Firefox is abandoning FTP support – Naked Security

Heads up, Firefox users who rely on FTP: the browser is eliminating support for this venerable protocol. Written for the first time in 1971, the file transfer protocol precedes TCP / IP, the protocol stack that underlies the modern Internet. In its original form, the protocol is insecure. For example, it passes your login credentials […]

The termination of COVID-19 delays the release of version 81 of Chrome – Naked Security

This is the shortage of COVID-19 that nobody expected – not toilet rolls, canned goods or headaches this time, but Google’s software engineers. It’s a problem that many believe explains Google’s abrupt decision to delay the release of Chrome 81, whose stable version was scheduled to begin appearing on users’ computers on March 17th. This […]

How to watch Picture-in-Picture videos on Chrome OS

Playing Picture-in-Picture (PIP) videos is almost universal for many people, unless you’re a Chromebook. There, the feature only works for a couple of apps, unlike the experience you would have had web browser and video streaming app on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. However, support appears to be growing. The latest Chrome OS update adds […]

Brave beats other browsers in the study of privacy – Naked Security

Users looking for a privacy-focused browser may want to consider Brave first, according to a study released this week. Douglas Leith, professor of computer systems at Trinity University, examined six browsers for his report – Web browser privacy: what do browsers say when they call home? He found that Brave’s Chromium-based browser is the least […]

Update Chrome to protect yourself from three major security flaws

There isn’t one, but three major security bugs in the latest versions of Chrome, one of which is being actively exploited by hackers. You can read the technical details of the bug in Google blog post, but it basically affects Chrome’s ability to properly control and execute JavaScript, leaving the browser open to malicious code. […]

Mystery zero-day in Chrome – update now! – Bare security

Google has released an update for its popular Chrome browser to correct three security holes. Unfortunately, one of those holes is what is known as a zero-day: a bug that had already been exploited by cyerbcrooks before Google spotted it and fixed it. Unfortunately, that’s all we know of the problem so far. Google, which […]

How to enable touch controls for Stadia games on Android

One of the most disconcerting setbacks of Google’s game streaming service, Stadia, are its stringent controller requirements. Stadia games can only be played with the official Stadia controller, which must be connected via USB to work, even on portable devices such as Android phones. This hindered the feasibility of the service as a portable game […]