NASA discovers novel black hole – world –

4.04.2020 16:17 (Act 4.04.2020 16:17) The IMBH could represent “a missing link” in the development of our universe. © AP Scientists may have discovered a special black hole with the help of the Hubble space telescope. Astronomers had long been looking for evidence of its existence. This specimen may be a special black hole. It […]

Comet Atlas, an unprecedented spectacle

Leonardo De Benedictis Yesterday Comet Atlas photographed on March 6, 2020 by Austrian astrophotographer Michael Jäger. Comet Atlas was discovered on December 28, 2019 and at that time it was observed very weak, but it has been gaining light over the days. This is generating a great expectation among astronomers for this awesome event. Atlas […]

Cirque du Soleil creates a new web space with digital content of its multimedia proposals

Cirque du Soleil announced on Thursday the creation of a new web space of digital content called ‘CirqueConnect’, which includes audiovisual content from its various multimedia proposals. “In these times when measures to combat coronavirus have ceased to be live, Cirque du Soleil has sought to bring its contents closer so that its followers can […]

Candied bodies # 3: self-hypnosis with Catherine Contour

Traumatized by a double fracture of the little finger after having recklessly clubbed on the mixes of Bob Sinclar between the click-clack and the changing table, you are looking today in hypnotic practice for a form of reconciliation, a trance at a time less standardized, more minimal in terms of spatial deployment and more economical […]

Existing medicines, the shortest route to a cure for coronavirus

With the toll of deaths from the coronavirus exceeding 20,000 this week, accelerated efforts to develop treatments for COVID-19 are primarily focused on adapting existing medications to combat the disease. “The shortest path to treatment, we believe, is to reuse something that already exists based on our knowledge of its mechanisms of action,” said Dr. […]

How to share the same sky?

Let us ask ourselves about the mysteries of the cosmos, from A like an asteroid to Z like zodiac, while passing by P like pulsars or T like black holes! .

How to free up space in Gmail

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:03/25/2020 01: 54h save Google dominates many sectors, from searches to emails to Android phones. Although numerous failures accumulate in his record, many of his services have become essential for millions of people. One of them is Gmail, well-known mail manager, which despite everything, does not have a visual and intuitive mechanism […]

Coronavirus: Another applause | Opinion

This spring of 2020, which has just started, will have to be taken as a new combat weapon. Confined at home, with the anguish of the confinement, each one can purify the mind and recover the morality imagining the miracle that will happen out there in the middle of nature. The hatching of the flowers […]

But by the way, how would NASA manage an epidemic in space?

The spread of viruses has always been considered a threat on board the international space station. Even the most common diseases, such as the common cold, change their appearance among astronauts, because the conditions characterizing extraterrestrial environments are extreme. A recent study has shown that antibiotic treatments are less effective in space when it comes […]