Iran issues arrest warrant against Trump and asks Interpol for help | middle East

Iran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining US President Donald Trump and others he considers responsible for the attack that killed an Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr has accused Trump and more than 30 others of his involvement in the airstrike drone attack on January 3, which killed the general in Baghdad, Iraq.

Apart from Trump, prosecutor Alquasimehr does not mention any other name, but stressed that Iran will continue to develop the prosecution process against those responsible for the attack, saying that they face charges of “murder and terrorism”, according to the state news agency IRNA .

Interpol, based in Lyon, France, has not yet responded to requests for comment on this request from Iranian justice.

According to the IRNA, Alqasimehr asked Interpol to put a “red warning” on Donald Trump and the rest of the elements, which represents the highest degree of urgency in the capture.

According to Interpol procedures, if this request is accepted, the local police authorities will have to carry out the arrest, on behalf of the country requesting it.

The warnings, however, cannot force local authorities to carry out these arrests or to extradite the suspects, although they can lift restrictions on the movements of these suspects.

After receiving a request, Interpol meets in a committee to discuss whether or not to share the information with its member states, with no need to publicly disclose any notice (although it regularly does so, through its website).

In view of the type of request made by the Iranian judicial authorities, Interpol is unlikely to comply with Iran’s request, as its guidance prohibits the organization from carrying out interventions or activities of a political or military nature, as will be the case with this attack on Bagdad.

The United States carried out an air strike in Baghdad on January 3, which killed Qassem Soleimani, the powerful general who directed the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its activities in Iraq, increasing tensions between the two countries, driving Iranian forces to retaliate with a ballistic missile attack against American troops in the region.


Iran wants to arrest Trump for dead General | NOW

Iran has issued a warrant for the arrest of US President Donald Trump for the murder of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Tehran announced this on Monday.

Chief prosecutor Ali Alqasi-Mehr said Iran, in addition to Trump, wants to prosecute 35 alleged people involved in the death of Soleimani, including government officials from the US and other countries. He did not provide details about the identities of the other suspects.

Alqasi-Mehr said the Iranian Public Prosecution Service plans to prosecute Trump even if he loses the presidential election in November and makes way for his successor early next year.

The Iranian authorities say they have asked Interpol to include the 37 suspects, including the US President, on the international investigation list. The police organization is unlikely to do this, as Interpol rules state that such requests should not be political in nature.

Interpol and the White House have not yet responded to requests for comment.

Do US-Iran tensions flare up again?

Although Trump need not fear arrest, the OM move in Tehran shows that tensions between Iran and the US are not yet out of the blue.

They started when the US announced in 2018 that it would step out of the 2015 nuclear agreement and tightened the sanctions regime against Iran.

Qassem Soleimani, leader of the Quds Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and widely regarded as the mastermind of Iran’s foreign policy, was killed on January 3 this year in a US drone attack in Baghdad. Iran struck back with a missile strike on U.S. troops in Iraq, killing no people.

Tehran also said in the aftermath of Soleimani’s death that he no longer feels bound by the nuclear deal, to the dismay of the three European countries, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, who also signed it.


Iranian doctors talked about the possible duration of the COVID-19 pandemic | All About Coronavirus | Health

A coronavirus infection pandemic can last another two to three years. About it RIA Novosti was told by a representative of the Iranian Ministry of Health, Sima Sadat Lari.

“If we take into account the experience of previous pandemics, then, probably, the world will be covered by the newly emerged COVID-19 pandemic for another two to three years,” she said.

It was previously reported that the Iranian authorities since July 5 Mandatory wearing of masks in public places and enclosed spaces is introduced. This decision was made due to a surge in new infections and the number of deaths.

In total, over 220 thousand infected with coronavirus were detected in the country, more than 10 thousand patients died.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeded 9.6 million people, more than 491 thousand people became victims of the disease.


Fossil find the last predator dinosaur in Argentina

Fossil find the last predator dinosaur in Argentina

Wednesday – 27 Ramadan 1441 AH – May 20, 2020 AD No. No. [

Meat-eating dinosaur

London: «Middle East»

The remains of a predatory dinosaur (Megaraptor) have been found, becoming one of the last meat-eating dinosaurs that inhabited the planet, according to fossil scientists from the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences.
The southern province of Santa Cruz witnessed the discovery in mid-March. After the experts studied the fossil remains of ten meters, they realized that they were studying the remains of a predator dinosaur from the end of the “age of the dinosaurs.”
“This is the moment that took place 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs became extinct, and this megapator that we must now study will be one of the newest representatives of this group,” the paleontologist in charge of the project, Fernando Nobath, told Reuters. This type of dinosaur is thinner than the Tyrannosaurus rex and it was fast and had a long tail allowing it to maintain its balance. Nobath said that they had a muscular structure and legs stretched out to make strides. “The specific feature of this megapetor was in two long arms and his thumb ended with a claw about 40 cm long,” allowing him to pounce on his prey, Noboth added.




A long way to go between Argentina and creditors

A long way to go between Argentina and creditors

Buenos Aires shows {flexibility} in debt restructuring negotiations totaling $ 65 billion

Thursday – 12 Shawwal 1441 AH – 04 June 2020 AD No. No. [

The Argentine economy minister expects the road to negotiations with creditors to be long (Reuters)

Buenos Aires: «The Middle East»

Argentine Economy Minister Martin Guzman said Argentina is “flexible” in debt restructuring talks with its creditors, but there is still a “long way” before a “sustainable” agreement is reached.
“Argentina is flexible regarding the set of factors that should form the basis of any offer” for a debt restructuring of $ 65 billion, Guzman said in an interview with German news agency DPA. However, he said, “We cannot make promises that we cannot fulfill … The agreement makes sense only if it is an agreement that takes care of Argentina entirely.”
Buenos Aires stresses that the debt installments cannot be so large that the state threatens to go bankrupt and leaves no room for the shrinking economy to start growing again.
Creditors rejected Argentina’s offer of a three-year moratorium, reducing interest payments by 62 percent, and reducing major payments by 5.4 percent.
Guzmán said that the government had not yet submitted a new proposal, and that negotiations with creditors were currently dealing with “conditions … including the issue of the supply structure”. The minister noted that Argentina is also in talks with the International Monetary Fund to assess its ability to pay. “From the moment Argentina adjusts its offer, there must be an additional 10-day period until the date on which the offer ends,” the minister stressed.
The minister refused to specify the possible length of negotiations. “It depends on the willingness of the parties to understand the restrictions facing the country, as well as on the ability of creditors to settle their differences,” he said. He noted that “creditors are very different, and they have different preferences on how to solve this.” He stressed that the most important of the duration of the talks is that «this needs a good solution. Argentina will only make a commitment if it can respect it. ”
At the same time, Guzmán said, Buenos Aires is discussing a possible new economic program with the International Monetary Fund, through which it is developing a “fruitful” relationship. The fund had previously given Argentina a $ 57 billion bailout package, the largest IMF credit line ever … but the International Monetary Fund is not very popular in Argentina, as critics blame it for austerity policies.
“The previous program was created very quickly, and it was a governmental decision, and the community was not involved,” Guzman said. He promised that this time there would be a “very important social discussion” on relations with the IMF.
Guzmán said that when President Alberto Fernandez’s left-wing government took office last December, it found that the country was “in a total economic crisis and deep debt, and that public finances were in poor shape.”
Argentina has already entered the state of default 8 times, the last of which was in 2001. Guzmán stated that the country now needs to “rebuild confidence” through “monetary and fiscal policies and exchange rate policies that are compatible with each other.” He pointed out that the other main element in creating confidence is “rescheduling debt and bringing it to levels that the country can deal with”.
The Corona pandemic crisis exacerbated Argentina’s economic problems. Guzmán said the country had made health its priority and imposed a “very strict sanitary quarantine.”
On the other hand, the International Monetary Fund said, on Monday, that Argentina’s latest offer to restructure its debt will restore its debt sustainability, and that there is little opportunity for another increase in its payments to private creditors, according to “Bloomberg” agency.
The fund said in a statement: “There is only a limited scope for increasing payments to private creditors, and it still has to pay the debts and service those debts.” In its statement, the Fund added: “The Argentine authorities’ revised proposal for debt restructuring will be consistent with the recovery of debt sustainability with a high probability.”
This is the first comment from the International Monetary Fund since it issued an 18-page “technical note” on March 20, in which it analyzed the Argentine government’s ability to pay debts.




The discovery of a fossil frog dating back two million years in Argentina

The discovery of a fossil frog dating back two million years in Argentina

Wednesday – 18 Shawwal 1441 AH – 10 June 2020 AD No. No. [

Prehistoric frogs

London: «Middle East»

At a depth of 44 meters during the drilling of a water well in San Pedro, 180 kilometers north of Buenos Aires, Argentine scientists have discovered fossil remains of a type of frog that lived in the center of this South American country about two million years ago, according to Agence France-Presse.
“We don’t know much about prehistoric frogs,” said Federico Aniolan, a researcher with the Argentine Institute of Natural Sciences, at the Science Publishing Agency at the National University of Matanza.
He added: “Frogs and hells are affected greatly by climatic and environmental changes, so they are an important source of information to understand past climates.” And the find happened. The researcher stressed that the paleontologists found “the bone of the humerus is a very small amphibious organism different from the hulls and frogs of trees.”
He emphasized that the petite fossil was identified despite its size because the petroats; It is a group of amphibians, including frogs and toads, with a special structure at the tip of the humerus in the elbow joint. This special structure provides it with great ductility to make quick movements and stability. “The discovery is a great contribution to paleontology in Argentina,” said Federico Aniolan.




A radical version of the modernization of the BTR-50 presented in Iran – Russian newspaper

In Iran, demonstrated samples of modernized Soviet armored vehicles. Of greatest interest was the radical refinement of the tracked armored personnel carrier BTR-50PK.

As a military expert, Yuri Lyamin, notes that a uninhabited fighting compartment, independently created in this country, was first shown on it.

As the main weapons used 30-mm automatic cannon 2A42 with 500 rounds of ammunition. A 7.62 mm machine gun is paired with it, with an ammunition of 2,000 rounds. It is possible to install a set of anti-tank guided missiles.

The fire control system has a laser rangefinder and a thermal imaging channel, which significantly improves the capabilities of warfare at night. Also reinforced armor protection. Probably the old engine has been replaced with a new, more powerful one.

It is known that the “fifties” are currently withdrawn from the troops and are in storage. It is possible that some of these machines will be upgraded ..

As for the combat compartment, it can be installed on other types of armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles available in the Iranian armed forces.

The main battle tank T-72M1 received a new sighting system, reinforced armor protection, a remotely controlled turret for a 12.7 mm machine gun, as well as a thermal imager for the driver.

On the wheeled four-axle BTR-60PB mounted mounted dynamic protection type “Contact” and a combat module with a 23-mm gun.


The arms embargo will not affect the military potential of Iran, said the IRGC

The arms embargo will not affect the military potential of Iran, said the IRGC

The arms embargo will not affect the military potential of Iran, said the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC, part of the armed forces of Iran) Hossein … RIA Novosti, 06/27/2020

2020-06-27T12: 56


Hossein salami

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it raises the number of infections among young people – Telemundo San Diego (20)

According to the count of NBC News, the US reached early this morning of Saturday, the number of 2,467,147 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 125,547 deceased.

Texas and Florida backtracked on Friday, and adopted new measures against the bars, while the daily number of confirmed infections of coronaviruses throughout the united States reached an unprecedented 40,000.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, ordered the closure of all the bars, while Florida banned the consumption of alcohol in those establishments. Both states joined a small but growing list of entities that have been suspended, a greater re-opening of their economies due to flare-ups, mainly in the south and the west of the country.

On Wednesday, the number of new cases of coronavirus by day in the united States, exceeded the peak reached at the end of April, recording more than 45,000 new cases of COVID-19, more than the maximum 36,400 reached on the 24th of April, according to NBC News.

This according to data compiled Wednesday by NBC.

The state most affected by the pandemic remains New York with 395,703 confirmed cases 32,169 deceased.

New York will continue to the neighboring New Jersey with 173,640 confirmed cases and 14,872 deceased, the state of Illinois, with 138,540 infections and 6,847 deaths, and Massachusetts, which has been reported 107,837 positive for coronavirus and 8,013 dead.

Other states with a large number of deaths are Michigan (6,133), Pennsylvania (6,630), California (5,814), and Connecticut, with 4,307.

Health experts have said that it is seeing an alarmingly high number of infections among young people who are coming out again, often without masks and without follow other social distancing measures.

Governor Greg Abbott took the decision to the spike in cases of COVID-19.

“It is evident that the increase in cases is driven primarily by a certain type of activities, as the assistance of texans in the bars,” stated Abbott.

Abbott had undertaken one of the calendarizaciones most dynamic of reopening in the country. The republican had stood up to the demands of that order the use of facemasks and also had refused until last week to allow local governments to impose such a measure.

“The doctors told us at the time, and what is said to who will listen, that this would be a disaster. And what has been”, stated the judge, democrat Clay Jenkins, the authority of highest rank in the county of Dallas. “Once again, the governor acts with slowness. Now you are forced to do the things that you require to do so in the last month and a half”.

Texas reported more than 17,000 new cases in the last three days, and on Thursday reached a record high of nearly 6,000. The second most populous state has also registered daily record of hospitalizations, and Friday surpassed for the first time the 5,000 patients of coronavirus boarding schools.

The couple also has a daughter of 1 year, who also tested positive to the virus.

In Florida, on the instruction of the governor-republican Ron DeSantis, the agency that regulates bars took action after the daily number of new confirmed cases is closer to 9,000, nearly double the record from just two days ago.

Colleen Corbett, a maid of 30 years who works at two facilities in Tampa, was said to be upset and worried to stay again without a job, but pointed out that the restrictions are the correct size. Most customers were not using masks, he said.

“It seems as if they have forgotten that there is a pandemic or just left to worry,” said Corbett.

Several of the states most affected, such as Arizona and Arkansas, have republican governors who have resisted efforts to legislate mandatory use of facemasks and have reiterated the president’s desire to Donald Trump to revive the economy quickly, despite warnings that there could be new outbreaks of coronavirus.

The experts of the federal government estimate that they would be more than 20 million infected with the virus in the US. To see more of Telemundo, visit

The number of deaths from coronavirus in the united States has been around 600 per day recently, compared with about 2,200 in the peak reached in April. Some experts doubt that it will reach that level again due to advances in treatment and prevention.

The virus has caused some 125,000 deaths and has infected almost 2.5 million people in the united States, according to a tally by the Johns Hopkins University. But health authorities believe that the number of cases is 10 times higher. At the global level, the virus has claimed close to half a million lives.

Louisiana reported its second day with more than 1,300 confirmed cases, a number that made the democratic governor, John Bel Edwards to suspend a greater lifting of restrictions on mobility. The republican governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, did the same thing, since the new cases in your state exceed the 3,000 per day, and 85% of hospital beds are occupied.

For the second time in a week, Tennessee reported its biggest daily increase in confirmed infections, with more than 1,400, but the republican governor Bill Lee has been reluctant to re-impose restrictions or require the use of masks.


experts say looming disaster – Telemundo Denver

Hospital administrators and health experts warned on Wednesday that some parts of the united States are on the verge of being overwhelmed by a resurgence of the coronavirus, and expressed regret that politicians and the public weary of closures are leaving that disaster to happen.

The united states recorded a total of 34,700 new cases of COVID-19 in a day, the highest figure in two months, from the peak of 36,400 registered in mid-April, according to the count maintained by the Johns Hopkins University.

Even though new confirmed cases have been declining steadily in sites with outbreaks early in the united States, such as New York and New Jersey, several other states set records for one day this week, including Arizona, California, Mississippi, Nevada and Texas. Some of them broke in addition to records of hospital admissions, as it happened in North Carolina and South Carolina.

The united states reached this Wednesday the number of 2,385,348 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the of 122,450 deceased, in accordance with the count independent of NBC News.

New York remains the state hardest hit by the pandemic with 398,105 confirmed cases and 32,079 dead.

New York will continue to the neighboring New Jersey (173,475 cases and 13,004 deceased), Massachusetts (107,611 infections and 7,938 deaths) and Illinois (138,540 positive and 6,770 dead).

In Pennsylvania there are 87,733 cases, of which 6,573 have resulted in deaths. Meanwhile, in Michigan, have been confirmed 68,555 infections and 6,114 deaths.

California currently has 192,537 infections and 5,677 deaths, while in Connecticut there are 45,899 infected and 4,277 deceased. Florida reached 109,014 cases and 3,281 deceased, at the time that Louisiana collects 52,477 infections and 3,152 deaths.

“People became complacent,” said dr. Marc Boom, director general of the hospital system Houston Methodist. “And the virus is returning and golpeándonos, frankly”.

The stock market plunged considerably on Wednesday after the resurgence of the virus cast a shadow over hopes for a quick economic recovery. The virus has been blamed for more than 122,000 deaths in the united States and more than 2.3 million of confirmed infections.

California, the most populous state, reported more than 7,100 new cases. The count in Florida grew by 5,500 in a day, an increase of 25% compared to the record of the previous week and three times the level just two weeks ago.

In Texas, which began to lift the restrictions of the confinement may 1, the hospital admissions have doubled, and the new cases to triple in two weeks.

Governor Greg Abbott told the channel KFDA-TV that the state goes through a “massive outbreak” and may require new local restrictions to preserve space for hospitalizations in some places.

In the eight hospitals of Houston Methodist in Texas, the count of patients with COVID-19 has increased threefold in the last month, at 312. Approximately 20% of the testing of coronavirus that are now the hospitals are positive, compared with between 2% and 4% in mid-may.

If that trend doesn’t change, the chain of hospitals with 2,000 beds would be 600 patients with coronavirus in the next three weeks and would be forced to cancel surgeries not essential, said Boom.

“We need everyone to behave perfectly and work together perfectly,” to slow down the rate of infections, said Boom. “When I see a restaurant or a business in which the people are not following the guidelines, where they are abandoning the caution, that makes me mad”.

In Arizona, the cases will likely exceed the capacity of beds in the hospitals of the state in the coming weeks if the trend continues, said dr. Joseph Gerald, a professor of political of public health of the University of Arizona.

“We are in serious trouble,” said Gerald, who called the state to impose new restrictions on business, something that the republican governor Doug Ducey has refused to do. Without such measures, says Gerald, the balance of deaths will occur at levels “unprecedented”.

Dr. Peter Hotez, an expert in infectious diseases, said that he is concerned that the states wasted the time they have left to prevent a crisis much greater.

“We are still speaking of subtleties, we are discussing if we should wear masks or not, and we still do not understand that a vaccine is not going to rescue,” said Hotez, of the School of Medicine, Baylor, Texas.

Initially, governor Abbott, also a republican, forbade local officials penalized or multaran people for not wearing masks when he began to be reopened by the state. After cases are fired, Abbott said last week that cities and counties could allow the business would require masks.

In Florida, several counties and cities have recently begun to require face masks in public places and penalizing businesses that do comply with the regulations of estrangement public.

In an indication of the change of the outbreak in the country, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, announced that it will require visitors from states with high rates of infection must be quarantined for 14 days. It is a change from march, when the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis issued a similar order for the visitors to the New York area, where then were an increase in cases.