Trump cited intelligence findings about a “conspiracy” of Russia with the Taliban against the United States :: Politics :: RBC

Intelligence found that information about the reward proposed by Russia for the killing of the US military in Afghanistan is not credible, the US president said. He called the NYT article an attempt to “put Republicans in a bad light”

Donald Trump

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US intelligence services invalidated evidence that the Russian side was offering the Taliban militants (an organization banned in Russia) a reward for the killing of US troops in Afghanistan. About this on his Twitter wrote President Donald Trump.

“Intelligence just told me that they did not consider this information reliable and therefore did not report it to me or the vice president [Майку Пенсу]”- said Trump.

Trump called NYT’s custom article on Russia and the Taliban

Donald Trump

He added that the material in the New York Times, which talked about Russia’s ties with the Taliban, could be “another fabricated hoax” on the theme of Russia, whose goal is to “put the Republicans in a bad light.”

So Trump responded to the statement of Republican Senator Lindsay Graham that Congress is obliged to understand the essence of the allegations against Russia. “I expect the Trump administration to take such allegations seriously and immediately report to Congress whether these messages are credible,” Graham wrote on June 27.


The house of representatives voted for the recognition of Washington the 51st state :: Policy :: RBC

The U.S. house of representatives approved a bill granting the country’s capital — Washington — the status of a separate state, according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“For” vote of 232 members of the house opposed and 180. If Washington, D.C. will get statehood, it will have representation in Congress (two senators and one member of the house of representatives). As the WSJ notes, car license plates, even Washington is the inscription “we Pay taxes but have no representation.”

However, to bring the matter to the legislative end will be difficult — the granting of the status of Washington state oppose the Republicans, who control the Senate. The US President Donald trump has promised to veto the bill if it is presented to him for approval.

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Congress will vote on the question of the transformation of Washington into the 51st state of the USA :: Politics :: RBC

Nancy Pelosi

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The house of representatives Friday, June 26, will vote on the creation of the city of Washington a separate state. This was announced by the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, TV channel Fox News channel.

“We will correct this injustice which confronts our democracy,” she said, speaking about the upcoming vote.

As noted by Pelosi, residents of D.C. pay taxes, serve in the army and contribute to “economic viability” of the US, but they have no right to participate in the vote.

The authors of the initiative the vote were the congressmen from the Democratic party. To date, American capital has the status of district of Columbia and is not included in one of the States that gives residents the right to elect their representatives in the Federal Congress.

The law entered into force, it must support both chambers of the Parliament of the United States, and then approved by the President of the country. If that happens, Colombia will become the 51st US state.

Washington extended the curfew because of riots during protests

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In the capital of the United States has about 700 thousand people — more than in the States of Vermont and Wyoming, and almost as much as in Alaska. In November 2016, residents of the district of Columbia in a referendum, held simultaneously with the election of President of the United States, supported the change of status district in the state. For changing administrative status voted 86% of the population, opposed by 14%.

8 section 1 article United States Constitution establishes the power of Congress over the district which is the seat of government, residents of the district until 1961 even had no right to vote in presidential elections. One of the founding fathers of the United States, the fourth President James Madison wrote that it is important that the capital of the country was not in any state to avoid the risk that he is being treated better than in other States.

The residents of the district have traditionally supported Democrats, so the opponents of the transformation of Washington in the state believe that the change of his status will lead to an increase in the number of representatives of the Democratic party in the U.S. Congress.

Among the opponents of the appearance of Washington — US President Donald trump. In an interview with the New Yourk Post, he said that Washington is 100% owned by the Democrats. However, he noted that its transformation into a state I can only vote “very stupid Republicans”.

“You mean the district of Columbia, state? Why? That is, we can have two democratic Senator and five congressmen? No, thank you. This will never happen,” said trump.

At the request of the office of management and budget the White house (Office of Management and Budget, OMB), which deals with the assessment of legislative initiatives, said that the bill is unconstitutional. If the bill were presented to the President, the trump’s advisers in the White house would recommend that he veto the bill, the document says.


Trump accused Obama of treason :: Policy :: RBC

The President of the United States Donald trump recalled the surveillance of his election campaign from the subordinates of his predecessor Barack Obama. He said that his conversations were tapped, and called treason Obama’s actions

U.S. President Donald trump has accused his predecessor of Barack Obama in treason. Such a statement he made in an interview with CBN News.

“This is treason. Look, I already said long ago that they were spying on our campaign. They listened <...> As it turned out, I was right,” said trump.

The U.S. Congress has postponed the extension of the program of surveillance after threats of a veto from trump

Trump has repeatedly stated the surveillance of his election campaign. In 2017, reported on the tapping of his phones. He also urged the U.S. Congress to check whether the abused powers of the Obama administration, which allegedly followed him in this way.

In 2018, trump announced that he was going to instruct the Ministry of justice to check the information about sending in his headquarters of the FBI informant. He also added that he wants to know, did the members of the security services and the Ministry “requests or demands” on surveillance from people in the Obama administration.


In the U.S. Congress have proposed to tighten sanctions against Prigogine

The head of the Committee on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, U.S. Congress, Democrat Eliot Engel has proposed to tighten sanctions against the Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. The legislator introduced a resolution. In his opinion, the entrepreneur continues to undermine US interests.

“Eugene Prigogine is a puppet of Putin with a long history of undermining the security and interests of the United States… We need to impose additional sanctions against Prigogine and tools that he continues to use to undermine American interests, and to work with our partners in the European Union, to encourage them to take similar steps”,— quotes the press service of the words of Mr. Engel. He also accuses Mr. Prigogine meddling in the Affairs of Ukraine, Syria, Libya and other countries.

The U.S. justice Department in 2018, accused the Russian entrepreneur and “online research” meddling in the US presidential election in 2016. Against him and imposed sanctions. In March 2020 court in Washington dismissed the case against Mr. Prigogine. This is due to the fact that the firm entrepreneur “Concord” has no presence in the US and will not suffer an effective penalty in case of prosecution. Mr. Prigozhin has announced plans to seek $50 billion for the illegal persecution.


In the draft defense budget of the United States have focused on competition with Russia :: Policy :: RBC

The U.S. Senate Committee on the armed force approved the draft defense budget by 2021 financial year (starts 1 October). The document published on the website of the Committee.

For the bill were 25 senators, against — two. Now the budget will be considered by the upper house of the us Congress.

‘ve budgeted $740,5 billion In it an emphasis on strategic competition with Russia and China.

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Amazon shut US police access to face recognition technology :: Business :: RBC

US police during the year will not be able to use technology of recognition of persons Rekognition Amazon. During this time, Congress should develop laws toughening rules of use of such technologies, demanded in the company

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Amazon has introduced a moratorium on police use U.S. technology face detection Amazon Rekognition. This is stated in the statement published in the company blog.

“We are introducing a one-year moratorium on police use of face recognition technology Amazon,” — said in a statement.

The government should develop more stringent rules regulating the use of face recognition technology, think Amazon.

“We hope that this one-year moratorium will give Congress enough time to develop appropriate rules, and we are ready to help if we are asked,” said the company.

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Fed will not go into minus – Kommersant newspaper No. 83 (6804) from 05/14/2020

The head of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), Jerome Powell, warned of the long-term risks of a deep recession and a fall in US employment, urging Congress and the White House to take new steps to support the US economy. At the same time, he said that the Fed does not consider the possibility of removing the key rate from the current near-zero level to the negative zone, on the eve of the desirability of such actions, US President Donald Trump said.

The US economy may face the long-term negative effects of the coronavirus outbreak, as liquidity problems eventually lead to bankruptcies, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell warned Wednesday. He invited the US Congress and the White House to take additional measures to help the economy. According to him, fiscal support, although it will entail an increase in the budget deficit (now it is about 20% of GDP, a level of 10% was considered acceptable in recent years), but it will allow the economy to recover faster.

Mr. Powell described the role of the Fed as “covering temporary liquidity problems,” recalling that the regulator can “lend, but not spend.”

The Fed has already made three decisions on additional measures to support the economy in a pandemic. At first, the discount rate was reduced, then short-term liquidity was announced, and at the end of March the regulator promised for the first time to use the “whole set of measures”, thereby effectively removing the limit on the volume of asset repurchases. In addition, large-scale concessional lending programs for the business were initiated with a total volume of $ 2.3 trillion (this is approximately 10% of the country’s GDP, see Kommersant on April 10). For its part, Congress approved three aid programs worth $ 2.9 trillion, equivalent to 14% of GDP.

In the United States, more than 20 million people have already lost their jobs. Among those who were busy in February and whose income does not exceed $ 40 thousand per year, now 40% do not work. Given such a sharp fall in employment, consumption is likely to wait for a slow recovery, according to ING Bank. This, in turn, will put additional pressure on inflation – in April, prices have already fallen by 0.8% month-on-month (including excluding food and energy – by 0.4%).

Donald trump on the eve again called on the Fed to further reduce rates, bringing them into the negative zone. He noted that other countries are already benefiting from this (the ECB, the central banks of Japan, Sweden and Switzerland used this measure at different times). However, Jerome Powell said Wednesday after the speech that members of the Federal Open Market Committee of the Fed did not, in principle, consider such a measure. In his speech, he also pointed out that low inflation has been accompanied in recent decades by the accumulation of imbalances in asset prices. The experience of countries where negative rates operate is not considered by experts as unambiguously successful, they add to ING, noting that the Fed is unlikely to shift them in the opposite direction in the next year and a half.

One of the problems of the controversy surrounding negative rates is the perceptible gap between the conclusions regarding the effects of the transition to the “economy of negative rates” that politicians make from standard economic models and the more complex constructions that the Fed uses.

The main problem of negative rates is that this step can be discussed along with others only in the concept of “least evil” and in the absence of other alternative monetary policy options. For example, a short-term negative rate, all other things being equal, may be an acceptable solution to problems with a sharp temporary reduction in bank capital. In the general simplified case, the provision of money at a negative percentage with high risks in the economy provokes banks to the only rational behavior: to fix the profit generated by the Fed for free, without essentially getting involved in any substantial projects. In this sense, the program of conditionally addressless distribution of funds by the government, up to “helicopter money”, looks in most cases a more reasonable alternative to a negative rate.

Tatyana Edovina, Dmitry Butrin


Financial markets fall due to concerns over new wave of coronavirus

Financial markets are on the decline on Monday due to investors worrying about reports of repeated outbreaks of coronavirus that could slow down or cancel quarantine removal.

The day began with positive dynamics in Asia, where further relaxation of quarantine measures is observed: in New Zealand, some restrictions will be lifted from Thursday, and in Japan they plan to lift the state of emergency in regions where the situation has stabilized.

France, where one of the toughest quarantine regimes in Europe operated, on Monday began to gradually weaken it. The United Kingdom on Sunday also introduced a phased quarantine plan.

Meanwhile, South Korea warns of a second wave of the virus: the number of infections in the country has reached a monthly maximum. The growth in the number of new cases has accelerated in Germany, where restrictions have already begun to soften.

A new wave of infections will negatively affect investor sentiment if governments begin to tighten quarantine measures again.

The European Euro STOXX 600 index fell 0.87 percent, the German DAX – 0.78 percent, and the British FTSE 100 – 0.36 percent. Most affected shares of energy and tourism companies.

On Wall Street, it seems, a recession is also expected: e-Mini S&P 500 futures are down almost 1 percent.

The international MSCI index, covering 49 countries, fell 0.15 percent.

The bond market seems to believe that economic recovery will be slow: US government two-year bonds reached a record low of 0.105 percent, and federal fund rate futures last week for the first time in history went negative.

The dollar against a basket of foreign currencies on Monday rose by 0.3 percent, and against the Japanese yen appreciated to 107.23.

The euro fell 0.2 percent to $ 1.0827, and the pound – 0.9 percent to $ 1.23.

Brent crude fell $ 1.11, or 3.6 percent, to $ 29.86 a barrel, while Texas West Texas Intermediate fell 92 cents, or 3.7 percent, to $ 23.82 a barrel.

The price of gold rose to $ 1,700 an ounce. Gold, considered a safe asset, has grown 12 percent since the start of the year, peaking at seven and a half years.


A press investigation leads Congress to question the world’s richest man

the world

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The US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee summoned billionaire and Amazon e-commerce head Jeff Bezos to testify after Democrats accused his senior staff of lying to Congress.

According to CNBC, the commission’s request came after an investigation by The Wall Street Journal that revealed that Amazon employees had used unassembled individual data related to outside vendors cooperating with the company, while reviewing the product strategy.

The investigation was based on an interview with more than 20 former company employees and other documents seen by the newspaper. Committee members wrote to Bezos: “If these allegations are accurate, then the data Amazon has submitted to the committee regarding the company’s business practices appears to be misleading, and possibly false or criminally harmful.”

House of Representatives anti-monopoly chairman David Cecilin said last week that the report showed that Amazon “may have lied to Congress” in its earlier testimony before the committee.

At a hearing last July, associate general counsel for the company, Nate Sutton, said that “Amazon” does not use the individual data of each seller to clarify its strategy.

Bezos, who is the richest man in the world with a fortune of $ 149 billion, will not be the only CEO of one of the four major technology companies – Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook – which is being questioned before Congress.

The company faced scrutiny over the past year as lawmakers and regulators assess privacy and dominance issues among technology companies.

Bloomberg said it is currently facing an investigation from the House of Representatives subcommittee on antitrust, a division of the Judicial Committee, and an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.