Caught Spying China, New York Police Arrested

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The US government arrested a citizen of Tibetan descent who worked for the New York Police on Monday, 21 September 2020. Because of this, the man is believed to be a spy for the Government. China. Quoted from Channel News Asia, the 33-year-old man has been actively sending information to China from 2018 until now.

Investigations so far have revealed that Chinese spies it is part of the family Chinese Communist Party. His parents are members of the party. As for himself, he entered America through political asylum on the pretext of being tortured by China for his ethnic Tibetans.

“If proven in court, this spy operation shows that the Chinese Communist Party is involved in a malicious operation to suppress resistance not only in Tibet, but also in any country,” said the organization International Campaign for Tibet, a legal aid agency for the Tibetan community, Tuesday, 22 September 2020.

Furthermore, the unnamed Chinese spy works with a supervisor from the Chinese Consulate. The two of them communicate with each other to coordinate their tasks, from gathering information to entering sensitive places.

One of them is helping her supervisor get into events organized by the New York City Police. In return, he was rewarded thousands of dollars for all the missions he completed.

Now, the spies who also served in the US Military are charged with four articles, ranging from assisting other countries in illegal activities in America to violating public service operations.


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Joining Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Raw Materials, China Finds Promising Amounts, Will it Compete with Iran? –International tension between America and China not over yet.

Now the world community is shocked by the leak of secret reports Saudi Arabia.

The reason is, even though he is quietly calm, Saudi Arabia start showing closeness to China which is now a cold war with America.

No kidding, Saudi Arabia secretly save the natural wealth that can create America and Iran lose to rivals.

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The reason is, quoted from Galamedia, Saudi Arabia turns out to have sufficient reserves of ore uranium which can be mined to make fuel and weapons nuclear.

Such is the view of geologists China which is helping the oil-rich country map its uranium reserves.

Mapping which is part of the cooperation agreement nuclear both countries carried it out with incredible speed. The relationship between the two countries is getting closer.

Quoted from DailyMail, Friday (18 September 2020) details in a confidential report regarding ore reserves uranium Saudi Arabia it was first reported by the British media The Guardian.


América de Cali: Andrés Manga Escobar would not arrive due to threats from fans | Colombian Soccer | BetPlay League

On Tuesday night Tulio Gómez, América de Cali’s largest shareholder, had reached an agreement with Andrés ‘Manga’ Escobar to join the institution in the 2020 Liga and Copa Libertadores, but the threats from a sector of the red fans and this Friday his arrival at the Colombian champion would have been ruled out.

The versions indicate that once it was known that Escobar would be the new face of the club, intimidating messages began to reach him, so he himself decided to reverse his decision to wear the red shirt.

Tulio Gómez clarified that if they reached an agreement with ‘Manga’ it would be with a special contract, which would be broken the moment he committed a disciplinary offense.

The footballer said in the ‘Smoke Free Zone’ that “they are antecedents that I have earned myself, but for two years I have not had any problems, in Cúcuta my contract ended due to lack of payment. The only way to change this is for them to let me play in peace and then see the results ”.

‘Manga’ acknowledged that he had passed the medical examinations in America and in the afternoon he was going to finalize his incorporation. He added about the criticism “it is logical for everything I represent, months ago I was nobody, my arrival is questioned and it is understandable. I had a lot of free time and nobody called me, it is a reason for pride and gratitude that such a great club, after everything that has happened, has noticed me.

Apparently, those fans did not see with good eyes the presence of the striker in the squad due to the background he presented in previous teams in which he played and they denied him the possibility of amending. Everything was ready for the squad to swell together with the Peruvian Marco Aldair Rodríguez, who is expected in the capital of Valle to formalize his transfer.

America has not made any official pronouncement in this regard.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
In twitter: @marquitosgarces


US Health Officials Call Using a Mask More Effective Than Vaccine Injections

residents queuing for face masks amid the corona virus outbreak. © 2020 REUTERS / Tyrone Siu – Director of the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield said, using a mask can protect individuals against the Covid-19 corona virus more than just a vaccine.

At the Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Redfield said face masks were “the most important and powerful tool of public health” and the United States could control the pandemic if all individuals wore masks for 6 to 12 weeks.

“I might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me from Covid-19 than it was when I took the vaccine, because the immunogenicity is probably 70 percent and if I don’t get an immune response it won’t protect me,” explained Redfield. .

“These face masks will protect me, we have clear scientific evidence they work,” he added, as quoted by the office news Anadolu Agency, Thursday (17/9).

Redfield said a vaccine may be available in November or December but will not be widely accessible until the second or third quarter of 2021.

Masks are mandatory in some states, and experts believe wearing masks is essential to slow the spread of the disease.

John Hopkins University tally said as of Wednesday, more than 6.6 million people had been infected with the virus and more than 196,000 in the US had died.

Reporter Magang: Galya Nge (mdk/pan)

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Shubskaya thanked Ovechkin for their strong family

As the model noted, the hockey player grew up as a worthy person who knows how to set life priorities.

Shubskaya thanked Ovechkin on his birthday / https: //

Model Anastasia Shubskaya on Instagram turned to her husband, hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, who is 35 years old. She shared a beautiful picture of her beloved person.

“Happy birthday, my beloved Alexander! I wish you the most important thing – health! Thank you for our sons and for your reverent attitude towards us! And thanks to your parents for bringing you up such a worthy person who knows how to set priorities and appreciate the most important thing in this world – your family. “

Anastasia Shubskaya

“How good you are. Give a fight of happiness to you “,” Happy birthday to Sasha. Kiss and hug him for all of us, ”the users noted in the comments.

Recall that Alexander Ovechkin is one of the most famous Russian hockey players of the XXI century. Throughout his NHL career, he has played for the Washington Capitals, which won the Stanley Cup. From Shubskaya he has two sons – Seryozha and Ilya.


Copa Libertadores America de Cali vs. International: previous and probable alignments | Libertadores Cup

América de Cali was looking for the Super League title against Junior to arrive with high spirits at their match this Wednesday (5:15 pm) on the third date of Group E of the Copa Libertadores, against Internacional in Porto Alegre. He did not succeed and now he clings to his football memory to get a good result against the leader of the Brazilian Championship, who has 10 casualties due to injuries and sanctions.

The games with the ‘shark’ team have to serve to improve some aspects, such as slowness in defense, little generation of play and the depth that a team with aspirations must have to advance in the main tournament on the continent. It is evident that the lack of group training has weighed on and his adversary arrives with more rhythm, but the tightness of time forces them to seek solutions on the fly, hopefully taking advantage of the fact that in front there are substantial casualties such as that of the Peruvian striker Paolo Guerrero .

From the outset, coach Juan Cruz Real will have a novelty in the starting line-up, the entry of Cristian Arrieta as a right back by Daniel Quiñones, who stayed in Cali. The other could be the presence of midfielder Rodrigo Ureña -who made a very good presentation in the game that the Reds beat 1-2 at Universidad Católica in Chile- by Carlos Sierra, who also did not contribute to Junior what he had been offering before the pandemic.

Ureña has shown that he likes to shoot from outside the area and when the conditions to string together ideas from the middle are not given, that is a good alternative to find the imbalance of the actions.

América hopes that experienced players will play an important role to lead the younger ones by the hand against a rival of scrolls, who in the local tournament has just lost 1-0 with Goiás.

John Arias, who received the responsibility of being a winger together with Duván Vergara, referred to the meeting this Wednesday: “The commitment will be complicated, we are aware that it will be a difficult game, Internacional is a team that plays well and he has been doing things well, but we want to get a good result, America always comes out to win ”.

As for the position he currently occupies, he said that “it is not at all strange for me, in Patriotas and in other teams I played there, I feel that I can do better, although I feel comfortable there, like when I have to play inside.”

Regarding the corrections to be made, he said that “Inter has great players, with some casualties, the game against Junior, more than all the return, left us lessons and things to correct, the team is psyched and we know that it served us a lot what happened here in Cali to be more focused. The team is very well physically, we have a good squad, with great players and the youngsters have good potential ”.

Regarding whether there is a lack of generation of play or completion of the plays, he explained that “the unpleasantness that remains and we are sorry is that against Junior we were superior, around there we had a little game pothole in which the team did not work as expected, but in the key we were far superior. Of course we know that there are things to correct and the same work and time will be coupled. We know that the Libertadores do not forgive you for those mistakes, those lapses of time where the team falls asleep; I feel that the team has been developing well, we are adapting to an idea that the teacher brings, I think we are on the right track, there we had several options against Junior that could be a goal, I believe in the group of professionals that America has ”.

América de Cali continues in the objective of having an area striker given the low effectiveness so far of Adrián Ramos and this Tuesday it became known that there are advanced dialogues with the Peruvian Aldaír Rodríguez, 26 years old, and who plays in Binacional.

The scarlets add 3 points and are third in the Copa Libertadores Group, 1 from Internacional and Gremio, which will visit the Catholic University this Wednesday (7:30 pm).

Stadium: Beira Río

Hour: 5:15 pm (Colombian time)

Referee: Facundo Tello (Argentina)

Probable formations:

International: Marcelo Lomba; Renzo Zaravia, Zé Gabriel, Rodrigo Moledo, Uendel; Joao Lucas de Souza, Rodrigo Lindoso (Nonato), Boschilia (Andrés D’Alesandro); Patrick, Thiago Gallardo, Abel Hernández.

America from Cali: Éder Chaux; Cristian Arrieta, Marlon Torres, Juan Pablo Segovia, Edwin Velasco; Luis Alejandro Paz, Rafael Carrascal, Carlos José Sierra (Rodrigo Ureña), John Arias, Duván Vergara; Adrián Ramos.

D.T.: Juan Cruz Real.

International news

As it is remembered, at the end of the classic ‘Gre-nal’ there was a strong discussion between both clubs that left several expelled, which added to the medical situations.

Those who saw the red card were: central defender Victor Cuesta, left-back Moisés, midfielder Edenilson (usually starters) and midfielder Bruno Praxedes, a young man who has been using Coudet.

Containment midfielder Rodrigo Dourado, playmaker Marcos Guilherme, as well as forwards Paolo Guerrero, Joao Peglow, Yuri Alberto and William Pottker are injured or in recovery.

Inter subtracted only Bruno Fuchs (central defender who went to CSKA Moscow; Natanael (left back), Roberto (central defender-went on loan to Paraná) and Carlos Eduardo (central defender-returned to Inter’s Under 20 team).

At the same time, he was reinforced with Argentine striker Leandro Fernández (former Independiente), also attacker Yuri Alberto (from Santos), Abel Hernández (free, former Al-Ahli from Qatar), Lucas Ribeiro (central marker former Hoffemhein from Germany ), Matheus Jussa (central marker, left winger, containment midfielder-former West of Brazil), and other youths who were promoted such as striker Leonardo Ferreira, goalkeeper Emerson, central defender Tiago Barbosa and left back Leo Borges.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
In twitter: @marquitosgarces


America. Miguel Herrera: I am the most successful coach, I will not lack work

Mexico City /

Every time America plays, it becomes a trend #Louse, but that is “worth an umbrella” to Miguel Herrera; What’s more, he feels so confident in his work that he presumes winningest coach of all time in Coapa and he even warns that if for any reason they thank him, there will be plenty of offers to “honor his presence” to another team.

“The team is in the first places, I have a record that the different clubs and players that I have managed have given me, I am the most successful coach in the history of America and that keeps me calm, careless of whether people speak, “he said in an interview with Fox Sports.

“I do not ask for support for myself, I have my career made and I will always have a job, I hope to continue in America but if I have to go for results, surely another team will give me work“he added.

‘They began to screw me in networks for the eLiga’

He Louse He accepted that he is aware of the criticism for his work on social networks. Not long ago he called “borregada” to a part of the Azulcrema fans and now it is strange that the movement of the #Louse started with the video game tournament during the canceled Clausura 2020.

“Yes I see social networks, sometimes I interact, I read what comes out but many They do it without arguments, just follow the relaxation that started with the eLiga and I nothing to do, “he said Herrera, who reiterated his complaint about playing the three Classics consecutively, but promised to win them all.


Turned into a billionaire due to home sports in the time of Corona

Source: Dubai – Mr. Mohammed

At a time when fitness centers closed their doors to those looking to exercise due to the emerging corona virus pandemic “Covid 19”, there was an American company on a date with a radical shift in its business with millions of people heading to exercise at home instead of going to fitness centers .

Since the outbreak of the epidemic on a large scale in the United States since last March, the Peloton company, which specializes in the manufacture of sports training equipment, has been steadily booming, causing a record rise in the fortune of its founder John Foley, who became overnight a new billionaire in the American financial and business world. .

About 7 years ago, Foley started the company by collecting financing on the Kickstarter platform, which is an intermediary company between entrepreneurs and investors, and succeeded then in raising about $ 307,000 only to form the nucleus of what will now become a company with an estimated annual turnover of billions of dollars, according to a report. Told Bloomberg.

The report indicates that the company’s shares have risen by about 350% since last March, which pushed the founder’s fortune to exceed the one billion dollar threshold, bringing his total wealth at present to about 1.2 billion, according to Bloomberg Wealth Index data.

Foley owns about 3% of Class B shares, which gives more voting rights, in addition to stock options contracts in the company estimated at 5%, according to the company’s disclosure to the US money market.

The major shareholders of the company had a share in the gains made by the company also in the midst of the Corona pandemic, with the hedge fund Tiger Global, one of the first shareholders of the company, achieving profits of about one billion dollars from the company’s initial public offering at a time when the fund still owns about 2.5% of the company’s shares. .

Last December, and prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, a big bet was on the downfall of the company due to the high prices of its equipment and services, which led to a steady rise in short selling of the company’s shares, which at that time represented about 70% of the total trading operations on the stock, according to Bloomberg data.

In the quarter ending last June, the company’s sales amounted to about $ 3.65 billion, a number that the best optimists had not expected for the company about a year ago.


Accounting scandals and short selling … Tesla’s rival is in the line of fire

Source: Dubai – Mr. Mohammed

After a series of corporate accounting scandals uncovered by short-selling research companies since the beginning of the year, which betting against the shares of certain companies with the aim of gaining from the decline and collapse of their shares, the US Nikola Corp. entered online after a report issued by Hindenburg Research revealing a tampering in the company’s numbers that barely entered The US money market a few months ago.

The company’s shares plunged by about 15%, erasing most of the gains it had made from listing on “Wall Street” after a lackluster response from the company to the short-selling company’s report in which it was unable to refute major accusations about the technology the company uses, which is a major competitor to the electric car giant Tesla. In the truck manufacturing business, according to a Bloomberg report.

The company said in a statement that the allegations made in the short selling company’s report are “false” without going into further details that were mentioned in the report, while the electric truck manufacturer pledged to respond in detail to all the allegations contained in the report.

The targeting of Nikola Corp. brings to mind the horrific fall of the Chinese company, “Lookin Cafe”, which was targeted by the research company “Muddy Waters” for short sale earlier this year, a report that led to the collapse of the Chinese company, which was apparently manipulating its financial statements and sales numbers. It is an obvious misinformation process for investors.

The American company is seeking to seek the help of the legal services of Kirkland & Ellis Corporation to respond to the accusations against it, and said that it is working to refute these points by a date no later than this week, according to what the founder and chairman of the company Trevor Milton said.

In what appeared to be an attempt by Nikola Corp to refute the allegations contained in the report of the short selling company, the company said that it had asked the Securities and Commodities Authority, which is the body charged with monitoring the US financial markets, to cooperate with it to ensure that what was mentioned in the Hindenburg Research report was incorrect.

The report issued by Hindenburg Research confirms that the electric vehicle manufacturer has claimed through marketing campaigns the use of technology that does not exist on the ground in addition to dozens of misleading specifications about the company’s products and unreal partnerships.

The company’s losses doubled last week after it entered another short-selling company, Citron Research, which praised the Hindenburg report in a tweet on social media and said it was willing to bear half the cost of any legal disputes that might arise because of the report.

Last June, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources, that the founder of Nikola Corp. had amplified the company’s capabilities during an event to unveil one of the company’s products in November 2016.


Both become the wives of a wealthy businessman, take a peek at Maia’s house portrait … collage

Being the Wives of a Rich Businessman, Take a Look at the Portrait of Maia Estianty’s House in Paris and Nia Ramadhani in Los Angeles, Who Has More Luxury?

Grid.ID – People are, of course, familiar with figures musicians Maia Estianty and artist Nia ramadhani.

Apart from both working at entertainment world, Maia Estianty and Nia ramadhani known as one celebrities wealthy.

How not, Maia Estianty and Nia ramadhani both married one person entrepreneur success Homeland.

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No wonder the two of them are able to live in luxury and comfort in various ways.

One of them is the residence owned by Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani.

Both Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani are known to have luxurious and elite houses abroad.

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Al El Dul’s mother owns luxury home assets in Paris, France.

Meanwhile, Ardi Bakrie’s wife is located in the Beverly Hills area of ​​Los Angeles, California, United States.

In addition, their goal of having a luxury home in another country is definitely for a temporary stopover when traveling on their career, work, or business matters.

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Are you curious about the appearance of the houses of these two top celebrities?

Here are the luxuries of Maia Estianty and Nia Ramadhani’s overseas homes.

Maia Estianty’s mansion

Maia Estianty's home abroad

Maia Estianty’s home abroad

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Apart from being known as a legendary musician, Maia herself is a successful businessman.

So, the wealth of Ahmad Dhani’s ex-wife is also considered very sufficient in terms of material or other matters.

As can be seen from the photo above, besides having a comfortable house in Jakarta, Maia also has luxurious home assets in Paris, France.

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The magnificent house was designed by an Interior Designer from America through his Instagram account @maiaestiantyreal.

The purpose of uploading the wife of businessman Irwan Mussry is to share corner portraits of houses by trusted designers.

Maia also provided a caption that provided an explanation for the photo he uploaded.

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This luxury house in Paris, France was designed by an American interior designer, Pablo Molyneux.

”Love this Private Residence in Paris designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux @j.p.molyneux …Cool !!!,” wrote Maia Estianty in her Instagram upload.

In addition, Maia Estianty’s magnificent house carries a classic design style.

The building itself has a size that exceeds its function.

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The grandeur of Nia Ramadhani’s house

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

The house owned by a mother of three children is indeed located in Los Angeles, America which looks towering.

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As is well known to the public, Nia Ramadhani is a celebrity in the country with her socialite style.

In addition, he often shows off his personal life in luxury such as holidays to various countries and his stately home.

The two-story house is equipped with a swimming pool and a beautiful backyard with trees.

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The location of Nia’s house itself is in an elite settlement.

Because the stately home is in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States.

The house of Ardi Bakrie’s wife is designed in the American House style, which is no less luxurious than the residence of Hollywood celebrities.

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Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia Ramadhani luxury house abroad

Nia herself chose the color of her house with a dominance of elegant white.

It can be seen from Nia’s own uploads that she always appears as if she shows the corner of her house.

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So it’s no wonder that taking pictures in your own house gives a luxurious impression when people see the portrait.

The all-white interior is indeed a comfort for Nia Ramadhani and her family.

The first photo shows part of the house that plays the character of Bawang Merah in front of it.

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Meanwhile, the second photo shows the inner corner against the neatly displayed book background.

As additional information, one of the characteristics of this interior design is that it has aesthetic value and beauty that can be seen in the detailed ornaments and carvings.

Having large pillars in ancient design with high ceilings makes this house feel grand and luxurious.

So the house of these two artists is indeed very luxurious like a palace, huh!

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This article has been published on with the title “Want to Know Maia Estianty’s Luxury House in Paris & Have Nia Ramadhani in Los Angeles? This is the Appearance,”