Health. Deadly coronavirus in pigs could be transmitted to humans

A coronavirus that normally only affects pigs would actually be likely to infect humans. Researchers have successfully transmitted SADS-CoV to human cells in the lung, liver, respiratory tract and intestine, according to a study published October 12 in la revue Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

This virus, discovered in China in 2016, is particularly dangerous. Its death rate in young pigs less than five days old is 90%. This alphacoronavirus causes a severe form of gastroenteritis accompanied by acute diarrhea. These symptoms can prove fatal when they cause major dehydration in the animal, says Futura Sciences.

Very rapid inter-species transmission

“While many researchers are focusing on a potential emergence of beta-coronavirus, alpha-coronavirus could prove to be an equally important threat | …]for human health”, warns Ralph Baric, specialist in epidemiology and co-author of the study. This type of virus has indeed a great capacity to “pass quickly from one species to another”.

Following their discovery, American researchers hope to develop a porcine vaccine. For now, they recommend increased surveillance of pigs and their breeders. The study authors note, however, that remdesivir, used to treat patients with certain coronaviruses, could be used to treat people sick with SADS-CoV.

Osteoporosis Day: When the risk of fractures increases dramatically

An early treatment of osteoporosis can save a lot of unnecessary suffering and prevent the loss of independence. After a hip fracture, around 40% of patients are unable to walk independently, around 60 percent need help and 33 percent are dependent on care or are housed in a nursing home in the year after the fracture.

The dependency is a heavy burden for both the patient and the caregiver, with the burden being disproportionately heavy on women. A Spanish study of informal caregivers of hip fracture patients found that 77 percent of the carers were female and 55 percent of them were the patients’ daughters.

“Osteoporosis is dangerously neglected as a disease. Despite the enormous burdens on patients and their families, even 80 percent of high-risk patients who have already suffered a broken bone do not receive treatment. With the Capture the Fracture® initiative, the IOF advocates the global implementation of coordination programs for care after fractures in hospitals.

These ensure that patients with fractures are properly assessed and treated to minimize the risk of another fracture – a service that should be required by anyone who suffers a fracture in old age. We urge health authorities to prioritize bone health and ensure effective care for older adults after fractures. This is key to reducing the burden of osteoporosis-related fractures for patients, their families and communities around the world, “continued Cooper.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes About Losing Weight

10. You need a lot of exercise to lose weight

Sitting is deadly, be it in front of the television, the computer or the smartphone. That’s right. But you don’t necessarily need sport. The most calories are consumed by those who use every opportunity in everyday life to exercise more and thus achieve 10,000 steps per day. Any activity that increases the pulse, including gardening and cleaning, is healthy.

Alert! Norovirus Enters Indonesia, Prevent the Body from Being Exposed to the Virus

STYLE JOURNAL – Pandemic Covid-19 has not yet passed on the face of the earth, now the world is once again shaken by its appearance Norovirus which also brings disaster.

The shocking news immediately went viral after China re-announced the deployment virus new which is no less dangerous. Norovirus, usually weakens the digestive tract, causing symptoms similar to food poisoning.

A more worrying thing, at the moment Norovirus reportedly has migrated out of the country China so that the citizens of the world must be aware of it.

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Reported by JurnalGaya via PR Bandung Raya in an article entitled “Alert, Norovirus Appears in Indonesia which Can Be Contagious Through Food, and quoted from RRI, a study conducted by Juniastuti and colleagues in the Journal of Medical Virology in May 2020 reported surprising findings.

This is because this study found that there were 15.4 percent of 91 samples in hospitals in the city Jambi which contains Norovirus.

Similar cases have also been reported from several cities in Indonesia.

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Corona today: Brushing your teeth prevents infection … and a strange medicine

3:00 pm

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Books – Sayed Metwally

After the emerging corona virus has become a threat to the whole world about 10 months ago, since its appearance, all of us are looking forward to knowing what happens every minute, in light of the tremendous development that Covid-19 has brought in our lives.

Within this framework, Masrawy provides a daily service that provides everything you want to know about the latest developments in the emerging corona virus, from the emergence of new symptoms or the occurrence of a different mutation, as well as the development of vaccines and drugs, in brief.

Brushing your teeth prevents infection

Professor of dentistry, Professor Martin Addy, from the University of Bristol in Britain, confirmed that brushing your teeth whenever you leave your home may help prevent the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Martin said the toothpaste contains the same chemicals as the anti-bacterial hand gel.

He added that this may kill the coronavirus, if it enters orally and prevent it from reproducing and causing disease, and it can also protect others by reducing the viral load in the mouth, which the research suggested may be related to the extent of a person’s infection.

The vulnerability of the virus

Scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Georgia revealed that the “MERS”, “Corona” and “SARS” viruses have the same weaknesses, which gives a boost of hope for the development of an effective drug.

According to scientists, the problem with traditional antivirals is that they work on viral enzymes that mutate and become resistant to drugs, and therefore work must be done to eliminate the proteins responsible for the reproduction of the virus, according to Sputnik.

Anti-worm medication may treat corona

Brazilian scientists have concluded that the anti-helminth drug “nitazoxanide” is effective in treating patients with infection with the emerging corona virus.

This was announced by Marcos Pontes, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil, where he said: “We have a scientifically proven drug that can reduce the viral load (Corona), in practice this means that this medicine reduces the infection of those who take it, and it makes them, in addition, less vulnerable. Because of the emergence of more serious symptoms of the disease, and treatment spared them in hospitals and protects them from the unfortunate endings, according to Russia Today.

A material that protects against lung damage caused by corona

Scientists claim the discovery that CBD oil may increase levels of a protective chemical in the lungs and other organs, which could provide protection from the worst effects of “Covid-19”.

And in recent research published by scientists from the College of Dentistry in Georgia and the College of Medicine in Georgia, it has been shown that CBD oil increases levels of aplin, as well as improving oxygen levels and reducing the inflammation – and thus lung damage that occurs – in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). According to Russia Today.


Watch: New iPad Air Unboxing Videos and First Impressions

Apple’s embargo has lifted on reviews for the new iPad Air ahead of its launch on Friday. In addition to our more detailed review roundup, we’ve shared a handful of unboxing videos and first impressions of the device below.

The new iPad Air via Karl Conrad

The new iPad Air features a larger 10.9-inch edge-to-edge display, a faster A14 Bionic chip, and a USB-C port instead of Lightning. It is also the first Apple device to feature Touch ID built into the power button. Pricing starts at $599 for Wi-Fi models, while cellular models start at $729, with 64GB and 256GB storage capacities available.

With its slimmer bezels, the new iPad Air looks very similar to the iPad Pro. The device is offered in five finishes: space gray, silver, rose gold, green, and sky blue.


The new iPad Air will begin arriving to customers Friday.


Attacks on medical missions increase amid pandemic in Colombia

Colombia denounced this Monday 242 attacks on medical missions between January and September, the highest figure in the last 20 years and which, according to the government, corresponds in a good number to attacks against personnel who attend the pandemic.

The cases represent “a 63% increase compared to the same period” in 2019, when there were 148 incidents and violations, the Health Ministry said in a statement.

The attacks range from threats and discrimination to injuries against health personnel. According to the report, care for the wounded and sick has also been hampered during this time.

“38% of the cases of aggression against health workers occurred in a context related to the pandemic,” the ministry said.

According to the authorities, these nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, technicians and assistants have come to be “accused of medical negligence or discriminated against for being considered a source of contagion.”

Likewise, in the months analyzed “increased actions” by armed groups financed by drug trafficking against medical missions in border areas.

Colombia is enduring a new onslaught of violence, especially in neighboring areas, following the peace agreement that allowed the disarmament of the bulk of the FARC’s Marxist rebels in 2017.

However, there were groups that were marginalized from that pact and now they dispute the control of some territories with other guerrillas and drug gangs.

The government announced the increase in attacks on medical missions as the country of 50 million people has reached one million infections (including 29,102 deaths) since it detected the first infection on March 6.

Colombia was under strict confinement between March 25 and September 1, before relaxing measures in the face of the collapse of the economy, severely affected by the lockdown and the international drop in oil prices. / AFP

Barbie’s royal room returns to Cartagena with new wellness experiences

With the hotel industry resuming operations, the good news is for guests who have been waiting for more than six months to be able to travel again.

Since September, the doors of the Barbie room,
which is the product of a union with Mattel®. This aims give girls of all ages, moms and fans of the world’s most famous doll an unforgettable experience.

“The concept of the room is wellness, a term used to define a healthy balance between the mental, physical and emotional levels, obtaining as a result a state of general well-being. Barbie® loves to take care of herself and that is the additional experience that guests will find when reserving the room, ”said Vinod Agarwal, general manager of Hilton Cartagena.

The themed rooms continue with the reopening of tourism, for this reason Hilton Cartagena includes within its services, a wellness experience through activities such as: yoga classes and healthy cooking.

Yoga classes

Barbie, the most iconic doll in history, stands out for being healthy and your special interest in personal, mental and emotional care; one of his favorite practices is yoga, recognized for its benefits such as improving breathing and flexibility of the body, for this reason the classes will be accompanied by videos of Barbie and a professional in the area.

Cook with Barbie

Among the experiences that the guests of the room will enjoy ‘Barbie Room’ there are the cooking classes, in which they can prepare different healthy and fun dishes. One of them will be learning how to make a delicious pizza in a wood oven. This activity will be accompanied by the hotel chef or a member of his team.

With this new offer, the room becomes in the best option for any celebration or the best excuse to spend festivities, vacations, Christmas, etc.

The Day of the Writers vindicates the “painful exercise” of removing the silenced to the public space

There is a whole generation of women who have had to rescue the memory of their ancestors, mothers, grandmothers, scientists, lawyers, artists … Today Mexico celebrates the Day of the Writers, another event to pave the way for those who will come, So they don’t have to look at old analogies dive in the hunt for the book that was never reissued or investigate some literary origins who have been lost in the thick silence of the patriarchy. “We have been the hinge generation, I hope we are the last to do this, it is a painful historical moment, but exciting ”, has summarized the Ecuadorian writer María Fernanda Ampuero in a digital talk shared with the Mexican Carmen Boullosa and the Chilean Alejandra Costamagna.

“This is not a fad. It is offensive to think that giving a voice to 50% of the population is a fad. The literary canon has been the true mansplaining”, Said Ampuero, recalling the famous concept popularized by another writer, Rebeca Solnit, when she put white on black the tiredness of many women taught by men who know less about the matter at hand than they do. “We should appropriate as women the very nature of literature, the art of narrating and telling stories. The only thing that literature is doing is what it has always done: respond in a profound way to what happens ”, he added. Boullosa (author of The book of Eva) .

And what happens these days is that many women and some men are dedicating themselves to giving a voice to those who have been silenced. Such is the case of the Vindictas collection, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) that has just incorporated two new books: The route of his escape, by Yolanda Oreamuno, and The eighth wonder, by Vlady Kocianchich. Además, Vindictions. Latin American Storytellers gathers stories of writers from the second half of the 20th century whose names are very unknown to the general public, even to the most honest readers. It will be in bookstores on November 25, published by UNAM together with the Spanish publishing house Pages de Espuma. The edition is in charge of Juan Casamayor and Socorro Venegas, who this morning has served as host for the aforementioned colleagues in a virtual meeting for UNAM Books, which can be seen on YouTube.

“It has been a great challenge to weave many views, but whenever we exhume the work of women we are often told that we are covering quotas, is a gender quota being covered with half of the planet silenced? The absence of women [en la obra literaria] it can only be painful. They still need vindication, ”said Venegas.

Alejandra Costamagna, author of The touch system, has abounded in the need to balance both sexes in bookstores: “Only the day we match the field will the effort to vindicate women no longer be necessary; nor are the Ministries of Equality, which now continue to be reparative bodies. I dream of that day”. The Chilean has defended that there is a new way of looking at the world of literature fostered by feminism, a movement “that has a lot to do with the collective, a great network, ways of thinking about community structures. It is about writers who continue, who weave from what has been done “, against that universe of authorship and ownership” so masculine. The position of women “is located in a different place, and that has to do with how it is placed in front of the literary, not only with what it writes, because I am against literature being biologized.”

If any writer must come to literature already flushed, wielding listening against prejudice and freed from daily or family gags, women, moreover, perhaps have to shed their own self-censorship of gender impositions, of what is expected of they. María Fernando Ampuero, for example, has recognized that if her father were still alive Cockfight I would not have seen the light. So far the recognition of her self-censorship when she has been questioned about it in the virtual chat.

Today it was about unearthing women’s names who deserve a place in public space and that they even resignify it with their posthumous presence, and among all the commentators they have been appearing female names and their voices sounding through reading your current colleagues have done. Costamagna has mentioned Marta Brunet, who died when she went to Uruguay to deliver her speech for admission to the Academy of Letters and whose cooking recipes extinguished other literary brilliance. Ampuero has brought up Gilda Holst and her story Meeting, where the smell of the female vagina “bothers and disturbs” the gathering of men. And he has also mentioned the literary eschatology of the also Ecuadorian Ileana Espinel. The Guatemalan Alaíde Foppa, disappeared, tortured and whose remains did not appear, has been chosen by Carmen Boullosa, from whom she has selected a poem dedicated to her own sex, which reads as follows:

Hidden pulsating rose

in the dark furrow,

well of shuddering joy

that burns in an instant

the murky course of my life,

secret always inviolate,

fertile wound.

“Who are you?”

Who are you, late son?

Of the others it seems to me

that something knew

since the first day

of doubt and hope.

But you, unexpected,

who you are?

I had never thought of you.

How are you going to get there

to this enemy world

if I don’t even know you?

Forgive me, son:

it even seemed to me

that there was no place for you.

My heart, you’ll see

it’s a bloody open grenade.

And I am tired.


you’re going to take me away

that piece of my life

that others have left me:

almost nothing,

but it hurts to let go

Of the last thing I have left

You’ll have to help me get to know you.

And it must be your life

so vigorous and strong,

to devour mine, happily,

and I am far from myself

and distracted,

just regret it.

when laughter is the best medicine

A doctor, already gray hair, with years of experience and thousands of patients seen in a consultation in Castilla la Mancha, one day a curious patient came to him very worried. Doctor told him: “I have a pain in my side that comes to me, it comes to me, it comes to me … but it does not come to me.” The doctor, after thinking for a moment, replied: “Well, take this pill and take it, take it, take it … but don’t take it.” Many times smile, who know how to get doctors, nurses or therapists, especially in these times of pandemic, is almost as powerful as the treatment itself in itself. Try putting a smile on your face throughout the day.

In 1998, the great actor Robin Williams, now disappeared, starred in the film Patch Adams, that told the story of the doctor of the same name. Adams was responsible for including laughter therapy in modern medicine. Founded the Gesundheit Institute that organizes groups of volunteers from all over the world who travel to different countries dressed as clowns, bringing humor to the sick, orphans or anyone in a problematic situation.

There is data that affirms that humor is not a simple distraction from a disease or a pandemic, for example. In itself it can be a very useful therapeutic strategy to maintain a healthy state. Stress, when high, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease like heart attacks or strokes. Having a sense of humor is almost the best way to alleviate this or to regulate anxiety, recovering a mood close to normal during turbulent periods.

Those who laugh have a lower risk of severe cardiovascular disease

Nitric oxide is one of the substances that our body produces when we laugh. The main effect is that dilates blood vessels, reducing blood pressure and slowing clotting, thing that prevents the diseases mentioned above. An epidemiological study of older men and women in Japan of more than 17,000 people showed that those who laugh the most have a lower risk of severe cardiovascular disease. Having a sense of humor is also associated with living longer and healthier, according to an epidemiological study in Norway, with a 15-year follow-up period of participants. The benefit appears to be stronger for women than for men and not only in cardiovascular diseases, but also in infections. Considering all the above, it will be necessary to prescribe a laugh a day along with the usual medication.

Laughter has also been shown to reduce stress-related hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline and increases the production of endorphins, that produce a feeling of well-being. In addition, studies have been published that demonstrate cognitive benefits. For example, watching a funny video or other situations that elicit a sense of humor have been linked to improvements in short-term memory in older people and also to an increase in their ability to learn.

Having an active sense of humor helps people stay resilient in the face of adverse circumstances. In one study, women who had suffered sexual abuse during their childhood were interviewed by observing their facial expressions. Those who managed to smile at times during the interview were more likely to be better two years later than those who had not. Humor helps keep negative emotions in check, giving us a different view of problems, allowing us to see some of the negative things that happen to us as a challenge rather than a threat.