniper is “completely normal risk management”, said CFO Sascha Bibert. Despite the threats from the USA, Uniper is assuming “that gas will flow through this pipeline”.

After a good first half of the year, Uniper raised its expectations for the year as a whole somewhat. The Düsseldorf company is now expecting an adjusted operating result (EBIT) of between EUR 800 million and a billion. Previously, the lower limit was 750 million euros. Uniper is also shown in the Corona-Pandemie crisis-proof, said Schierenbeck.

Uniper wants to shut down hard coal power plants

Uniper had put the controversial hard coal power plant Datteln 4 into operation at the end of May. By the end of 2025, the supplier, which has emerged from the Eon Group, plans to shut down hard coal power plant units with a total output of around 2,900 megawatts. Schierenbeck left it open as to whether Uniper will participate in the auctions for decommissioning premiums. “Of course we will check if we can go in there,” he said.

Germany wants to phase out coal-fired power generation by 2038 at the latest. The operators of hard coal power plants do not receive any fixed compensation. Instead, they should apply for decommissioning premiums. There are also a total of eight tendering rounds until 2027, with falling maximum prices. The first auction is scheduled for September 1st.


A series of figures became volunteers for the Corona vaccine test, Putri Putin to Ridwan Kamil


Corona Vaccine is currently being developed around the world and is a hope for an end pandemic COVID-19 which has infected more than 20 million people globally.

Some vaccine candidates have also entered end-stage clinical trials or human trials. Expected after clinical trials, the use of vaccines will be approved and can be given to the wider community.

Vaccine clinical trials also encourage most of the figures to take part in volunteering. The following is a row of figures who are volunteers for the Corona vaccine test.

1. President of the Philippines

The Philippines is currently the country with the highest number of Corona virus cases in Southeast Asia. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte also has hopes for a Russian-made COVID-19 vaccine.

He said the Philippines was ready to participate in clinical trials and said he was willing to be the first volunteer to be injected with the vaccine.

“I will tell President Putin that I have great confidence in his study against COVID-19. I believe the vaccine he produces is very good for humanity. I could be the first to undergo their experiment,” Duterte said as quoted by Reuters, Tuesday (11/11 / 8/2020).

2. Daughter of Putin

The Russian Ministry of Health has approved the emergency use of the Corona vaccine. One of the first to receive the vaccine is the daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Her daughter is said to be in good condition after being injected with the vaccine

The Corona vaccine developed by Russia has received regulatory approval and has been registered for general use.

3. Ridwan Kamil

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil also took part in the clinical trial of the Corona Sinovac vaccine being tested in Bandung. The man who is familiarly called Emil emphasized that his participation as a volunteer is proof for the community to trust government institutions or institutions.

“I have registered, registered by my health team online. So receipts, receive online or the proof is already there,” he said.

4. Hengky Kurniawan

Hengky Kurniawan, Deputy Regent of West Bandung, also expressed his willingness to become a volunteer for the Corona Sinovac vaccine clinical trial. He said he was committed to helping deal with COVID-19, one of which was by volunteering for clinical trials.

“It’s true that I volunteered to be a volunteer for the COVID-19 vaccine test. But until now I haven’t registered. Yesterday I tried to Unpad but it was empty, so I’m still looking for registration information,” Hengky told detikcom, Monday (10/8 / 2020).

Watch Video “Expected Immune Response from COVID-19 Vaccination
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Russia announces it will produce its coronavirus vaccine in Latin America

Russia already officially has the first coronavirus vaccine. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The inoculation was baptized as Sputnik V and, even, one of the president’s daughters has already been tested, the one who only manifested a little fever after the injection.

But those weren’t the only announcements from Moscow. Latin America will play a fundamental role in the production of Sputnik V, according to Russian authorities. The Direct Investment Fund of Russia awaits the approval of several Latin American countries to start the production of the inoculation, this was stated by the director of the organization, Kiril Dmitriev.

“We hope that our vaccine can be produced in Brazil. We believe that Russia and Latin America will develop a collaboration around the vaccine, “said Dmitriev, adding that” we expect production (of the vaccine) in Latin America to begin in November. We will work with regulators to get the vaccine approved in Latin America by November ”.

Russia announced that its objective is to start distributing the vaccine within its territory as of January 1, 2010. While the WHO has already requested all the information on the drug to carry out the analyzes and validate the efficacy of the Russian inoculation.


Germany: After the summer, we will impose sanctions for cyber attack on Bundestag | NOW

The Council of the European Union is expected to impose sanctions on one or more Russians after the summer for the cyber attack on the German parliament in 2015, German foreign minister Heiko Maas told the Russian news agency on Tuesday. Interfax.

The Bundestag was the target of a hacking attack in 2015. In May revealed The mirror that the entire e-mailbox of Chancellor Angela Merkel may have been captured. Several days later she said she had “hard evidence” that Russia was behind the attack.

In conversation with Interfax Maas confirms that Germany wants to impose sanctions on the person or persons responsible for the attack. Reported in June The Wall Street Journal that Germany wants to punish Russian hacker Dmitriy Badin in this way.

In May, it became known that Germany has issued an arrest warrant against Badin. The hacker is probably an employee of the Russian intelligence service GRU. He is also wanted by the FBI over possible interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

In July, the Council of the European Union for the first time sanctions for cyber attacks on European targets. Among others, four Russians who tried to penetrate the Wi-Fi network of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague in 2018 have been placed on the list.