Photo: the sinking megacity – The Jakarta Post

Text: Jerry Adiguna

The Jakartans were again hit by huge floods, bringing the count to four major floods in less than two months.

Heavy downpours from Monday to Tuesday morning flooded several regions of Jakarta. Homes, office buildings, schools and hospitals were flooded. Not even the presidential palace has escaped.

A total of 3,565 residents were displaced and distributed among 40 evacuation points. The state-owned electricity company PLN was forced to turn off electricity in flood-affected areas for safety reasons.

Forty-one roads in the Jakarta area were flooded. A motorcyclist died in Jl. Gajah Mada, central Jakarta, when the driver hit a hole obscured by flood water and was thrown from his vehicle.

In Cakung, East Jakarta, dozens of residents demonstrated in front of the AEON shopping center in Jakarta Garden City (JGC). They blamed the building for causing floods in their neighborhood. The demonstration led to the destruction of a number of structures in the mall.

The circumstances raise concerns about the seriousness of the city government’s flood mitigation policy.

It is hard to believe that the city administration is serious about mitigating floods when its budget allocation for 2020 for this purpose amounts to only 1.1 percent of the total Rp 87.9 trillion (6.4 billion dollars).


Trump launches “1 or 2%” probability of coronavirus death as Dow dives and lawmakers warn that the White House has “NO PLAN”

President Trump has minimized concerns about the spread of coronavirus in the United States, stating that the vast majority of those who have been infected with the virus will not die even when the stock market has made another brutal nose dive.

Defending the decision to return infected Americans to the United States for quarantine, Trump said …

Coronavirus in NRW: Schools and daycare centers remain closed ++ Local traffic could be stopped


Corona virus arrived in NRW: schools and daycare centers remain closed ++ local transport could be stopped ++ you should know that now!

The corona virus has reached NRW - what you need to consider and know now.

The corona virus has reached NRW – what you need to consider and know now.

Photo: Patrick Schüller

Dusseldorf. The coronavirus has Germany – and now too NRW – reached. According to initial information from the “Rheinische Post”, a 47-year-old from the Selfkant community near Heinsberg (near Aachen) is on coronavirus ill.

Coronavirus in NRW: patient in critical condition

According to the authorities, the condition of the patient infected with the coronavirus is critical. As the district of Heinsberg announced on Tuesday evening, the man had been admitted to the Hermann Josef Hospital in Erkelenz on Monday afternoon with symptoms of severe pneumonia.

According to dpa information, the man is in his mid-40s, but suffers from a previous illness. According to WDR information, the man is artificially ventilated. This confirmed the second case in just one day in Germany. A person from Baden-Württemberg had previously been reported positively.

>> You can find out what the situation is in Germany and Europe in our news blog

Daycare centers and schools remain dense in a circle

A crisis team of the district decided on Tuesday that schools and daycare centers in the district of Heinsberg will be closed on Wednesday. The district administration also remains tight as a first precaution.

At the moment, there are also plans to suspend local public transport. The crisis team is in close contact with the Ministry of Health in Düsseldorf.


Cologne: Corona virus suspected of carnival! Affected patient makes serious allegations: “Scandalous”

Coronavirus: First NRW patient infected in critical condition ++ Another case in BaWü ++

Where shouldn’t I be?

The crisis team urges citizens to avoid visits to community facilities such as hospitals and care facilities. In addition, emergency numbers 110 and 112 should not be blocked unnecessarily.

What to do if you experience symptoms of coronavirus?

“People who are currently suffering from flu-like symptoms are asked to contact their family doctor or emergency doctor’s office first by phone to clarify how to proceed,” says the Heinsberg district.

Those returning from areas where Covid-19 cases occur and develop fever, cough or shortness of breath within 14 days after the return should avoid unnecessary contacts, stay at home if possible, keep distance from other people when coughing and sneezing, regularly and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and, after registering by telephone, refer to the travel region and see a doctor.

How can I protect myself?

The recommended protective measures are basically the same as in every flu season. Specifically: One should cough and sneeze in the crook of the arm and not in the fist or palm. If someone else is coughing or sneezing, it is best to keep one or two meters away.

In everyday life, people do not have to constantly rub their hands with a disinfectant, but they should be washed regularly and thoroughly with soap. And even if it sounds banal at first: You shouldn’t touch your face as much as possible.

There is still no vaccine and there will be no vaccine before the end of the year, says the head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler. Those who are vaccinated against the flu, however, help to relieve the burden on the healthcare system. And older people can get vaccinated against pneumococci.

Where can I find current information?

The Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Center for Health Education have set up websites. Of the World Health Organization WHO there are tips in English. The health insurance company Barmer has also set up a free hotline (0800/84 84 111) for questions. It can be reached around the clock.

How big is the risk of infection in Germany?

The Robert Koch Institute continuously records the situation and assesses the risk to the population. According to the institute, there is currently no evidence that the viruses are still in circulation. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn said on Monday in Berlin, however, that one must expect that the disease could spread to Germany.

In addition to the two current cases from NRW and Baden-Württemberg, only a few confirmed cases of infection have occurred in Germany. They concerned a company in Bavaria or people who had been flown out of Wuhan in China in early February 2020, where there are most cases of Covid-19 worldwide. Almost all of these patients have already been discharged from the hospital in good health. (Dpa / mb)


Mud fight around Ash Wednesday

Vienna / Ried. If Heinz-Christian Strache and the FPÖ split up, who will have the Ash Wednesday speech? The former party friends of these days are bickering over this question – today there is a showdown.

Strache wants to provoke his ex-party and, like every year, delivers his Ash Wednesday speech. This time, however, at an event of the blue demerger DAÖ in the Prater Alm in Vienna. And just at the same time as his successor Norbert Hofer, who will take the stage at 8.15 p.m. 260 kilometers further on the Ash Wednesday of the FPÖ in Ried.

Political comeback. Strache plans to steal the show from the FPÖ: reportedly he will announce his appearance in the Vienna election on Ash Wednesday.

Both sides are already busy in advance: DAÖ boss Karl Baron explains on oe24.TV that the FPÖ event is “a plagiarism”. Strache is the Ash Wednesday original – that’s why, according to Baron, the DAÖ event in the Prater Alm (for 20 euros there are two drinks and a herring feast in addition to the speech) would also be sold out, while the FPÖ would not be able to get their tickets.

Hofer does not want to mention Strache’s small party

Meanwhile, Hofer complains about Strache’s new party: “This is not a split, not even a surface erosion.” He did not even want to mention the mini-party in his speech today. It remains to be seen if he can keep it up.

Humorless. By the way, the FPÖ does not tolerate jokes about Ash Wednesday: When the ÖSTERREICH editor Wolfgang Fellner jokes whether the FPÖ is celebrating the festival in the “Adolf Hitler Hall” in Ried (it is the Jahnturnhalle), the FPÖ responds with one Legal action.

Technical problem with Berlin S-Bahn lines fixed – B.Z. Berlin

The S-Bahn reported a technical malfunction on the route between Halensee and Westend on Tuesday morning. Lines S41, 42, 45, 46 and 47 were affected. The problem was only rectified in the evening at around 11 p.m.

Berlin S-Bahn passengers had to plan a little more time on numerous routes on Tuesday. A disturbance put the lines of the ring railway and the S45 and S46 out of action. The all-clear only came on Tuesday evening: Around 11 p.m., the S-Bahn announced that the problem had been rectified.

Due to a technical malfunction after construction work on the track, the lines S41, S42 and S46 had a shuttle service every 20 minutes. Lines S41 and S42 only ran every 10 minutes. The S46 only ran between Königs Wusterhausen and Tempelhof.

In addition, trains on the S45 only ran between Hermannstrasse and Schönefeld Airport, those on the S47 between Schöneweide and Spindlersfeld.

The S47 has been running again as scheduled since 1.40 p.m. on Tuesday.

Lines S3, S5, S7 and S9 and lines S1, S2, S25 and S26 between Südkreuz and Gesundbrunnen should be used to bypass between Ostkreuz and Westkreuz.

a You can find an overview of all faults and construction work on the S-Bahn here.


For the third time in 2 years, an executive from the city of Long Beach resigns

Long Beach city director John Mirando informed the City Council that he is stepping down from the city’s first assignment, officials said.

Mirando told city council members on Monday that he would return to his commissioner for public works after March 9, ahead of the city’s budget negotiations.

He was appointed as the city’s third CEO in September since former city director Jack Schnirman took office as Nassau County controller in 2018.

Mirando said he informed his staff and council on Monday that he was returning to public works.

“It is clear that they are bringing in a new city director,” he said. “We are parting amicably. I care about Long Beach’s best interest.”

Mirando said it would be unfair to the next city director to oversee the proposed budget for the 2020-21 period. He also said that he must focus his time on the budget of the city capital and on numerous public works projects and infrastructure.

At the time of his appointment, he asked to be considered for the full-time position, but board members said that the search for the next city director was ongoing.

Last week, city council members had a public hearing on an amendment to the Charter that would strip the city manager of hiring and layoff powers and assign those tasks to the board of directors to select the executive management team and department commissioners.

Mirando said he would support the council’s goals.

Officials said the city director will continue to work as the city’s senior executive to perform daily operations and report to the council.

The next city director will be responsible for developing the new city budget, which must be submitted to the council by April 10 and approved by the council by June 1.

The city has operated for years with deranged budgets and a dependence on state and federal grants following the superstorm Sandy that has masked the city’s deficits.

A large federal jury and the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office are investigating $ 750,000 in payments made to about a dozen current and former employees in late 2017.

He found his sister’s killer before the police and was about to kill him

February 18 Sonia Cerpa (40) was slaughtered in front of her daughters in a farm in the Laguna Azul area, about 45 kilometers from the city of Dos Hermanas, in the province of Misiones. The children, aged two and seven, saw how Valdir “Cuerero” Prestes Barbosa, your mother’s former partner, He killed her and escaped on foot.

Barbosa, a 34-year-old Brazilian, was the first targeted by the victim’s family after the declaration of Cerpa’s eldest daughter, who told the Missions Police that you lend He arrived at the house, argued with his mother and there he took out the knife with which he stabbed her repeatedly and finally killed her. Prestes Barbosa was not the father of the girls, who managed to escape through the bush, where they took refuge for several hours until they were found by their father and another brother.

The femicide occurred after 7 am on Tuesday of last week, when Arseli (Cerpa’s husband) and his oldest son left the house to go to work at the farm. It was there when the suspect appeared, who He arrived at the scene with the threat that he would attack her if he did not return to him.

Prestes Barbosa remained a fugitive six days until last Sunday he was captured, past 16, in a police rake of which he participated for the Cerpa family and had as protagonist the brother of Sonia, who found him first and began shooting him. After tearing it down, He took out a knife and stabbed him in various places of the body, until police officers arrived and managed to reduce it.

The local police began raking to find the murderer and collaboration was requested from the Brazilian security force, since the town is on the border with the neighboring country. It was there when neighbors, friends and relatives of Cerpa joined, who walked the area for several hours until they found their whereabouts.

The Brazilian suspect had a request for capture in his country for escaping from the Montenegro Penitentiary, in Rio Grande Do Sul, where he was serving a sentence for stupor since 2016. The news was confirmed by the Regional Unit XII of the Missions Police, after the exchange of information with the police forces of the neighboring country.

“He was arrested by members of the Infantry Division of Acagarua, of the Regional Unit-XI, when he was walking on national route 14, about 25 kilometers from the Dos Hermanas police station,” the spokesmen said. Télam. After the attack suffered at the hands of the victim’s brother, he was transferred to the San Pedro Hospital.

The medical authorities said that Prestes Barbosa arrived at the hospital with stab wounds to the face, forehead, nose, chin, right thigh with posterior, groin area; wound by firearm in right arm entrance hole with fracture of humerus, wound by firearm with entry and exit in back face with fracture left humerus, wound by firearm in area of ​​right ankle with fracture and exit hole in plantar area

The defendant will be in charge of the court of instruction 3 of San Vicente in charge of the judge Gerardo Casco, while the head of the Missions Police, Zeno Cabrera, took care of his transfer. Due to the complexity of his injuries, he was taken to Eldorado Hospital, according to sources. Cerpa’s brother, marked as the author of the shots and the subsequent attack with slashes, was also arrested.

Police also apprehended a young Argentine called Luke, noted as the one who moved the Brazilian with his motorcycle to the victim’s house. After giving a statement before the Court of Instruction 2 of Eldorado, in charge of Nuria Allou, the detainee was released since “There is no evidence that the accused was at the scene”, as they indicated from the Justice.

Video in which they handcuff six-year-old girl and take her on police patrol in the United States – USA and Canada – International

A procedure by the Orlando Police in September last year, but only known until now, showed how a six-year-old girl was handcuffed with plastic clamps and led to a patrol. The video is causing outrage across the country.

The case, which had been reported on September 25, 2019, was recorded but the Orlando authorities had refused to disclose it and It was by order of a judge that on Tuesday they had to show it to public opinion.

The video shows two policemen entering an office of a school where the youngest, Kaia Rolle, was sitting listening to a school employee reading a story.

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– “What are those for?” Asks the girl to the police.

– “They are for you,” Officer Dennis Turner told him about the ties, before another officer tightened them around his wrists. Kaia started to cry.

– “No … no, don’t put the handcuffs on me!”, The girl shouted, according to the video that several media outlets shared, such as the Sun sentinel Monday night.

The arrests of the girl and another 6-year-old boy at Lucious & Emma Nixon Academy in September attracted national headlines and widespread conviction, which led to the dismissal of the officer.

– “Help me, help me, please!” The youngest cries in the middle of the cry. Police officers continued with the arrest. Orlando school employees just watched in silence.

After boarding little Kaia in a police van to take her to the Child Assessment Center, Officer Turner returned to the school office and spoke with the administrators, who were worried about Kaia.

No … no, don’t put the handcuffs on me!

Record for the young

According to the newspaper version Sun sentinel, the policeman told them that he had arrested 6,000 people in his career; The youngest, until that moment, was 7 years old. When school employees told him that Kaia was 6 years old, not 8 as he thought, he didn’t seem worried.

Now she has broken the record“said the officer.

Kaia, a first-grade student at the school, had a tantrum earlier on the day she had kicked and beaten three school employees, which led to her arrest for a misdemeanor, according to her police report. However, when Turner and another officer approached Kaia to stop her, handcuff her and arrest her, the girl had calmed down, the video shows.

The school employee who had been reading told Kaia that she had to go with the officers and that her grandmother would pick her up later.

While walking with the officer to the car, Kaia continued to cry: “I don’t want to go in a police car. “

The second officer, who has not been identified, replied: “Do not you want? … You have to.”

When the policeman returns to the patrol car, the girl says: “Please give me a second chance,” still crying.

Turner then returned to the school office, reminding an employee that he would need a statement from her and said he would probably receive a subpoena. The woman agreed, although she said she was upset.

The arrest report that Turner completed said that a Beverly Stoute school staff member had requested to press charges against Kaia, something the school later denied.

The video does not show any staff member trying to stop the arrest, although obviously several are restless.

– “Are restrictions necessary?” asked a school employee.

– “Yes,” Turner said. Sun sentinel.

Then, he added: “If she were bigger, she would have been wearing regular wives“.

The authorities have said that Turner also arrested a 6-year-old boy at Nixon Academy on the same day. that Kaia for misdemeanors in an unrelated incident. However, the child’s arrest was stopped by the superiors before the child went through the entire arrest process. Details about the child’s arrest have not been made public.

The next day, prosecutors dropped the charge against Kaia.

Officials of Orlando Police Department has said Turner violated the agency’s policy on arresting children under 12, which requires officers to obtain the approval of a supervisor, something Turner did not do. However, his decision was not illegal since Florida currently does not have a minimum age for arrest, says the Sun sentinel.

It should be from 12 years old

Meralyn Kirkland, Kaia’s grandmother, said she hopes that when people see the images of her granddaughter’s arrest, they will support a proposal to change that law by reaching 12 years of minimum age for arrest.

She said she would also like to see school resource officers receive more training and preparation, especially for working with young children.

“I knew what they did was wrong, but I never knew I was asking for help,” Kirkland said in an interview Monday night about the video. “I saw her break.”

Kirkland said that body camera images still bother her, especially when Turner talks “cruelly” about arresting children.

“Are you talking about traumatizing a 6 and 7 year old boy, and that’s a boast for you?” She said. “These are babies.”

Kirkland said that his granddaughter had sleep apnea, what could cause him to act badly in school, a condition that Kirkland had repeatedly worked with the school to handle.



Deputies propose death penalty for femicide – Noticieros Televisa

Deputies of Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) Y National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) they proposed the death penalty to punish the femicide In our country.

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The PVEM bench in the Chamber of Deputies raised the death penalty for those who comment homicide Y feminicide to minors, “to pay with their life, the life they did not forgive.”

The coordinator of Green, Arturo Escobar and Vega, said that Mexico is under a Exception status, so it requires a measure of exception: “to pay with your life, the life they did not forgive,” he said.

The deputies mentioned that this legislative proposal it requires the modification of four constitutional articles: 18, 22, 29 and 94, in addition to two international treaties.

Although they refused to raise what would be the method in which they would take their lives guilty and they considered that that would be defined with the reforms to the secondary laws.

In their explanatory statement, the deputies pointed out recent feminicides that have shocked the country, like the murder of Ingrid Escamilla, a young woman dismembered by her partner, or Fatima, a seven-year-old girl whose body appeared in a garbage bag.

Lawmakers cited alleged studies from universities in U.S, where the death penalty is valid, to claim that executions deter potential killers.

To the initiative five deputies from Morena joined, party founded by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The death penalty should not be identified with a demagogic discourse, but of imperative need to deter illegal behavior, but above all to protect life,” they said.

The death penalty It was abolished of the Criminal Code in 1929 and expressly prohibited in the Constitution in 2005.

Although five deputies of Morena They signed the measure, neither the Government of López Obrador nor the address of Morena have declared themselves in favor of the death penalty.

Following the recent feminicides, feminist groups in Mexico summoned a national strike from women for him March 9 in protest against sexist violence.

Is strike It has received the support of members of the Government, the main parties and employers of the country, as well as large media.

Mexico registry one thousand six femicides – gender killings – during 2019, according to official data. In general, in the country 10 women are killed a day.

In addition, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, in 2019 there were 197,693 incidents of violence against women. Among these, three thousand 874 cases of rape and five thousand 347 incidents of sexual abuse were reported.

With information from Televisa News and agencies.



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