Using antimalarials to avoid Covid-19 can leave patients who need them short of supplies

R. I. Madrid Updated:04/03/2020 01:30 save Related news Malaria drugs are being valued as one of the alternatives for the treatment of coronavirus. However, Italian experts warn today in a letter published online today in « Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases»That the fact of limited global supplies of these drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, may rule […]

Powers hoard equipment and medicines, alert AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that during the virtual summit with G20 leaders, he requested UN intervention to stop the hoarding of medicines and medical equipment, and avoid speculation in the purchase of supplies by the powers. “First, that the UN intervenes so that all peoples and countries are guaranteed equal access to medicines […]

In Texas, CBP seizes $ 37 million in methamphetamine

Veronica Diaz Mexico / 03/26/2020 17:06:02 Not a week has passed since closing borders between the United States Y Mexico when organized crime has shown that its activity does not stop before the Covid 19. The office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized the equivalent of $ 37 million in methamphetamine just six days […]

“We are where the fruit, bring me a couple of grams”

«The first three days I got along very well. I was surprised myself. I felt that I did not need it and that I could go perfectly alone with tobacco and joints but on the fifth day I felt irascible and did not want to start arguing at home, so On Thursday I already made […]

Trump: USA to begin clinical trials of medicines to relieve coronavirus symptoms

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured in a press conference that his country will initiate clinical trials of medicines to alleviate symptoms of the coronavirus. Trump passed a law that defends the right of patients to try these medicines. “Normally testing would take a long time, but now it can be started,” […]

Drunk by high school: the Polish rapper Mata

Ma homie stoned Amsterdam on September 1st. ”If you want to decode the most successful rap song in Poland in recent months, you won’t get very far with the local language. A “translator” is needed who should be as little as possible more than eighteen years old – otherwise the slang that booms out of […]

The pharmaceutical industry advances that there are already 30 medicines and 4 vaccines in development against Covid-19

SERVIMEDIA Updated:03/09/2020 18: 53h save Numerous pharmaceutical laboratories around the world have mobilized their research and scientific teams and there are already 30 medications and four vaccines in development to fight the coronavirus. As reported Pharma Industry, among the candidate drugs are antivirals previously tested in pathogens such as Ebola and HIV – which have […]