They present a therapy for different types of advanced cancer

A new combination therapy for the treatment of different advanced cancers with metastases gives positive results, achieving complete and / or partial remission of more than 95%. This advance in oncological medicine was announced in the framework of the XXII International Congress Advances in Medicine (CIAM) 2020 and in the IX International Congress of Nursing […]

Modest advances in prescription sports

“I see that things are moving well because during this period of municipal elections, many elected officials or candidates ask me about prescription sports. So much the better. 30% of the population is concerned: it is time for this to become a political issue. “ In his Strasbourg town hall office, the deputy mayor in […]

The six advances that are changing the treatment

Artificial intelligence: Mathematics to understand genes and proteins Jesus Sanchez Sequencing the genetic material of a healthy or tumor cell is an increasingly fast and cheap process. The current problem is that the information obtained is overwhelming. It is necessary to understand and contextualize it in a way that allows us to predict, establish relationships, […]