When will schools be opened in secondary and high schools? Flash development in face-to-face training!


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the decisions taken after the Cabinet Meeting and shared information on face-to-face training.


President Erdoğan: We are starting face-to-face education in 5th grade in middle schools and 9th grade in high schools as of 2 November. We will announce the situation regarding the other classes where the distance education is continuing as soon as possible by looking at the developments.

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Ince: We will announce our manifesto shortly.

CHP Yalova former deputy Muharrem İnce came from Erzincan to Tokat yesterday evening as part of the ‘Homeland Movement’ he started from Sivas on September 4.

İnce visited Ali Çelik, Chairman of the Tokat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO). The visit was closed to the press. Then, Muharrem Ince, who visited the tradesmen, chatted with the citizens.

A citizen during the visit, “I hope you set up a party, brother. I think leave them, we know the vote you got in the Presidential election. Ince on his words, “Should I form a party?” he asked. Citizens to this question ‘when’ gave the answer.



Making a press release after the visit of tradesmen, Muharrem İnce stated that he did his military service in Tokat 30 years ago, “30 years ago, today I was a soldier on weekend leave in the streets of this city. I am a physics teacher. I am waiting at the door with the rifle in my hand while everyone is eating. I would feel very bad. I used to think I was not working. I used to think in the military that I should do a more important job. Homeland Movement are wandering over every inch of the founder of Turkey with my friends. We went to 41-42 provinces now. We will complete 81 provinces and then visit the big districts. On October 29, we all get together and start writing our manifesto. We will announce our manifesto shortly. said.


Saying that they always stand by Azerbaijan, İnce said, “We went to Igdir to support our Azerbaijani brothers. We wanted to go to Nakhchivan from there. They did not allow us for security reasons, they were right. We also saw that they were right. We are with the Azerbaijani Turks, our brothers. Turkey should be next, next is already happening. We stand by Azerbaijan with our full support ”. (DHA)

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The former high jumper Janků will end up as the director of the Czech Athletic Association

Former climber Tomáš Janků will end up as the director of the Czech Athletic Association at the end of October. He leaves the position, which he has been performing since May 2015, at his own request. The union informed about it in a press release. It is not yet clear about his successor.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Janků replaced František Fojt shortly after he was the successful executive director of the European Indoor Championships in Prague. He worked as a director for over five years. “I leave for personal reasons and by mutual agreement at my own request. I feel that I can no longer move things forward in athletics as I would have imagined. At the same time, I would like to pay much more attention to my family,” Janků explained.

The culmination of his athletic career was silver from the European Championships in Gothenburg in 2006. Three years later, he finished his top sport and, as a graduate in economics, devoted himself to business in the private sector. He became involved in athletics again in 2013, when he succeeded in the competition for the position of Executive Director of HME 2015. In less than three weeks, he will leave the world of the queen of sports again.


MINSA opens inquiry to ascertain liability in the case of infected passengers traveling to São Tomé and Príncipe

October 12, 2020 at 4:16 pm

The reaction of the Angolan Ministry of Health comes after the government of São Tomé and Príncipe has announced seven “cases imported from Angola”.

“The patients have already come with positive tests done abroad”, said on Thursday, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health of Sao Tome.

In a press note, the Angolan MINSA states that, “in the face of non-compliance with the prohibition on the exit of the seven infected, there is a process of investigation with the authorities involved”, clarifying that “in the light of the restriction measures, within the scope of and the prevention of Covid-19, nobody leaves or enters Angola without a negative SARS-CoV-2 test on the basis of RT-PCR “.

This is a mandatory guideline at the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport, in Luanda, recalls MINSA, who states that “through the National Institute for Health Research, it carried out the molecular biology testing of passengers, having concluded with seven positives “.

The information regarding the negative and positive results was, according to the Angolan Ministry of Health, “passed to the Embassy of São Tomé and Príncipe in Angola, with the ban on the departure of the seven infected people who would wait for the specific guidance of the Rapid Response Team”.

Angola has 6,366 positive cases, with 218 deaths, 2,743 recovered and 3,405 active.


President of the Republic estimates that US $ 24 billion was diverted from the State

New Journal

11 October 2020 at 15:29

According to the President of the Republic, the Angolan State was harmed by, with a precise number, USD 23.79 billion, through fraudulent contracts with Sonangol, in the order of USD 13.52 billion, plus USD 5.09 billion. via the diamond sector, with the embezzlement to be produced in the companies Sodiam and Endiama, the remaining embezzlement belonging to public companies in other public sectors without defining in detail.

This sum of embezzlement, which the Wall Street Journal emphasizes is double the current value of the country’s International Net Reserves, and slightly less than the total debt of Angola to China, the country’s main creditor, made by João Lourenço, served to detail the assessment of its strategic fight against corruption.

This, at a time when Angola, facing a huge financial crisis due to the pandemic and the low price of oil, is struggling on several fronts to renegotiate its debt, attract foreign investment and manage to improve the relationship with the so-called correspondent banks. may facilitate access to foreign exchange.

Thus, the Angolan Head of State said that, so far, in three years of governance under his responsibility, more than US $ 4 billion in real estate and other assets have been recovered, through arrests or seizures.

Still in this context, according to Lourenço, another 5.4 billion USD are in the process of being recovered through requests for seizure and seizure made by the Attorney General’s Office in several countries, naming Switzerland, the Netherlands and, among others, Portugal and United Kingdom.

In this interview, the President also said that he will proceed with the privatization of at least 30% of Sonangol.

This sale will be made through an international public offering until the end of 2022 and the national oil company will be listed on the stock exchange, and this will happen in one of the most important financial markets in the world.

João Lourenço also said in this interview that the Covid-19 pandemic was responsible for the delay in the national economy’s diversification plans.

He also explained that the US Administration, through the Treasury, had a role in creating mechanisms to combat money laundering and money laundering, as well as in the training of Angolan personnel in this matter.


Rudy Demotte, former mayor of Tournai, has resigned from the municipal council!

This Friday, we decided to discuss with Rudy Demotte of his repeated absences at the municipal council of Tournai. Since December 3, 2018 and the establishment of the new municipal council, the former mayor of the city of Five Bell towers had taken part in only seven councils out of 18.

We took him cold by questioning him on this subject, but he took the time to to answer our questions frankly. “My absences from the board are to give free rein to the new team. I don’t want to be there in the role of a mother-in-law ”. We discussed for long minutes before he told us that in 2024, he would no longer be a candidate in the municipal elections in Tournai.

30 minutes after our call, he came back to us: “I took the time to think: I am going to resign…”

Rudy Demotte explains the reasons for this departure.


Stocks and bonds rose in a volatile wheel and country risk fell for the second time in a row

Since the new restrictions for access to the official exchange market, the benchmark accumulated a decline of 6.1%, while at the same time it was located close to 20% below the maximums reached in August.

Despite the improvements over the end of the week, the Portfolio Personal Inversiones brokerage noted that there is a perceived tendency for investors to exit the Argentine risk, behavior that was reflected in the acceleration of the operations of Cedears (shares of non-Argentine companies listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange) over local shares.

The shares that rose the most this Friday were those of the energy sector; the papers of Cresud, Central Puerto, Transportadora de Gas del Norte and Transener posted gains of over 3.5%.

Meanwhile, the ADRs of Argentine companies, which are listed on Wall Street, closed unevenly after operating with losses for much of the round and suffering significant significant losses at the beginning of the week.

Thursday, The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that it will send a mission to Argentina in early October in order to discuss the terms of the new agreement.

“In the midst of political tensions and economic uncertainty, the fund’s mission awakens expectations, since it could not only help to agree on a comprehensive economic plan that gives investors greater confidence, but also contribute to the roll-over of debts to continue clearing the financial program for the next few years, “said the economist Gustavo Ber.

It should be remembered that the debt to be restructured with the multilateral credit organization amounts to US $ 44,000 million. The options being considered are, on the one hand, signing a new “stand-by” that would allow the country to start paying from 2024 in exchange for a commitment in fiscal matters or, on the other hand, agreeing on an extended facility plan ( “EFF”), which would be looser in terms of time but more rigorous in terms of the conditions for the Government’s economic plan.

Bonds and country risk

In the fixed income segment, the new bonds aroused a little more demand from operators, that made selective purchases in the midst of reduced liquidity.

Among the brand-new titles, those with longer terms ended up higher; Global D 2035 (New York law) grew 0.6% and Bonar 2041 (local law) rose 1.4%. Hand in hand with an increase in stock exchange rates, bonds denominated in dollars showed a majority of falls while those denominated in pesos rose.

With these data, in the accumulated of the week, all the local titles presented contractions around 5%.

There is no news that can justify the ups or downs, everything is still in a situation of total uncertainty. This is more contingent on small purchases and sales without liquidity, than any possible good news for the future, “Mariano Sardáns, director of the asset manager FDI, told Reuters.

“The falls in bonds in recent days made little sense when the government’s short-term expenditures are almost nil. There were already some debt holders who had planned to leave before the swap, but as they had no liquidity, these exits they cause you big falls, “he added.

The bonds came from yielding an average 2.4% in the first four days of the week, which led to Risk country to exceed 1,400 points. However, in the last two days, the index produced by the JP Morgan fell and this Friday it stood at 1,332 basis points. Two consecutive falls were not perceived in this indicator since the beginning of September, when the successful results of the debt swaps were announced.


WhatsApp will automatically delete content that a contact has seen once | Lifestyle

At the beginning of WhatsApp It was not possible to delete “for all” the participants in a chat anything we sent. Whether it was a text, a photo, an image or a voice memo, there was no way to remove it if it was compromising content or a comment out of tune. Over the years, the app was updated, allowing us to correct those errors for a small amount of time after which we would only be able to remove “just for us” content.

So the next step of the app was to offer users the ability to send messages with some expiration parameter. Either a period of time of several seconds, minutes or maybe hours, or a number of visualizations, which is the case that we have seen today in one of the latest Android beta versions:

Send, they see it and it erases itself

As we have remembered on other occasions, Telegram has a thing called “secret chats” that delete all the content that we publish in them after a period of time defined by the user. In this case, What WhatsApp does is allow us to tag an image, or whatever, as “to see only once”, which means that as soon as the recipient opens the chat and watches it, it will be deleted.

Automatic deletion of messages on WhatsApp.

Now it has transpired that what we send on the condition that it can only be seen once, will have a counterpoint in our chat, and that is the moment we get out of there, we won’t be able to see it again. As indicated by the beta application and that you can read in the screenshot that you have just above, on the left. After all, from the app what they want is for both parties to play under the same conditions.

What’s more, once we click on the “Ok” button in the notice that appears, the next thing in our chat is a message saying that “the one-time view of the photo has already expired”. This opens up a multitude of possibilities for future chats in which we want to send some kind of information for a single glance.

Anyway it would be nice to know whether WhatsApp will allow screenshots of those “one-glance” messages, which we assume will be used to send comments or graphic evidence of something that we do not want to be in the hands of anyone else. Although for the latter case, the best advice is always not to share anything. A secret between two is not a secret. For now, this feature is still in beta.


Opposition demands public clarification from those involved and an urgent investigation

The chief of staff of the President of the Republic, as reported by the Portuguese television station, received millions of dollars of unknown origin, but with allegedly illicit connections to the company EMFC.

“If it is true, it is a very worrying situation. We hope that the competent authorities urgently make an inquiry to ascertain the veracity of the facts,” UNITA deputy Alcides Sakala told Novo Novo, stressing that the diversion of the purse, corruption and nepotism affects the rulers of the ruling party in a way that must be stopped urgently.

“For greater credibility in the fight against corruption, nepotism and the diversion of the public purse, the Government must accept submitting to inspection actions, submitting to audits and the parliament allowing the creation of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions to gauge the seriousness of this fight “, declared Sakala.

According to the deputy, for this fight to be effective, “there has to be a real separation of powers so that the judiciary does not suffer political pressure from the Executive to avoid subordinating to the interests of the Government and the President of the Republic in particular. “.

“One is left with the impression that there is indeed some promiscuity between the judicial and the Executive, with regard to issues related to the fight against corruption”, he added.

The member of the presidential college of CASA-CE, Manuel Fernandes, explained that in view of these complaints, those involved must make a public clarification for the good of their images.

“The investigation of Portuguese television, TVI 24, revealed Edeltrudes Costa’s business in important public contracts that allegedly earned him millions in euros. It is now up to those involved to make some public statement,” said Manuel Fernandes.

Manuel Fernandes said that corruption and nepotism must be combated in order to “prevent the state from becoming a monarchy”.

“The fight against corruption and nepotism requires judicial intervention and from all social classes, as it is a crime in the Constitution’s suits. It is very complicated to always hear these complaints that involve prominent figures in the country,” he added.

For the political analyst, Gilberto Guilhermino Jamba, “this complaint that the Angolan Government would be favoring the Edeltrudes Costa Office, head of the Office of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services , comes to show that addictions continue “.

“In the former and the current Executive, these vices continue. It is time for the Attorney General’s Office to start taking action now, because Angolans cannot continue to observe these successive scandals in silence”, he pleaded, lamenting that corruption in Angola affects fundamental rights.

For the analyst “the abuse of public office for personal gain ends people’s confidence in the Government and institutions, reduces the effectiveness of justice in public policies and diverts taxpayers’ money”.

Isabel dos Santos, businesswoman and daughter of ex-President José Eduardo dos Santos, also came to the public to comment on Twitter on this subject, writing: “Edeltrudes Costa will have sent money to Panama, using a branch of the then Banco Espírito Santo (BES) in the Madeira free zone. Since João Lourenço took power, Edeltrudes Costa has been his right hand “.

Novo Jornal tried unsuccessfully to hear the MPLA on this matter.

Revelations of TVI 24

A TVI 24 report reported that the Angolan government was favoring Chief of Staff Edeltrudes Costa through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services.

According to TVI 24, among other situations denounced, this is a contract that was signed in early 2019 to modernize Angolan airports. In the documentation presented by the report, President João Lourenço would authorize the hiring of the Portuguese company Roland Berger and the immediate subcontracting of EMFC.

The resource acquired by the contract signed in February 2019 ended up in Portugal and would have been used to purchase luxury properties in several Portuguese locations, such as Sintra and Cascais.

Positions do not match fortune

Edeltrudes Costa was secretary general of José Eduardo dos Santos with the function of minister of state and head of the Civil House. TVI24 reports that it had access to bank statements that show that it would have, in Portuguese banks, the equivalent of 20 million euros, despite never having officially held positions that earned it great fortunes.

The fortune would have been used to buy the house in Cascais worth 2.5 million euros – which is in the name of Costa’s ex-wife and chairman of the Board of Directors of EMFC.

João Lourenço’s chief of staff also bought a 130,000-euro tour boat in Portugal and a luxury apartment on a property owned by US President Donald Trump in Panama.

According to the report, the funds used for this latest acquisition would have passed through Banco Espírito Santo, in the Madeira free zone, which is the element that Isabel dos Santos chose to highlight in her tweet.

The Portuguese central bank would have investigated the transfers involving Costa’s company, based on “serious failures in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism”, according to TVI 24.

TVI 24 also refers to a provision of services to the National Electoral Commission in the last election held in Angola. The deal earned Costa a million euros to provide material for the ballot won by João Lourenço.


Cause of death of large numbers of elephants found in Botswana and Zimbabwe


September 22, 2020 at 3:52 pm

This cyanobacterium was one of those on the list of probable reasons behind elephant deaths in Botswana, the African country with the largest herds on the continent and worldwide.

How the Novo Jornal reported about two weeks ago, the prolonged drought that the south of the continent goes through has dried up ponds and ponds, forcing animals to drink water that, normally, and instinctively, they refuse because they have accumulated memory of the harmful effects that cause the presence of these bacteria that give off a characteristic odor and are potentially deadly to several species of wildlife.

This discovery resulted from the efforts made by dozens of researchers who sought over the past few months to find the reason for these unusual deaths of hundreds of elephants, having now reached this conclusion through laboratory tests carried out in South Africa and Europe

According to the local press, those responsible for the wildlife department of the Gaborone Government admitted their satisfaction that they finally understood the reason for these deaths, but according to one of those responsible for the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Cyril Taolo, now we need to find out why other animals are not being affected.

And it was also known that the deaths reduced to a great extent when the wells and ponds in the most affected region dried up.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 350 elephants have been found dead in Botswana, in the Okavango Delta, with no one yet having explanations for this death and the phenomenon is spreading to Zimbabwe, where dozens of bodies have already been found. of this species also without known causes.

The phenomenon of elephants killed in Botswana, in a number never seen without knowing the reason, began to be noticed last May and after, in 2019, the Gaborone Government created legislation to allow the killing of pachyderms, claiming the need the return of hunting tourism and also because the herds are growing unsustainably due to the long years of protection that this species is subject to due to the risk of extinction on the African continent and because they are beginning to invade plantations in the region due to severe drought.

Among the elephants killed, both in Botswana and Zimbabwe, are juveniles, adults, females and males, without apparent distinction, and this situation has caught scientists off guard.

The phenomenon became even more intriguing because many of the individuals who perished, before falling dead, walked for some time in disconnected circles, eventually fainting and letting their heads fall forward.

Scientists who have analyzed and studied this phenomenon describe the situation as an unparalleled “natural disaster”.

On recent reconnaissance flights, large herds of hundreds of elephants have given way to just a few, scattered, almost always older individuals, which means that thousands have fled the region, so far without knowing very well where, but neighboring countries are a possibility, which includes, in addition to Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Namibia and even South Africa.

Shortly after the first abnormal bodies were discovered, the theories that gained the most credibility were an epidemic of a virus called EMC, with the scientific name of encephalomyocarditis, or a neurotoxin from an algae that grows in pools of water with certain climatic conditions, mostly as a result of climate change that force animals to travel long distances to find water, sometimes consuming contaminated water in despair because of severe thirst.