“No one will win alone against the coronavirus pandemic”

The cross : Have you called for the easing of sanctions to help fight the coronavirus pandemic? What do you expect from the states? Michelle Bachelet : We have called for the lifting of all restrictions that prevent governments from doing their jobs and having access to the drugs and medical equipment necessary to protect […]

In Indonesia, confusion reigns in the fight against coronavirus

Indonesia is in danger. Under pressure from the medical profession, Indonesian President Joko Widodo finally declared a “state of emergency” on March 31, but he still resists imposing a general confinement for the 270 million inhabitants of the archipelago (90% Muslims), the fourth most populous country in the world. The first cases of infection were […]

NATO commits to the fight against the pandemic

NATO foreign ministers, meeting Thursday, April 2, by videoconference, asked the American general Tod Wolters, supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe (Saceur), to accelerate and intensify the military assistance of the allies against the Coronavirus pandemic. → LIVE. Coronavirus: bin, prisons, confinement… Update on the pandemic at midday From his headquarters (Shape) in […]

New York in “war” against the Covid-19

To enter the Duggal Greenhouse these days, you must pass a temperature control, put hydroalcoholic gel on your hands, disinfect your mobile, put a mask on your nose and mouth and put on gloves. In a city idling because of the Covid-19, this huge performance hall located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a former shipyard […]

In Russia, dacha and Pushkin, refuge from the Covid-19

As often in Russia, it all begins and ends with Alexander Pushkin, the beloved poet of an entire nation. ” In the midst of a crisis coronavirus, let’s reread his poems written during the cholera epidemic which then hit the country and forced him to remain in quarantine at countryside “Says Valerï Shiptov. Almost two […]

Thais angry with King Rama X

“ Why do we need a king? Questioned Tuesday, March 31, 1.2 million Thais on Twitter. The cause of this interrogation? The latest madness of the extravagant Maha Vajiralongkorn, king of Thailand known for his escapades, who would have recluded with his companions in a four-star hotel in the Bavarian town of Garmish-Partenkirchen, in the […]

Technologies serving the fight against coronavirus

► Tracing and geolocation to understand and anticipate the epidemic Taiwan is often presented as a model in the fight against the coronavirus: 306 cases identified and only 5 deaths as of March 30, according to John Hopkins University. However, the archipelago has largely relied on the use of digital technologies to contain the epidemic. […]

In Africa, “the will to fight against the spread of the coronavirus is there”

La Croix: Your organization provides expertise to companies to protect their expatriates, business travelers and their employees working in Africa. What analysis do you make of the situation on the continent, where the Covid-19 epidemic is beginning to spread and where the worst is predicted? Doctor Laurent Arnulf : It is difficult to speak of […]