“I would really like to experience this” – Roussel

The National Hockey League is considering establishing an all-Canadian section when activities resume in 2021.

Does this idea appeal to the players involved? One thing is certain, this scenario is extremely exciting for Vancouver Canucks forward Antoine Roussel.

“I would really like to experience that”, he launched on the TVA Sports program. JIC, mardi.

“We play in a division that is considered easier. Playing in a Canadian division could be really interesting. In addition, we would play more often in Montreal! It would be a really tough division. It would be exciting for fans and for us, ”added Roussel. See this interview in the video above.

A blow to the Canucks

During the interview, it was also about the health problems of Gino Odjick, a former player still very appreciated in Vancouver.

Odjick recently had to resume chemotherapy treatments. The former badass said his heart was again attacked by amyloidosis, a rare disease he first fought six years ago.

“It’s a big blow for the fans and the players of the Canucks,” said Roussel. It’s hard to see a former player like him, who gave himself body and soul for the team, suffer like that. ”

Roussel often crosses paths with Odjick, without however knowing him personally.

“Gino has an important place with the Canucks. We see him regularly in the pre-matches and he always receives standing ovations. People love him so much. It’s amazing the love they give him. And it’s reciprocal. ”

From 4 to 6 bubbles?

Remember that the NHL is currently exploring the possibility of implanting four to six bubbles for the next season.

Thus, a bubble would be implanted in Canada and an all-Canadian division would be created because of the restrictions related to cross-border travel, that is to say the respect of a quarantine of several days upon entering the country.

In this model, players would be part of rotations that would allow them to spend two weeks inside the bubble and then a week at home with their families. The teams would play around 12 games per month.

The season will likely have to be cut by several games so that it ends before the presentation of the Tokyo Olympics, starting July 22.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is keen on a return to January 1.


The court arrested the assets of the ex-management of B&N Bank in a claim for 306 billion rubles. :: Finance :: RBC

Mikail Shishkhanov

(Photo: Valery Levitin / RIA Novosti)

A Moscow court arrested the assets of the banker Mikail Shishkhanov and the ex-management of B&N Bank at the suit of the Trust Bank for the amount of 306.5 billion rubles. This follows from the electronic filing cabinet

The claims of “Trust” are connected with the activities of Rost Bank, which since 2014 has been undergoing reorganization with B&N Bank and its subsidiaries.

B&N Bank itself was sent for reorganization by the Central Bank in September 2017.

A claim against the former management of B&N Bank, the bank of non-core assets “Trust” filed September 18. The lawsuit was filed against the former co-owner Mikail Shishkhanov, as well as the bank’s top managers – the former first deputy chairman of the board Alexander Lukin, ex-board member Alexei Farafontov and ex-member of the board of directors Kirill Lyubentsov.

Later, another lawsuit filed by Trust against Shishkhanov, Lukin and Lyubentsov, as well as against Vladimir Kiryusha and foreign companies Forcipe Investments Ltd, Kinetic Services Corp. was registered in the file of arbitration cases. The amount of the claim is 22.7 billion rubles.


Coronavirus: what are the restrictions that are analyzed for Rosario

He exponential increase in positive cases of coronavirus in recent days he put to work at all levels of the state To define certain restrictions in the province to stop this trend. To the hourly restrictions set by Governor Omar Perotti on Friday of last week, announcements that would limit other activities. For this, the governor and his officials are in contact with the mayors, especially those of the Gran Rosario, and also with national authorities. The announcement of the provincial leader would be this Friday.

A priori, the idea is to restrict outdoor activities: sports and recreation are under the microscope parks.

“We are seeing that the boys are going to practice in the clubs but later they get together to chat and that is where the contagion occurs. This activity may be one of those that will be suspended ”, admitted a senior municipal official.

“There are many recreational issues that are also under evaluation. There are not a few officials who do not look favorably on the parks full of people every weekend in Rosario“He said. The problem is that, if the exits are limited, they fear that more encounters will be generated in closed spaces, which carry more risk.

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Precisely, municipal and provincial officials are seeking consensus to shape a strategy that “achieves the greatest health benefit with the least possible economic impact.”

The restrictions would be, in principle, for two weeks. To then evaluate the trend and define how it continues.

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“It’s all on the table. There may be several restrictions “, entrusted to The capital another municipal source. He admitted that they are not ruled out restrictions in the commercial area: “We are talking, because we need to significantly reduce circulation,” he stressed.

Two pieces of information were highlighted on the work table that turn on all the alerts: the doubling time of virus infections, which has been drastically shortened and fell in Rosario from 11 days last Friday to 9 this Wednesday; and the occupancy of beds in the public sector, which in the city already exceeds 85 percent.


Belarus: Moscow, NATO and EU destructive declarations – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, 02 SEPT – The statements that the European Union and NATO are making on the situation in Belarus are not constructive. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Serghei Lavrov.

“The European Union and NATO have added tensions on the Belarus situation, with rather destructive statements, and we certainly see the activities of the North Atlantic alliance near the borders of Belarus, which are also the external borders of the State of the Union”, Lavrov said at a press conference after talks with Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. Tass reports it. (HANDLE).