Ученые предположили, что кофе темной прожарки предотвращает болезнь Альцгеймера

23:24 6 Ноября 2018                                                                                                                 Торонто, 6 ноября. При обжарке кофейных зерен вырабатываются особые вещества фенилинданы, которые препятствуют развитию болезней Альцгеймера и Паркикисна. К такому выводу пришла научная группа из канадского Исследовательского института Крембиля и Университета Торонто.Они изучили кофе из зерен светлой и темной обжарки. Согласно приведенным данным, кофейные зерна […]

Paraplegics walk again thanks to a new treatment

Switzerland.- An electrical implant returned hope to paraplegic patients, allowing them to walk again. Thanks to new rehabilitation protocols, three people who suffered spinal cord injuries that prevented them from walking, now go back to doing it without help. Three people felt confined to wheelchairs, but a series of electrodes implanted surgically and accurately with […]

Why coffee per day is so good for your health

Researchers say that drinking a cup of coffee every morning can prevent dementia and Parkinson's. The benefits are particularly strong for people who opt for darker roasted beans, even if they are decaffeinated, the study found. The coffee roasting process releases chemicals that protect the proteins responsible for the development of diseases, scientists have discovered. […]

Scientists continue to find new ways that energy drinks are terrible for you

Energy drinks are not technically a "food". It's not about sweeping them, it's just an important fact and it's about it. The Food & Drug Administration regulates all products defined as food to ensure they are safe for human consumption. Coffee and soda drinks, for example, are not allowed to be too high in caffeine […]

First-class surgery allows children with AFM to walk again while CDC figures show that rates are running

First-class surgery allowed an eight-year-old boy previously paralyzed by a rare polio-type disease to walk again. Two years ago, Brandon Noblitt, then six, went down with a common cold. But he soon developed muscle weakness and eventually became completely paralyzed. After conducting numerous tests, doctors in Greenville, South Carolina, diagnosed acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), an […]

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria killed 33,000 people in Europe by 2015

According to a study published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, the impact of these bacteria is "comparable to the cumulative effect of influenza, tuberculosis and the AIDS virus." In 2015, 33,000 people died in the European Union by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, according to the calculations of European researchers published in the journal […]

Testosterone activates genes of risk for autism

Scientists have found an explanation of the increased risk of autism in children. / mizina, stock.adobe.com Heidelberg: autism occurs 4 times more times in children than girls. For the first time, scientists at the Department of Molecular Human Genetics at the University Hospital in Heidelberg have found an explanation: their studies on human cells and […]

Ученые рассказали, от каких болезней защищает кофе

20: 4706.11.2018 (last time: 20:49 06.11.2018) 93831 Подпишись на ежедневную рассылку РИА НаукаСпасибо за подпискуПожалуйста, проверьте свой e-mail для подтверждения подпискиМОСКВА, 6 ноя – РИА Новости. Во время обжарки в кофе вырабатываются особые вещества фенилинданы, которые препятствуют развитию болезней Альцгеймера и Паркинсона, выяснила канадская научная группа из Исследовательского института Крембиля и Университета Торонто. Выводы ученых […]

The small amount of iron deficiency during its period can be a risk factor for mental health illness

Fluctuating hormones are often attributed to women who physically and mentally feel underneath the couple while they are in their period. But scientists now say that reduced iron levels can alter their mood and cause increased irritability during their time of the month. The lowest levels of the nutrient, abundant in dark and leafy vegetables, […]