The sad reflection of the renowned Chilean actress Teresa Münchmeyer

A sad reflection was made by the national actress Teresa Münchmeyer, 92, who is currently away from television, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that paralyzed several television projects.

According to his own son commented through the Twitter platform, his mother pointed out that “now with white hair nobody remembers me anymore “, a publication that quickly became viral on the digital platform.

In fact, there were several Internet users who commented on the publication of the actress’s son, who shared a postcard from his mother today.

Artists such as Ana María Gazmuri, Eliza Zulueta or Catherine Mazoyer, were some of those who reacted to the publication of Teresa’s son, sending affectionate messages to the remembered Chilean actress.

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Hereditary curse of the Pigeons! It killed my mother, sad Eva

The popular Czech actress crossed the threshold of sixty and said to herself that she had to work on her weight. In addition to losing weight, he generally wants to focus on improving fitness and immunity. “I have to start running and lose weight. I look like a box, sour and it’s uncoverable. I can build like Ivana Trumpová, but I will not cover the kilo, “admitted the actress, who currently excels in the series Slunečná. Many would think that they are just trying to stay fit at their age. However, this is not the only reason why the actress decided to make such changes.

Eva Holubová sympathizes with the abused dogs: But when she had to talk about exercise, she turned white

“My problem is health. I like to walk a lot and the extra pounds are supposed to burden a lot more knees, joints, heart and what I know, what else. I don’t mind a proper fart at all, the fat around the waist is really more dangerous. I have hypertension after my mother, which killed my mother. That’s why I go so crazy with dieting, “the actress confided.

The motivation for the actress and the people around her. Thanks to them, he realizes that exercise is important for health promotion, so it is not just a matter of looking better physically, but mainly of feeling that way and maintaining this state. “I have a girlfriend, he’s younger and he can wiggle his chubby body nicely. He sports. I’m weak and hard. Like a box of kytu. I have to move with that. I want to be here for a long time, “the actress added.

Eva Holubová during the coronation crisis: We do not want charity. Zeman sent us to retirees, let us work for the audience


Dead popular “Two and a Half Men” actress Concata Ferrela – Celebrities – – Entertainment

The actress was 77 years old and she died of complications caused by a sudden heart problem.

The actress died in a hospital bed in California, surrounded by family members.

Star of Two and a Half Men, Ferel’s colleague Charlie Shin wrote on Twitter: “An absolute darling, a complete professional, a true friend – a shocking and painful loss. Berta, your housekeeping was suspicious, but your ability to keep people was perfect.”

The other actor in the series, John Craier, also gave the dead actress nice words: “She was a beautiful man. Bert’s harsh appearance was a writer’s invention. Chathy’s warmth and availability were her real strengths. “

Ferela, with her role as Berta, was twice nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Ferela has also appeared in several other popular series and films.


Bebarová unrecognizable! Did the end of STREET break her?

However, the actress makes no secret of the fact that she hardly wears make-up in private. Like Světlana, she also went through a period when she wore strong make-up. She has already said goodbye to this character and is now baking for the show “Bakes the Whole Country”, which she is moderating, as well as in her own project “Time for you” for Mňam TV.

The whole country’s secret to Bebarová from Peče: She ran to breastfeed during the filming!

So he is always made up in front of the camera, but he does not hesitate to show his natural face. And fans on social networks just appreciate it. “Without makeup, you look completely different, but you’re still pretty,” the fan wrote to her.

Tereza Bebarová on Bake the whole country 2: She already knows when it will be filmed and broadcast!

The actress without make-up looks natural and wrinkles definitely don’t have to bother her. And no wonder. At the moment, Tereza is doing well, so there is no need to hide under layers of beauty cosmetics or adjust the face with filters.


Ewa Kasprzyk has a new younger partner after the divorce?

Ewa Kasprzyk, after 36 years of relationship, divorced her husband Jerzy Bernatowicz. According to “Super Express”, the popular actress was to find happiness in the arms of a new partner, a dolphin therapy specialist. The relationship seems to be serious.

Ewa Kasprzyk is an extremely popular Polish actress who seems to be experiencing a second youth in recent years. Known from the comedy series “Kogel-mogel”, the star does not slow down and receives more and more interesting offers. Cooperation with the controversial one gave her a lot Patryk Vega and memorable creations of Alicja in the criminal “Plagi Breslau” and Beata Szydło in the controversial “Polityka”. From 2018, we can also watch her as Weronika in the series “M jak Miłość”. However, Ewa expects new challenges not only in her professional life.

“Super Express” informed that Ewa Kasprzyk divorced her husband Jerzy Bernatowicz after 36 years. Moreover, the divorce was supposed to take place in 2019 and be kept secret. The former spouses lived separately for years, and the media wrote about the young men with whom the actress was seen. Kasprzyk herself suggested in interviews that she thinks about younger men.

– It’s pure biology, irreversible laws of nature. A younger girl likes older ones because she wants to feel cared for and have financial stability. And then it turns around, because the older woman wants to experience something crazy, romantic, so she chases after youngsters – she revealed in an interview for “Wprost”.

Apparently, the star “M jak Miłość” does not throw words to the wind, because “Super Express” announced that Kasprzyk has a new partner with whom he is to plan a joint future.

“Kogel Mogel 3”: Ewa Kasprzyk outraged. Scenes with her participation were cut out

Ewa Kasprzyk has a new partner? They met while on vacation

According to “Super Express”, Ewa Kasprzyk is in love again. The actress was to find happiness in the arms of the handsome Marcin, whom she met during vacation in Turkey. The star’s chosen one was supposed to work there as a dolphin therapist. Even though they liked each other very much, the problem was the distance. However, as reported by the daily, their relationship was about to develop, Marcin returned to Poland, and Ewa sees him regularly in Warsaw and is serious about the future together. Who knows, maybe we will see the actress on a wedding carpet again in some time?


This is what the protagonists of Pedro el Escamoso look like, almost 20 years later | News from El Salvador

Nearly two decades have passed since this great Colombian production, and today we show you what some of its protagonists do.

In mid-April 2001, a singular gentleman with long curly hair, tight pants, a lover of boots and dancing, burst onto the Colombian television screens. It was Pedro Coral Tavera, better known as “Pedro El Escamoso”, who would soon set out to conquer Latin America with his particular style.

It was the actor Miguel Varoni who gave life to “Pedro”, a dreamer, liar and in love man, who came to the city fleeing from his town and conquered everyone with his unique dance “The lollipop”

On the way he came across Paula Dávila, Mayerli, Don César Luis Freydell and the fiery Mrs. Nidia Estela Pataquiva, characters played by mostly Colombian actors, who also won the hearts of the public. Almost 20 years after that great success, today we tell you what happened to some of them.

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Paula Davila was played by actress Sandra Reyes. She participated in different soap operas, the last being “Paraíso travel”, of 2018. At 45 years old, she is away from the screens, she has declared herself a hippie, she does not wear tight skirts, makeup or heels, she prefers to live surrounded by nature away from the noise of the city ​​according to

Doctor Paula Dávila conquered Pedro Coral. Instagram photo: @sandrareyesactrizoficial

Miguel Varoni has always claimed that the character of Pedro Coral it changed his life. Although his career began in the mid-1980s, it was the Scaly that catapulted him to fame. To date, he has continued to star in soap operas, but according to he has also been an executive producer of projects, such as ‘Betty in New York’ (2019).

Miguel Varoni was part of the series “The Lord of the Skies.” Instagram: @soyvaroni

Argentine film and television actor Javier Gomez gave life to César Luis Freydell, Pedro’s opponent, who also wanted Dr. Paula. His most recent work was in the telenovela El Dragón, where he plays Carlos Duarte. In addition, he is very active in social networks and also promotes a neutral Spanish course taught by himself.

Javier Gómez, 59, has been active in soap operas. Instagram photo @javiergomezmorteo

The sexiest of the Pacheco, Yadira, was played by the theater, television and film actress Andrea Guzmán, who after Peter the Scaly she remained active in her profession. A lover of sports and a balanced diet, the actress now 42 years old has two daughters and it seems that time will not pass for her, because she remains as beautiful as 19 years ago.

Andrea Guzmán celebrated the broadcast of Pedro el Escamoso in Colombia. Instagram photo: @andreitaguz

Alina lozano She played Doña Nidia Estela Pataquiva, the main head of the Pacheco house. Actress of theater, television and cinema, at the age of 51 she has remained active in soap operas, but she is also an artistic director and offers workshops for film and television aimed at children and adolescents.

Actress Alina Lozano is also an artist manager. Instagram: @lozanoalina

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Marcela mar gave life to the balanced Mayerli Pacheco Pataquiva. Television, theater and film actress, she has also served as a model and presenter. She is 41 years old, she is very active in social networks, and according to, this year she participated in the short film ‘Entre tú y milagros’, which was awarded as ‘Best short film’ in the Venice Film Festival.

Marcela Mar offers beauty and wellness tips on her Instagram account @Marhappytips. Instagram photo: @ marcelamar07


Divine! The change of look of Carmen Villalobos that everyone loved

Photo taken from Instagram by Carmen Villalobos.

There are many celebrities who have joined the club to renew their hair and risk looking like never before and more after spending several months in quarantine.

This is the case of the actress Carmen Villalobos, who surprised in his social networks with a change of look, which includes a lighter color in her hair.

The Colombian actress went to the beauty salon and after her stylist applied a variant of the balayage technique, Carmen got a blonde hair.

Wearing a black outfit, the actress proudly showed the results. Users affirm that the image change could be due to the fact that in a few weeks the recordings of the remake of the telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer” will begin, in which the Colombian will participate.

The compliments and compliments were not lacking in both publications by his followers and even claimed to want to have the same hair color.


Laurinová from Sestřičky: I’m hard on myself!

“Actors have to be very tough on each other. No spectators are interested in how we feel, they want to see a perfect performance and so it’s okay, “said the actress, who plays her sister Mery in the popular primary series.

Sabina Laurinová: My ailments started after my crown

Sabina Laurinová in Sestřičky: She dreamed a story with a colleague!


El Chavo del Ocho. This is what The Witch of 71 looked like when he was young: PHOTOS

Without a doubt El Chavo del Ocho It is a phenomenon of Mexican televisionIt is one of the favorite shows of young and old for decades. Part of its great success is due to the unique characters, who thanks to their funny personalities they left a legacy that lasts to this day.

Such is the case of the memorable Witch of 71, who was played by the Spanish Angelines Fernández and is remembered for being the eternal love of Mr Ramon; However, although his character on the show was unappealing, he actually the actress was a beautiful woman during her youth and until her death in 1994.

The beautiful actress began her career in show business in 1950, at the age of 28 and three years after escaping from Spain. Upon her arrival in Mexico, it was Ramón Valdés, with whom she would maintain a great friendship throughout her life, who would help her to venture into cinema and theater.

Throughout his career, whoever rose to fame for his role as Doña Clotilde, participated in more than 25 films of the so-called Mexican Gold Cinema, although it would be thanks to his role in El Chavo del Ocho that he would jump to world fame and would get to be remembered to this day.

When she participated for Roberto Gómez Bolaños for the first time, the actress was already 50 years old, and although she had great beauty, in the program she played an older and unattractive character, whom the children of the neighborhood considered as a witch.

The actress participated in the great productions of Gómez Bolaños, such as El Chanfle, El Chapulín Colorado and Chespirito; she died in 1994 at the age of 72.

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María de los Ángeles Fernández Abad was born in Madrid, Spain, on July 30, 1924, to José Fernández and Manuela Abad. During his youth he was an active opponent of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, even fighting in the anti-Franco guerrillas before emigrating to Mexico in 1947. In the post, we see some photos of the identification card, made by the Spanish migration service. This was a documentation designed to have control over who left and went into Spain, especially during the Franco dictatorship. During this period, it was common for some Spaniards to try life in Latin America. This was the case for Angelines. Still on this card, on another sheet, he says that he was given permission to stay in the country for six months in order to work at the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as in the other artistic centers of the Mexican Republic, just as it was in his early career. In america. ATTENTION: THESE ARE THE ONLY PHOTOS THAT WE HAVE A REGISTRATION OF ANGELINES FERNÁNDEZ WHEN YOUNG !!! IF YOU GET TO SEE ANOTHER IN OTHER PROFILES, YOU CAN BE SURE THAT THEY ARE MISTAKE. There is a montage on the net that shows some photos saying that it is Angelines, but it is fake news. They usually post photos of actresses Sara Montiel and María Félix. Only in these images do we see Angelines at 23, 24 years old. ???? #BomDia # BuenosDías #Chespirito #Chespirotadas # RobertoGómezBolaños #ElChavoDelOcho #Chaves # BrujaDel71 # BruxaDo71 #QEPD #RIP

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About the theatrical career of Angelines Ferández, who died 26 years ago, he started artistically in the musical comedy “Carlo Monte en Monte Carlo”, in the Companhia de Isabela Garcés. Then, in 1947, he emigrated to Mexico, with the Company of María Guerrero and Fernández Ardavin to perform Fábregas and later at Teatro Ideal. Subsequently, Angelines went on to tour Latin America and even set a time in Cuba. In 1950, she stayed permanently in Mexico and began her artistic career in the play “Un Corazón con Freno y Marcha Atrás”. During that time he worked on some radio soap operas on the well-known “XEW” at the same time that he acted on the small screens. She was a pioneer in Mexican TV, being one of the participants in the inauguration of TV TIM, a channel that she would hire and give space for Chespirito to become famous in the future. #BomDia # BuenosDías #Chespirito #Chespirotadas # RobertoGómezBolaños #ElChavoDelOcho #Chaves # BrujaDel71 # BruxaDo71 #QEPD #RIP

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