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Anatoly Daron

(Photo: NPO Energomash)

In the United States, designer Anatoly Daron died due to an exacerbation of a chronic disease. He created engines for rockets that delivered the first satellite and the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin to space. A message about this is posted on the website of NPO Energomash (Roscosmos enterprise).

“On June 24, 2020, an outstanding scientist, designer, who worked for many years at NPO Energomash, Anatoly Davidovich Daron, passed away,” the report said.

Daron was born in 1926 in Odessa, graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. From 1948 to 1998, he worked at Energomash.

He was a leading designer in the development of the RD-107 and RD-108 liquid-propellant rocket engines for the R-7 rocket family. With the help of this engine and its modifications, an artificial satellite and a spacecraft with a man on board were first launched into space from Earth. The development was also used in flights of automatic stations to the Moon, Venus and Mars. Now, the RD-107 and RD-108 liquid-propellant rocket engines provide for the implementation of the domestic manned flight program.

In 1989, Daron received the honorary title of Honored Designer of the RSFSR, in addition, he was awarded the Orders of Lenin, Friendship, and the Red Banner of Labor.


Before the world after

Now that it is almost on the edge of getting into the outskirts of the world-after, it is crazy how much is going to change.

It’s going to be more green, more frugal, it will not take over the plane, we will do a bike, it will roll a electric, we will buy everything in bulk, we eat organic, we will go to small-scale producers, we will eat less meat, if any, we will stop polluting, we will be hyper responsible, we will be at the bottom in the sharing economy, it will refuse to accept the race to the still more, there will be yoga, meditation, embrace the trees, we talk to the birds, we recycle instead of throwing away, it will be superfluous, it will be for participative democracy, we will be supportive and generous, we will be tolerant than the more tolerant you die, you will open arms to all cultures, all colors, we ban discrimination, police violence, in short : we will do everything as well as it should to be model citizens of the world after.

→ DEBATE. Covid-19, is Europe’s output deal ?

In the immediate future, this said, there may be interest to prepare for what is down to us, not later than in not a long time, according to the latest opinion of the experts of the scientific council, namely, a new wave of even more wicked and more virulent Covid 19. It’s going to bring us back to the time of the confinement, in the world before, when we dreamed in the world after that. Suddenly, we will have even more time to dream, the world according. It will be even more beautiful.


For or against nature

This is a torrent of mud and other balls stink media has descended on the proposals of the ‘Convention’ for the climate and its authors. This outburst says a lot : we note the power of an idea to the violence that it causes. But what is it that is causing the problem ?

→ FORUM. Convention on climate change : “The pressure has been intense on the citizens “

Own with social networks, the culture clash has taken hold of mainstream media. On the board of JT to an hour of great listening, no one has taken the gloves against this initiative. It is true that it is an easy argument to reach the president. It is also true that she dares to tackle the sacred cows of the system operating current : consumption and advertising. It’s going to take a lot of love. I hope that these one hundred and fifty citizens caught in a tornado pestilentielle. And I thank them.

→ FOLDER. The ‘Convention’ for the climate : our special file

I want to believe in their story : the story of a French company lucid, resilient, capable of making sacrifices even when insufficient. Ready for the adventure of a rewriting of the whole. To know the result. Even if it’s imperfect, even if all you want to. Citizens learned the fate, who do not belong to nothing, have learned, debated, and resulted in a corpus of 600 pages, and 149 proposals to try to deal with a reality that is only beginning to reveal itself. Sunday, thirty-eight degrees to Verkhoïansk in Siberia, this means sunny terraces in Paris. Let’s dance… for now. Yes, I find it hard to understand how one can despise an initiative dedicated to the general interest, except to feel in danger, attacked. But by who or what ?

→ CRITICAL. “Back on Earth” : the manifest ecological intellectuals

Take one of the arguments against the very existence of these proposals : France representing less than 1 % of the world’s population, it would not matter that the people ” consent to work “. It would have nothing to do, because the other ” do nothing “. This would mean that the carbon footprint would be deliciously spread over the globe.

When I think of dealing with the eco-friendly of care bears… The carbon footprint is a marker of social injustice. The two large forks yoke of humanity, poverty, inequality and environmental emergency, walk hand in hand toward the chaos, exacerbated. Ten percent of the richest would represent 43 % destruction environmental when 10% of the poorest would be responsible for 5 % of them (source : Nature, June 2020).

Since La Grande Bouffeno one has also entered the delirious consumerism and the emptiness that it conceals : the banquet of humanity, some have decided to eat until death. Regardless of the finesse of the dishes, it is a deep hatred of life and of this, those who embody it. It would be giving up our “privileges” for the survival of the species. To go against… nature. If interested in this vacuum that devours us. “Do not be so great, Freud said. You are not so small. “

This first half of 2020 has shown how the individual action, sometimes intimate, was essential. How we were then, to rely on the courage and commitment of a few, of persons of flesh and blood. Of choice. It is more a matter of dignity than of the potential impact. What to do with his life “self” ?

For subsequent operations, it would be good to stop seeing the whole thing, an outcome, a solution, a tipping point, the thing that will change everything. Everything counts, because everything is part of a movement. But nothing is enough. It is important to accept this process of learning, of trial and error to a new operating system, maybe, to happen. We live in a great experiment. It is important to try to learn. And start by living it.

→ TO READ. ‘Convention’: “Our proposals are more than ever useful and necessary “

The Covid has revealed to our system its profound vulnerability to the humans of their finitude and interdependence, the world its incredible beauty. It questions us on the essentials, our relationship to time, space and other. Maybe some of us will come out of it stronger. Because the more aware of our fragility. This shutdown will return. We give up too quickly on the masks, and the world reaches half a million dead. Recognize contradictions and errors, to accept our vulnerabilities, fall off the ladder, the magisterium, to admit that we are only a small essential part of a huge learning curve, that maybe it will never be enough, it is to die a little. It is growing also. Not everything depends on us, but everything goes through us. There should be a barrier from his body in order to maintain this curve, it embeds the maximum number of people. Become a mass.

The ‘Convention’ has done his part. This should be our role at all. I return to my remarks last week : allow. That is, we are, in a wave. You will write to me that I see signs everywhere. But here, if we judge the violence of the reactions and the demolition in rule proposals or even the exercise itself, the dam begins to crack.


“Black” and “White” are not colors

It wants to Colbert, in this moment, we don’t want to see his statue in the street, nor is his name anywhere. Which one ? Associations of defense of the black cause, and even Jean-Marc Ayrault, who accused him of having enacted the Code blacka set of rules that establish legally slavery in French north America, making these people kidnapped in Africa goods furnitureand anoblissant of the same gesture all those who owned more than one hundred machines human. Reduce the work of Colbert to the code is a little reductive, and assign all of the responsibility is a little excessive. When one is a minister of an authoritarian State, you can not escape a few pots, but to want to punish, we delete all the world, beginning with Louis XIV himself, in charge of all during his reign of iron.

The death of George Floyd, his assassination should we say as the film that reveals the facts shows that it is not an accident but a slow killing, had set fire to the entire planet. It is always the case with America, it produces images that it exports, and in which we project ourselves. A century of Hollywood has made us American imaginary, more affected by what is happening out there that we don’t understand half that by what happens here as it does not always understand. The great pataquès of american police, its daily brutality, racism is strongly present, the real risk that face the Black, all of it on the plate in France, even if nothing really matches. But the american situation is better told as ours, we understand better than we do, and we adopt it. You read our problems through those of others, then of course, there is through and we are angry.

→ IN THE IMAGES. From Antwerp to Miami, statues symbols of slavery referred to by anti-racists

Adama is dead after his arrest, this would never have had to happen, and it is black. If not, what is their common point ? Is there a question black in France ? In any case, not as in the United States. It would be necessary to carefully study it, and discern problems in post-colonial, social, and suburban.

But that is what it is, therefore, a Black ? And first of all, it is what color ? “It is with this question crazy as Jean Genet introduces his piece, The Negroesa sort of adult version of Tintin in the Congo, which plays in the relations a bit crazy that we have with the skin color. In this debate, or rather the contest of invective, the actual color does not matter. Black and White are not of color but of social positions, roles in the story. This does not apply to the Tamils, very dark, and it took time for the Irish to become White, while their color objective is not debate. Whiteit is the metaphor of power, ” said James Baldwin, and for the dominate he invented the Black. It is for this reason that the concept of racism is anti-white is biased, since racism refers to a system of segregation organized, and not a spasm of violence.

It calls for ethnic statistics, which would allow to objectify the effects of racism, but how to determine the membership of a class racial ? It’s obvious, you might say. But not that much. In Brazil, recalls the demographer, Hervé Le Bras, a country eminently qualified, there are only five categories ; and in Russia there are 193… You could let people place themselves in the category to which they feel close to, but that is not very rigorous, and it does not erase the bias of classification.

→ FORUM. “White dog” not dead, the lessons of the 1960s

In the United States the census provides six categories : White, Black, Native american, Hawaiian, Asian, Hispanic. You can select multiple checkboxes, but are not identified as White than those who have checked the box Whitebecause the one drop rule fact that as soon as the first drop of black blood (note the approximation of the colours) it is Black, which is a rule box is arbitrary, as enacted in the time of slavery to preserve the purity of white. It should be noted that White includes people from north Africa, which seems strange in France, because it is precisely what you would like to differentiate, so that we don’t see why Hispanics would have a category of their own.

There is in mankind a broad continuum of colors, all identifiable to the eye, but the categories are constructed by the story. It is seen that designate and classify causes problems without end, it can probably go ; universalism is blind to color, even if it is regularly undermined in reality, remains a utopia, rational, and desirable. Hide Colbert does we closer to not.


The grand re-opening

This week, it reopens ! The cinemas reopened, the theatres re-open, schools re-opened completely, the Orsay museum reopened, the Palais de la Découverte-oak, the Eiffel Tower re-opens, Orly airport reopens, the museum of science and industry reopens – and I forget certainly. In fact, why do we re-open rather than reopen it, so that it does not say re-opening, but re-opening ? Note, however, that if the French Academy did not accept that re-open the Dictionary, to him, is tolerant to reopen. But try to remake my entire list of openings by replacing reopen for reopen, it is quite strange. In any case, the re-opening, it is not. If we can re-open the re-opening, you can’t re-open the re-opening. Well, the gist of it is that France is reopened. Like, all of a sudden, I rather want to write it again. Why ? Mystery.

It is one of the charms of the French language, that of constantly open (and reopen) questions.

Now, with all these re-openings of theatres, cinemas, museums, monuments re-opened, are we going to open (or reopen) a new perspective on life, the world, people, and everything which we had missed so much when we were locked up, that everything was closed, everything smelled musty ? My God, as long as you don’t tell us, in a few months, ” we close ! “. Because the reclosing, it is the include. Wait : include or réenfermement ?


Hello and goodbye

The baby of the family returns to the nursery. Today ! After three months of silence, it’s confirmed : she is ready to welcome all its little ” clients “. Or should we say “users” ? But this baby no longer has much to do with that to which, in march, we closed the door in his face. Let’s face it, this is no longer the same man. I have on my phone a short film on the eve of the containment. He is walking a little said, it looks rather that it wanders gently, checking, sometimes with a glance that his father follows the movement. He is still trying to come to the world, some would say. Now, he knows where he is going ! And her tiny world is populated by animals that greet hennissant, barking, barrissant or meowing, according to the pages of the illustrated books that litter the floor of his small room.

→ TO READ. Daycare : Monday 22 June, the children will regain their freedom

Since the menagerie, which also re-opens (half-open, rather) its doors to the Jardin des plantes, we went there. The animals also have changed. Better ! Three months without seeing a cat – so to speak –, they rested. They saunter, casual, almost players… The macaws scream at the top of your lungs, the turtle trot, the monkeys imitating, the lazy are lazy. And the baby, silent, notes critically that the images of the books, where the elephant takes up the entire page but on the back the lizard also correspond to these beasts small and large that breathe like him, and generously offer to his eyes.

Since, without masks, we return fully in the life, I need to focus, to concentrate, on these sweet things, and unlikely to upset anyone. I know that the reality of the health crisis, it is the anxiety, the tension, illness, death. I know that in order to limit the danger, we have agreed to lead our fellowmen to bankruptcy, unemployment. I also know, too bad, that none of the contentions of before has been relegated to the background by the test imposed. And I see the efforts made in particular by the traders, and those who lead places of culture to bring us back to them. I hear the questions used over & over again on what we will do if ” it ” starts all over again in six months.

But we have, and we support each other, we need a force that does not draw in the concern. The protests and riots, their violence, their number, since so long now, are not for me hope. The figures that emerge, for good or bad reasons, succeed one another at such a pace ! The hero of yesterday returns the previous to the shadows where he was to join him the next day. Ecology, racism, health care, social justice, equality between men and women, all these causes deserve better than the bouts of fever without a diagnosis and without a cure. Nothing is done fast, even when it might seem easy. Work to change a society requires to incorporate in its motivations, the possibility to never see this change happen in his lifetime, while preserving the desire to contribute to it.

→ THE FACTS. With the coronavirus, a false air of back-to-school in June

Reopen really kindergartens, schools and colleges, even for a few days, bet was a essential. It was necessary that children and teachers find themselves, to say hello… and goodbye, and so establish a date for the start of the year. It was also essential for parents to get out of the diy day-to-day and the obsession of the family organization, which condemned to live mentally, at the close. In this world weakened, the adults can finally meet the eyes and let their eyes carry far in front of them. Children who have grown up, the beasts who are settled, guide them without knowing it.