God of War and Final Fantasy 7 Remake are updated with improvements for PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War Y God of War 3Remastered has been remastered to prepare for the release of PS5, Sony’s new generation console that will arrive in Spain on November 19th. This is how it has been revealed Lance McDonald, a famous mud, on your personal Twitter account.

This user has reported in his profile that the three games mentioned above have received an update that prepares them to work better on the new Sony console: “Okay, I can confirm that God of War 3 Remastered, God of War (2018) Y Final Fantasy VII Remake they have just been updated with a number of PS5 compatible add-ons, “he says in his message.

Performance improvements on PS5

Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be a way to determine yet what kind of enhancements are included or in the works in this update: “There is no way of knowing how much compatibility they really have until we can test them.”says McDonald. Yes, the mud points out that some of these three games will be able to reach 60 fps on PS5, as is the case with PS5: God of War (2018) It already has unlimited fps, so it’ll probably hit 60 on PS5 with no problem. “.

It is not the case of Final Fantasy VII Remake, for example s is limited to 30 fps. We will have to see if Square Enix’s PS4 game has a mode with a higher frame rate per second on PS5, at the same time we will have to wait to see how these updates affect the other two games mentioned.

PS5 to be backward compatible with most PS4 games -in fact only 10 won’t be– and even some of them can be played improved thanks to the mode Game Boost next-gen console, a technology that automatically implements better performance and graphical enhancements to current-gen games.


War Could Break Out, India Arrested Chinese Army Corporal, Beijing Didn’t Accept it

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – Conflict IndiaChina on the Himalayan border just getting tapered.

This time a soldier China got lost and accidentally crossed the border between the two countries at Ladakh.

Military outcome India immediately arrested the soldiers China the.

Reported zonajakarta.com from Channel News Asia, Tuesday (20/10/2020) soldiers China which was captured by India is Corporal Wang Ya Long.

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Wang was arrested when it was discovered that he was in Demchok’s territory, Ladakh, operated by India.

China angry about this and the incident of Wang’s arrest could have resulted war again at the border.

However India declared that he would release Corporal Wang Ya Long after being asked why he got lost.

“In accordance with the security protocol, he (Wang) will be returned to China through the Chushul-Moldo area after completing the administrative process, “read the Army statement India.


Xi Jinping Orders War, Chinese Marine Corps Proves Multidimensional Strength, PLA Navy Will Be Feared By The World

Gridhot.ID – China had time to make a fuss world.

The reason Xi Jinping suddenly ordered his troops to be ready for battle.

On Tuesday (13/10/2020), President Xi Jinping conduct inspections to the Corps Marines Force Loud Army People’s Liberation China (PLA) di Chaozhou.

The visit was carried out on the sidelines of his trip to Guangdong Province, China South.

What were Xi’s orders during his visit?

1. Force The PLA Ocean is an elite force China

Global Times reported, Xi said Corps Marines Force The PLA Sea is an elite force for amphibious operations, and plays an important role in maintaining the security of national sovereignty, territorial integrity, maritime interests, and foreign interests.

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He urged the Corps Marines Force PLA marine to accelerate the increase in their combat capabilities to form team strong, with army combat, which is integrated and versatile in operation, responds quickly, and is capable of combat in multi-dimensional conditions.

Xi Bilang, Corps Marines must focus on readiness war and combat capability, and maintains a high level of readiness.

He added that team should stick to combat-oriented training and strengthen mission-oriented training tailored to specific needs.

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TNI Needs To Consider LGBT Facing War Later

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Military observer from Padjadjaran University, Muradi looked at the Indonesian National Army (TNI) in the future, consider accepting soldiers who have minority sexual interests.

In this case, said Muradi, the TNI must be willing to accept prospective soldiers whose sexual behavior tends towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Not just fixated on fans of the opposite sex.

“In the future, the TNI must consider the issue of sexual orientation. Not only two, three can four or five,” said Muradi when contacted. CNNIndonesia.com, Friday (16/10).

In addition, he said, there were several reasons why the TNI should consider soldiers from minority groups in terms of sexuality. One of them, according to Muradi, is because it relates to special skills and a war system which is likely to change from conventional ones to cyber warfare.

“Because many people usually do not have to have a normal sexual orientation, but for example, they have others with the assumption that they have other skills,” he said.

Besides, Muradi said, in other countries different sexual interests are no longer a reference for someone to become a soldier. As long as the person has the skills to fight both conventionally and cyber, it is not impossible that that person can join the army.

“Yes, many countries (consider it) normal. In the United States, Israel, Europe, it’s normal. They accept LGBT as part of their military personnel,” he said.

Therefore, according to Muradi, it is not impossible that the TNI can also accept people with a minority sexual orientation to become soldiers.

“I think that in the future our soldiers can also do an open recruitment, why? Because then maybe now LGBT is still prohibited in Indonesia,” he said.

“But maybe in the next five and ten years, maybe it will be that even though they are not legally religious but are normatively (accepted),” he said.

Previously, Chairman of the Military Chamber of the Supreme Court, Major General (ret) Burhan Dahlan, revealed the phenomenon of the emergence of LGBT among the TNI. There have even emerged special groups commanded by officers with the rank of sergeants, with the average member being Lt. Col.


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66 F-16 jets make Taiwan Air Force ‘destitute’, pilots are afraid of China’s war threat: always on edge – all pages

Sosok.IDChina has increased the pressure on the Air Force Taiwan, with vigorous exercise military in the region continuously.

President Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen made a visit to Gangshan air base in the south Taiwan Kaohsiung to re-energize engineers Taiwan in the middle of the air pressure performed repeatedly by China.

During his visit, he was reportedly stunned by the cost of one component for a fighter jet Taiwan, with one small component for $ 13,000 (9,734) or the equivalent of Rp.190 million.

Tsai then told the sailors near the Zuoying naval base that he would be the troop’s strongest support Taiwan.

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“If there are no reserves or assistance from all of you, the steadfast military combat power will be greatly reduced,” said President Tsai Ing-wen. Daily Express, Monday (28/9/2020).

Tsai’s remarks followed the delivery of Chinese fighter jets to the Taiwan Strait and the Pratas Islands.

The Chinese Air Force dwarfs Taiwan, where it has to repeatedly scramble jets to intercept Chinese planes.

Although China has yet to fly-over over mainland Taiwan, the operation has increased financial pressure in Taipei.

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Taiwan’s defense ministry said the “dramatic increase” in threats from China, along with its “middle-aged” aircraft fleet, had led to a large increase in the cost of maintaining fighter jets.

The defense ministry added in a report last month that China’s fly-over was over the straits and that the islands were meant to reduce Taiwan’s response time, which has put “great pressure” on front-line forces.

They added that China’s flights to southwestern Taiwan were “an attempt to exhaust air defenses”.

Taiwan warned that if they became more frequent, they would “increase the burden of our response”.

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A Taiwan-based diplomat also told Reuters that China’s strategy was to launch a war of attrition in the island nation with a fly-over.

They said: “China is trying to undermine Taiwanese pilots by making them nervous all the time.”

The air pressure in Taiwan follows the purchase of 66 F-16 jets from the US to fight China in August.

Beijing is furious about US sales to Taiwan, and is stepping up exercises to scare the island into giving up.

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Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense, also told reporters that Beijing would do “whatever is necessary” to destroy Taiwan with dire warnings.

Su Xiaohui, deputy director of the China Institute of International Studies, also rejected the “middle line” maritime border between the two countries.

He said Taiwan andante the US were “very confused” if they believed China would not invade the island nation.

In addition, the US is also experiencing increased tensions with China regarding Beijing’s operations in the South China Sea.

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As is well known, Trump government officials have repeatedly condemned Beijing’s “sovereignty” claim over the South China Sea.

AS also plans to sell seven major weapon systems to Taiwan in a new project called Fortress Taiwan.

Part of the planned agreement between the two countries will see Taiwan receive cruise missiles, drones, and sea mines.

Tsai Ing-wen

8 of Israel’s Most Deadly Special Forces Units, from Infiltrating the Underground, Equipped with Advanced Technology to Secret Weapons

Sosok.IDIsrael has been in fierce battle since the day it was founded.

The need to survive, outrun, and defeat their enemies has created some of the most elite and respected units in the world.

Here are 8 Units Team Top IDF only:

8. Egoz

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Sayeret Egoz Specializes in guerrilla warfare, counter-guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance and direct action.

Egoz operators are trained to conduct operations in and around various Israeli neighborhoods, including Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip, as well as long-range operations behind enemy lines in Lebanon and Syria.

In training, operators learn how to become one with the environment and be virtually undetectable in the field.

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Not Yet War, Taiwan’s Defense Budget Bokek Gegara Intercept Chinese fighter jets – All Pages

Sosok.ID – In the middle of a pandemic corona this many countries in the world lose income.

One of them Taiwan.

The country’s income has decreased dramatically.

Moreover, things got even more difficult at times China always intruding on sovereignty Taiwan at a time when Taipei is busy coping corona.

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the Taiwan fighter jet engine maintenance base on Saturday (26/9). The visit is to provide a boost as Taiwan’s armed forces experience tension in the face of repeated Chinese air force attacks.

Reuters reported that this month alone, Chinese warplanes have crossed the sensitive centerline of the Taiwan Strait several times and trained near the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in the South China Sea.

Beijing regards Taiwan as a recalcitrant province and has never abandoned the use of force to bring Taiwan under Chinese control.

The Taiwan Air Force has repeatedly attempted to intercept Chinese jets. Even though they haven’t flown over the mainland of Taiwan itself, the flight has put increased pressure, both financial and physical on the Taiwanese air force to ensure its planes are ready to fly at all times.

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Visiting the Gangshan air base in southern Taiwan’s Kaohsiung, Tsai received a detailed report of how maintenance crews ensured Taiwanese F-16s and other fighter jets were operating at peak performance.

He seemed a little surprised when he was told that the price of one small part for the F-CK-1 Ching-kuo Indigenous Defense Fighter was T $ 380,000 or the equivalent of US $ 13,000.

Speaking later to the sailors near the Zuoying naval base, Tsai promised to become the strongest supporter of the island’s armed forces.

“If there is no backup or assistance from all of you, the steadfast military fighting strength will be greatly reduced,” he said.

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Taiwan’s Air Force is losing ground to China, and tensions from attacks on Taiwan’s armed forces are beginning to emerge.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense this month said a “dramatic increase” in threat levels had led to large increases in initially unbudgeted maintenance costs.

The United States (US) last year approved a sale of US $ 8 billion worth of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, a deal that would see Taiwan own more than 200 F-16s and the largest in Asia.

Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang expressed concern about the cost of tensions with China.

“Every time Communist planes attack Taiwan, our air force is airborne, and it is very expensive. This is not only a burden for Taiwan, but also a big burden for China, “he said.

A Taiwan-based diplomat, citing conversations with security officials, said China appeared to be carrying out a campaign of attrition by flying frequently.

“China is trying to undermine Taiwanese pilots by making them constantly nervous,” the diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

This article was published on Cash with the title

“The provocation of Chinese fighter jets has made the Taiwan fighter aircraft maintenance budget swollen”


World War II: Bomb found on beach in England – Europe – International

Vestiges of the Second World War continue to appear in various countries of the world. The most recent was found on the coast of the Bristol Channel, in England, after an unusual low tide, as detailed in a press release from the Royal Navy of that Nation cited by various international media.

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It was a highly explosive military device (anti-submarine mortar bomb) that was activated in a controlled and successful manner, CNN reported based on the official statement, which also indicated that it is believed that the bomb was used in the area by a nearby MOD weapons research facility.

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“We mark the site and wait until the next low tide. Then, With the help of Avon & Somerset Police, we established a two kilometer bubble over the site with a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) and a cordon about one kilometer and a half of the device before carrying out a controlled explosion of the mortar bomb, “explained Warrant Officer Diver Rob Bishop, leader of the service bomb disposal team, through the statement.

It is not the first time that this type of war material has been discovered in England or in other parts of the world.

CNN indicated that this year the London police had to evacuate several streets in the city center after discovering an unexploded period bomb in Soho.

In the Solomon Islands, Australia, two people were reported dead on Monday this week after an accidental bomb explosion.

According to the EFE agency, an Australian and a Briton, who were working to track down abandoned explosive devices from World War II, were killed in the capital of Solomon Islands as a result of the accidental explosion of a

The deflagration occurred on Sunday night at the residence in Honiara of the two men, employees of the Norwegian agency Norwegian People’s Aid who are demanding an investigation to clarify what happened.

“The accident occurred in the Solomon Islands where NPA (acronym for Norwegian People’s Aid) helps the government develop a centralized database that provides an overview of the amount of explosives left (dumped and unexploded) from World War II “the organization said in a statement on Monday.

The Solomon Islands, which will host the Pacific Games in 2023, was a battlefield during World War II between the allied forces, commanded by the United States, Australia and New Zealand, against the occupation of the Japanese troops.

The area still has a deadly legacy with thousands of active and unexploded bombs and explosives. Norwegian People’s Aid employs some 1,850 mine and explosives experts in 19 countries, including Colombia and Peru.

By: El Tiempo Newsroom


The challenge of Rodrigo Duterte’s war against China was greeted with great fanfare, the Philippine people were ready to fight

ZONAJAKARTA.COMRodrigo Duterte stirred up the recent 75th session of the UN General Assembly.

This virtual trial brings together various leaders of countries in the world.

Duterte’s insanity in the trial was challenging war openly to his enemy, China claiming Beijing’s Nine Dash Line.

President Duterte is natural to do this because he is trying to protect the 2016 arbitration hearing ruling regarding the denial of claims nine dash line China at sea China South (LCS).

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The reason is the claim China it invades marine territorythe people.com / tag / Filipina “> Filipina.

Instead of fear, the people the people.com / tag / Philippines “> The Philippines welcomed the challenge war Duterter to China.

This made President Duterte flooded with praise at home, even from his opposition for daring to criticize China in front of the former UN member states that had become ‘close allies’.

“This ruling is now part of international law, can no longer be compromised and must not be weakened, destroyed or ignored by any government,” he was quoted as saying. zonajakarta.com from SCMP and Pikiran Rakyat, Thursday (24/9/2020).


At war: Marina Calabró responded with everything to Juanita

After Jorge’s hand in hand Cream with Juana Viale last Saturday on the screen of El Trece, Marina Crashed made a defense regarding the claim made by Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter to the driver of Journalism for All.

“There are people who work with you in your radio program who say that I want to make the program work for my grandmother,” the actress reproached the journalist, referring to Marina Crashed, member of Lanata Without Filter (Radio Miter, Monday to Friday at 10). “They asked me if I would stay with my grandmother’s program and I said: ‘As long as it’s for my grandmother, yes. If she doesn’t want to continue, yes’. Is that wanting to appropriate something?” Viale clarified.

“It seems to me that Juana attributes bad intentions to me because she doesn’t know me,” Calabró said in dialogue with Laura Ubfal’s website. “Obviously they have told her what I said but she did not see it, and it is not something personal, it is a reflection on something she said,” he added.

“What happens is that she does not recognize what she said, but ultimately it seems to me that she ends up fighting with the mirror, what she says does not change my day, it makes more of a dent when the round trip is with Mirtha. This is very small and it seems to me that it is nothing next to the issues that there are to deal with with Lanata ”, he considered.

“I don’t want someone to believe that I bleed from any injury due to Juana’s words, because it is not like that. Yes I am impressed that Lanata, with the figure that she is, makes you the deference to go to your program and you pass her a bill that is also foreign. I would not have done it, “he said.


Hours later, in Confrontados, Marina ratified her sayings and remarked: “” Sometimes famous people fight with the mirror. We made reference to a note that Juanita gave to Truth / consequence in TN and where she said that she was willing to take over her grandmother’s tables. But then the bad guys are the journalists. In such a hot week, it seems to me that spending someone else’s bill is wasting precious minutes. Jorge had a cloth taken out of the sun that was not his. She risked going in the middle of the pandemic and they threw that over her head. I drew that conclusion based on their sayings. And Jorge also drew the same conclusion, that he wants to stay with Mirtha’s program. What I said is that it was very sad that having your own program depends on your grandmother’s retirement. A few days ago they treated her as a coup and that did not hurt as much as my comment. What comes from me they take with an animosity that I do not have with them. My old woman (Coca Calabró) and my sister (Iliana) still love her and I’m not so stupid, “Marina clarified, very upset.

“He does not know me and comes with the prejudice of his mother and grandmother in tow. I also said that he does his job very well and shows off. But the Tinayre clan keeps the little thing that you may not like. Do not treat me as a liar or malicious, “he stressed.