Chronic patients deprived of chloroquine

MONTREAL – Chloroquine, the suddenly controversial drug used to treat COVID-19, has been prescribed for years by people with arthritis. However, the latter will have to deprive themselves of it during the coronavirus crisis. Because, fearing a shortage, the National Institute of Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) has ruled in recent days that […]

The impact of the pandemic on mental health | Cuat …

These times that humanity is living produce the abrupt modification of the routines that people usually have. Suddenly, the coronavirus is present in all aspects of human activities: if they read news, if they watch television, if they chat or chat with family and friends, if they go shopping … But it is also present. […]

Coronavirus: The university careers most affected by the pandemic | Society

Two students from the University of Valencia listen to a cardiologist.Monica Torres “In 1st year there are already physical and chemical practices and basic techniques. 30% or 40% of teaching is in the laboratory, with tissues, cells … And, in addition, in the case of biologists, our classrooms are the field. We go out to […]

COVID-19: the answers to your questions

Many of you are still asking us questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the experts’ responses to some of them. * CONTINUE WRITING TO US AT CORONAVIRUS@QUEBECORMEDIA.COM, AND WE WILL TRY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE NEXT DAYS. I am taking hydroxychoroquine (Plaquenil) for some time now for the treatment of white tongue. […]

Navy-Navy of Mexico summons a professional in the field of medicine

Mazatlan.- The Secretary of the Navy-Navy of Mexico invites women and men specialists in the health area who wish to work to Serve Mexico for a period of six months in this Institution. The requested health professionals are: General practitioners Intensive Care Physicians Internal Medicine Doctors Pulmonologists Emergency physicians Graduates in Nursing Intensive Care Nursing […]