How to prevent diabetes 1 in high-risk patients

R.I. Madrid Updated:03/27/2020 13: 08h save Related news The removal of a gene of cells that make insulin prevents mice from developing Diabetes type 1 preventing cells from attacking your own immune system, as a new University study shows from Wisconsin-Madison that publishes the magazine Cell Metabolism. Cell sleight may suggest ways to prevent type […]

A potential universal flu shot has just passed a major clinical trial

There may still be hope for a universal flu shot – a powerful dose of immunization that can provide long-lasting protection for multiple flu strains, all in one go. Such a discovery would be a holy grail for public health and after more than a decade of careful research, a specific version called FLU-v is […]

Sources – NBC New York

Investigators are focusing on the fact that a correctional officer at the Metropolitan Correctional Center helped smuggle a gun to a detainee, while a blockade at the facility enters its sixth day, legal sources tell News 4. Defense attorneys representing MCC detainees who have been questioned by the authorities say that the focus is on […]

MCC on the blockade between the search for a smuggled gun inside the prison – NBC New York

The Metropolitan Correctional Center was shut down after officials received information that a gun could have been smuggled in, NBC reported in New York City. Prison searches were conducted throughout the prison on Thursday evening, officials said. It was not immediately clear whether any weapon had been smuggled into an inmate, officials said. Spokesmen for […]

Izpisúa reveals the cellular changes that make eating less prolong life

R. I. Madrid Updated:02/27/2020 18:52 save If you want to improve your immune system, reduce inflammation levels throughout the body, delay the onset of age-related diseases and, in summary, living more time, you already have the recipe: eat less. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by US scientists. UU. and China that provides […]

Aggressive tumors create a structural framework to keep the immune system at bay

Aggressive colorectal cancers create an interactive network of checkpoints to keep the immune system at bay, the scientists report. Immune checkpoints present throughout the body are intended to protect your body from attacks by your immune system. But a tumor is established in the structural structure, which instead protects the tumor, says Dr. Yan Cui, […]

Ulcerative colitis is associated with the absence of intestinal bacteria

ABCSAlud Madrid Updated:02/25/2020 18: 14h save Related news Ulcerative colitis could be related to the absence of a bacterium that produces metabolites that help keep the intestine healthy, according to a study published in the journal « Cell Host & Microbe», Which helps to better understand the disease. Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory condition in […]