The case with China is not finished yet, India is bombarded with problems again, this time Pakistan suddenly creates a new map claiming the Kashmir region to be theirs – all pages

Sosok.ID – The region the border India not only contested with China at Galwan Valley.

Apparently, India and Pakistan also had a very long dispute over the region Kashmir.

Known Kashmir is an area where most of the people have Islam.

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As a Muslim country, Pakistan feels compelled to protect Muslims in the Kashmir region.

This is because since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in India, almost all of his policies have been more pro-Hindu in India.

Pakistan has begun to unveil a new political map.

The political map reaffirms their claim to all of Kashmir.

Included in all these areas are those administered by India fueling New Delhi’s fears of a new conflict with its neighbors.

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DNR again closed a checkpoint on the border with Ukraine

The only entry and exit checkpoint (CPVV) opened on the border with Ukraine and the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is temporarily closed. The decree on closure is published on the website of the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

According to the decree, KPVV “Elenovka” is closed from 00:00 on June 28. The remaining CPVV (Gorlovka – Mayorskoye, Aleksandrovka – Maryinka and October – Gnutovo) were closed in March due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The number of coronavirus infected in the DPR is unknown. In Ukraine, more than 42 thousand infected were detected, 1.1 thousand people died.

On the epidemiological situation in the region – in the material “b” “Ukraine does not part with the coronavirus.”


Yonhap: North Korea dismantles loudspeakers on the border and remove materials

North Korea dismantles speakers, recently installed on the border with South Korea, according to South Korean Agency “renkhap” with reference to sources. According to them, Pyongyang has set up nearly 20 speakers in the border areas once threatened to take further action against Seoul. Also on the websites of the North Korean media was removed materials criticizing the South Korean authorities.

Earlier, North Korean Agency KCNA reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN has decided to postpone the General staff presented a plan of military action against South Korea.

We will remind, relations between the two countries on the Korean Peninsula escalated after Pyongyang a few days warned Seoul about the possibility of closing the inter-Korean liaison offices and other projects, if South Korea will not prevent “defectors send leaflets and other materials to the North.” On 16 June, the DPRK blasted the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong. North Korea announced its intention to enter the military units in the areas from which they were derived by inter-Korean agreements.

Read more in the material “Kommersant” “the DPRK does not fit to the phone.”


The European Commission recommended not to open EU borders until June 15 :: Society :: RBC

Measures on the external borders of the EU should be mitigated after the gradual removal of restrictions on movement within the Union itself is carried out, the European Commission noted

Photo: Andrew Medichini / AP

Continuing restrictions on travel to Schengen countries for residents of non-European countries will reduce the risks of coronavirus spreading in the EU, the European Commission said in a recommendation to EU member states to extend the temporary ban on entry “on non-essential trips” until June 15.

“While a number of EU states and some countries associated with Schengen have begun to mitigate measures to combat the pandemic, the situation remains unstable both in Europe and around the world. Maintaining measures at external borders is necessary in order to reduce the risks of the spread of the disease due to trips to the EU, ”the document says.

The European Commission noted that the previously adopted “road map” implies a phased removal of restrictions on movement within the EU, after which, at the second stage, it will be possible to begin to mitigate measures already at the external borders of the union.

Macron announced the closure of the entrance to Schengen on March 17

Emmanuel Macron

Entrance to the countries of the Schengen zone, as well as to the European Union, was restricted for foreigners in mid-March. Crossing the EU border is only allowed for those with an urgent reason (such as a funeral or subpoena), a residence permit or a long-term visa.

In mid-April, the European Commission issued a joint roadmap for European countries to phase out restrictions. According to it, the EU member states should weaken the antiviral measures taken, guided by the statistics on incidence, as well as taking into account the willingness to accept new patients and the introduction of mass testing.

The distribution of coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World Data i

Victoria Polyakova


The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media published the schedule of export flights until May 7 :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media published a schedule of export flights from May 2 to May 7 for Russians remaining abroad. This was reported in the Telegram channel, which the ministry created to return Russian citizens to their homeland.

On May 2, two flights from Phuket (Thailand) will fly to Russia. Flights from Yerevan (Armenia) and Denpasar (Indonesia) are planned for May 3. On Monday, May 4, Russian planes will pick up tourists from Berlin (Germany), Bangkok (Thailand), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Los Angeles (USA) and Kamrani (Vietnam).

Senator advised Russians not to count on vacation abroad

Photo: Chris McGrath / Getty Images

On May 5, Russians from Kamran and Antalya (Turkey) should return to their homeland. On Wednesday, May 6, planned evacuation flights from Shanghai (China) and Tel Aviv (Israel). The last announced export flight will take place on May 7 for the Russians in Tokyo (Japan).

On April 30, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced a schedule of export flights that will deliver the Russians to Kazan. On May 4, a flight Berlin – Novosibirsk is expected, which will make a stop at the airport of Kazan. On May 5, a plane from Nur Sultan will also land in Kazan.


the doctor said why there are few coronavirus cases in Samara

The number of patients with coronavirus in the Samara region since the beginning of April has grown by three people. It’s really a bit, but the situation around is more like preparing for combat action. New infectious beds are constantly being prepared in the region, doctors are being trained, hospitals are being re-equipped. Residents perplexed: “More patients? They don’t tell any information? ” In fact, there is no need to look for a dirty trick: citizens are honestly told about how the situation is developing. But what comes next is difficult to predict. Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Samara State Medical University, Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Samara Region on the Problems of Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV Infection, Infectious Disease Doctor with 30 Years of Experience Elena Strebkova now helps to organize an infectious diseases hospital at the hospital named after Midpoint “There are no patients here, but who knows if they will appear tomorrow.” She told in an exclusive interview to a journalist “KPSamara”, Why the whole branch of medicine is working so hard today, although the numbers of cases and the inhabitants seem low, are Samara residents at risk of picking up a coronavirus and why is COVID-19 more dangerous than“ ordinary flu ”.

– Elena Alekseevna, why is such mass training, reprofiling of hospitals necessary?

– The measures taken by the government of the country and the region, and now allow us to prevent a surge in incidence. If not for them, we would be faced with a situation that is now happening around the world. Thanks to the measures taken for isolation and sanitation, a large number of cases of infection do not appear. This is done so that all our medical organizations have time to prepare. We see that new cases of infection and new cases appear daily, and we must be prepared to provide highly qualified medical assistance to the residents of the region. Like all my colleagues, we will be happy if we do not have to. But we must be prepared.

– How are hospitals preparing to receive coronavirus patients, what is the peculiarity of interacting with such patients?

– Infectious diseases that we usually deal with in the Samara Region are caused by microorganisms that do not require special preparation from a doctor. And COVID-19 is a particularly dangerous infection. Therefore, all protective measures in hospitals converted to infectious hospitals, for example, in SOKB named after V.D. Seredavina, taken for this class of pathogenicity. For this, doctors put on protective suits, masks, goggles – a person must be fully protected, because even small aerosol drops that remain in the air after coughing or sneezing can get on it and then lead to infection.

– How are doctors trained to resist the coronavirus?

– Doctors at hospitals that are converting to infectious hospitals are currently undergoing training. First of all, they are taught to wear and take off protective clothing correctly. Because the physician must first protect himself from infection, otherwise there will be no one to help people.

In addition, doctors are told how the virus is transmitted and how to protect themselves; they explain all the rules for disinfection. Of course, we study the clinical forms of the disease, how it manifests itself, what supporting signs of coronavirus infection, what indicators you need to pay attention to in order to make a diagnosis and assess the severity of the patient.

Why is it important now to stay at home.Why is it important to stay at home during coronavirus? That’s what the doctors say about it

– And as for lung ventilation, for example? Is she taught to do it?

– Naturally, such a huge number of resuscitators, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, which may be needed in case of a surge in incidence, is not in the healthcare system. Therefore, if necessary, infectious disease specialists and pulmonologists will work as consultants. One infectious disease specialist and pulmonologist per 100 patients – this will be quite hard work.

Under their guidance, doctors of all other specialties, after training, will be able to work with such patients. But the main burden will fall on resuscitators. Here, one resuscitator with two nurses will work for six people. Although basic training in mechanical ventilation and resuscitation will still pass all the doctors. For example, the staff of Seredavin Hospital is almost completing such training.

– How large, in your opinion, is an infectious disease specialist with 30 years of experience in the likelihood of a scenario when 100 coronavirus patients fall on one pulmonologist?

– We all want to hope that this probability is low, but we should always be prepared for this. It’s impossible to deploy an infectious diseases hospital in a hospital that was not intended for this; deploying such a huge number of resuscitation beds is impossible. The preparations that are currently underway will allow us to avoid the so-called “Italian scenario” – the very help that is needed will be immediately provided to the patients. IN Italy such a difficult situation was due to the large number of patients at the same time. Quarantine was announced late in the country; the healthcare system was not ready for such an arrival of patients who need ventilation support. In our country, the health system managed to prepare.

– Explain why we have so few patients and how relevant is self-isolation in this situation?

– These are the rules for the development of the epidemic. Why in Moscow so many sick? Not only because there are more people. But also because people from different countries flocked there and only then were distributed among the regions. Therefore, a huge number of sources of infection fell precisely in the capital. Naturally, there is the largest percentage of cases. But people from Moscow came here, and now the virus is spreading here. And now it doesn’t have to be contact with a person who came from abroad. This may be contact with a person who has not left the territory of the Samara region, who himself does not suspect that he is a source of infection.

The virus already exists in the urban environment, and it was for this reason that self-isolation measures were taken to protect people from each other. The closer we are to each other, the greater the likelihood of becoming infected, and the biggest danger is that this will happen at the same time, giving a greater burden on the health system.

“How can the virus spread if we all sit at home?”

– Let’s really look at things. You are not sitting at home. Anyway, you go to the store, to the pharmacy, where to whatever. The main distribution path is through door handles, through the buttons of elevators, in contact with trolleys in stores. These are transmission routes that no one has canceled. And with close contact at a distance of less than two meters, infection from person to person is also possible.

– They say that coronavirus is less dangerous than ordinary flu, it has less mortality, there is no reason for panic?

Coronavirus prevention: 10 tips by Gennady Onishchenko.“The epidemic will end soon and we will return to a happy life,” Gennady Onishchenko reassures. And for the prevention of coronavirus, he gives the Russians 10 simple tips

– Mortality from influenza was also quite high until the moment of mass vaccination. Now vaccination saves us from a large number of deaths with the flu. And we expect the appearance of a coronavirus vaccine only by the end of the year. Therefore, people are not protected. And since the virus is new, it first appeared this year, we have no immunity. And since no one has immunity, there is no layer that would restrain the explosive nature of the epidemic. Explosive is when several thousand cases appear at one moment. According to some experts, the main surge in the incidence may occur next week. The medical system must be prepared for this.

– In social networks, KP-Samara asked readers why, in their opinion, in the Samara region such a low incidence of coronavirus. It turned out that most are sure: we just have little testing for coronavirus. How do you rate coronavirus testing in the region? Are they enough?

– We test as much as necessary, except Rospotrebnadzor A laboratory has been deployed at the AIDS Center. They test those who came from abroad and are in quarantine, all patients with pneumonia, with severe forms of acute respiratory infections, pregnant women – volumes are large.

“And the main question that worries everyone is when will it all end?”

– So far, the measures taken are designed for the next three months. But we will all be happy if everything ends earlier.


Samara doctors showed how they will treat severe patients with coronavirus

True, doctors hope that they will not have to apply their skills. But everything is ready to receive patients with severe coronavirus (details)

Coronavirus in Samara, the latest news on April 10, 2020: for the last day without new cases, payments to doctors and laptops for large families

We tell the latest news about coronavirus in Samara on April 10, 2020, as well as measures to support health care and families with many children (details)

We save ourselves from coronavirus with whiteness and dichlorvos: the girl spoke about the horrors of self-isolation in a communal apartment

How to survive in self-isolation if it is impossible to hide from neighbors. 30-year-old Tatyana shared the delights of life surrounded by neighbors (details)


The government allocated 500 million rubles to help the Russians remaining abroad

The Russian government approved the allocation of money from its Reserve Fund to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help Russians who remained abroad because of the coronavirus. On the eve of the operational headquarters of the Russian Federation announced that since April 4, the export of Russians from abroad has been suspended. To help them, the authorities promised to allocate 500 million rubles.

The money that the Foreign Ministry will receive will go to pay for the residence of Russians who do not have the means to do this, and to extend the period of visa documents, specified on the government website.

According to unofficial estimates, at least 30 thousand Russians remained abroad. As Kommersant reported, it is not clear what the mechanism of money distribution will be and how it will be determined which of the Russians needs it. The interlocutor of Kommersant in the Foreign Ministry on the evening of April 3 assured that the funds were not received there.

Details are in the publication “Kommersant” “Motherland is not lucky.”