What season of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021?

Published on : 03/27/2020 – 14:52Modified : 03/27/2020 – 14:58 On March 24, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese government approved the postponement of the Tokyo Games to 2021 because of the global coronavirus pandemic. During the next few weeks, the IOC should announce the new dates for the Summer Olympics. With a […]

Olympic force relocation task force starts work – magazine sport news –

03/26/2020 14:00 (Act. 26.03.2020 14:10) Appointment speculation will last even longer © APA (AFP) After the Olympic Games and Paralympics in Tokyo had been postponed for up to a year, the newly founded task force started work on Thursday. “From now on, we are facing an unprecedented challenge,” said Organizing Committee President Yoshiro Mori. The […]

The postponement of the Olympic Games, another shock for Japan

The Japanese Olympic Committee estimates the cost of postponing the Olympics at 2.5 billion euros. A salty note for a “patient” at worst. Through Régis Arnaud A masked man walks past the Olympic flame on Wednesday in Iwaki, Fukushima region. KYODO / via REUTERS Tokyo Tokyo woke up on Wednesday to the position of a […]

Asia’s equity markets are not continuing the rally as one

Tokyo After the price hunt of the past few days, the stock exchanges in Asia started the day cautiously. Only in Australia did the prices rise significantly, at times by three percent. In Asia, on the other hand, the Kospi Index in Korea and the Shanghai Composite Index in China fluctuated around the previous day’s […]

When an illness creates facts | TIME ONLINE

content Read on one page content page 1 –When an illness creates facts Page 2 –It is unclear whether the figures for Corona are correct Reality finally shook even the greatest dreamers. A few days ago, the hosts of the 2020 Olympic Games, which will now take place in 2021, had given themselves a four-week […]

“Stay in Your Shell,” a shell-shaped confinement journal

This is the most artistic of the confinement journals. French artist Justine emard, 33 years old this year, is often leaving for Japan or returning from the archipelago. She has created since March 15 on her Instagram account, followed by many of her Japanese subscribers, a journey by image and object, this fetish that is […]

Citizens in G7 countries broadly support measures to tackle the epidemic

The views of the major G7 powers, affected at various stages by the coronavirus pandemic, have so far shown some resilience. A Kantar survey (*), carried out between March 19 and 21 in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States shows that the measures taken to contain the virus are […]

Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021

The Tokyo Olympics are delayed by a year. That is what the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, announced on Tuesday.. The leader has had a telephone conversation with the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, in which he has requested this measure due to the pressure that was being received so […]

Asia celebrates Wall Street, Japan the Olympic Games

The course jump was particularly large in Japan, thanks to the postponement of the Olympic Games to the coming year. The Nikkei 225 index rose by 5.7 percent to 19,129.21 points until lunch break. Toshihiro Nagahama, chief economist at the Dai-Ichi Life Research Institute, had an explanation for this: “The fact that the Tokyo Games […]