Ten years of the Sun’s activity in a fascinating time-lapse video

425 million images condensed into one hour video – by EB /CorriereTv

The American space agency NASA has taken the 425 million high-resolution images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) telescope in the last decade and condensed them into a one-hour video (which you can find here). In the movie, each second represents one day of the year. Filming starts on June 2, 2010 and ends with the latest snapshots of June 1, 2020.


The Russians admitted in the United States of involvement in cybercrime :: Society :: RBC

The U.S. justice Department said Sergei Medvedev, one of the founders of the transnational organization Infraud that sold stolen personal banking and financial data, and information from credit and debit cards

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

Russian Sergey Medvedev admitted in a US court of involvement in transnational organizations Infraud, which deals with cybercrime. It is reported by the Ministry of justice.

“Sergei Medvedev, also known as Stells, segmed, serjbear, at the age of 33 years, Russian Federation, pleaded guilty before district court judge James Mahana in Nevada”, — stated in the message Department.

According to the Ministry, Infraud was engaged in a large-scale acquisition, the sale and distribution of stolen identification data, information from the compromised debit and credit cards, personal information, banking and financial data, the malicious computer programs.

The media learned about the arrest in Bangkok had 100 thousand bitcoins Russians

Photo: Athit Perawongmetha / Reuters

The prosecution believes that Infraud was established in October 2010, a native of Ukraine Svyatoslav Bondarenko, also known as Obnon, Rector, Helkern. Medvedev in the United States also considered one of the founders of the site. The slogan of the organization — “In Fraud We Trust” (“In fraud we trust”). As of March 2017 in the organization, there were nearly 11 thousand registered members (according to the US Department of justice).


Facebook removed the is trump from accusations of Nazi symbols :: Policy :: RBC

In the promotional posts of the supporters of the trump used an inverted red triangle, which in the camps was designated political prisoners. The organizers of the advertising campaign indicate that the same symbol is in the Emoji Facebook

Photo: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Facebook has removed part of the ad political campaign of Donald trump, reports NBC, citing a statement by the representative of the social network. The reason was a suspicion that one of the symbols associated with the symbols the Nazis used.

We are talking about a upside down red triangle. The Nazis used this symbol in the concentration camps to refer to political prisoners and Communists. (the pink triangle, for example, used to refer to homosexuals, brown labeled the Roma, the star of David — Jews).

Symbols were placed on the pages owned by Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, as well as for advertising and regular posts on the page “Team Trump”. In the library of the ads Facebook indicated that one of these positions was launched on 17 June, his coverage was supposed to be about 1 million people. The cost of the advertisement was within $100 — $199. Now it doesn’t because it violates our advertising policies Facebook.

The organizers of the campaign pointed out that this symbol is also one of the symbols of the movement “Antifa”, which trump accused in the riots in the United States, seeking its ban. In one of the groups that is leading a team of trump, after the news about the ban said that an inverted red triangle is widely used, including as Emoji, stands for belonging to the “anti-fascists” and is not associated with the Nazi symbols.


The press-Secretary Lukashenko was informed about the confessions in the “daughters of Gazprom” :: Policies :: RBC

Press Secretary of the Belarusian President Natalia Eismont told about confessions by detainees in the case of Belgazprombank. Alexander Lukashenko intimidation of potential participants of elections is not necessary, she said

Natalia Eysmont

(Photo: Natalia Fedosenko / TASS)

Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont commented on the statements made in an interview with RBC opposition politician and former Chairman of the Board belonging to the Russian “Gazprom” and “Gazprombank” Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko. He called the past the Bank on 12 June searches raider seizure.

Opponents Lukashenko called raiding the searches in the “daughter” of “Gazprom”

Victor Babariko

Eismont noted that the case against current and former employees of the Bank, which was arrested 15 persons, were instituted “serious articles” — on the legalization of funds obtained in a criminal way in especially large size and tax evasion in especially large size.

“Withdrawn huge sums of money, securities, gold, paintings. 15 people were detained. And the person from whom you interviewed may not know — all of them give grateful evidences. Including against him,” said Eismont RBC. Questions about the details of the cases it had forwarded to the Committee of state control.

About detention it became known on June 12. Victor Babariko connected them with the political activity and participation in campaign for elections of the President of Belarus, which will be held on August 9. “The whole logic of events suggests that it is a process aimed against me” — he said RBC. According to him, the arrest of his friends and acquaintances who had found, as he States, he owned the money, are not only “campaign of intimidation”, but “raider seizure” of the Bank.


The Cabinet of Ministers recognized the owners of vending machines as victims of the epidemic :: Economy :: RBC

Photo: Evgeny Biyatov / RIA Novosti

The government expanded the list of sectors affected by the epidemic, adding to it the sale of goods and services using automated systems (vending machines) and the production of folk art crafts. The corresponding decree is published on the website of the Cabinet.

According to the decree, organizations affected by the epidemic will be deemed organizations whose activities fall under the following codes of the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED) – 32.99.8 (“production of folk art crafts”) and 47.99.2 (“activities for the implementation of trade through automatic machines” )

In addition, codes 47.19.1 and 47.19.2 (“retail trade in a large variety of goods with a predominance of non-food products in non-specialized stores” and “department stores operating in general goods”) were replaced by 47.19 (“trade in general goods”).

At the end of March, authorities compiled a list of the sectors most affected by coronavirus. Enterprises whose activities relate to them can count on priority assistance from the state.

The first version of the list includes the spheres of transport, culture, leisure and entertainment, sports, tourism and the hotel business, catering, domestic services and education.


Coronavirus, Ascani: ‘For the school three scenarios based on the trend of the virus’ – Chronicle

On the return to school “together with the committee we are imagining three different scenarios depending on the progress of the epidemic. All these scenarios take into account that the school orders are not all the same, in particular younger children absolutely need to recover a relationship in presence. So in primary and secondary school, translated into elementary and middle school, we imagine we can have school in presence. Naturally reducing class groups, therefore for example making sure that one class is divided into two, but multiplying the activities that are done, that is adding more music, art, sport, digital creativity and workshops to traditional curricula.
For this reason, we are using other spaces that we are identifying together with the local authorities “. Deputy Minister of Education Anna Ascani told Sky TG24.” For the slightly larger ones – added Ascani – which are better managed on their own, we expect that a part of the activity is still done in the presence, because they too need to go back to school, but in this case most likely the distance learning will continue to be a part of their curriculum. The presence activity will be less than in the past and will be integrated with distance learning, which has worked better especially in secondary schools. “
“We are also dealing with the Ministry of Economy to understand to what extent we will be able to count on an expansion of staff. We will certainly need specialized professionals for the new activities. Of course, the Municipalities also have important relationships with Third Sector entities and associations that can take on a piece of these educational activities, but for us it is important to have a strengthened staff, because of course it is what allows us to organize more activities “.