Comet Atlas, an unprecedented spectacle

Leonardo De Benedictis Yesterday Comet Atlas photographed on March 6, 2020 by Austrian astrophotographer Michael Jäger. Comet Atlas was discovered on December 28, 2019 and at that time it was observed very weak, but it has been gaining light over the days. This is generating a great expectation among astronomers for this awesome event. Atlas […]

Internet user built Earth to scale in Minecraft

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord A nickname internet user PippenFTSa video was uploaded a few days ago to Youtube in which he affirms have built Earth to scale in Minecraft. Yes, you are reading well, our planet 1 to 1 in the popular game, for the first time […]

Will an asteroid collide with Earth in April?

U.S. The beginning of 2020 it seems endless, as stated by social network users then a possible World War that alarmed the millions, now a pandemic global (coronavirus COVID-19) and soon the “impact” of a asteroid in the land. Netizens began to replicate statements that predict that the 1998 asteroid OR2 will impact our planet […]

Earth in danger? Large asteroid approaches the planet | GRANDSTAND

Washington, United States.- An asteroid with a size of 1.8 long and 4.1 kilometers wide will approach the land at the end of April, the page of the Center for the Study of Nearby Objects to Earth from NASA. The object, named 52768 (1998 OR2) at the time of its discovery in 1998, it was […]

NASA’s asteroid sampling spacecraft has just made the closest step to its target

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx is getting closer, physically and temporally, to its main goal. The spacecraft arrived in Bennu in late 2018 and has been studying the asteroid for just over a year, looking for a suitable sampling site. To do so, it gets closer and closer. OSIRIS-REx is the acronym for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Identification of […]

Jean Giono on his land

A king without entertainment and other novels by Jean Giono Preface by Denis Labouret, editions and notes by Pierre Citron, Henri Godard, Janine and Lucien Miallet, Luce Ricatte and Robert Ricatte La Pléiade, 1,360 p., € 60 until August 31 (€ 66 thereafter) Herne Giono notebook directed by Agnès Castiglione and Mireille Sacotte 288 p., […]

Huge 3km Asteroid will pass near Earth – Telemundo Puerto Rico

No, it will not impact the Earth and will not have any effect on our planet. But both astronomers and sky enthusiasts are attentive to the slight approach of the huge asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2), a space rock whose size is estimated between 1.8 and 4.1 kilometers in diameter. The greatest approach occurs on April […]

They send human tissue to space to study aging – Noticieros Televisa

University Scientists Johns Hopkins They hope to learn more about human aging and the propensity of astronauts to suffer arrhythmias when they are in space for a long time thanks to a myocardial tissue which will be sent to the International Space Station. We recommend you: NASA captures image of Mars with 800 million pixels […]