In 2021 between 40% to 70% of the world will be infected by the coronavirus

However, this does not mean that half of the world’s inhabitants will have a serious or fatal disease, but many will have a mild or asymptomatic disease. In fact, More than 80% of those infected will not even realize it and the vast majority of the rest will only have mild symptoms. Lipsitch is not […]

“70% pure chocolate is 50% sugar” | Good Life

Every time Virginia Gomez, aka Enraged Dietitian, Write a tweet, Troy burns. The dietitian-nutritionist does not leave puppet with a head, the same charge against the strategies of the food industry that warns those who complain about it that there are changes in habits that go beyond taking off a couple of kilos to enter […]

The yaguareté returns to the Argentine chaco | Science

Tania It has three legs. She lost one when she was a puppy, victim of a tiger who attacked her from an adjoining cage at the Batan Zoo, in southwest Buenos Aires. It was a problem among relatives. Tania It looks like an African tigress, but it is a yaguareté (“big cat”, in the Guaraní […]