“I’m going to f *** them up with their plans” – Gaethje on Khabib and the UFC boss

Already at UFC 254 there will be a fight for the lightweight champion belt in between Khabibem Nurmagomedovem i Justin Gaethje. For the champion, it will be another winning clash on the way to the 30-0 record. Gaethje, however, intends to thwart the plans of Khabib and others who believe in his victory, as he said on the broadcast “Morning Kombat”.

They already have plans for the future. I don’t know what, but they already say they have. I’m going to screw them up with their plans. After this fight they will change my nickname from “The Highlight” to “2020”.

On the other hand, when he said “they”, Gaethje meant a few specific people.

I’m here to ruin the day for Ali (Ali Abdelaziz, Khabib’s manager – editor’s note), Dana White, Daniel Cormier, Javeir Mendez and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Fuck them all!

Gaethje, 31, stormed the lightweight ranking after winning four straight fights. In the last fight in the fifth round, he smashed the favored Tony Ferguson with blows, winning the temporary UFC lightweight belt. Earlier, the American finished Donald Cerrone, Edson Barboza and James Vick in the first rounds. The only losers in the career of “The Highlight” suffered in clashes with Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier.

To Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fight with Justin Gaethje on October 24 at UFC 254.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen, Karsten Warholm | The Ingebrigtsen brothers came to Warholm after a King’s Cup statement. Now they explain the reaction:

When Karsten Warholm (24) asked for a justification for why Jakob Ingebrigtsen (20) received the King’s Cup, the brothers Henrik and Filip Ingebrigtsen shook their heads in despair.

NORWAY’S SPORTS COLLEGE (Nettavisen): – It is he who says that he is so very humble, so then he gets to show it sometimes, too, says Henrik Ingebrigtsen to Nettavisen.

Big brother Ingebrigtsen is referring to an incident that happened right after little brother Jakob was awarded the King’s Cup in September for his efforts in the National Championships.

After the distribution, however, an exchange of words began.

Karsten Warholm and Amalie Iuel were both quoted as saying that the former had deserved the King’s Cup.

Warholm told Aftenposten that he was surprised by the decision.

– Yes, I question the jury’s choice, he told the newspaper.

WANTED REASON: Karsten Warholm struggled to settle down with the fact that he did not get the King’s Cup during the National Championships in 2020.
Photo: Berit Roald (NTB scanpix)

Warholm was looking for its sixth straight royal trophy. But the jury thought that Ingebrigtsen’s 3.33.93 in 1500 meters was a better performance than Warholm’s.

Wanted justification

The world champion ran in to 48.23 seconds in the 400 meter hurdles. He elaborated on the disappointment of not getting the King’s Cup in the following way to Aftenposten:

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– An NM gold hangs high, that’s why I pose, but for me it’s really about the King’s Cup. It obviously did not work today, but I tried at least.

Furthermore, the Ulsteinvik boy said that he would very much like a justification from the jury for why Ingebrigtsen was chosen before him this time.

Following these statements, big brother Henrik Ingebrigtsen took to social media to comment on the incident. On Instagram, he posted a picture of the article with Warholm in Aftenposten and the text: “Humble statement”.

“Humble statement”: Henrik Ingebrigtsen (right) served this comment on his Instagram Story on Sunday night – over a screenshot of an interview with Karsten Warholm. To the left is Jakob Ingebrigtsen, who won the King’s Cup for men in this year’s NM.
Photo: Carina Johansen (NTB)

Later, Filip Ingebrigtsen also hung out via Instagram. Like his brother, he published an article in which Warholm asked for a justification from the jury. Filip Ingebrigtsen also added the following text to the post: «The reason: 3.33.93».

Filip Ingebrigtsen also took to Instagram on Sunday night and responded to the Karsten Warholm interview. “Rationale: 3.33.93”, writes Ingebrigtsen.
Photo: Screenshot / Instagram / NTB

In his run against Warholm, middle brother Ingebrigtsen is aiming for little boy’s good time. Big brother Ingebrigtsen thinks it should all be fun first and foremost.

– It was meant as a funny comment. And that was it, says Henrik to Nettavisen.

Filip: – It was strange

Filip, for his part, explains his reaction to Warholm’s statements by saying that he was very proud of what little brother Jakob had achieved and thought it was worthy of the King’s Cup.

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– I think it was a very deserved wife’s trophy and it was strange to question who was the king’s cup winner. I think you should treat each other to win prizes and do well, he says to Nettavisen.

– This year it was Jakob who ran away with the King’s Cup. As a middle-distance runner and long-distance runner, it is actually a bit like that that it is not possible for us to win it. It has never been a goal. The fact that he actually won the King’s Cup I think was so big and fun, so then it’s boring that people should question it, he says.

He thinks what little brother Jakob did during the National Championships is almost unique.

– It should be celebrated. It is usually the technical exercises and sprint exercises that have won over the years and it has never been, at least not male runners, who have won it. Both the performance and the award were well deserved, he says.

Warholm: – Must endure a little

The online newspaper has also asked Karsten Warholm how he reacted to the stings from the Ingebrigtsen brothers. The 24-year-old replies that he has put it all behind him.

– You have to endure a little, Warholm says to Nettavisen.

– When you talk, you have to endure some messages back. I do, I can stand it and there is a good atmosphere, I can assure everyone with that, he says about the case.

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The president of the Norwegian Athletics Association, Ketil Tømmernes, told Aftenposten that he would not give Warholm any justification and made the following statement:

– The decision has been made in accordance with the regulations. It states that the performance is assessed, and that the decision is made on the basis of the assessment of performance, and on the basis of judgment.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen said after the award ceremony that he was surprised that the choice fell on him this time. Warholm had won the King’s Cup five years in a row before 2020.

– It’s great, it’s not anyone you compare yourself with. It’s cool to be honored in that way. As a distance runner, it is not something you think about that much, unfortunately, said little brother Ingebrigtsen, a little more diplomatic than his two brothers.

Not the first time

This is not the first time there has been a temperature between the Ingebrigtsen tenant and Warholm in connection with the awarding of a King’s Cup.

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In 2017, when Warholm became world champion for the first time in the 400 meter hurdles, there was a lot of back and forth between the parties. It all started with big brother Henrik Ingebrigtsen thinking Philip’s bronze in the 1500 meters in the WC, was a greater achievement than Warholm’s gold.

– All credit to Warholm’s gold in the 400 meter hurdles. A fantastic achievement. And what he has achieved this season is just to take off his hat. But as a 1500 meter runner, I like the bronze best, explained big brother Ingebrigtsen to Nettavisen.

The feud continued during the National Championships in Sandnes a few weeks later where Warholm snatched the King’s Cup ahead of Jakob Ingebrigtsen. After the distribution, the hurdles runner shouted this in front of the press: «Where is Henrik Ingebrigtsen? Where is Henrik Ingebrigtsen? ».

Warholm told Nettavisen at a later date that he did not say anything he could not stand for in the “quarrel” with Henrik Ingebrigtsen in 2017.

– There, I’m really just happy that I was able to defend myself. It’s rare you will see me attack someone else. I am very good at “mind my own business”.

Dedicated stamp to Olympic vice-champion Jānis Daliņš / Day

The postage stamp dedicated to J. Daliņš was issued in a circulation of 100,000 copies, while the special envelope was issued in 1,000 copies. The face value of the postage stamp is € 1.00, and it corresponds to the payment for letter correspondence in the weight category up to 20 grams in the territory of Latvia. The philatelic news design was created in cooperation with Valmiera City Municipality.

The visual design of the stamp uses a photo from the archives of the Valmiera Museum, while the envelope shows the stadium in Valmiera named after the walker Daliņš.

Daliņš is a remarkable Latvian athlete – one of the most outstanding Latvian athletes of all time. During his professional career, Daliņš has won many walking competitions in Latvia and worldwide. In 1932, the 10th Olympic Games took place in the United States of America, Los Angeles, in which the famous athlete won a silver medal in a 50 km walk, obtaining the first Olympic medal in the history of Latvian sports.

In 1934, participating in the first European Athletics Championships in Turin, Italy, he won a gold medal in the 50 km walking distance and became the first European walking champion. The athlete has been awarded the Order of the Three Stars for outstanding success.

The athlete’s fame was also reflected in popular culture – a song created by singer Jānis Āres Oh, I wish Dalina’s legs were! was widely sung in the 1930s and included in the very first record released by Riga radio.

Stamp and envelope Jānis Daliņš initially it will be possible to buy in Riga 10th post office at 14/43 Elizabetes street, Riga 50th post office in shopping center Origo, Station Square 2, in the post office accurate Brīvības boulevard 32, Riga, as well as in Latvijas Pasts e-shop https://veikals.pasts.lv/.

Setback for Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord and PSV: UEFA lowers prize money in Europe

UEFA is lowering the prize money for the Champions League and the Europa League for the next five seasons. The European Football Association is forced to do so due to the financial consequences of the corona crisis, The Times reports.

According to the British newspaper, UEFA would have informed the clubs that it is missing 514 million pounds (563 million euros) in television and sponsorship income. The Champions League and Europa League were finished in a slimmed-down form and on neutral ground in August. For example, the public was not welcome and the knock-out phase was about one instead of two duels.

In last season’s forecast, 2.5 billion was reserved for the European participants, of which 1.95 billion for the 32 teams in the group stage of the Champions League. However, all clubs now have to hand in four percent of the TV and sponsorship money for the coming years.

The Times charges for that Manchester City earned 96.2 million euros in the Champions League last season. The Citizens now receive 3.8 million less and have 92.4 million left. Also the Dutch participants in the European competitions this season Ajax, AZ, Feyenoord in PSVare affected by the measures.


“I’m angry and disappointed …” English football legend angers at Covid-19 positive friend – Football – Apollo.lv – Sports

A friend has not been warned that he has been advised to take a coronavirus test and has visited a Derby County footballer. A friend was later diagnosed with Covid-19.

The 34-year-old English football legend says he is still annoyed that he has to go through ten days of self-isolation.

“I just got word that the Covid-19 test doesn’t show me the presence of this virus in my body,” Rooney wrote on Twitter.

“I’m happy for myself and my family, but obviously angry and disappointed that I now have to isolate myself and skip important Derby County games,” he writes.

Rooney played for Derby County last Friday, but will now miss the next three club matches.

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The star on Giru ends, she has been infected for the second time

Marco Alpozzi, ČTK / AP

Gaviria was quarantined for six weeks in March and April after infection during the race in the United Arab Emirates. Now he is facing further isolation. Out of a total of 492 recent samples taken on the Giro, two were positive, in the second case they were employees of the AG2R La Mondiale stable.

“Gaviria was immediately isolated, feeling well and has no symptoms. All other riders and team members were negative and will undergo further testing today,” the UAE team said in a statement. In this year’s Gira, the winner of the 2017 Gaviria points competition was the seventh best, and he only made it into the top ten once.

After a terrible accident, two cyclists withdrew from Gira

The race, from which two complete sets resigned last week due to the covid-19 disease, continues today, after a day off, with the 16th stage, starting in Udine. Portuguese leader Joao Almeida will enter the decisive third week in a pink jersey, 15 seconds ahead. The race should end on Sunday in Milan.

One week ago, Sunday and Monday’s testing among all Gira participants yielded eight positive results from five different teams, including stars Michael Matthews and Steven Kruijswijk. Both had to leave the race and the complete Mitchelton-Scott and Jumbo-Visma teams resigned. He had previously eliminated the covid of the British co-Bavarian Simon Yates.

An extraordinary round of inspections at the end of the week calmed the peloton, as all results were negative. Two more cases have arrived today, and a question mark hangs over Gira’s completion.

In parallel with this, the third of the cycling Grand Tours Vuelta will start today with Zdeněk Štybar and Jan Hirt in Irun, Spain, albeit in an abbreviated form without three stages. The first wave of tests did not reveal any cases of infection among cyclists, but two employees were positive – one each in the Bahrain-McLaren and Sunweb teams.

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360 Minutes for One Penalty Goal


Lionel Messi again drag the goal on Barcelona. During his 360 minutes of appearances, only one goal was scored and that was through a penalty.

Lionel Messi always plays the full game for Barcelona throughout the 2020/2021 season. The result was two wins, one draw and one defeat for La Pulga and the Blaugrana.

There is something unusual about Lionel Messi this season. He was on the scoresheet for Barcelona during the 360 ​​minutes he played. The only goal scored by Messi during Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Villarreal, even then was through a penalty.

I don’t know what makes Lionel Messi unable to tear the opponent’s goal anymore. One thing is certain, the 33-year-old player once said that he was not obsessed with scoring goals.

“Today I wasn’t too obsessed with scoring goals. I just tried to do my best for the team,” said Lionel Messi in an interview for La Garganta Poderosa magazine.

Even though he only scored one goal, Messi actually had two roles to make the opponent scored an own goal. First, it happened against Villarreal when Pau Torres failed to cut Messi’s pass. Second, in the match against Celta Vigo when Lucas Olaza failed to cut Messi’s bait.

While with the Argentina national team in two qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup, Messi also only scored one goal. The record he made through the execution of a penalty against Ecuador.

Lionel Messi is Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer. In total there have been 635 goals scored by La Pulga in 735 appearances for Barca.

(ran / krs)


Ascoli-Reggiana 2-1, the key moments of the match – picenotime

Ascoli beat Reggiana 2-1 at “Del Duca” in the fourth matchday of Serie B and won their first win of the season. After 4 minutes Sabiri wins and scores the 1-0 penalty. At 25 ‘Bajic thinks about doubling with a nice right foot from the edge of the area. The guests, decimated by injuries and Coronavirus positive players, reopen the match in the 90th minute with Mazzocchi. At 93 ‘a goal to Kargbo was canceled for offside by Mazzocchi on an assist from Kirwan. Thus Bertotto’s team has 4 points in the standings in view of the trip to the “Arechi” stadium against Salernitana.

Olav Mol: “Max Verstappen does something Hamilton cannot”

It is clear that Lewis Hamilton is currently the number 1 driver. He equaled Michael Schumacher’s record during the race weekend at the German Nürburgring, both of them now having 91 race victories. Hamilton can also be on a par with Schumacher this year in terms of the number of world titles. Schumacher has achieved 7 in his career while Hamilton has 6 and is on his way to title number 7.

Before Mercedes’ dominance, Red Bull was in control of the Formula 1 field. With Sebastian Vettel who won four world titles with the team from Milton Keynes. Then Mercedes came with the hybrid engine. Lewis Hamilton has now spent seven seasons with the formation led by Toto Wolff. With five world titles and on his way to his sixth in his eighth season, he seems to many to be the best driver in the world. Only Ziggo Sport commentators Jack Plooij and Olav Mol think differently.

For Jack Plooij, whether or not he wears ‘orange glasses’, Max Verstappen remains the best driver on the current grid. “Lewis is currently number 1, but Max Verstappen can become number 1 if he has the best material”, Jack Plooij starts at F1 at the table.

Frans Verschuur also gave his opinion and immediately came up with an answer. “In my opinion, Verstappen is better, but he doesn’t have the equipment. We have seen that with Fernando Alonso for a long time, so I hope that the same will not happen to Max. Lewis will never want to have him next to him,” says team boss Frans Verschuur. On.

Olav Mol over Verstappen

Olav Mol immediately compares the two drivers. He thinks Max does things Hamilton couldn’t do. “When Hamilton just went to Mercedes, Hamilton did not do what Max does now. In the period that Sebastian Vettel drove for Red Bull and took 4 world titles, Hamilton did not manage to put the fire to the shins. But from the moment that he did. car was the strongest, so was Lewis. I’m sure he is one of the very best, “said the Ziggo commentator.


FilGoal | News | The Football Association: The new season in late November … and the completion of the league benefited Al-Ahly and Zamalek in Casablanca

Walid Al-Attar, Executive Director of the Football Association, revealed the initial date for the start of the League Championship for the new season 2020-2021.

“The new season will start in late November, the fourth week of the month,” Al-Attar said on “Stadium 9090”.

He added, “I think that the new season will be a better application of video judgment technology. In the first week of November, a new group of referees will undergo technical courses, to obtain a license to use it.”

“Yes. The Confederation will use the VAR devices used in the Egyptian League in the Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches against Wydad, and please in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals,” the FIFA executive director confirmed.

He continued, “It is an indicator of confidence, and confirms that we use equipment of the highest level, even the best in the world.”

Walid Al-Attar completed his remarks, “I will not touch on technical matters, but in the last two matches for Al-Ahly and Zamalek in Casablanca, their superiority was evident due to physical fitness, as it is the result of the decision to return to the league, where each team fought 15 matches other than friendlies, which also affects the preparation of players for the Egyptian national team.” Led by Hussam Al-Badri. “