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United are back in the Champions League fight, meeting PSG at Parc des Princes, with a kick-off at 9 p.m. FR. It’s an important and difficult game to start Group H, with RB Leipzig receiving Istanbul Basaksehir at the same time in the other meeting.

Of course, the last time we played at the stadium we had an incredible 3-1 victory to progress through the away goals rule, thanks to Marcus Rashford’s penalty in added time in March 2019.

Our full squad roster must also be submitted to the Premier League during the day.


For the first time, researchers have investigated whether there is microplastic in fish meat

– We find microplastics both in the fish meat and in the liver of all the fish species we examine, says researcher Tanja Kögel at the Institute of Marine Research. In the SalmoDetect study, the researchers examined wild salmon, farmed salmon and mountain trout to find out if there is a difference between the three fish species that live in different environments. In the fish, they find plastic particles of less than 250 and down to ten micrometers (one micrometer = 0.001 mm).


Researchers want to speed up vaccine development, coronavirus infects volunteers

The British research team announced its intention to deliberately spread the coronavirus among volunteers in the world. This method is considered by many to be risky and unethical. Even in a healthy person, it is not possible to predict with certainty how he will deal with the disease.

However, according to scientists, taking such a risk is desirable, he writes AP agency. If the plan succeeds, the result could be a groundbreaking study to help develop the vaccine. Dozens of companies are working on it, and the findings of the researchers could help determine which will work best for Covid-19.

“Deliberately infecting volunteers with a known human pathogen is never taken lightly,” said Peter Openshaw, a Royal University professor at London. “However, these studies are fundamentally helping to uncover new insights into the disease. This is also true of Covid-19, which is being addressed around the world,” he added.

More than a million people worldwide have succumbed to coronavirus. Therefore, according to the research team, any attempt to speed up the marketing of the vaccine is appropriate.

The University of London will contact the Ministry of Trade, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and the research company hVIVO to carry out the study. The British government wants to invest over 33 million pounds, almost a billion crowns, in the project.

The same approach has been used in the past to develop vaccines against diseases such as typhus, cholera or malaria.


Symptoms of coronavirus persist for months. According to a new British study

The study looked at 58 patients hospitalized with coronavirus. Researchers have found abnormalities in multiple organs. People who have suffered from the coronavirus could suffer from persistent inflammation, scientists say.

“These findings underscore the need to further investigate the physiological processes associated with covid-19 and to develop a comprehensive, unified model of clinical care for our patients after discharge from hospital,” said Betty Raman, a physician at Oxford University and one of the study leaders.

The results speak for themselves

The results of the Oxford study showed that two to three months after coronavirus infection, 64 percent of patients had persistent dyspnea and 55 percent reported severe fatigue. Magnetic resonance imaging showed abnormalities in the lungs of 60 percent of patients with coronavirus, in the kidneys in 29 percent, in the heart in 26 percent, and in the liver in ten percent of patients.

Researchers from Oxford University in the UK have been working on the topic for a long time. For example, they developed a rapid test for covid-19, which is able to identify coronavirus within five minutes. It can be used at airports or in companies.

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Deaf from Corona: more and more long-term consequences known – Coronavirus

Loss of smell and taste, chronic exhaustion, heart and brain damage: A new episode of the coronavirus is now known.

It remains to be seen whether he will ever be able to hear again: In the specialist journal “British Medical Journal”, doctors report on a man who lost his hearing in the course of his illness with the novel Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus.

After the 45-year-old suffered from Covid-19 symptoms for ten days, he was admitted to the hospital, where he was immediately admitted to the intensive care unit and was intubated for 30 days. At the same time he received remdesivir, steroids and numerous other drugs.

In addition, his blood plasma had to be replaced. Treatment was made more difficult by the sudden occurrence of pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension (pulmonary hypertension), anemia and pneumonia caused by ventilation.

Not an isolated case

The treatment worked and the patient could soon be transferred to a normal ward. But then he noticed left-sided tinnitus, then sudden hearing loss. The doctors checked his ear – but they could not find any blockages or inflammation.

He was treated with steroid pills and injections, after which his hearing partially recovered, but not completely, the medics said.

The differences between flu and corona

“This is the first reported case of sensorineural hearing loss after Covid-19 infection in the UK,” the researchers note. However, it is not the first in the world, as Kevin J. Munro from the Manchester Center for Audiology and Deafness reported in July 2020 in the “International Journal of Audiology”. Accordingly, hearing impairment occurs in 13.2 percent of former Covid 19 patients.

According to the study, which included the data from 138 ex-corona patients between 44 and 82 years of age, men in particular have to struggle with tinnitus or hearing loss after their supposed recovery.

Does not depend on the severity of the course

The case of the American Meredith Harrell shows, among other things, that women are not immune to these long-term consequences and that even symptom-free Covid-19 courses can lead to it. The Sars-CoV-2 infection was only detected in her because the doctors were looking for the cause of the sudden ringing in the ear.

“It was like flicking a switch,” quoted Harrell, whose hearing has not yet been restored. “I hope people finally understand that Corona is not a joke.”

Worse than other viruses

Even in their case, doctors cannot say with certainty that the virus is affecting the inner ear because there is a risk of tissue damage when performing a biopsy of the inner ear. But studies of people who have died as a result of a Covid 19 infection speak for themselves.

The virus could be detected in two of the three corpses in the middle ear and the mastoid bones in the skull, which is located directly behind the ear. The study was published in the journal “Jama Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery”.

Matthew Stewart of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, who performed the autopsy, told CNN that viruses like measles, mumps, and meningitis are known to cause sudden hearing loss. “But I think Sars-CoV-2 has the potential to be worse.” We all know that it triggers blood clots in other areas of the body and is obviously no exception to the “extremely small blood vessels” in the inner ear.

Kevin Munro agrees: “The capillaries in the inner ear are the smallest in the human body, so it doesn’t take much to block them.”

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UMCG research into the relationship between gut and brain will receive 1 million euros

Photo: De Redactie

The Brain Foundation is allocating 1 million euros to a study by various UMCG employees led by Prof. Iris Sommer. They will investigate how the intestines can be used in the fight against brain disorders.

In the study, the intestines of people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are manipulated naturally. The aim is to reduce disease-related symptoms, positively influence disease progression and improve mental health.

If the research is successful, almost half a million Dutch people with a brain disorder will directly benefit from this, the UMCG reported on Wednesday.

“Gut health greatly affects brain function and in many different ways,” says lead researcher Iris Sommer. “With this research we want to look at how we can optimize the individual gut flora in people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We then look at what effect this has on the social and personal functioning and well-being of these people. With these results we can ensure that brain patients have fewer disease-related complaints and thus improve the quality of life ”.

The research was chosen as the winner by an international jury of brain scientists and patients from 29 applications. Merel Heimens Visser, director of the Brain Foundation, is very enthusiastic about the research. “It focuses on multiple brain disorders at the same time and there is a multidisciplinary collaboration between industry, neurology, psychiatry, cell biology, microbiology and dietetics. A large group of people with brain disorders can be helped with this. In addition, the results from this research may also be used for the treatment of other brain disorders. We are therefore very pleased that we can make this research possible. ”

The grant of 1 million euros is the highest amount that the Brain Foundation has ever awarded to a single research project.


Breakthrough? Researchers manage to stop Sars-CoV-2 – health

The coronavirus uses signaling pathways to multiply, as researchers found. These could be blocked by cancer drugs.

Scientists all over the world are looking for a vaccine as well as a substance to treat coronavirus. In an experiment, researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have now succeeded in stopping the spread of coronaviruses and, as a result, the Sars-CoV-2 disease.

Kevin Klann and his colleagues have for the first time created an overall picture of the communication of a cell that is infected by Sars-CoV-2. They analyzed what changes a virus attack causes. In this way they found a possible way of treatment.

If signal pathways are interrupted, the virus cannot multiply

“The host cell’s signaling pathways in particular, in which a growth signal is passed into the cell from outside, are apparently used by the Sars-CoV-2 virus. If these signaling pathways are interrupted, the virus can no longer multiply “, called it in a communication from the Goethe University Frankfurt. “The signal pathways of growth factors can be blocked directly where the signal from outside the cell docks to a signal receiver – a growth factor receptor,” explains Christian Münch from the Institute for Biochemistry II at Goethe University.

That means cancer drugs that disrupt growth factor signaling pathways could be used in coronavirus treatment. “We tested five of these active ingredients on our cells, and all five led to a complete stop of Sars-CoV-2 replication,” said the researcher.

These five active ingredients are as in study listed, Pictilisib, Omipalisib, RO5126766, Lonafarnib and Sorafenib.

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an old drug could be effective against Covid-19

What if an old suppository was the key to the coronavirus? While we are still far from drawing such conclusions, the Institut Pasteur de Lille has received a donation of 5 million euros from the LVMH group, to continue its research on a molecule “particularly effective against the SARS-Cov-2 virus“, virus responsible for Covid-19.

According to information revealed by the AEFinfo agency, it would be Clofoctol, used in the past, in the form of a suppository drug called Octofen. This drug was used in France from 1978 to 2005 to treat respiratory infections. Researchers at the Institut Pasteur de Lille have indeed identified a molecule as having “an action on the two entry points of the virus into human cells, unlike l’hydroxychloroquine“, explains researcher Benoît Déprez to AEFinfo.

It would be, if its effectiveness is proven, early treatment for the coronavirus. The molecule could be administered to the patient as soon as a positive PCR test is revealed. Benoît Déprez told AEFinfo that this research was presented to the Prime Minister Jean Castex during a visit in early August.

A don from LVMH

Several appeals for donations have been launched to fund this research. On October 9, it was finally the group LVMH announces the payment of a donation of 5 million euros at the Pasteur Foundation. Tests must therefore be carried out on humans and animals, but for now, the institute has not yet confirmed the name of the molecule. “You saw the hysteria it can create. A shortage of the product could prevent us from doing a proper trial, “explains Benoît Déprez, although the drug in question, if it is indeed Octofen, is no longer on the market.

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The “spaghettification” of a star by a black hole followed in real time

For the first time, astronomers have been able to follow with a wealth of detail and unparalleled proximity the “spaghettification” of a star, partly devoured by a black hole, according to a study published Monday.

The star, with a mass equivalent to that of our Sun, has ventured too close to a supermassive ogre, with a mass a million times greater than it.

Most of them get lost body and well, literally swallowed by the phenomenal force of attraction of the black hole, which prevents even light from escaping.

But some experience gradual dislocation, in what astronomers call a noodle or spaghettification effect. In the case observed, the star lost about half of its mass there in the space of six months.

“This is exactly what happens in a tidal rupture event,” or TDE, said UK astronomer Matt Nicholl of the University of Birmingham, lead author of the study.

As it approaches, the star begins by flattening and then stretching under the effect of tidal forces due to the black hole, taking the shape of a cigar, explained to AFP Stéphane Basa, director of research at the Marseille astrophysics laboratory: “When these forces exceed the cohesive force of the star, the latter loses pieces which rush into the black hole”.

One of the main contributions of the study, published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomy Society, is to better understand how matter is absorbed, in this case in the form of fine filaments.

– “Space glutton” –

The ingestion of these cosmic noodles is accompanied by a powerful electromagnetic radiation, a light signal which signs the package of the glutton of space.

They allowed its automatic detection in September 2019, by a host of instruments detecting the sudden changes in the luminosity of celestial objects, about 215 million light years away, in the Eridan galaxy.

“We immediately pointed a series of terrestrial and space telescopes in this direction to analyze the light source,” Thomas Wever, co-author of the study, said in a statement from the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

This glow is usually obscured by the curtain of matter, which makes it difficult to observe the phenomenon, according to scientists.

This time, the speed of the reaction and the relative proximity of the event made it possible to lift part of the veil. “We could observe a curtain of dust and debris rise as the black hole launched a powerful jet of matter at speeds of up to 10,000 km per second,” said astronomer Kate Alexander, of the Northwestern University, cited by ESO.

Another new observation, according to Mr. Basa, part of the star’s material is ejected from the other side of the black hole.

The astronomer validates the analogy of “Rosetta stone”, which made it possible to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics, used by Prof. Nicholl’s team, to qualify his discovery: “It is a textbook case for observations to come up”.

Especially since PDDs are not a common phenomenon. It is estimated that they only occur once every ten thousand years in a single galaxy.


Lungs of Covid-19 patients go through two stages – coronavirus

As a study showed, corona patients can only develop lung problems later on.

On the basis of autopsies of the deceased, doctors in Basel, Zurich and Trento (I) found that lung damage in corona patients only occurs in the later course of the disease. At the beginning, the lungs show inflammation and high viral loads.

This was shown in the lungs of 16 deceased patients, as the cantonal and university hospitals announced on Monday. While the lung tissue was largely intact at the beginning of the disease, doctors at the Basel hospitals, the University of Zurich Hospital and the Italian University in Trento report severe lung damage as the disease progresses. The viral load and inflammation had already subsided.

Anti-inflammatory agents used for corona treatment

The findings from the autopsies are in line with an earlier epidemiological study that distinguished two different patient groups: one group who dies after a short hospital stay and another who succumbs to the disease after a long stay. The current work now provides the molecular explanation for this observation, said the pathologist Kirsten Mertz from the Cantonal Hospital Baselland.

According to the doctors, there are two different treatment methods: In the early stages, patients should be treated with antiviral drugs such as remdesivir or anti-inflammatory drugs. So-called complement inhibitors could be effective later, as they write in the journal “Nature Communications”. Such inhibitors prevent the immune system from overshooting and damaging the lungs.

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