Death of the poet Frédéric Jacques Temple

Frédéric Jacques Temple died on Wednesday. It is as if lightning had fallen in Aujargues, in the Gard, where he had lived with his wife for a long time. The poet, novelist and translator would turn 99 in a few days. In retrospective anthology of his literary journey published in January (the Infinite Hunt and other poems, Gallimard), this poem sounds like an echo:

The month of my birth.
Invincible torpor
in heavy sweat.
The sour violin of the mosquito
pierces the soft night.
We must last
until the storm. ”

Born August 18, 1921 in Montpellier, Frédéric Jacques Temple (FJT) was the poet of life to the end, as he said, of existing, of looking at nature, of enjoying this planet. He often quoted his friend Joseph Delteil: “Every morning is the world’s first morning.”

“Depths of the Earth”

Young, FJT is attentive to nature, in its games in the plant garden of Montpellier and in the family house by the sea which will be “Buried” under the “False pyramids” from La Grande-Motte. The land of his childhood will be part of the material of his works. “I was born in a“ peasant ”environment and land. I don’t mean to say that my parents were peasants, but that my great-grandparents still were. I spent my childhood close to nature, attending sowing, plowing, harvesting, shearing sheep. I fished and hunted in the coastal marshes, in the midst of wild birds, familiar to fishermen on ponds and the sea. Between 15 and 19 years old, I even explored the depths of the earth, caves, sinkholes. . In these experiences, I relived in a way like our distant ancestors, attentive to the sounds, the smells, the movements of this earth rolling under the sun and the stars. ”

Frédéric Jacques Temple with Lawrence Durrell, in the studios of Radio Montpellier, in 1960. Photo Midi Libre. Zola Montpellier 3M central media library

In 1942, he left for Algiers with his family, notably frequenting the bookstore of Edmond Charlot, the publisher of Albert Camus, who also published it, and also worked alongside Max-Pol Fouchet, Emmanuel Roblès and Jean Sénac. From 1943 to 1946, Frédéric Jacques Temple participated in the Italian Campaign, the landing in Provence and ended the war in Austria. This experience, “fracture”, marks it deeply, as evidenced by the Route of San Romano and his War poems. «We would have preferred not to do it at an age when it is the moment for man to enjoy life. Its stupidity, its horror, mark with a hot iron those who made it. “ He then embarked on journalism in Morocco, responsible for the literary pages of a weekly. After chronicling Black spring, he begins a correspondence with Henry Miller which will last until the death of the American writer in 1980. Man of letters, Frédéric Jacques Temple will maintain correspondence with Cendrars, Richard Aldington, Nino Frank, René Maran, Cilette Ofaire, George Dibbern … He donated his archives to the Montpellier media library. “It was a coincidence: I never tried to meet writers. With Cendrars, as with Durrell or Miller, we hardly ever spoke of literature ”, he said, modestly, to Release in 2012. While adding with regret that he had missed Jean Ray, who died the day before their meeting or Sylvia Beach, the day before…

“Brother Jacques”

Returning to France in 1948, he worked for the regional radio station and was appointed director of French television broadcasting for Languedoc-Roussillon in 1954, where he remained until 1986.

By 1940 he had started writing and publishing. “My first poems, I should say my stammerings, appeared in 1940, in local pages from Montpellier, such as The Scream, student newspaper, or Students’ Echo, then directed by René Barjavel… Awakened me to poetry, without my knowledge, poets who were mentioned or studied during my school years. I can cite a few: Rutebeuf, Villon, Ronsard, La Fontaine, Hugo. Later, it was Baudelaire, Heredia, Rimbaud. And even later, Apollinaire then Cendrars and Valery Larbaud. ” His literary admirations went to adventure novelists, Jules Verne, Fenimore Cooper, Joseph Conrad, Herman Melville, but also to François Rabelais, François Villon, Chateaubriand, Walt Whitman, Jack London, Arthur Rimbaud, Cendrars he met in 1949. He reread them. regularly, like pets. Besides Blaise Cendrars and Henry Miller, he forged strong friendships with Lawrence Durrell who lived near his home in Sommières, Curzio Malaparte, Richard Arlington, Mohammed Dib, Jean Giono, Pierre Soulages or Georges Brassens. He was one of the last living in a whole era.

Read also Miller, the friendly life

“Brother Jacques” as Henry Miller called him was a poet apart, with an autobiographical vein, happy verve and rippling prose. “The appetite of the world could have made a naturalist or an archaeologist out of a poet who refuses to separate formal experimentation from lived experience. Man of dialogue, he keeps away from literary quarrels and tastes “the sovereign thickness of time” more than the ruptures of antitradition. To submissive allegiance he prefers a lineage that integrates and, without recognizing himself as role models, he does not travel alone. ” (Claude Leroy, Dictionary of Poetry from Baudelaire to the present day, PUF). Grand Prize for Poetry of the SGDL in 2003 and Guillaume Apollinaire Prize in 2013, he had published with various publishers (Actes Sud, Obsidiane, etc.). He who would never have stopped celebrating happiness in the world without this final meeting, still has a collection that comes out in this native and fatal August at Bruno Doucey, By the sextant of the sun. “For eternal exile, I will carry the burning smell of the grasses trampled by the hooves on the endless drailles rustling with cowbells.”

Frederique Roussel


The fireball swept away everything in its path. 75 years ago, the Americans sent atomic destruction to Hiroshima – ČT24 – Czech Television

Estimates of the number of victims

Immediately after the explosion, 70 to 80 thousand people, mostly civilians, died. Almost everyone who was closer than a kilometer and a half away died hypocentreBut Little Boy killed at twice the distance.

Another 70,000 people succumbed to the consequences of the injuries. “The problem is that the city was completely destroyed and the massive fire destroyed the archives and all documentation. So it is very difficult to specify it completely, “noted historian Ivo Pejčoch earlier.

“Another much-discussed issue is how many people died in the post-war years or decades as a result of radiation,” added Pejčoch, adding that these numbers vary considerably depending on the statistical or medical methodologies used by individual experts. According to Japanese official figures, the total number of deaths from Hiroshima exceeds 260,000.

Truman: We used the basic force of the universe against the perpetrators of the war in the Far East

About using a destructive bomb reported President Harry S. Truman soon introduced his nation. “Sixteen hours ago, an American plane dropped a bomb on Hiroshima, an important Japanese military base (…). It is an atomic bomb,” he said at the time.

“We have used the fundamental power of the universe. The power from which the Sun draws its power has been unleashed against those who have waged war in the Far East, “the president continued. He never considered his decision on the nuclear bombing of Japan bad, even though he called the nuclear weapon the worst bomb in world history after successfully testing it.

Conversely, Enoly Gay co-pilot Robert Lewis later recalled that his first thought, when he saw the bomb being fired and the city destroyed, was, “My God, what have we done?” In this context, Pejčoch pointed out that most of the aircraft staff did not know the purpose of their mission. Familiar to him was Commander Paul S. Tibbets and the bomb operators.

“The rest of the crew – at least according to what they claimed after the war – was informed only to the minimum necessary, but since they were all very experienced technicians, they estimated what effects the weapon could have,” the historian said. the reality was a surprise to them.

The American public approved the atomic bombing of Japan

As for the reaction of the American public, according to Pejčoch, it is necessary to be aware of the context of the time. “The Americans have been attacked by Japan. The Japanese army behaved in particular, especially in China or towards the indigenous people on the occupied islands, and committed a number of military crimes comparable to what the Nazis did in Europe, “Pejčoch described.

“For example, the Bataan death march is known,” said Pejčoch. For this reason, the nuclear bombing of Japan was then considered an act of necessity.

At that time, the Americans mainly wanted the war to end. “The local public was not prepared for tens of thousands more dead American soldiers,” historian Jaroslav Láník noted earlier.

The road to peaceful Japan

However, the inferno that the Little Boy brought to Hiroshima did not break the Japanese Emperor Hirohita. The Japanese did not give up. That is why the Americans decided to nuclear bomb another target, which was to be the city of Kokura.

However, the crew of the B-29 bomber, which was named Bockscar, could not aim at the target on the ninth of August, so they decided to drop their cargo – a plutonium bomb nicknamed Fat Man – on the second target. This was an important port and industrial center of Nagasaki.

It was the destruction of the second city that forced Japan to accede to the demands of the Allies. The Empire, to which Stalin’s Soviet Union declared war on August 8, 1945, finally capitulated six days after the bombing of Nagasaki. The signing of the surrender document followed about two weeks later.

Immediately after the surrender, the Allies established an occupying administration in war-torn Japan. Although formally international in nature, it was in fact an American occupation. The United States, led by General Douglas MacArthur, implemented it indirectly through the Japanese government.

The goal of the seven years of occupation was to transform Japan into a democratic and demilitarized state. The adoption of the new constitution played an important role in this process. It came into force in May 1947, and Japan relinquished its right to own an army and rejected the war.

Japan’s nuclear bombing is still controversial

The use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki remains controversial to this day. Proponents point out that the bomb saved many lives of American soldiers. However, there are opinions that at the time of the deployment of nuclear weapons, Japan was militarily and economically on its knees and the dropping of bombs did not significantly bring the end of the war.

On the other hand, there are also voices that the atomic bombing of Japan – the only use of these destructive weapons in human history to date – has helped prevent a similar move during the Cold War. This is pointed out, for example, by historian Prokop Tomek. “Without the Hiroshima experience, we would have no idea how terrible a weapon it is. ‘I don’t think Hiroshima civilians died in vain because they showed the danger in that weapon,” he said earlier.


Prince William and Kate Middleton called Prince Harry a puppet Meghan Markle

When at the end of March, Prince Harry heard his father’s alarmed voice in the telephone, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

The 35-year-old Duke of Sussex, who escaped with his wife Meghan Markle from Britain first in To Canadaand then in USAheard the terrible news. Prince Charles, 71, said his coronavirus test was positive.

“Harry at that moment realized that Charles and the Queen would not be around forever. Harry’s biggest fear is not to be in Of England the moment his grandmother Elizabeth II dies. ”

On the last day of June, another book dedicated to the British royal family – War in the Royal Family: the story of the shocking breakup between Harry and Megan with the Windsor House – is being published. This time, her heroes were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton. Authors Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard are trying to get to the bottom of the truth – which caused the Dukes of Sussex to refuse the rank of members of the British royal family.

Once in the USA and sitting in a luxury mansion in LosAngelesPrince Harry sank into depression. He is trying to find his salvation in yoga classes. But being eight thousand kilometers from the royal family, Harry feels guilty before his family for his flight to the States, especially now, when the threat of the coronavirus epidemic still hangs over the world.

“Megan assures Harry that when everything settles down, he will like their new life in Los Angeles. She plans a joint trip, tells him about the local polo club and how Harry will love surfing, ”the authors write, referring to a source surrounded by the Dukes of Sussex.

The refusal of Harry and Megan from the title of members of the royal family, which became known in January, not only upset Queen Elizabeth II, but also aggravated the already difficult relationship between the families of the two brothers. Prince William and Kate Middleton were indignant at learning about the decision of Harry and Megan, because of this they had doubled the “social burden” – attending official events.

“They consider it unfair that Harry and Megan can enjoy being part of the royal family without any effort,” the book says. – Kate is in a panic, not understanding how she will combine the additional burden with family chores.

At the same time, William and Kate immediately understood who Harry had contacted: 38-year-old Meghan Markle will skillfully manipulate her husband, who is known as far from the smartest man.

“They are sure that Megan treats Harry like a puppet,” says another person close to the royal family. “They accepted that Harry was lost for their family soon.”

Close friends Meghan Markle said that the American actress never planned to stay in Buckingham Palace. At her originally there was a plan – to return to the USA.

“Megan has always dreamed of her own brand – to be recognizable. But I don’t think that she married Harry only because of his surname and image, although this, of course, was a decisive factor, ”say close actresses.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in the mansion of the Hollywood movie mogul

The house is estimated at $ 18 million (details)


In Yemen, the ” war without end “

After more than five years of fighting, an end to the war in Yemen is not on the agenda. Tuesday, June 23, the spokesperson of the arab coalition led by saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Maliki, has announced the interception of “eight drones packed with explosives “, “three ballistic missiles “and a fourth of which “of the sites as well as civilians “ in the saudi capital Riyadh. A “large-scale attack “as it was referred to the rebels houthistes, at the origin of the offensive.

Since 2014, the civil war opposed the latter, shiites, supported by Iran, to the government of sunni, exiled in Riyadh, who can count on arab coalition, interfered in the conflict in 2015 and is struggling now to break the deadlock in yemen. “For the past five years, and nothing changes. It is a war without end, resign François Frison-Roche, a political scientist and researcher at the CNRS. The Saudis do not want to lose face, they continue to show their strength. And the Houthis are sending missiles to show their ability to be a nuisance. They knew that the drones were being destroyed, they simply wanted to send a message. “

A double front

The attack houthiste comes at a time when saudi Arabia became embroiled on another front with the separatists of the transitional Council of the South (CTS). Former allies in the coalition against the rebels, they take control of territories in southern Yemen, dividing a little more of this country decimated by the fighting.

After the decision, by the CTS, of the island of Socotra, 350 km off the coast of Aden, Turki Al-Maliki announced Monday, June 22, the organization of talks for a truce. The negotiations in the fall of 2019 have not been followed, points out, however, François Frison-Roche. “Riyadh has planned the discussions, at great expense, but the separatists do not respect the agreement. Saudi Arabia in spring décrédibilisée. “

A true ” chaos “

These difficulties reveal the fragility of the arab coalition. Because this is the United Arab Emirates, members of this coalition, who provide the weapons to the CTS. “There is undoubtedly a dispute between the Emirates and saudi Arabia, we do not know which, and they hide it from you. It ignores many things in this conflict, it is the great confusion “tip the researcher.

This “chaos “ would it not be a goal pursued by the parties, including militias, which have been built on a war economy ? “A partition of Yemen into two or even more, would power each according to its own interests “, writes François Frison-Roche, for whom the conflict will not turn off “as long as none of the camps will take strong decision for the implementation not of the militia “ and will not respect its commitments.


What do we know about the violent clashes that took place in Dijon ?

Question asked by Dzamil the 15/06/2020


Your question is about the events that took place this weekend on 13 and 14 June in Dijon and around, in the Burgundy region. On social networks, flocking of multiple videos showing violent clashes.

Several pictures show some of the bands who wander in the city centre and take it to a shisha bar, the Black Pearl, located in the boulevard de la Trémouille, not far from the Republic square.

On some videos, posted online Sunday, including several dozen men are visible. They compete, sometimes with bare hands, sometimes by means of iron bars.

Other, filmed by witnesses from different angles, show a car seeming to rush right on a mob before the aircraft struck an earth-full and from in barrels, at very high speed.

On videos more graphics (that CheckNews has chosen not to relay), we can see the car stopped, just after the accident. The driver, dead, is, in part, défenestré. His hands are in blood.

On Twitter, in the comments, reference is made repeatedly to clashes “between the Chechens and dealers“.

All these scenes fit effectively in a global context of clashes that went on for several days. The prefecture of Côte-d’or, contacted by CheckNewsconfirms that these events are likely related to settlements of accounts : “The weekend that has just ended has been marked by violence committed in the agglomeration of dijon, france, it seems, in the context of a settlement of accounts between members of the chechen community in France and the residents of the district of Grésilles and other districts of the metropolis-dijon”, she says.


The prefect “condemns these behaviors […] with the greatest firmness” and indicates that a judicial investigation is now open.

Eric Mathais, the chief prosecutor of Dijon, has not responded to the demands of CheckNews. But as of this weekend, in the local press, the vice-prosecutor was state ten wounded, “some seriously”, during the descent to the shisha bar on the Friday night. The prosecution also confirms that injured by bullets, Saturday night, always in Dijon.

This Monday, he responded to our confreres from France Blue. About the driver involved in an accident, it confirms that the latter is currently in hospital in a serious condition. The scene took place in the district of Grésilles, in the north-east of Dijon on Sunday night. The prosecutor explains : “We were live at the command center of the police, we saw on the cameras these 140 people from the chechen community gathered on the market square to Grésilles. And there was a vehicle that came close, which, indeed, at a given moment sketched a movement to rush in the crowd, then there was this accident.”

In this interview, the attorney also confirms the opening of an investigation entrusted to the directorate for interregional judicial police and urban security, Dijon, france. But, he said, no arrest has yet taken place at the present time. The priority, according to him, is to secure the situation in order to avoid the worst.

About facts, it evokes a “drift community on racism. These are apparently members of the chechen community who have called on social networks from Friday to avenge the violence committed on a young by people from the community in the maghreb. Three nights in a row, it was therefore up to 140 people who come to Dijon in this context”.

Violence in Nice

According to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur, this violence is are now exported up to Nice, where shots were recorded in the district of Chestnuts, in the night of Sunday to Monday. Again, a video shows the shot. Nice Morning indicates that three men of chechen origin had been injured and that six people are currently in police custody.

For the time being, to Dijon, the authorities are trying to avoid escalation. The prefecture said that on Monday evening still, “a squadron of gendarmes mobiles will be deployed on the ground.” The day before, a half-section of SRC and reinforcements of the TRAY were on the ground.

Listen to the weekly podcast of the behind the scenes of CheckNews. This week :

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A Brussels of 19 years, accusing the forces of the order of the have “typed” and “insulting” on the sidelines of an event in tribute to George Floyd in the belgian capital on June 7, 2020. While the video, where the young man appears to be the wounded face goes viral, journalists Anais Condomines and Vincent Coquaz are trying to trace the source of the story.

Anais Condomines


The Covid-19 have been killed in the US more people than the First World War

With 116.526 deceased by coronavirusthe number of fatalities from the disease in United States exceeded the balance of 116.516 american soldiers killed during the First World War (1914-1918). Shortly after 18.00 hrs GMT on the Tuesday, the number of deceased reached the 116.526, which means in addition to a quarter of the total deaths in all over the world, already reaching 438.399, according to data collected by the Johns Hopkins University.

In the First World War, 116.516 american soldiers died while some 320,000 were injured or became ill, according to an encyclopedia on the conflict that has been developed by several research centres around the world, including the universities of Birmingham (Uk) and Colorado (USA). According to this source, 53.402 american soldiers lost their lives in combat and 63.114 were killed by diseasesin its majority by the pandemic flu 1918.

Currently, in the U.S., the coronavirus has spread to more than 2.1 million people and it is hitting with more force to states that, when he began the pandemic, had just suffered from its impacts, according to the Johns Hopkins University. In particular, in the last weeks the numbers of new cases have back to skyrocket in more than a third of the 50 states of the country: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina and of the South, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and Washington.

For example, the new cases in Florida in the last 24 hours came this Tuesday to 2.783, a new record level that has raised concern among the local authorities. The provisional balance of the dead by coronavirus -116.526 – has already surpassed the lower level of the initial estimates of the White House, which screened in the best of cases, between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths due to the pandemic.

New York./ EP

The us president, Donald Trump, downgraded these estimates, and trusted that the the final figure would be between 50,000 and 60,000 deadalthough in their recent calculations predicted already up Up to 110,000 dead, a number that has also been exceeded. For its part, the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessments (IHME) at the University of Washington, in whose models of prediction of the evolution of the pandemic is fixed to often the White House, estimated that the united States will arrive in the month of October has exceeded the 200,000 people dead.


The coronavirus has killed more people in the US that the First World War

Shortly after 18.00 hrs GMT on the Tuesday, the number of deaths per Covid-19 reached the 116.526, which also means a quarter of the total deaths in all over the world, already reaching 438.399, according to data collected by the Johns Hopkins University.

In the First World War, 116.516 u.s. soldiers were killed while some 320,000 were injured or became ill, according to an encyclopedia on the conflict that was developed by several research centres around the world, including the universities of Birmingham (Uk) and Colorado (USA).

According to this source, 53.402 american soldiers lost their lives in battle and 63.114 died from disease, mostly by the influenza pandemic of 1918.

On a related note: the USA exceeds the the 116,000 dead and 2.11 million infections Covid-19

Currently, in the US the coronavirus infected more than 2.1 million people and is hitting with more force to states that, when he began the pandemic, had just suffered from its impacts, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

In particular, in the last weeks the numbers of new cases have returned to fire at more than one-third of the 50 u.s. states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina and of the South, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont and Washington.

For example, new infections in Florida in the last 24 hours came this Tuesday to 2.783, a new record that sparked concern among local authorities.

The provisional balance of the dead by coronavirus -116.526 was already the lowest of the initial estimates of the White House, which screened in the best of cases, between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths due to the pandemic.

Also read: Trump says the U.S. “breaks down his relationship with the WHO for the management of Covid-19

The us president, Donald Trump, lowered the estimates and was confident that the final figure would be between 50,000 and 60,000 deaths, although in their recent calculations predicted already up to 110,000 dead, a number that also exceeded.

For its part, the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessments (IHME) at the University of Washington, in whose models of prediction of the evolution of the pandemic is fixed to often the White House, estimated that the united States will arrive in the month of October has exceeded the 200,000 dead.


The economist predicted the collapse of the dollar in 2021

As he said in his column in Bloomberg Today, the main threat for the us currency is weakening of U.S. global leadership with Donald trump. According to him, the coming country’s budget deficit and reducing consumer savings. All this will occur against the background of a trade war with China, one of the largest creditors of the United States.

“The era of “exorbitant privilege” of the dollar as the main global reserve currency is coming to an end,” said roach.

With all listed above, the American economy suffered greatly from the pandemic coronavirus. In addition, trump is risking to undermine the reputation of Washington in international organizations and alliances. The expert recalled his dispute with who, and on reduction of military forces in Germany.

Recently it became known that the American national debt has reached a historical record, amounting to more than 26 trillion on the backdrop of a pandemic COVID-19.


The ” war ” in China – Us to the magnifying glass

The global leadership in question

The confrontation between China and the United States

Pierre-Antoine Donnet, Editions dawn 232 p., 22 €

It is necessary to read this book emergency. Not only because the journalist, writer and traveller Jean-Claude Guillebaud, in the preface, provides : “it happens at the best time possible “. But also because Pierre-Antoine Donnet, its author, mastery beautifully about it. Or rather ” its ” subjects.

→ TO READ. The Alliance parliamentary world wants to counter the ” chinese threat “

In this book-investigation-analysis, the one who was a journalist for AFP in the post for years in Beijing, then in New York and at the united nations, offers to the readers a sensitive approach to China, its regime, its history and its culture, as well as the United States, of their youth, their president, their power…

→ INVESTIGATION. China – the United States, a new cold war ?


The first two powers in the world, for months, insult, provoke, and lying, is scratch. The crisis of the sars coronavirus did was throw a little more oil on the fire. To put into perspective the tensions, Pierre-Antoine Donnet exceeds the caricature, too easy, a confrontation between an evil empire, the chinese, and the empire of the property, the United States.

Who is going to win ?

On a sensitive subject, contrasting, complex, it develops to the contrary, the characteristics, historical, social and political of the two titans, the assets in their games. Who is going to win ? Pierre-Antoine Donnet is too late observer to deliver a definitive answer. On the other hand, it poses and the analysis of the terms of the debate – democracy against dictatorship, evaluates the two economic models, competition, geo-strategic rivalries in technology, the expansion of the chinese and takes us up in the space war.

It is clear that the United States will remain a great power in spite of a president freakish and in a society in identity crisis. China, on the other hand, in spite of its power, accumulates the weaknesses and barriers to its development : pollution, public debt, demographics, real estate bubble, social instability, and finally gangrene, destructive of endemic corruption. Among the most prominent researchers in the world, whom he quotes on the subject, some are betting on the collapse of China, others are considering a future where it will preserve its interest in preventing the slippage of the military.

→ TO READ. In spite of the coronavirus, China and the United States agree on the trade

But, says the specialist of China, Hubert Testard : “China will one day resolve the basic contradiction between its economic and cultural opening to the world and its desire increased control of individuals, organizations, and ideas.


the war, we never come back quite…

25 shades of docs

Of Men and War

Tuesday, June 9, at 00: 40 on France 2 (and

It is a shock. For more than two hours, Of Men and War (Of men and war) invite them to bring to the meeting of young american soldiers returning from the war with this injury is invisible, but very real, identified under the name of the state of post-traumatic stress disorder. State that prevents them from resuming a normal life and keeps them in an unfathomable inner suffering.

With great precision, striking, harrowing without being sensational or voyeuristic, this documentary has requested his director and producer five years of research and preparation. And so many years during which the filming was extended, offering to follow a dozen of these men in their crack and existential. Often unable to rework, or reconnect with a family life, they are not trying to not rebuild. The time – the filming, the film itself – is one of the essential strengths of this film that attempts to show these young soldiers in two situations : their sessions of group therapy, in a centre founded in California by Fred Gusman ; their all – too – rare reunion with parents, wives and children.

Oppose “the front” and ” rear “

The film, ” said Laurent Bécue-Renard, “looking for a word that is not expressed “. One who is aroused abyssal vertigo : “I realized that I had no idea what lived in my wife, married to a man twice his size, trained to kill and who passes his rage on it “says a patient. “I wanted to, continues the director, that opposes “the front”, always present in the psyche of these men, and “the rear”, that is to say, their surroundings, their community life, and we, the viewers. “

His topic was naturally brought to the United States, “great western power sending today the addition of men to the war, but also a country which has, after the Vietnam war, carried out important work on the theorization of the state of post-traumatic stress disorder “. For all that, this film, on both sides of the Atlantic, bears a startling universality. What is the French family has never been affected, to varying degrees, by the injury mental of one of its ancestors or its members, returned from the war and locked up in the silence of his hell ?