Firefox is abandoning FTP support – Naked Security

Heads up, Firefox users who rely on FTP: the browser is eliminating support for this venerable protocol. Written for the first time in 1971, the file transfer protocol precedes TCP / IP, the protocol stack that underlies the modern Internet. In its original form, the protocol is insecure. For example, it passes your login credentials […]

The termination of COVID-19 delays the release of version 81 of Chrome – Naked Security

This is the shortage of COVID-19 that nobody expected – not toilet rolls, canned goods or headaches this time, but Google’s software engineers. It’s a problem that many believe explains Google’s abrupt decision to delay the release of Chrome 81, whose stable version was scheduled to begin appearing on users’ computers on March 17th. This […]

Brave beats other browsers in the study of privacy – Naked Security

Users looking for a privacy-focused browser may want to consider Brave first, according to a study released this week. Douglas Leith, professor of computer systems at Trinity University, examined six browsers for his report – Web browser privacy: what do browsers say when they call home? He found that Brave’s Chromium-based browser is the least […]

Mystery zero-day in Chrome – update now! – Bare security

Google has released an update for its popular Chrome browser to correct three security holes. Unfortunately, one of those holes is what is known as a zero-day: a bug that had already been exploited by cyerbcrooks before Google spotted it and fixed it. Unfortunately, that’s all we know of the problem so far. Google, which […]