The Frankfurt train station neighbourhood: aid and Repression

Uto fix m the abuses in the Frankfurt station district, the view of health head of Department Stefan Majer (Green) is a Combination of drugs and repressive measures. The Situation in the district is tense and has deteriorated, so it is rated for both Majer and regulatory Affairs, Markus Frank (CDU). Garbage, pollution, open drug use and trafficking, as well as part of the aggressive behavior of homeless people and drug addicts were also a result of the Corona-crisis. “In the station district, much less people in the last few weeks, due to the action rules for the containment of Coronavirus, which are not dependent to the circles of drug dealers, drugs, or homeless,” said Frank at the request of the F. A. Z.. in Front of Corona there had been a corrective of local residents, tourists and business people, had now ceased to exist. “The misery in this quarter occurs in the last few weeks, very much stronger than otherwise in appearance.”

Catherine Iskandar

Head of Majer, which is also the drug responsible, the similar. “For the drug addicts, who permanently reside in the station district, this is the place for you, your home, the security that you and you’re holding on to just out of fear of the pandemic. During the lock downs new open spaces in the railway station district opened, which are used by different groups now.“ In addition, since printing rooms and meeting places had to reduce their offer, instead of a more open consumer. “As a Department head, I support you therefore enforce specifically the city and state police, if the for all the citizens of applicable rules in the public space. In the Frankfurt drug policy assistance and Repression must work together,“ said Majer, the F. A. Z..

The “Frankfurt way” to hold

Now is controlled in the station district, according to Frank-intensive. The city is a set for the quarter-highlighted the head of the Department. He sees a solution for the problems in the Department of cross-work through the coordinator of the helping as an interface between the various Offices and authorities, “for example, if an advertising pillar must be added, which has proved to be popular as a drug depot,” as Frank said. In addition, the streets would be cleaned on a regular basis, from the budget there is funding. Also lighting and video surveillance would steadily improved. Furthermore, the city of Munich and Zurich, for advice in order to gather impetus for dealing with the drug addicts.

The “Frankfurt way” had not failed, because both Department heads are in agreement. Frankfurt has succeeded to reduce contrary to the Trend in almost all other cities, the number of drug – related deaths to the level of the mid – nineties, with up to 150 dead in the year to 20 to 30 Dead. This way you will go further, said Majer: “We will expand the low-threshold Substitution close to the station.” Also the heroin-assisted treatment should be expanded. To isolate the drug addicts in a consumer area, however, is inhumane.


Judgment by judo Olympic champion Seisenbacher confirmed

DThe conviction of two-time judo Olympic champion Peter Seisenbacher for serious sexual abuse of minors has been confirmed by the Supreme Court in Vienna. A spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office announced on Saturday about four months after the first-instance verdict that the court dismissed the 60-year-old Austrian, who had won gold at the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games, in a closed session.

The Vienna Higher Regional Court must now rule on the validity of the five-year prison sentence to which Seisenbacher was sentenced by the regional court in Vienna in December 2019. Seisenbacher, who pleaded not guilty at the start of the trial, was accused of sexual abuse of three minors while serving as a coach. He was found guilty on all charges.

On December 19, 2016, Seisenbacher stayed away from the first hearing at the Vienna Regional Court without excuse and then went into hiding. He was first arrested in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, but later released. Only shortly before the trial at the regional court in Vienna was he picked up again when crossing the border from Ukraine to Poland.


These were the most abusive (and ridiculous) laws in feudal Europe



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The image that floats in the popular imagination about the Middle Ages is really limited to what happened in two very specific regions, the feudal period in France and England. The middle ages Spanish, of which basic data is unknown, such as the fact that the majority of the population was made up of free men, is a great unknown, just as is the case of Italy or Eastern Europe.

All the cliches, all the abusive laws between servants and lords, belong to these feudal regions and, of course, some are terrible. The lordship, or fief, was the set of lands and peasants who depended on the authority of the lord. This authority conferred on him a series of territorial and jurisdictional rights over his vassals and feudatories. The so-called servants were not slaves per se, but neither did they enjoy a complete freedom regime, since their servile condition obliged them to work in these lands and not to abandon them unless the lord so decided.

When a lord was taken prisoner, the vassals had to pay the ransom for their release, they also had to contribute to make the armor of the lord’s firstborn when he was knighted, or to marry the eldest daughter or contribute to pay forays into the Holy Land. The lord could require servants to advise him or to serve in his troops for a limited time.

Inherited abuse

The lord of the manor, who used to monopolize the exploitation of forests and game, roads and bridges, mills, taverns and shops, was obliged to defend people under his authority and he was in charge of imparting civil and criminal jurisdiction. In many cases, the lords used these powers to further enrich themselves by exploiting the serfs, which in the Spanish kingdoms was designated as the “stately misuses”.

It is unclear how many of these abuses, such as the known ius prime noctis or bolt right (the feudal privilege by which the nobles had the power to spend the wedding night with the wife of their vassals, that is, to deflower her), were really somewhat frequent and how many were used, only, as a method of pressure to achieve that the servant will release more money. In the aforementioned case of the pernada right it is known with certainty that it was exercised indirectly by paying a tax to the lord for authorizing the connection of his vassals, so that in many places the lord simulated the sexual act or jumped on top of the bride in the celebrations that followed the wedding just as a macabre joke.

A kneeling vassal performs the inmixtio manum during the homage to his seated lord.
A kneeling vassal performs the inmixtio manum during the homage to his seated lord.

Other common abuses in feudal Europe they were the prohibition to all servant to remove grain of the dominion, partly to avoid the shortage and partly to avoid the speculation; the obligation to use the lord’s mill or oven after paying a fee; the lord’s right to appropriate part of the property of a servant who had died without descendants; the obligation for a servant to take charge of the administration of various stately assets, running from his pocket any loss or flaw, or what he received in Castile the name of the barnyard privilege that allowed the lord to take all kinds of cattle when he considered it.

Servants and settlers were obliged to host the lords and their companions on trips through their domain. The lord, as the person in charge of justice, had the power to put shackles on his servants, imprison them, confiscate their property in case of disobedience.

In Burgundy and the Nivernais equally humiliating extravagances survived, such as the obligation to deliver the tongue of all the oxen sacrificed to the lord of their lands

Although the proliferation of cities and the increase in royal power cut the social and economic importance of the fiefdoms towards the beginning of the Modern Age, many of their laws still survived for a long time. On the eve of the french revolution, different authors denounced the existence of anachronistic rights in some regions of France. Abbe Clerget He criticized that in the late eighteenth century some nobles brandished the old obligations of serfs to collect more taxes. A man from the Franche-Comté had the right on paper to take his vassals to hunt in winter “and, later, to force the intestines to be emptied so that they could warm their feet in the excrement.”

In Burgundy and the Nivernais Equally humiliating extravagances survived, such as the obligation to deliver the tongue of all slaughtered oxen to the lord of their lands, or to present the testicles of bulls in the same circumstances. In some parts of France the authorization of the noble was still necessary at that time for the peasant to sell his land and he was forbidden to do so to anyone other than a direct relative with whom he had shared a house.

Stately misuses

Neither in Castilla nor in León was a strict feudal system established. The repopulation of the lands conquered by the Muslims required settlers from other parts of the country, which made it inadvisable for abusive laws to be established by the lords. The closest thing to the French feudal system, and therefore the best known, was lived in the Principality of Catalonia. In the encomiendas (fiefs under the command of military orders) in rural areas, the misuses against peasants were categorized into six:

Portrait of Fernando the Catholic

The intestine: the lord’s right to keep a third of the patrimony left by the peasant. If he left no widow or children, the lord kept half of everything.

The exorch: the right to keep a third of the property of the peasant if he died without children.

The cugucia: the right of the lord to appropriate the dowry of the women of the peasants in the event of a consensual adultery, or to share with the peasant half of the dowry in the event that he was not consented to.

Arsia: The servant’s financial responsibility in the event of a fire or catastrophe on the land he cultivated.

Spolii’s signature: The wedding royalty payment paid by the bride’s father.

Remittance: the payment that a peasant had to make to his master to regain his freedom of movement and stop being attached to the land he works.

At the end of the XV century, Fernando the Catholic He had to deal with a series of revolts by the peasants (peasants) against these bad practices, probably the most abusive of all the Hispanic kingdoms. Guadalupe’s arbitration ruling, signed on April 21, 1486, ended the conflict and abolished misuse and remittance, albeit in exchange for financial compensation for the nobles and more taxes for the peasants.


Infections that are far from coronavirus: the flu account has more than half a million deaths per year, and measles

The whole history of mankind is life side by side with bacteria, parasites and viruses. They cause infectious diseases, that is, transmitted through various kinds of contacts: through the blood, as HIV, hepatitis B and C, with insect bites like malaria, by airborne droplets like flu, tuberculosis and measles. Since the end of last year, a new type of coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, joined the group of the latter. The lack of knowledge and therefore the weak predictability of the new enemy is understandably alarming. It’s important that it doesn’t panic, since stress itself affects the immune system, doctors warn. Because of this, our basic defense against infections is weakened.

In order to be less nervous, experts advise, firstly, to take preventive measures (observe hygiene rules, visit places less crowded). Secondly, to face the facts: in fact, we have long been cohabiting with infections that take incomparably more lives than coronavirus (according to currently available data).

Moreover, infectious diseases themselves, which until the beginning of the 20th century were the main killers of people, have now given way to another leader.

– The vast majority of people today die not at all due to infections. And because of the so-called NCDs – noncommunicable diseases, – said Artem Gil, professor at the Higher School of Health Management at Sechenov University, told KP. – Among such NCDs, cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart attacks, strokes), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes are leading causes of death. In general, NCDs account for at least 60–65% of deaths worldwide. And in Of Russia – 90%.

Such diseases are not transmitted from person to person. And while their distribution is largely dependent on the people themselves. From our way of life. Judge for yourself: according to the World Health Organization, about 9 million people a year die from coronary heart disease (CHD), and about 6 million die from strokes. While the deadliest infection – tuberculosis – kills up to 1.3 million patients. Moreover, in the case of coronary heart disease and strokes, we essentially drive ourselves into the grave. It has been proven that the main risk factors for the development of these diseases are smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and alcohol abuse.


Most important for Russians are HIV and tuberculosis

– Among the infectious diseases for Russia, the most relevant and dangerous are HIV and tuberculosis, – says a professor at the Graduate School of Health Management at Sechenovskiy University Artem Gil. – The prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis strains is increasing. Because of this, the effectiveness of treatment remains at a rather low level. Tuberculosis now affects people regardless of their socio-economic status.

At the same time, HIV infection in our country has gone beyond the limits of traditional risk groups (drug addicts, women of easy virtue) and spreads mainly through heterosexual sexual contacts, remind infectious disease specialists. Therefore, doctors advise against neglecting HIV testing. This can be done for free at the AIDS prevention and control centers that operate in each region. Full list of addresses – on the official portal


Medical TV presenter, ex-head doctor of the Kremlin Hospital, cardiologist Alexander Myasnikov:

– From the complications of influenza in the world, up to 650 thousand people die every year, measles – more than 120 thousand, from cervical cancer, which develops due to the human papillomavirus (HPV) – 270 thousand. Vaccines for these diseases are, tested and safe. However, the Russians are still in no hurry to do these really necessary vaccinations.

“Like a war”: doctors against the coronavirus.In China, more than 170 people have died from coronavirus. Among them are doctors fighting the infection … Moreover, doctors are dying not only because of 2019-nCoV


Map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world: how the disease spreads

We publish the distribution map of coronavirus in Europe and in the world, as well as talk about disease prevention measures (details)

The network has clearly shown the benefits of thorough hand washing for the prevention of coronavirus

Experts recommend rubbing your palms with soap for at least 20 seconds – during this time you can double-play the song Happy Birthday (details)


List of countries with coronavirus that need quarantine after visiting

Rospotrebnadzor approved a list of countries with coronavirus, after visiting which quarantine is needed even in the absence of disease symptoms (details)


Schalke wants to crack down on defamation | TIME ONLINE

Bundesliga soccer club FC Schalke 04 wants to react consistently to defamatory posters and chants from fans in the future. “If, on Tuesday (March 3rd) in the cup match against FC Bayern Munich, in the match against TSG Hoffenheim (March 7th) or in future matches, such events occur in the Veltins-Arena, our team will leave the place – regardless of the length of the game, the result or any consequences, “announced the Bundesliga team on Sunday.

The Revierclub is reacting to the events on Saturday in Sinsheim. During the game there between Hoffenheim and Munich, Bayern fans had insulted the Hoffenheim patron and billionaire Dietmar Hopp with banners. The game was then interrupted twice by referee Christian Dingert. In the last 13 minutes, the two teams only played the ball back and forth for shape. For many “Ultra” fan groups, Hopp is seen as a symbol for the increasing commercialization of football.

According to the Schalke, “they are holding talks with all fan groups with the clear goal and expectation that they will not tolerate such misconduct, let alone support it.” The management of the association appeals to the values ​​and mission statement of the association.


FC Bayern’s fan scene justifies the abuse of Hopp

The “banner declaration” in the wording

We used the word “son of a bitch” in a banner today. This is not normally our language, but would not be worth mentioning per se. Such and similar words are used quite often during a football game. You can ask the fans of Borussia Dortmund, for example, who are titled every game as “BVB bitches of the bitch” or stop at Timo Werner. Alternatively, in your own club with Uli Hoeneß or Oliver Kahn, who were often badly insulted.

The word became a big topic only with This word was criticized in a pointed, polemical way on the model Hoffenheim and its protagonist Dietmar Hopp.

At this point, it must also be noted that we have always articulated our criticism of this in a different way. Mr. Hopp, among other things, by using background noises that cause pain to some BVB supporters, however, turned the spiral considerably further and started a private war with various fan scenes.

Over several escalation stages, this led to the DFB sports court banning BVB fans from visiting the away game at Hoffenheim for two games. The DFB has broken its word to refrain from collective penalties in the future. Even if the punishment does not concern us and the topic of hop is not so relevant to us, we see this as an attack on fan rights in general. It is an affront to us that we cannot leave unanswered.

You don’t have to approve of the wording, but there was no alternative for us, as this is the only way to get the necessary attention.

If you want to stop or interrupt football matches whenever such insults are expressed in the bleachers, you will no longer be able to play a game over 90 minutes. The interruption today was just excessive and absurd.

Football remains dirty – fans remain rebellious – Against collective punishments – Fuck you DFB!


Hunter continues to argue that losing wasn’t just “carelessness” – NBC 7 San Diego

Former Congressman Duncan D. Hunter continues to argue that “carelessness” and reliance on his wife “to make sure their finances are in order” caused him to lose $ 150,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

This information was revealed in a legal motion filed Thursday by federal prosecutors, who asked Judge Thomas Whalen for permission to present a longer than usual sentencing memorandum in Hunter’s case.

On December 3, 2019, Hunter pleaded guilty to a conspiracy count for abusing campaign funds. But in the latest filing, prosecutors say Hunter does not accept full responsibility for his actions.

“Hunter has tried to deflect criminal responsibility over his wife and family from the start” of the federal investigation, wrote prosecutor Phil Halpern.

“Hunter still clings to this tactic,” even after pleading guilty, Halpern said.

NBC 7’s Alex Presha got the latest information after Representative Duncan Hunter clung to his post.

The prosecution’s reminder offers a first look at the otherwise confidential pre-sentencing report that will help Judge Whelan decide on Hunter’s punishment. That report, which was filed under seal on February 11, includes excerpts from Hunter’s interview with the probation officer.

In their motion, prosecutors argue that even though Hunter “is taking responsibility for his actions,” he still insists that negligence and dependence on his wife were partly responsible for his criminal acts.

But Hunter’s attorneys, Devin Burstein and Paul Pfingst, insist that their client takes full responsibility for the missing error.

In opposition to the government motion, they cite three other statements made by Hunter to his probation officer:

  • “I misused the campaign funds.”
  • “I pleaded guilty because I’m guilty. I spent campaign funds to cover personal expenses and allowed Margaret (Hunter) to do the same.”
  • “Any punishment for misuse of campaign funds should be mine alone. Margaret and my kids have had enough.”

Given his acceptance of responsibility, Hunter’s attorneys argue that “the government has said it needs more pages [in its sentencing report]… is nonsense. ”

Burstein and Pfingst also claim that prosecutors want to present a longer sentencing warrant “not to guarantee justice, but to maximize [media] coverage of Hunter’s sentencing hearing.

But Prosecutor Halpern said the extra pages are needed “to present a broad factual summary in order to combat Hunter’s incessant and incendiary allegations that the Justice Department has initiated a political vendetta against him since the investigation was become public. “

Hunter could face up to five years in prison when sentenced on March 17.


Some criminals who faced deportation to Illinois communities: Sheriffs – NBC Chicago

The Illinois Sheriffs Association said Tuesday that some violent criminals who had to deport are instead released into local communities after their prison terms end following a policy change by the government administration J. Pritzker.

Sheriff Mike Downey of Kankakee County and Tony Childress of Livingston County, representing the state police group, told Capitol reporters that the Illinois Corrections Department has stopped coordinating the transfer to American immigration and the United States. application of the customs of released detainees who are in the country illegally. Downey said it is similar to giving ex-convicts an “advantage to circumvent federal law.”

“It is alarming to think that due to a change in politics that suddenly these types of people might walk the streets and we might not even be aware of it,” said Senator Jason Barickman of Bloomington, one of several GOP lawmakers to sign a letter seeking legislative hearings. “We are here first of all to ask the administration to reverse this reckless policy and guarantee its safety to the public.”

But an immigration expert said the practice violates the state Trust Act, the 2017 law that restricts local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials.

The sheriffs’ concerns came a few days after the Trump administration announced the unusual step of sending customs and border patrol agents to internal premises such as Chicago and other “sanctuary cities” that hampered customs enforcement.

Pritzker spokeswoman Jordan Abudayyeh called the policy change a “pause” in Corrections’ interactions with ICE, while Pritzker staff examine it and other procedures.

“The governor made it abundantly clear that Illinois will be a firewall against the president’s attacks on immigrant communities,” said Abudayyeh.

Downey said corrections officials announced late last month that they were canceling a trial whereby criminals who lived illegally in the country, with their expiration date, were being transferred to the Pontiac Correction Center. It is there that, since October 2016, Kankakee County Sheriff’s deputies collected and detained them under contract with ICE.

Of the 223 immigrants transferred from Pontiac to ICE detention in 2019, Downey said 11 were convicted of murder or attempted murder, more than four dozen predatory criminal assault or sexual abuse, including crimes involving children, and 33 were convicted of a crime involving a weapon.

Robert Guadian, director of the Chicago field office for ICE enforcement and removal operations, said in a statement that Illinois “puts politics ahead of public safety” when it breaks the communication between Corrections and ICE. It has increased the average total of affected prisoners.

“Now, around 400 convicted criminals per year – including criminals who have served time for crimes such as child sexual abuse and murder, will be released in your community and mine,” said Guadian. “I can’t think of any other state that protects convicted criminals …. ICE will now have to make these arrests in the community when they should have been made within the safe borders of a prison.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined the protesters who gathered outside a press conference involving the “imposition and removal” operations of the new Chicago local office of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Fred Tsao, senior political consultant for the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said that the Trust Act, signed in August 2017 by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, prohibits the collaboration of IDOC and Kankakee County with ICE, although the ICE holds a warrant or so-called federal immigration holder on the person.

“The IDOC would not be able to detain anyone beyond that person’s end of the criminal sentence even if that person were subject to an ICE detainee or warrant,” Tsao said. “In no event would Trust allow any sheriff or local police department to take custody of someone based solely on an ICE holder or mandate.”

The Trust Act allows local police to communicate with immigration agents and to detain someone for federal authorities if a valid criminal warrant exists.

In this case convictions should count, said Quincy Republican Senator Jil Tracy.

“These are convicted criminals,” said Tracy. “They served their sentences. However, will they register with a probation officer? “

Regarding the perpetrators of sexual offenses, Childress added: “People who do not have a legal status in this country do not register in the Illinois Sex Offender Registry. And if they flee Illinois, they don’t register anywhere else. “


Bradford expels a soccer player accused of sexual abuse of a child



The Bradford, League Two team (Fourth English Division), has confirmed the dismissal of the player Tyrell Robinson after he has been accused of “participating in sexual activities with a child”.

22 year old player He is suspected of having committed the act in Bradford in August 2018.

It has also been accused of taking “indecent” pictures of the child of age and distribute them.

Robinson will have to appear before the law on April 7.