Auction of 5G frequencies among telecom providers starts NOW

The Dutch government will auction the first frequencies of the new 5G networks from 10 a.m., reports the Telecom Agency. Only when telecom providers acquire a frequency band can they activate their 5G network: the last step before the rollout.

5G is the successor to 4G, the technology currently used for mobile internet. New technology in telecom masts should rapidly connect to devices that support it. On smartphones, for example, this ensures that videos stream faster and photos are downloaded faster.

In any case, KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone will participate in the auction. It is not known who the other participants are and how long the auction will last.

The auction is expected to generate millions to the state. For example, the 4G auction accounted for around 3.8 billion euros. This time, the proceeds are expected to amount to 900 million euros.

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Vadim Naftali, head of industrial automation and Metrology of the it Department and head office management of the program “Technological breakthrough”, JSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”


IPhone 12, 5G will work “in half”: limited speed for many users

In recent days, Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech has published an indiscretion that the future iPhone 12 will have a base price of “just“$ 649, or 50 less than the iPhone 11, for the 5.4-inch OLED screen version, two cameras and 5G connection. Many have wondered how Apple will offer these features with this price.

Now Jon Prosser himself reveals the truth: the 5.4 and 6.1 inch iPhone 12 will not support millimeter waves, the so-called 5G mmWave, but only frequencies below 6 GHz. The only ones iPhone 12 compatible with millimeter waves will be those in the Pro and Pro Max version. In this way Apple clearly divides the range in two, creating an important technical difference that justifies the strong price difference: the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro In fact, according to Prosser it will cost $ 999 while the 6.7-inch Pro Max will cost $ 1,099. But what changes without the millimeter waves?

mmWave 5G: why it matters

The cellular networks that we have used in recent years, namely 2G / 3G / 4G, have used frequencies up to 3 GHz. 5G can be transmitted on various different frequencies: those at 700 MHz (currently occupied in Italy by digital terrestrial TV , waiting for the switch off), those at 2.6 GHz and 3.7 GHz and those at 26 GHz. Then there are the waves with higher frequencies, up to 95 GHz, which are defined as millimeter and in some countries have already been partially assigned (or will be in the future) to 5G networks. The higher the frequency, the greater the amount of data that can be transported in a single second, therefore the higher the speed of the Internet from the cellular network. But the lower the frequency, the farther the wave can go, therefore the higher the network coverage.

iPhone 12 “castrated”?

The fact that iPhone 12 may be incompatible with the 5G mmWave it’s not good news for users and potential buyers. The speed that can be achieved by exploiting these very high frequencies is truly remarkable: in the United States, for example, Verizon’s mmWave 5G network is able to offer speeds of over one GBps, practically like an excellent optical fiber. However it must also be said that this type of network has very low coverage and, in practice, it will be implemented mainly as alternative to public Wi-Fi in restricted areas such as squares, shopping centers or places of small extension but very crowded. Not being able to take advantage of the millimeter waves, therefore, may not be a huge sacrifice for Apple fans.


Went mad! Actress on Televisa busts against 5G: “Brain pump to control us”

Mexico City.-The actress ofTelevisa Patricia Christmas It has returned to give something to talk about in the last hours, because through various messages the actress assured that abrain pumpto enslave the world through the 5G technology.

Despite the criticism he has received on previous occasions for his messages against theCovid-19Christmas took up his Twitter account to explain his theory this way:

In the late 1970s, scientists at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories were developing what they called a brain bomb: a low-frequency energy weapon that could be used on a battlefield to wipe out the brains of thousands of soldiers at once. “

Now they are using it to enslave us in a worldwide network that they have launched in the hope of finally capturing the entire human race. Captive and willingly caught on their Internet, numbers and algorithms will be key to DARPA’s next final game called 5G. “

He even assured that this theory is already in progress. “Drones are already flying overhead, stealing images of their faces to use as facial recognition software installed in this control matrix. The companies recently started asking for verbal confirmation when paying bills over the phone.”

They are stealing your voice that they will integrate into the voice recognition software for 5G. There will be 5G transmitters in every block in your city that connects this “smart grid.” Alexa-like devices will control your home. Your “smartphone” will track your purchases, movements, etc. “

Finally, Paty sentenced:

They will implant and change their thoughts and emotions so that they are consistent with the Satanist agenda. Through Facebook, they know and now they will play with your weaknesses, the Hunger Games will have started and we will all become nothing more than running mazes. If we do not escape this network of technology that has been thrown at us. When 5G is launched, both our free will and our humanity will be radically reduced and may cease to exist. Look around you, it’s already happening. “

Her message has divided her followers, and while some support her by affirming that the actress and singer is right, others take the opportunity to make jokes andmemeswith his explanation.

Source: Mexico Agency



Vodafone warns of attacks on 5G antennas in Germany

Attacks on 5G cell towers

A 5G transmitter was destroyed in an arson attack in Huddersfield in Northern England.

(Photo: AFP)

Dusseldorf The network operator Vodafone has warned of attacks on cell towers in Germany. Arson attacks have already taken place in several EU countries. Similar things could happen in Germany, said Vodafone Germany boss Hannes Ametsreiter on Wednesday.

“These activities can endanger life,” said Ametsreiter. In the UK, a cell tower near a hospital was destroyed, and emergency calls could not be made. That is a worrying development.

The background to the attacks are conspiracy theories that have linked the expansion of 5G mobile communications to the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Masts had been damaged or destroyed in Great Britain, the Netherlands and Cyprus.

Despite attempts by scientists and politicians to calm the population, concerns about similar events in Germany are increasing. Vodafone technical director Gerhard Mack said: “We must not fool ourselves.” The expansion of 5G mobile radio is still in the early stages in Germany. In the Federal Republic, “many thousands of new masts” would still have to be built to supply the population with 5G.

German industry in particular had been pushing for a 5G supply that was as extensive as possible. She hopes to be the basis for new products, better networking of production and the basis for applications such as autonomous driving.

Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom announced on Wednesday to significantly expand the expansion of 5G mobile radio in Germany. Telekom wants to supply half of the German population with 5G this year. That would correspond to about 40 million people. “We have big plans for 5G and will bring the latest mobile communications standard to large parts of Germany this year,” says Telekom Germany boss Dirk Wössner.

Vodafone also announced that it would make its 5G network available to around ten million people in Germany this year. In the beginning, Vodafone focused on the cities, said Ametsreiter. “Now we’re bringing 5G to the area.”

Important frequencies for 5G were auctioned in Germany last year. In addition to Telekom and Vodafone, Telefónica Deutschland and the newcomer also secured themselves for a total of 6.55 billion euros Drillish, behind which the group United Internet (Brands 1 & 1, GMX, stands, frequencies. The nationwide expansion of mobile radio technology will take years.

More: This is how scientists assess the theories about the relationship between 5G and corona.


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Conspiracy theory about Corona is spreading

Corona graffiti

A graffiti on a wall in Kensington in Great Britain links the corona pandemic to 5G mobile communications.

(Photo: REUTERS)

Dusseldorf When the first arson attacks on 5G cell phone antennas were carried out in Great Britain, experts at most took notice. But the situation changed within a few weeks. In the UK, more than 60 cellular antennas have already been set on fire. Authorities in the Netherlands, Cyprus and Ireland have now registered similar attacks.

The background to the attacks is a conspiracy theory that has become increasingly widespread in Europe over the past few weeks. In online forums, people claim that there is a direct link between the outbreak of the corona virus and the expansion of the latest 5G cellular standard. Scientists and experts are against it.

Nevertheless, there is growing concern about attacks in Germany. The president of the digital association Bitkom, Achim Berg, said: “Autonomous companies have just started an arson attack on a telecommunications network in the middle of Berlin.” Berg said that operators always take precautions to protect their networks. “Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that infrastructures that have been expanded in the area can be successfully attacked.”

The network operators in Germany are watching the situation. On VodafoneSpokesman said: “In the UK, there have recently been cases in which individual locations of the telecommunications infrastructure have been damaged because individuals are constructing a link between 5G and the corona virus.” The spokesman emphasized: “There is no scientific evidence or evidence for these claims. 5G, like its predecessor technologies, is a safe bet. ”

The company takes constructive criticism from concerned people seriously. “We also have an open exchange with cell phone critics,” said the spokesman. “Cases in which the infrastructure was affected by vandalism are currently not known to us in Germany.” Therefore, no additional security measures are currently being taken.

Great skepticism about network expansion

The other network operators also expressed similar comments. “Fortunately, damage to mobile phone locations due to arson, for example, occurs very rarely in this country, and the majority is pure vandalism,” said a Telefónica spokeswoman. “We do not currently see an increase, which is why there are no additional protective measures.”

At Telekom it was said: “There are always cases of vandalism,” said one Telekom spokeswoman. “But we are currently not seeing any change in us.”


The development comes at a time when there is already great skepticism about network expansion in Germany. The digital association Bitkom conducted a representative survey. Almost one in two (48 percent) spoke out against the construction of new cell towers. The Federal Network Agency had only discovered a few days ago that Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica are lagging behind the minimum requirements in expanding their networks in Germany and that there are still too many dead spots.

For years, scientific studies have dealt with the question of whether and what influence cell phone radiation has on people. The Stiftung Warentest recently summarized many of the available studies. In the analysis, the consumer organization came to the conclusion: “The research findings provide little cause for concern.”

ARD science journalist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim did a research More specifically, a possible connection between cell phone radiation and cancer diseases and came to the conclusion: “So far, there is no conclusive hypothesis – no idea yet – how cell phone radiation could theoretically trigger cancer.”


Fire brigade has to turn out again to extinguish masts NOW

The fire brigade was busy Friday evening and in the night to Saturday putting out burning radio masts. On Friday evening someone set a radio tower on fire in Groningen and two masts caught fire in the Brabant town of Oudenbosch. The fire brigade has extinguished it and is still investigating the circumstances, but a connection with other incidents is very plausible.

The fires in Brabant started around 3:00 am, report Broadcasting Brabant and BD. At one of the masts, the fire brigade needed a cherry picker to put out the fire. The damage to the masts is still unknown.

In Groningen someone poured a mast with fuel and then lit it. When a bystander spoke to the man about it, he quickly drove away. The bystander was able to record the registration number of the car and reported it to the police. According to a police spokesman, the bystander intervention did not cause any damage to the mast.

Fire already started last week in radio masts in Beesd (Gelderland), Rotterdam and the Brabant towns of Deurne and Nuenen. That to burn in all cases started at the bottom and on the outside of the transmission tower, indicating arson.

The loss of a radio mast due to fire can lead to reduced mobile accessibility. “Incidents of this kind have consequences for mobile coverage in the region, as a result of which 112 may no longer be accessible in the region, with all the associated consequences,” Rob Bongenaar, director of interest group Monet, told

One of the fires in Oudenbosch required an aerial platform to extinguish. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Fake news spread over radiation 5G and coronavirus

Last weekend, several cell towers were set on fire in the UK. This happened after the spread of online fake news in which a link is made between 5G radiation and the corona virus.

New transmission masts will be installed for the roll-out of the 5G network. Critics are concerned that the radiation from the masts may cause damage to health, although research has shown that the radiation remains below the limit recommended by the European Union. KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone notice an “increasing resistance to the placement of antennas”, the companies said earlier.

NCTV speaks of a ‘worrying development’

Last year, after the announced rollout of 5G networks in the Netherlands, the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) already established that protests against transmission masts had received a new impulse.

These often took the form of demonstrations, but have never before led to extremist protests such as the sabotage and arson of the past few days, the NCTV writes. “A worrying development.”


Attacks on masts: 5G would spread Corona

Mobile radio masts are lit. The perpetrators claim that the new 5G mobile technology would spread the Sars CoV2 coronavirus. This is what Telefónica says about the situation in Germany.

Mobile phone masts were set on fire in the UK. The perpetrators apparently see a connection between the new 5G mobile technology and the spread of the Coronavirus Sars CoV2 and the Covid 19 pandemic.

Like the BBC

Unknown perpetrators set fire to cell towers in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside. According to the BBC, a video was also shared on YouTube and Facebook that relates to the fire in Aigburth, a suburb of Liverpool. This suggests that the arsonists link cellular technology to the Covid 19 pandemic. The British government describes these allegations as “dangerous nonsense”. The British Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

emphasizes in a tweet,
that there would be no credible evidence at all of a 5G-Corona connection.

As always with a new type of threat, conspiracy theories are immediately circulating around Corona. The most common claim

that 5G would support or accelerate the spread of Sars CoV2. First, according to the conspiracy theory, because 5G would weaken people’s immune systems. On the other hand, because viruses could communicate with each other via radio waves. However, the starting point for this theory is one

controversial investigation,
that bacteria (not viruses like Sars CoV2) cause electromagnetic radiation / radio waves

can generate
to communicate with each other.

This conspiracy theory can be easily disproved: According to this, infections with the corona virus would only occur in areas with 5G mobile radio networks. However, these 5G networks are currently very rare, while Corona also occurs in areas without 5G.

Especially at the transmission facility in Aigburth, it is also doubtful whether 5G technology is installed at all. The also attacked transmission tower in Birmingham

broadcasts, according to Reuters
only for 2G, 3G and 4G, but currently does not have 5G technology. In the UK, cell phone technicians have also been threatened because 5G would spread Corona.

Tutoring in physics: ”

iPhone & Co .: No danger from radiation

Vodafone Germany brings yet another variant of this conspiracy theory: “According to this conspiracy theory, the corona virus is an invention to cover up the health effects caused by the introduction of the 5G mobile radio standard in Wuhan.”

In other words, 5G was introduced, promptly causing people to get a fever, pneumonia and possibly die from it. So the rumor goes around that a new virus called Sars CoV2 is to blame …

Vodafone says: “The virus is not related to mobile communications in general, nor to the new 5G transmission standard. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection assume that cell phone radiation does not pose a health risk based on current knowledge and within the legal limits. At Vodafone the following applies: with regard to our radio systems as well as our end devices, safe operation to protect residents, our customers and our employees has top priority. We rely on the judgment of experts and transparent research and trust in the limit values ​​based on it for safe mobile communications. Because the decisive factor is not the mobile radio standard, but the frequency range and intensity. ”

Are there attacks on 5G cell towers in Germany that are related to conspiracy theories around the corona crisis? We asked the mobile phone companies. A spokesman for Telefónica Germany replied to us: “Fortunately, damage to mobile phone locations due to arson, for example, occurs very rarely, and the majority of these are acts of vandalism. We do not currently see any increase.”


“Telekom is experienced in managing crises”

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, tens of thousands of employees have been working from home at Deutsche Telekom, and many other companies have also changed their jobs. “I am certain that we will see a digitization boost even after the pandemic ends,” said Höttges with conviction.

As CEO, he decided to change his behavior. “I will significantly reduce my travel activity after the crisis. I am much more productive than when I am on the go all the time, ”announced Höttges.

Read the full interview here:

Mr. Höttges, the corona pandemic affects companies worldwide. How is it going at Telekom?
Telekom is in high demand. In our industry we are something like the field horse that pulls the plow through the field. We ordered sufficient protective equipment for our employees very early on.

Can the network withstand the constant stress in times of Corona?
Telekom’s infrastructure copes with the load. On Monday alone, we processed 50 percent more calls in the fixed network than in the previous month. Our network runs completely smoothly without a single major failure. I am very proud of my troop.

The economy in Germany has never been more dependent on digital networks than it is today. Do you also notice this in the demand for certain products?
Our first task is functioning networks. But we also want to be there for our customers. Our free offers to help us manage this difficult phase are well received: Within two days we had 250,000 orders for the Disney + video service, which is free for our customers for six months. We also issued 30,000 free school video licenses. In mobile communications, one million customers immediately took up the offer of an additional 10 gigabytes of data volume per month.

How can you ensure that the networks will continue to function if more employees get infected or have to be put in quarantine as a precaution?
In the past few years, we have invested more than ever in expanding our networks. That pays off today. We are not at the capacity limit for any of our services. In some places we had to upgrade at short notice. The landline phone is currently celebrating a renaissance. We have doubled traffic. Data usage in mobile communications has declined somewhat because many customers are at home and use the WLAN. We currently have all network parameters in green.

“Our infrastructure is stable”

In the meantime there have been difficulties with video services. Why is that?
At least not on the networks. Our infrastructure is stable. There are some services, such as video conferencing providers, that are reaching their limits. Sometimes it’s the capacity of corporate networks. But it’s not the telecommunications networks that are running. TOI Toi Toi.

Do you have to pause network expansion now – about the introduction of 5G mobile radio, for example?
We are doing what we can do under these difficult conditions. I have been on the phone with a number of colleagues from foreign network operators. There are sometimes problems and failures. For example, employees report sick because they are afraid of infections. That is not the case with us. We currently have enough protective equipment and disinfectants. With us, our service technicians can also continue into customers’ homes to help with technical problems. We can offer them the highest level of protection at the moment.

But is that enough for an extraordinary situation like the corona pandemic?
Telekom is experienced in managing crises such as the Oder flood or storm damage. We have continuous routines to practice for emergencies. I have never received as much positive feedback from customers today as I am grateful that we can help quickly now if there are problems anywhere. All call center employees work from home and that works without any problems.

In several countries, including Germany, a Corona app is being prepared that would track individual movements. Would you install such an app?
My personal opinion is that this is not about collecting data unnecessarily. This is really about protecting human lives. I myself would be willing to share my personal information with an app to do my part to save lives. But such an app will only work on a voluntary basis.

There has never been a digitization surge as great as now in corona times. What will remain of it after the pandemic in Germany?
We are currently experiencing digital proximity with physical distance. I am sure that we will see a digitization boost even after the pandemic ends. A lot of people are experiencing completely new, very positive effects of digitization. I myself too: I will significantly reduce my travel activity after the crisis. I’m much more productive than when I’m on the go all the time.

Mr. Höttges, thank you very much for the interview.

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