Denis Ducarme “furious” after the closure of bars and restaurants: “It’s a blind measure”

LThere is no unanimous support for the closure of bars and restaurants. Former Minister of the Independents, Denis Ducarme thus affirms, in the columns of la DH, not to understand this measure which he considers “blind” and “disproportionate”.

“I was really furious this Friday evening when I learned that, assures the member of the MR. The Horeca has invested heavily in equipment, etc. so that everything is done correctly and there, I see that months of work are suddenly swept away! It is very surprising. ”


to regain taste and smell after a Covid infection, train with these tips!

With his colleague Sven Saussez, the professor Jerome Lechien, ENT and researcher at UMons, conducted a European study on the coronavirus last March. Their first conclusion: 86% of infected patients will present with odor disturbances (most can no longer smell) and 88% with taste disturbances.

► No doubt when you lose your taste, you have been contaminated with coronavirus.

Today, with the deterioration of the health situation and the increase in the number of cases, Jérôme Lechien is questioned daily by doctors and patients on these symptoms. “I am contacted more and more,” confirms the researcher from Mons. “Many ask me to ask me how to treat the loss of smell and taste related to the coronavirus because they have the impression of eating cardboard”.

► “There is no point in consulting your doctor”: here is whatever the teacher advises.


the plane had to land urgently (photo)

Ryanair flight FR4346 was not an easy trip for passengers. The plane, which had taken off from Liverpool for Tenerife, was the scene of a major incident which required an emergency landing at another airport.

In mid-flight, a passenger became violent and an altercation, “with blood”, broke out. The flight crew had no choice but to request a landing in Lisbon to be able to extract the disruptor. “This flight from Liverpool to Tenerife (October 16) was rerouted to Lisbon after a passenger became a disruptor in flight. The plane landed normally and the passenger was removed by police upon arrival. The plane was then able to continue on its way to Tenerife, ”confirms an airline spokesperson at the Liverpool Echo.


The skills most valued by companies after the pandemic | Trends

The pandemic transformed the priorities of organizations in Latin America and the world. PageGroup -company dedicated to the specialized recruitment of professionals- with the aim of knowing how companies in this new context are visualizing the labor market and facing the demand for hybrid talents -profiles with a balance between soft and hard skills-, carried out a study with presidents, vice presidents, directors and general managers of Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, which shows the transformation and creation of new profiles and new skills that will allow companies to navigate uncertainty .

(Colombia is in debt in the Global Talent Index).

“In Latin America, before the pandemic, the recruitment models were already migrating towards the search for strong talents in soft skills that could respond to the new dynamics of teams and the labor market that had been adapting to the digital revolution. Covid-19 accelerated the need for organizations to hire or develop hybrid talents that are comprehensively competitive in a highly virtualized scenario “, expressed Beltrán Benjumea, Managing Director of PageGroup Colombia.


According to the most recent study carried out by PageGroup, 55% of the companies in the region are finding an alternative temporarily to speed up the achievement of profiles that provide strong soft skills and technical competencies without impacting costs.

(Talent ecosystems, keys for companies in times of pandemic).

The reach of so many technological tools has allowed the economic paralysis to be less abrupt and that, as the quarantines are extended or made more flexible, companies find a way to continue operating until they reach 100% capacity.

In this sense, flexible work models have greater relevance, something unprecedented, since part of the change management that must be promoted from the human resources areas is to leave the traditional hiring models and innovate and adapt mixed models that allow For companies to have multidisciplinary teams and hybrid talents for defined periods of time or for specific projects to achieve the objectives, without this representing a wear and tear in talent turnover and volatility.

When consulting with executives in the region about the advantages of having hybrid talents in organizations, they stated:

• Better cope with moments of crisis and uncertainty (78.7%)
• Obtain better economic results (65%)
• Achieve synergies between the company’s areas (62%)
• Promote business innovation (38.8%)
• Have better customer service (33%)
• Adopt new technologies (7%)


The pandemic accelerated the future of work at a dizzying speed, 90% of executives in the region affirm in a forceful way that the current situation has increased the demand for profiles with strong soft skills such as leadership, motivation and emotional intelligence. Since they become essential to keep teams inspired and focused on continuing to perform with high performance.

In Colombia, the soft skills most valued by business leaders are: teamwork (50%), assertive communication (29.3%) and emotional intelligence (25.9%). On the other hand, the technical skills that are considered by executives as the most relevant are:

• Bilingualism or trilingualism (36.8%)
• Data processing (32.8%)
• Statistical analysis (32.7%)
• Data management (31.2%)
• Marketing campaign management (24%)
• Cybersecurity (22.8%)
• Marketing SEO / SEM (19%)
• Programming languages ​​(Perl, Python, Java and Ruby) (12%)

80% of executives consider that they would not hire a talent that meets the technical skills, but not the required soft skills; a further reaffirmation of the need to find comprehensiveness in the profiles due to the complexity of the current scenario.


According to Latin American businessmen consulted by PageGroup, 61% affirm that the main reason why a vacancy is difficult to fill is because applicants do not have the soft skills necessary to assume the position; followed by 40% who state that applicants do not have the required technical knowledge; another 24% say that candidates do not have the required experience; and 35% relate the difficulty of finding the right talent because the Human Resources area does not easily find the required profile.


In the race to develop hybrid talents, the main challenges faced by executives in the region are lack of budget in organizations (48.7%), lack of time (47.2%) and lack of training programs. training and training in companies (36.4%).
It was also evidenced in the PageGroup study that two out of five executives say that finding hybrid professionals is more difficult today than it was 5 years ago.

In Colombia, executives stated that the main challenges that organizations face when developing a new soft or technical skill in their workforce are:

• Lack of time: 58.3%.
• Lack of budget: 47.2%.
• Lack of education and training programs in the company: 27.8%.

The main measures to overcome the skills gap in Latin America are:

• Periodically train current workers: 52%
• Redefine the profile of the positions that are required: 40.4%
• Invest in better recruitment and selection processes: 32%
• Redefine existing jobs: 26.2%
• Take skills tests: 17.3%

The countries that invest the most in training and education of their talents are: Brazil (62.4%), Colombia (60.6%) and Mexico (59.9%). On average in the region, 52% of companies are investing in the training of their collaborators, improving their soft and technical skills through periodic training and 32% are investing in better recruitment and selection processes to avoid high levels of turnover because of a wrong choice of a non-hybrid talent.

“More and more qualified and specialized employees choose to work for specific periods of time without being tied to a single company and, more and more companies are turning to this type of profiles to give dynamism to their structures, bring new ideas to teams, manage strategic thinking and control headcount costs, through the disruption of traditional hiring models and taking advantage of the combination of plant talent with volatile talent that strengthens competitiveness “
, Benjumea stated.


final round? After the shock, story of a first week of combat

The game is going to be very complicated
” more ”
we won’t let you down
», Assured employees the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, Thursday evening on France 2, eight days after Brigestone expressed a desire to close its Béthune tire plant. Between two, there was a demonstration, a petition, a ministerial visit, …


China: more than 3,000 patients after a bacteria leak from a lab

Brucellosis is a disease transmitted by livestock or animal products. It is generally not contagious between humans. But it can cause fevers, joint pain, and headaches.

PMore than 3,000 people have contracted an illness in northwestern China after bacteria leaked in 2019 from a biopharmaceutical plant producing animal vaccines, authorities said.

Brucellosis is a disease transmitted by livestock or animal products. It is generally not contagious between humans. But it can cause fevers, joint pain, and headaches.

A total of 3,245 people have tested positive for the bacteria, a figure established following tests carried out since the incident, according to health authorities in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province. They specified that no case of human-to-human transmission has been observed.

A public laboratory in the city used an expired disinfectant in July-August 2019 in the production of anti-brucellosis vaccines for animals, authorities said on Tuesday.

Consequence: The sterilization was incomplete and the bacteria were still present in the gas emissions of the company – the Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical Plant for breeding animals.

This contaminated gas spread through the air to the nearby Veterinary Research Institute, where it had infected nearly 200 people last December.

The Lanzhou Health Bureau said on Friday that the bacteria usually come from sheep, cattle or pigs.

The laboratory had apologized this year and had its authorization to produce vaccines against brucellosis withdrawn.

The patients will receive financial compensation from October, according to the authorities in Lanzhou.


persistent fatigue is common after infection, finds Irish study

More than half of patients and staff at an Irish hospital suffered persistent fatigue after recovering from Covid-19, regardless of the severity of their infection, according to a study highlighting the weight of the symptoms that last.

Fatigue is a common symptom in people with symptomatic Covid-19 infection (…) more ” the medium and long term consequences of infection remain unexplored ‘Says Dr Liam Townsend of St James’ Hospital (Dublin, Ireland), author with study colleagues.

Of the 128 study participants (mean age: 50), 52% (67 of 128) reported persistent fatigue during an assessment carried out on average ten weeks after their ” clinical cure Regardless of the severity of their initial infection. At all, the infection was confirmed by virological test. Of the 128, 71 people had been hospitalized and 57 had a mild form.

Researchers looked at a variety of factors, such as the severity of the initial disease, pre-existing pathologies and various biological elements (markers of inflammation, etc.). They found that it made no difference whether or not a patient was hospitalized.

Persistent fatigue, a burden

« Fatigue occurred regardless of hospital admission, affecting both groups equally Explains Dr Townsend. Women, who represented a little more than half of the study participants (54%), on the other hand represented two-thirds of those suffering from persistent fatigue (67%). The people having a history of anxiety or depression were also more likely to experience fatigue.

For the authors, more research is needed to assess the long-term impact of Covid-19 on patients. ” Our results demonstrate a significant burden of post-viral fatigue in people who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection after the acute phase of the disease », They emphasize. They advocate a ” early intervention “And the use of” non pharmacological For fatigue management tailored to individual patient needs.

The study, still preliminary, will be detailed at the congress of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases organized online from September 23 to 25 and devoted to Covid-19 (ECCVID).


After the celebration of a mass, there are 16 infected with coronavirus and 900 isolated in Córdoba

At least 16 people who attended a mass last week in the Cordoba town of Justiniano Posse they tested positive in coronavirus and 900 others, among those attending that celebration and close contacts, were isolated in a preventive manner, while it is being investigated whether the priest promoted not wearing a mask.


a cannabis plantation discovered after a fire

When the firefighters arrive on site, under the orders of Lieutenant Malanion and Sergeant George, they find a house totally on fire. The flames come out of the roof. The men of the fire start their intervention but realize that something is wrong: when they try to put out the fire, the flames grow bigger.

They then found, on the first floor and in the attic, an installation for planting cannabis. “There were no plants as such,” one explains on the floor. “It was still in the planning stage. We are also told that the fire was caused by an electrical problem.

It took them a good hour to put out the blaze. This morning, around 8:30 am, they were still there.

The Trieux police were also on site to establish a security perimeter. ORES has been requested to turn off the electricity and an expert is expected to attend.

A diversion of buses has been put in place by TEC.


Neymar does his mea culpa and calls for calm after the stormy PSG-OM

“I am sad to see the feeling of hatred that can be provoked when we revolt in the heat”, writes in Portuguese and in English the Brazilian striker, while maintaining his accusations of racism against the Spaniard of OM .

“Should I have ignored it?” I still don’t know … Today, with a clear head, I think so, but at the time my teammates and I asked the referees for help, and we were ignored. That’s the subject! ”, Justified the star of PSG.

During this sulphurous match, marked at the end of the match by the exclusion of five players, including Neymar for slapping Alvaro Gonzalez in the back of the head, the Brazilian striker of PSG complained to the referees, repeating to many times “racismo, no!” (“racism, no!”, in Spanish), pointing to the Spanish defender.

PSG gave their support to their star who, after the match, had violently attacked Alvaro Gonzalez on social networks: “My only regret is not having hit that asshole in the face,” he had hot written on Twitter.

A reaction on and off the pitch that Neymar says he now regrets. “Yesterday, I got lost in the match and I lacked wisdom,” said Neymar, who sees an “obligation” in “pacifying this anti-racist movement so that the less privileged can be defended naturally”.

The disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) will look from Wednesday on the five red cards distributed at the end of the match to determine the number of suspension matches incurred by Parisians Neymar, Layvin Kurzawa and Leandro Paredes, and by Marseillais Dario Benedetto and Jordan Amavi.