Cem Özdemir on Corona: “Entry through the airports uncontrolled”

WORLD: Mr. Özdemir, the Federal Foreign Office has so far brought more than 180,000 German tourists back to the Federal Republic from abroad. Is this a logistical feat? Cem Özdemir: The minister himself speaks of an “airlift”. It’s a big comparison. Yes, bringing hundreds of thousands of stranded people back is a huge achievement. That […]

Iran does not decree containment for fear of increasing popular discontent

With nearly 3,000 dead, the country, among the most affected in the world, does not know how to contain the epidemic. Members of the Iranian Red Crescent are conducting temperature tests while police set up a filter barrier on Thursday outside Tehran (left). STR / AFP In Iran also the medical personnel are the new […]

Dozens of Iranians die from taking methanol to cure covid-19

Media Iranian have reported that about 300 people have died and a thousand more are found sick with severe poisoning having drunk industrial alcohol with the conviction that it protects from coronavirus. However, a doctor from Iranian Ministry of HealthHusein Hasanian has told the Associated Press that the death toll is higher, 480, and that […]

Cécile Ladjali (Rediffusion) – In G major

Published on : 03/27/2020 – 11:43 Cecile Ladjali. © Marco Castilla There are gaping biographies that make full novels. It’s the feeling that left me Shab or at night, one of the novels of Cecile Ladjali who writes, for example: “This mania that sentences had to hide under my feet like an old Persian carpet”. […]

How did Iran’s release of Roland Marchal go?

Would a swallow make spring in Iran? You might think so with the announcement of the exchange between Roland Marchal, a French researcher detained in Iran, and the Iranian engineer, Jalal Rohollahnejad, detained in France. The information was published on Friday March 19 on the Iranian website of the Ministry of Justice by a concise […]

Coronavirus: Over 20,000 infections in Germany

panorama Coronavirus overview Over 20,000 infections in Germany – all data, maps and graphics on the pandemic Status: 12:16 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes “A crisis the magnitude of which I could never have imagined” The head of the RKI, Prof. Lothar Wieler, once again calls on people to keep their distance. This is […]

Iran frees French researcher Roland Marchal

Paris announced Saturday morning in a brief statement the release of Roland Marchal, expected in France in the middle of the day. However, French President Emmanuel Macron has again “Urged the Iranian authorities to immediately release our compatriot Fariba Adelkhah”, Franco-Iranian researcher still imprisoned in Iran. → EXPLANATION How the liberation of Roland Marchal by […]

Cinema, mirror of post-revolution changes in Iran

Published on : 03/20/2020 – 4:21 p.m. 2019 marks Iran’s fortieth anniversary of the Revolution that overthrew the Shah. A popular uprising quickly confiscated by the religious who transformed royalty into an Islamic republic. This event had innumerable consequences for Iranian society and the images of the demonstrations in Tehran or elsewhere, those of the […]

Iran faces question of temporary release of French researchers

This is good news: British and Iranian citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 41, was released on Tuesday March 17 for a limited period of 15 days from Evin prison. Incarcerated in 2016, she was serving a five-year sentence for espionage, an accusation she has always denied. 85,000 prisoners temporarily released She is not the only one to […]