The rain is returning! October 12 weather forecast…

After the days passed with heavy rain and hail warnings last week, the rains return tomorrow. The rains that will manifest itself in the Marmara and Aegean Regions will be effective for 2 days and then spread to the coastal regions of the Black Sea. Rainfall is expected to lose its effect after the middle of the week.


According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology; Rainfall is not expected throughout the country. It is estimated that the northern and western parts of the dormitory will be very cloudy in parts, while other places will be less cloudy and clear. In the morning hours, fog and haze are expected in the inner parts of the Western and Central Black Sea.


Shooting stars: the Orionids will soon reach their peak

Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 3:12 PM – The Orionids, the second meteor shower of October, will soon reach their peak.

Astronomy enthusiasts, you will be well served over the next few days. The Orionids light up the sky between October 2 and November 7.

This year, your best chance of spotting shooting stars will be during the night of October 21-22, when the Orionids reach their peak.

The best time to see meteors will be shortly after midnight, and the spectacle will likely be worth the effort. The sky should indeed be dark enough for easy viewing.

It will be possible to see nearly 20 meteorites per hour in optimal conditions.

The Orionids are debris from the famous Halley’s comet, known since Antiquity. They will radiate from the constellation Orion, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

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False hopes for Lufthansa

After the summer optimism, forecasts darken at Lufthansa: Europe’s leading airline group has announced thousands of additional job cuts and a significant reduction in capacity.
Saved from bankruptcy by the German state, the company is faced with a recovery “much slower than expected” after the almost total cessation of flights due to the coronavirus. Currently, the group is losing 500 million euros per month – or one million every 90 minutes – against 700 million at the height of the pandemic.
“The figures for reservations and passengers are falling again with the end of the travel period” this summer, deplores Lufthansa. At issue: a request still weighed down by travel restrictions and warnings, including the obligation of a five-day quarantine for travelers from certain risk areas announced for early October by the German government.

A greatly reduced supply

In the fourth quarter, the group which owns Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines now only expects an offer representing 20% ​​to 30% of the level of last year, while it expected to reach 50%. By 2025, the fleet of 763 aircraft in its own right, plus about forty leased, will be reduced by 150 machines, 50 more than announced; a new schedule which results in “an increase” in the number of “surplus positions” compared to the 22,000 full-time equivalent already announced.
The exact number of additional job cuts has not been communicated but according to sources familiar with the matter, it could be around 5,000. Lufthansa nevertheless ensures that it wants to find agreements to “limit the number of dry layoffs”, in particular through the increase in part-time work and therefore wage cuts. Negotiations that progress only slowly. The first layoffs could concern the pilots of the Germanwings subsidiary from 2021. By the first quarter of 2021, the company also plans to cut 20% of management jobs.


Unusual: Northern Lights on a comet!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 8:22 PM – The Aurora Borealis is spectacular, but it doesn’t just happen on Earth. Astronomers have observed the phenomenon on a comet. Explanations.

The Aurora Borealis is a spectacular phenomenon observed mainly in northern latitudes. These are solar winds charged with electrons that strike the Earth’s upper atmosphere. It is not only on Earth that this spectacle occurs. In fact, astronomers took advantage of the instruments of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe to collect data that would bring to light an extraordinary spectacle: the northern lights on a comet!

The Northern Lights have been observed elsewhere in the solar system. Most planets and moons that have an atmosphere can give rise to this spectacle, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars. However, this is the first event reported on a comet.

Data collected by scientists indicate that this is indeed an auroral phenomenon. The electron-charged particles interact with the gas emitted by the comet. The resulting atoms give off ultraviolet light. However, this radiation is invisible to the naked eye.

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Coronavirus: Barcelona recommends having sex outdoors to avoid contagion

Every day a new sanitary measure emerges to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Yesterday the World Organization of Health (WHO) advised to avoid saluting with the elbows, a practice that spread since the pandemic was declared, because it had been proven that, far from what was thought, it transmitted the infection. What’s more, he proposed to greet by putting his hand to his heart.

In Barcelona, the land of Lionel Messi’s football prowess and the romantic songs of Joan Manuel Serrat, surprised by making an unexpected recommendation to try to avoid infections and, thus, new outbreaks of Covid-19 in Spain. It was at the heart of what the city’s health authorities consider a hot zone where the disease is progressing.

In a guide published by the Barcelona Public Health Agency, which promotes “virtual sexual appointments, erotic videos or personal masturbation” as alternatives to sex Conventional, with the idea of ​​avoiding passionate kisses and lowering the contagion curve of Covid-19, it is also recommended to have sex outdoors.

The Catalan health entity ensures that intimate encounters are only safe if the protagonists have no symptoms or were not exposed to the virus. Like the New York guide and the Argentine government’s recommendations, it suggests not making escapades outside of the couple you had at the time of the pandemic and advises “sexting”.

In the event of new ties or doubts about the partner’s health, the agency proposes a series of prevention measures such as “do not kiss or exchange saliva” and “use condoms or dental dams” for oral and anal sex. In the case of clandestine relationships, the guide recommends taking the data from the other, another to be able to do the health screening and preventive isolation if it tests positive.

Although there is no scientific evidence that the disease is transmitted through sex, it is known that Covid-19 is spread by direct contact with the respiratory secretions of a person with the virus, to which “it is easy to expose oneself” in love relationships that, it is empirically proven, are impossible to practice with social distancing and difficult with a mask.

The advice of the body responsible for caring for the health of Barcelona is based on scientific studies that affirm that “there is less risk if relationships are maintained in large, open and well ventilated spaces.” Gardens, patios, terraces or balconies are some of the options for having sex in ventilated spaces, according to these recommendations.


A plane carrying drugs registered in the USA was shot down in Venezuela :: Society :: RBC

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

The Venezuelan military shot down a plane with an American registration number used to transport drugs. About it reported Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on his Twitter page.

The plane flew through the state of Zulia. It transported drugs from Colombia – “the largest producer of cocaine in the world.” The military found the aircraft using radar.

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

In early July in Venezuela, the military shot down an American plane that entered the country’s airspace illegally. According to the military, it was used to transport drugs. According to Flightradar, this is a Hawker 800 private jet.

In 2013, President Nicolas Maduro allowed shoot down drug traffickers’ planes in Venezuelan airspace. The initiator of the bill was his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.


The big player who could upset the Quebec fall, here he is

Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:00 AM – La Niña, the temperature anomaly in the mid-west Pacific Ocean, is low in intensity but is expected to gain strength within a few weeks. If this scenario materializes, the repercussions will be felt as far as the Atlantic, and the Quebec fall could indirectly suffer the consequences.

Hyper-tropical season

Hurricane season is in full swing, to say the least, knowing that we recorded more than fifteen named storms during the first half of the season, whereas in normal times we has twelve for a full season that ends November 30 in the Northern Hemisphere.

The 2020 season could dethrone the year 2005 when it comes to the number of named tropical storms. This tropical hyperactivity could upset the tendency for mildness expected in our Fall preview.

Hurricanes - favorable factors

One of the causes of this tropical hyperactivity is the negative anomaly of water temperatures in the Pacific, commonly known as La Niña. One of the characteristics of La Niña is a weak windshear in the Atlantic. Associated with the warmer temperatures in this ocean, this lack of shear offers tropical waves the perfect conditions to emerge, first, and gain in intensity, second.


According to the US Agency for Ocean and Atmospheric Observation (NOAA), La Niña is well established, which means tropical hyperactivity in the Atlantic will continue until late fall. This could upset weather trends in Quebec.

The aftermath in Quebec

When a hurricane moves, warm surface water is mixed with deep water. The more tropical storms there are, the cooler the surface water is. Yet it is thanks to these warm Atlantic waters that an atmospheric ridge should allow the province to enjoy milder weather this fall.

Hurricanes - Cold water influence

“With cooler surface water, the ridge may be less well defined and the heat from the United States may not rise enough towards the province for the northernmost sectors to benefit,” explains Anne-Sophie Colombani , videographer-meteorologist at MétéoMédia.

Ouagan - cretage reduction

In addition, if tropical storms approach the coast, it is possible that they are caught by the jet stream and directed towards Quebec or the Maritimes. “Significant amounts of precipitation could be spilled over parts of the province,” said Colombani, adding that “the number of days with precipitation would not be higher than seasonal norms, but the amounts of rain could be” .

Hurricanes - precipitation

To find our Fall Snapshot, go here.

To know more…

The girl

In the west-central Pacific Ocean, climatologists and meteorologists around the world are monitoring the Southern Oscillation, or water temperature anomalies. If this anomaly is greater than +0.5 ° C, we speak of El Niño; when it is less than -0.5 ° C, it is La Niña; and between these two values, the anomaly is considered to be neutral.

To be qualified as El Niño or La Niña, an anomaly must remain stable for three months in a row. NOAA has just announced that after August having recorded an anomaly of less than -0.5 ° C, “La Niña conditions are now present”.



seven billion euros to make France the European leader

Bruno Le Maire and Barbara Pompili presented the Government’s new hydrogen strategy which aims to launch an industrial sector in France. An ambition welcomed by the players who must now honor the appointment and set up projects.

A strategy of seven billion to win a technological bet. Seven billion to be the best in Europe. This is the ambition of Bruno Le Maire and Barbara Pompili by presenting this Tuesday September 8 to the National Strategy for the Development of Carbonated Hydrogen in France. Faced with the players in the sector brought together by Afhypac, the ministers of the economy and ecological transition detailed the objectives, tools and funding channels that will be activated over the next two years to push back a technological frontier in order to respect the natural limits of the plant , according to Barbara Pompili. Bruno Le Maire is convinced of this: We have the industrial strengths and companies to create a French sector providing jobs and added value .

To organize this dynamic, Bruno Le Maire will take the head of a National Hydrogen Committee in which all the players in the sector will meet. The Government will also set up an interministerial task force to carry out the strategy internally.

Build and install electrolysers in France

This new hydrogen strategy aims to install enough electrolysers to make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the economy. The Government is targeting a hydrogen production capacity of 6.5 GW by 2030. Among the various processes, the strategy retains electrolysis because it appears as the most promising and France already has high potential industrialists , justifies the Government. But other forms of renewable hydrogen production will also be supported.

Like the battery airbus which is taking shape, France intends to build an airbus for electrolysers by bringing about giga factory projects within the framework of an important Project of Common European Interest (PIIEC / IPCEI). France will devote a financial endowment of 1.5 billion euros to this.

Support hydrogen consumption in industry

To avoid chicken or egg syndrome, the strategy is to encourage the consumption of green hydrogen. First axis: industry. Especially that of refining which consumes hydrogen to desulphurize fuels. The Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) is preparing a specific support method for this sector. The latter will be exempt from tax if it incorporates green hydrogen in its processes. These provisions will be presented in the 2021 finance law for implementation in 2023., said Laurent Michel, director of the DGEC. The latter hopes to encourage the substitution of fossil hydrogen by green hydrogen of 20,000 tonnes, for a sector that uses 145,000.

A mechanism of guarantees of origin will also emerge to upgrade carbonless hydrogen over hydrogen produced from fossil fuels. And to offset the additional cost of green hydrogen production, a support system such as a call for tenders + additional remuneration will support investment, the image of what has been set up in other sectors. renewable energy. AT To date, the price difference between electrolyzed hydrogen and conventional hydrogen is significant. It can be met by a carbon price but in the meantime, we need help, justifies Laurent Michel. The DGEC is counting on support over 15 years, a volume of projects representing a production of 90,000 tonnes of hydrogen for a budget of 325 million euros per year for 2022 and 2023. That is to say support around 7 euros per kg hydrogen produced.Consultation with stakeholders will be launched with the aim of notifying this state aid to the European Commission quickly and allowing it to be put in place by 2021., explained Barbara Pompili. The first calls for tenders would be open in early 2022 for a first selection of projects in the second half of 2022.

Support consumption in heavy mobility

The hydrogen meets the needs of high engine power or the needs of long autonomy, in particular for captive fleets covering long distances just in time., considers the Government. This is why its strategy particularly targets heavy mobility for the transport of passengers and goods. Utilities, heavy goods vehicles, trains, planes, buses, river shuttles, everything is screwed up. A call for projects (AAP) for technological bricks and demonstrators will be launched by Ademe to develop all the components and systems related to the production and transport of hydrogen, and its uses. This AAP is endowed with 350 M € until 2023.

In order to pool the uses of hydrogen, another AAP will be launched to create territorial ecosystems. By the end of the year, Ademe will launch the AAP Territorial Hydrogen Hub to select consortia bringing together communities and industrialists who provide solutions to maximize economies of scale. This call for projects will be endowed with € 275 million by 2023.

According to its director, Laurent Michel, the DGEC is in the process of setting up additional tax assistance for the purchase of heavy vehicles running on hydrogen.

Towards a hydrogen campus

In order to bring out the innovations necessary for the success of this strategy, an additional budget of 65 million euros will be directed towards research on hydrogen by the National Research Agency (ANR). This priority research program will be co-piloted by the CEA and the CNRS.

Employment is also an objective of the government strategy with, in sight, the development of skills and the creation, in the long term, of 50,000 and 150,000 direct and indirect jobs in this sector. In order to train all levels, the Government is calling for the creation of one or more hydrogen campuses which would bring together vocational high schools, universities and engineering schools in the same place. The challenge is to offer training and qualifications to train technicians to work on electrolysers, engineers, QHSE managers or even firefighters., details Bruno Le Maire.

In the meantime, a census of all existing training courses is underway.

Looking for projects

Of the € 7 billion pledged, € 3.4 billion will be allocated over the next two years: 54% for industry, 27% for mobility, 19% for research and innovation. Project leaders will thus be able to knock on the door of Ademe, BPI France, the National Research Agency or even the Caisse des Dépôts to innovate, industrialize or create territorial ecosystems around hydrogen. Of the 7 billion, we plan to mobilize 50% of this amount by 2023. It will start quickly, warns Karine Vernier of the general secretariat for investment.

On the side of Ademe, 150 million euros will be able to be released in the coming months according to modalities already proven: subsidies, subsidized loans, repayable advances. It will take projects, warns Arnaud Leroy, president of the agency. But it will not be open bar. We will look for projects that have a social and industrial utility. On the side of BPI France, we are also focusing on the usual funding methods. It is necessary to put fuel in the pipes already created, explains Nicolas Dufourq, its managing director. Repayable advances, innovation loans, seed capital, venture capital, calls for projects, these are extremely effective tools. There will be no budgetary rationing. You just have to find the entrepreneurs, he explains.

The players in the sector say they are ready to take up the challenge. From the 100 million euros initiated by Nicolas Hulot’s hydrogen plan, we are moving to another scale with 10 years of visibility but also employment requirements and value creation, it is a real industrial challenge. considers Christelle Werquin, general delegate of Afhypac.

Article published on September 08, 2020


End of party on Wall Street or just an air shaft?

What happened? Did the bubble burst? High in the sky, the stock market fell Thursday and Friday (softer). ¿Wall Street came to his senses after a maelstrom fueled even by cheap tricks like dividing one fashion stock into several, and getting the miracle of a company appreciation? The Nasdaq reached 10%. The Actions Technological technologies melted in the sun like Icarus. Who disconnected Tesla? He surpassed $ 500 on Tuesday in a meteoric speeding. Produced short, it sank to $ 382 in the worst of Friday and dug its own bear market with a slip of more than 23%. And if he managed to start engines to close at $ 417, he got lost again – at $ 391 – in after-hours trading. End of party? Did the long-run rally run out of battery? Or is it a passing shower like in June? A well of air, one would say. A specific balloon was punctured. The Robinhooders, who have never seen Sherwood woods, already know what a plover trap is. Its manager – the Japanese group SoftBank– was finally exposed by its sudden irruption in the options market. The conglomerate – which operates a hedge fund with $ 100 billion in assets – took an aggressive stance on tech companies. He bought stocks, but mainly derivatives in a gigantic operation. The market for individual stock calls (call options) exploded upward – its volume tripled in the last two weeks – without it being clear what was behind it. The move – like an elephant entering a bazaar – unleashed a “Greek” tragedy of volatility. It is that to avoid paying breakages, call sellers protect themselves by buying shares in dynamic strategies known as hedging “delta” (and “gamma”). The rally in prices – and the persistence of the buyer – forced them to bid for even more paper, with a frenzy, so as not to expose themselves to the mismatch. That pressure cooker – the VIX Index had never soared higher than the S&P 500 on all records – was uncovered Thursday with the Nasdaq plummeting. Who can tell if the cooking is finished? The calm in the evening on Friday (with a long holiday ahead) is a good sign, but not enough. SoftBank acquired $ 2 billion of shares in Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla and Alphabet last month, and a new asset management unit has a budget of $ 10 billion to invest. It is a convinced hand, firmly anchored. If your thing is positioning (after all, it is a technology conglomerate) and not the revolving of a transaction, so it will be. Nor will there be anyone who wants to put it to the test.


750 million genetically modified mosquitoes released in the United States

Sunday, August 30, 2020 at 6:07 PM – A veritable hordes of genetically modified mosquitoes will be released in the United States, with the aim of reducing the transmission of certain diseases dangerous to humans.

The states of Texas and Florida are targeted. The insects will therefore be introduced gradually over a period of about two years.

Male mosquitoes that are released will release a lethal gene in females already in circulation. When mating, this same discomfort will make them sterile.

The goal is to wipe out a whole species of insects carrying viruses potentially fatal to humans, such as Zika or dengue.

This impressive operation would have no significant impact on humans or the environment, according to current analyzes. That was the initial objective: to find an ecological way to eliminate the species of mosquitoes carrying diseases.

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