Search for COVID-19 multilingual resources to help older people who don’t speak English

Posted March 21, 2020 6:19:44 AM Photo: Over 21% of Australians speak languages ​​other than English at home. (Provided: Multicultural elderly care services) Older people are among the most vulnerable to coronavirus in Australia, but some community leaders are concerned that vital health messages may not reach older people who don’t speak English. Key points: […]

Growing number of UK mothers in long term debt – report Money

Precarious employment, low wages, an increase in retirement age and a real-time reduction in social benefits are causing an increasing number of mothers in long-term debt, according to research based on data from the Office for national statistics and in-depth interviews. Research, titled Mothers in Debt – Shame, Abuse and Resilience, conducted by researchers from […]

Coronavirus is not a flu

Coronavirus, a “flu”? the doctors who claimed it two months ago have changed their tone. “When the first Chinese patient was diagnosed with coronavirus, a colleague told me” don’t forget to tell the nurses that this is a flu! “ Today he’s one of the most worried, “ says Professor Gilles Pialoux, head of department […]

New: spermidineLife – healthy aging thanks to natural cell cleaning

Heppenheim (ots) – We also want to be active and enjoy life as we get older. But how do we stay fit and healthy? Scientists at the University of Graz have been looking for natural ways to prevent age-related diseases such as dementia. The result of their research is spermidineLIFE®. The world’s first and natural […]

They send human tissue to space to study aging – Noticieros Televisa

University Scientists Johns Hopkins They hope to learn more about human aging and the propensity of astronauts to suffer arrhythmias when they are in space for a long time thanks to a myocardial tissue which will be sent to the International Space Station. We recommend you: NASA captures image of Mars with 800 million pixels […]

Izpisúa reveals the cellular changes that make eating less prolong life

R. I. Madrid Updated:02/27/2020 18:52 save If you want to improve your immune system, reduce inflammation levels throughout the body, delay the onset of age-related diseases and, in summary, living more time, you already have the recipe: eat less. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by US scientists. UU. and China that provides […]

Eating a Mediterranean diet can slow down the aging process, says the study

ANI | updated: February 24, 2020 11:27 am IST Minnesota [USA], Feb 24 (ANI): A new study has suggested that consuming a Mediterranean diet can slow down the aging process.Researchers at the University of Minnesota medical school have discovered a potential new way in which diet affects aging-related diseases.Researchers have found that olive oil in […]

Changing your diet repeatedly or abruptly could be harmful to your health

New research from the University of Sheffield has found that switching to a rich diet after following a restricted diet can reduce life expectancy and have adverse health effects. It has long been known that limiting food intake can extend lifespan, however researchers have now provided new insight into why diets could benefit humans in […]

“Very few politicians are genuinely interested in science” | Science

“Scientists are trained not to speculate, although the politician wants us to speculate and society sometimes needs it. But if you speculate too much you stop being a scientist and become a charlatan. In science, ‘I think’ It is always a wrong word. ” Uruguayan researcher Rafael Radi explains why science has an increasingly important […]