Freedom is not soluble in the abundance

Abundance and freedom, An environmental history of political ideas

Pierre Charbonnier

The Discovery, 458 p., 24 €

We have the habit of thinking about the history of our political ideas – and, in particular, the freedom – as falling within a sphere apart, in isolation from our relation to the world. In this vast fresco philosophical, which will be a date, Pierre Charbonnier, a young researcher in philosophy, close to Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola, currently in charge of research at the CNRS, shows that it is not. On the contrary, his work intends to expose how the political ideas of modernity are linked to a certain conception of the relation to the earth and to the environment. For him, our ideal of freedom share a consanguinity with the intensive use of natural resources and soil, the exploitation of which was used to fund the social progress in the past two centuries.

In the introduction, which could only be a mere anecdote, to the contrary, the striking illustration. Pierre Charbonnier is reported that the u.s. administration in charge of energy has recently christened the natural gas, a fossil fuel, “ molecules of freedom US “, summoning -” so brutal and naive “leading the author – an imaginary world where the freedom would be literally contained in the fossil materials, and the emancipation policy directly related to its operations.

But times are changing and the brief episode – the scale of the story – during which the abundance of material and energy has been the engine of collective emancipation is in the process of closing. Peter Collier does not deny the social progress that this intensive exploitation has allowed. This is the reason for the urgency of the ecological crisis as just today to transform itself into a political emergency. ” It is, in fact, that it is possible, for some at least, to live better in a world that degrades “, he noted. The welfare State and its protective mechanisms are weakened by the fact that they are dependent on the rule of growth, which determines their funding.

Réancrer ecology in the policy

With this book, Pierre Charbonnier means réancrer the ecological issue in the policy, then that “ dispossessed of the means of action adapted to the situation that we experience (…) we are always tempted to make the weapons and to situate the ecological issue beyond the policy – in a struggle for survival or salvation – or below – in the accumulation of gestures.

For the philosopher, décarboner the economy is not a simple scientific question or technique, it is above all a political subject. Unlike other thinkers of the ecology, he believes that it is possible to carry it in now to the democracy, “ reinventing the institutions to protect, the urban infrastructure, their financing mechanisms, as well as social attachments, which find their place. “

The challenge is significant : “ There is a need to develop devices that reduce our dependence on energies without violating the collective aspirations that are embedded “sums up Pierre Charbonnier. To renounce the plenty, without giving up the freedom.


Illinois casinos will remain closed until April 8 – NBC Chicago

All Illinois casinos will remain closed until April 8 amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press release issued Friday by the Illinois Gaming Board.

The state’s 10 casinos, which closed on Monday, were expected to remain closed for 14 days. However, the IGB extended the closing on Friday, shortly after the J.B. Pritzker had announced a home stay order for all of Illinois.

“The health and safety of customers, gaming industry employees, Gaming Board staff and everyone else in Illinois is the Gaming Board’s top priority,” IGB officials said in a press release.

The IGB is monitoring developments related to the outbreak and will provide the necessary updates, the press release said.


All Illinois casinos will close for 14 days starting Monday – NBC Chicago

The Illinois Gaming Board announced Friday that it has ordered the closure of all 10 casinos in the state starting Monday due to coronavirus concerns.

Rivers Casino in Des Plaines had previously announced that it will suspend operations Sunday, March 15, for 14 days amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, casino officials announced a press release on Friday.


List of Chicago area schools closed due to exposure concerns – NBC Chicago

Many schools in the Chicago area were closed Thursday and several universities in Illinois took additional precautions regarding possible exposure to coronavirus. The schools involved include:

Northeastern University of Illinois

The university has announced that its spring break, which is expected to begin on March 16th, will now last another week, continuing until March 29th. During that time, the faculty “will develop alternative ways of delivering the course, as appropriate, to replace the face-to-face instructions.” The university said it has no plans to close, however.

Gary Comer College Prep Chicago Middle School

An email from the Head of Prep Middle School at Gary Comer College said he received notification last Wednesday that a staff member “was recently in the vicinity of a person who has since tested positive” for COVID-19.

The employee did not show any symptoms and did not test positive, the principal said, but as a precaution, lessons would be canceled on Friday and Saturday so that the building could be disinfected.

Hinsdale Central High School in Hinsdale and Hinsdale South High School in Darien

The family of a Hinsdale South student who “may have been exposed to COVID-19” was awaiting test results, according to a district message, according to which officials made the decision to close schools to give additional time. staff and families “plan accordingly”.

Dundee-Crown High School and Perry Elementary School in Carpentersville

The district was “contacted by the Kane County Health Department regarding a possible coronavirus case” on Wednesday at 11 am Wednesday, a note from District 300 Superintendent, announcing that both schools would be closed on Thursday and Friday.

“A student attending Dundee-Crown and his family was told to self-quarantine by the McHenry County Health Department while awaiting test results for another immediate family member. As a further precaution, the student and their family members were also screened for COVID-19 today. We expect to receive an update on Friday or Saturday test results. “

“It is important to note that the student is not showing signs or symptoms related to the virus. Instead, this is a precautionary measure intended to minimize the possibility of community spread. We also confirmed that the student did not participate in large gatherings or events. in the last few weeks. “

At least three schools in the Chicago area were closed Tuesday due to an increase in confirmed coronavirus cases. Sandra Torres reports.

Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School in Chicago

A school student’s parent tested positive for coronavirus, the school said in a letter to parents on Tuesday. School officials said the Illinois Department of Public Health did not request closure, but the school would cancel all lessons and activities very carefully.

Bernard Zell officials clarified in the letter that no students or staff members were diagnosed with the virus and that they believed that the risk for students and teachers remained low, based on conversations with medical experts.

Vaughn Occupational High School in Chicago

Vaughn remains closed after a teacher’s assistant has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The patient, a Chicago woman in her fifties who was hospitalized under stable conditions, recently disembarked from the cruise ship Grand Princess in California, where 21 people on board tested positive for coronavirus, officials said on Friday.

Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves due to worries about coronavirus, but if you can’t find the substance in your local store, you can still make your own to help keep your hands clean until you can find it. Charlie Wojciechowski of NBC 5 explains how.

Loyola University in Chicago

Loyola University has said that it will suspend lectures and switch to online / distance learning from March 13 and continue until the end of the semester. The final exams will be “managed remotely”. In addition, residential students “should leave the campus as soon as possible and return home for the semester.” The halls of the residence will close by the end of Thursday.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is moving to distance learning for undergraduate and graduate programs for the entire spring quarter starting March 30th.

“Thorough preparations are underway under the guidance of Provost and we will provide detailed guidance over the next week on distance learning,” said the university. “The University is fully committed to supporting the education of all students during the Spring Quarter. The college, schools, divisions and departments will work closely with all undergraduate and graduate students to ensure that they continue to receive a transformative education. “

DePaul University of Chicago

The university issued a statement stating that no final exams will be scheduled for the Winter Quarter lessons on campus, that for the time being, all university-sponsored events are postponed or canceled until further notice and that “lessons will be held remotely during the Spring Quarter and the rest of the spring semester for the College of Law. Campuses will remain open to faculty and staff, and operations other than classroom lessons are expected to continue. Students living in residences should prepare not to return to the spring district. “

University of Illinois – all campuses

After the spring break, the university – with campuses in Chicago, Champaign and Springfield – has announced that it will suspend face-to-face lessons starting Monday, March 23. “Students should attend classes in person normally on Thursday, March 12 and Friday March 13,” the school said in a statement on Wednesday. “All international travel on university-sponsored activities for teachers, staff and students is prohibited from March 16th until further notice.”

Six additional coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Illinois, bringing the state total to 25, J.B. Pritzker Wednesday.

Northwestern University of Evanston

Northwestern schools operating with a quarter system prolong the spring break by a week, according to a statement released Wednesday.

“When lessons resume, starting April 4, they will be conducted remotely for at least three weeks,” reads the note. “Lessons that do not lend themselves to remote education will be addressed separately. University leaders will reassess the situation by April 17 and will then decide whether to continue remote teaching or return to education in person by April 27. We will provide further guidance on the transition to remote classes in the coming days. A website has been set up that outlines the essential teaching resources and will continue to be updated. “

Illinois State University in Normal

Illinois State University is extending the spring break for students until Monday March 23, the school president said. On March 23, the school will switch to online education at least April 12. The university housing has been closed and students have advised to go home until further notice. All non-essential university-sponsored travel was also suspended until further notice, with all study abroad programs canceled.

Adler University of Chicago

Adler University said Wednesday that a member of his Chicago campus was being tested for COVID-19 and is in solitary confinement.

“Out of great caution, the Chicago Campus was closed until test results are known,” the school said in a statement. “If the results turn negative, the campus will reopen and normal operations will resume. If the results turn positive, a thorough cleaning of the campus will take place. When our students, teachers and staff return, they will return to a well-prepared campus, clean and safe. “

In the meantime, lessons have been canceled until March 15th.

“By the end of the weekend, we will evaluate whether it is safe or not to return to campus. Otherwise, starting on Monday March 16, all lessons at the Chicago Campus will be conducted online. During the weekend, online lessons will continue as per usual and weekend residence classes will move to Zoom, “the school said.


Church of Fort Worth, offices closed for the week as positive presumptive chief pastor test for Coronavirus – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth closed its building and offices for the week after a member of their church leadership tested the supposed positive for COVID-19.

Robert Pace, 53, remains in hospital in solitary confinement, church leaders confirmed Wednesday. According to Rev. Janet Wagoner with the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, Pace has been part of the Fort Worth congregation since December.

“His spirit is strong. He is cheerful,
fun loving and deeply spiritual man who takes care of people like you don’t
to believe. People give it back, of course, “Rev. Wagoner told NBC 5.” I think our faith communities are uniquely equipped for
come around people and support people when this kind of thing happens and us
we are honored to have this type of role in our community where we have
networks and support systems. “

Pace is the first alleged positive case in Tarrant County. After initial discussions with public health officials this week, church officials said the rest of the congregation is not at risk.

According to the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, Pace
participated in the consortium of gifted episcopal parishes (CEEP) in its annual
conference in Louisville, Kentucky, February 19 to February 22.

In a letter posted on the church’s website, Pace said he started feeling bad around Ash on Wednesday night.

“The beginning of Lent for me was one for the record books. I
I “involuntarily” fasted for days and days, and I certainly did
I said intercessory prayers. All this because I had a virus
that some time has come around the evening of Ash Wednesday. With high fever, a
horrible, painful cough and a little nausea, this was humiliating. But I am
finally getting better, ”said the letter.

Katie Sherrod, communications director for the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth, said she was informed by the public
Health officials that Pace’s presence at Ash Wednesday church services
the premises were not a concern, because it was then asymptomatic.

Pace tested negative for the flu twice a day after Ash Wednesday. The next time he was in church premises, on Wednesday, March 4, for a Lenten program.

“That particular night program, that is when he was here –
this is what Tarrant County public health focuses on, ”Church said
communications director Sarah Martinez. “Basically they just want to achieve
to the people who were at that event and what I was told is that they simply are
reach out and ask people to monitor their health. “

At NBC 5 all the hard surfaces in the Pace offices are told and the commonly touched surfaces were swept away after the March 4 event – along with the music stand, microphone, chair and piano bench. His exposure to anyone within a meter of him was also very limited, say church leaders.

Martinez told NBC 5 that no public health official was entrusted with the decision to cancel Sunday services this week. It was a decision by church leaders over an abundance of caution, he said.

Crews are already cleaning the church and offices day and night on alternate days. There is also a hand sanitizer available, along with many areas for hand washing.

“The public health people of Tarrant County were fantastic – they phoned me for a very long and detailed conversation, which put many worries at ease,” he said, referring to a Tuesday night conversation. “[They] they told me, there is no reason for any kind of deep cleaning, sanitizing of the church premises “.

The church
it was a polling place on Super Tuesday, particularly in its Parish Hall. On the
on election day, Pace had not been in the church building or office for
five days. Election officials provided tables, chairs and election materials
– not the church.

Next door
the church building is a nursery school, which is on vacation this week. Diocese
officials say that none of the children had any exposure to Pace.

Rev. Wagoner
says Pace’s wife, Rev. Dr. Jill Walters, tested negative for COVID-19, but
will remain in self-quarantine at home for 14 days. He encouraged people
who may know individuals currently isolated or self-quarantined to reach
via SMS or phone call, if possible, so they didn’t feel alone.

“This is a time when we really need the community and the information
and speaking of information, we really have to make sure we share it well
information including material from the public health department and the CDC “,
Wagoner said.

The Lenten program scheduled for Wednesday evening has been canceled.

To read the full version of the episcopal diocese of Fort Worth and the Trinity episcopal church of Fort Worth, click here.


Here are Connecticut schools closed or affected – NBC Connecticut

Some school districts and universities in Connecticut are changing their schedule of classes or activities due to worries about coronavirus. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference is canceling all remaining games of the CIAC winter tournaments due to worries about the coronavirus.

Schools with impact on classes or activities

Region 14 School district

The Region 14 school district, which includes Bethlehem and Woodbury, is closing for the rest of the week after a student came in contact with someone who tested positive for the COVID-19 test, school officials announced Tuesday.

Officials said students and their family showed no signs of illness and self-monitored in their home for 14 days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The district decided to close all school buildings from 11 to 15 March to clean and disinfect in depth. There will be no activity during closing.

The closure will be treated in the same way as the snow days and the days will be made up at the end of the school year.

Region 14 is also postponing or canceling large events, including middle school and high school game tests, and canceling all field trips until further notice. Sports have also been canceled.

Wilcoxson elementary school in Stratford

The city of Stratford is closing a school for the rest of the week after a person connected to the school may have come into contact with the coronavirus.

Wilcoxson Elementary School will be closed until Friday, according to the mayor’s office.

The person did not confirm that he had coronavirus and the school was shut down due to an abundance of cautions to allow time for a thorough cleaning of the building, officials said. It is not clear what type of contact the individual had with the COVID-19 virus.

University of New Haven / UNH

The university suspends in-person lessons leading to spring break, as well as in-person lessons on March 23 and 24.

The athletic events from 9 to 24 March have been canceled.

The halls of the residence are closed from 17:00 on 10 March.

“While there are currently no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus, these decisions were made after learning that people on our campus may have been exposed to a confirmed case of the virus after attending an out of state conference. “statement on the university’s website said.

The university has a special website created here.

University of the Sacred Heart

As of March 10, Sacred Heart University has suspended classes in person and is now switching to online instruction starting March 11.

The residences and dining rooms will remain open and students are invited to stay on campus.

International university-sponsored travel and non-essential business travel have been canceled.

The school has created a special website here.

Schools open but with travel restrictions

University of Connecticut / UConn

All UConn campuses work in normal operations. Academic and work schedules have not changed.

UConn has suspended university-sponsored travel to high-risk countries, including China, Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. The university asks anyone in the university community who has returned from a trip abroad in the past 14 days or who plans to travel outside the United States in the next three months to fill out a form.

“UConn has also suspended all national and international university-sponsored travel outside the state by faculty and staff until further notice,” according to the university’s website.

UConn has created a special website for the latest information on the coronavirus.

Central Connecticut State University / CCSU

Classes take place as scheduled on campus.

The school canceled all university-sponsored travel outside the state, including lectures and recruitment visits.

Students, faculty and staff are discouraged from personal travel outside the state, especially during the spring break. The school asks people traveling to check with the school before returning to campus. The CCSU requires members of the university community to complete a form prior to travel.

“There are currently no restrictions on employees or students returning to Connecticut from national or international travel (except for those areas designated by the CDC as Level 2 or Level 3), but be aware that they may change at any time”, according to the university website.

For more information, CCSU has created a special website for coronavirus information.

Yale university

Classes and catering activities continue as planned.

The university asked people to record all national and international trips and following the directions CDC and Yale Health.

Find the university’s special website here.