Banco Azteca denies asking clients to advance contingency payments

After an image was released on social networks in which a branch of Azteca Bank invites its users to “advance their credit for a possible closure of operations by a week or two” in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the company ruled out applying such a measure. Until now, the bank of the Mexican […]

Italy advances 4.3 billion to its municipalities

Italian Prime Minister,Giuseppe Conte, has announced that the Government will advance 4.3 billionto the 8,000 municipalities and will allocate400 million for purchase couponswhich will be delivered to those most in need. “We have signed aministerial decreeto advance the municipalities 4.3 billion before the scheduled date in May and we added another 400 million to this […]

He was terrified in a row! – The latest news

The incident occurred in Dilovası City Hall Square. Allegedly, Murat A., an alcoholic, stuck a knife in the throat of Kamil Arikan, who had been arguing for an unknown reason. Murat A. escaped from the scene. Murat A. then stabbed Vahit Barış, who he had discussed in Adnan Kahveci Park, from his chest. 112 Emergency […]

Netanyahu promises campaign a settlement that split into two West Bank | International

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday in a West Bank settlement. On video, statements by Netanyahu and Nabil Abu Rudeina, spokesman for the president of the Palestinian Authority. SEBASTIAN SCHEINER (AP) / VIDEO: REUTERS In the final stretch for the March 2 elections, the third legislators in Israel in less than a year, Benjamin […]

The invasion of lands corners the natives of Nicaragua | International

It was a single shot. The detonation resonated on the banks of the Tingni kipla river, amplified by the natural echo caused by the almost intact nature of the Wangki Twi Tasba Raya indigenous territory, in the northern Caribbean of Nicaragua: a place crossed by streams, covered by tall trees and wildlife whispering Just seven […]