North Korean Air Koryo Airline So the Worst in the World, Jakarta – During this time, various things related to North Korea impressed very closed. Of course that is very different from their neighboring country, South Korea which is very open.

The country led by Kim Jong Un has imposed various restrictions on its citizens and is closed to foreign countries. Even so, North Korea does not escape being a tourist destination. Many foreign tourists want to know how life is like in this communist country.

To get there, North Korea can only be reached by one airline, namely Air Koryo. Air Koryo is a North Korean airline that only opens flight routes to China and Russia. Their only international flight routes to Beijing and Vladivostok (Russia).

This airline serves less than 10 regular flights every day, both domestic and international. Reporting from the page of Business Insider, Air Koryo is a state-owned company or BUMN that was founded in the era of Kim Jong Il’s leadership or the father of Kim Jong Un.

Air Koryo, which was founded in 1955 at that time, became an airline from North Korea that was well regarded by the outside world. However, at this time, conditions were much different.

Air Koryo has been named the world’s worst by aviation site Skytrax for the last five consecutive years. They are the only airline in the world that gets a 1 star rating. The parameter that makes Air Koryo the worst airline is the facilities provided to passengers during the flight.

They gave newspapers full of North Korean propaganda news and repetitive state music. Not only that, Air Koryo also only displays the video clip of Kim Jong Un’s favorite ‘girl group’, namely Moranbong.

The food service at Air Koryo is also considered mediocre, some even think it is almost inedible. For economy class flights, passengers will be served “The Mystery Burger”, this mysterious burger is quite popular among travelers.

Not because of its deliciousness, but because the taste and contents of the burger are unclear and less edible. In fact, the aspect of food is one of the most important on a flight.


TransNusa Stops Operations, Ministry of Transportation Believes Not Followed by Other Airlines

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Transportation confirmed that TransNusa’s decision to temporarily suspend operations would not be followed airline other. The reason is that the filling levels of other airlines’ passengers are claimed to be quite good.

Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) Novie Riyanto said that there are such airlines TransNusa that chooses to temporarily stop operating in the midst of a pandemic, it is the business policy of each airline.

“That’s a Business-to-Business (B2B) business. They stop operating because of studies and so on, the point is that from us they have to be responsible for things that must be returned to passengers,” he said on Sunday, September 6, 2020.

Novie continued the choice of TransNusa or other airlines to stop operating could be due to the condition of not many passengers, so that the economic value was not sufficient to return to flying.

According to him, this temporary suspension of operations will not occur for other airlines, because all airlines continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation and passenger occupancy levels continue to increase.

“That’s just monggo, maybe the conditions are not many passengers. The important thing is I think there are no other airlines, it’s still okay, we also provide conveniences, together,” said Novie.

The Ministry of Transportation will also monitor the continued condition of TransNusa, because the regulator has not received official notification from the aircraft operator.

PT TransNusa Aviation Mandiri, owner of the TransNusa airline business, chose to temporarily close its operational activities for the period 8-30 September 2020.

From the leaked letter for travel agents signed on September 5, 2020, TransNusa announced the temporary suspension of operations using its airline. The letter was signed by the Head of Sales & Revenue Management Rajasegaran Rajoo.

The reason is, pay attention to cases pandemic Covid-19 which is still spreading and tends to increase in all provinces in Indonesia. TransNusa conveyed the temporary closure of all the airline’s flights until conditions are completely restored and a vaccine can ensure that the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia will end soon.


Iberia foresees a flight program slightly lower than August in September | Companies

Iberia plans to offer a program in September of flights “slightly lower” than in August, which was barely represented 27% of its planned capacity before covid-19, according to company sources have indicated to Efe.

The airline has explained that it has to make almost daily adjustments given the changing evolution of the pandemic and the restrictions travel is being imposed again in many countries to stop the second coronavirus wave.

In fact, some Latin American countries, its main market, that they had closed passenger traffic until September 1, they are expanding it for several more weeks or months, the company added, who tries to be “very in the day” and adjust his schedule accordingly as necessary.

Iberia thus joins many other airlines that have announced cuts capacity due to lack of demand, exacerbated by new restrictions travel, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling or Air Europa, which has canceled scheduled flights to Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru for September due to the closure of traffic.

According to the European Organization for the Safety of Navigation Air, Eurocontrol, the constant rise in traffic, which began in the mid April, it has “clearly” stopped since August 7 and has increased uncertainty with respect to September and October, as a result of these capacity cuts, the end of the summer break and the absence of restarting long-haul flights.

On August 26, 16,804 flights were made in Europe, a 4% more than two weeks before, 47% of those of 2019, and on Friday 21 August was the day with the highest traffic, with 18,365 operations, exceeding 50.2% of last year’s levels for the first time since 18 March.

The number of flights in the first 26 days of August has stabilized 52% below 2019 levels and in line with the scenario of traffic recovery in Europe presented by Eurocontrol on 24 of April.

Up to 21,000 flights could be reached on some peak days during September, a lower outlook than those presented by Eurocontrol in previous weeks and which is likely to be further lowered, as it largely depends on the evolution of restrictions.

Ryanair, the airline with the most flights in Europe

Ryanair, which is by far the airline with the largest number of flights, with 1,370 last Wednesday, a slight decrease compared to August 12, will reduce its scheduled offer for September and October by 20%.

EasyJet in second place with 922 flights on August 26, an increase of 1% versus the volume of two weeks ago, will close three bases in the UK and suspend some services, while Vueling will cut 20% your offer in September compared to August.

Domestic traffic in China just 13% below pre-pandemic level

Internal flows continue to be the most active both in Europe, where they are 8 out of 10, and in other markets, especially China, which reached a maximum of 12,168 flights on August 25, only 13% below the levels prior to the coronavirus (internationals are still 70% below).

In Europe, the traffic between the United Kingdom and Spain is the busiest, remaining stable, with a slight increase of 1% compared to two weeks before.

Flows between the UK and Greece and Italy grew by 10% and 18%, respectively, compared to an 18% decline between Germany and Spain.

The low-cost segment registered a faster recovery and is at the level of charter flights, with a decrease of 51% compared to 2019 in both cases, while traditional companies are 64% below. By contrast, business aviation is 1% above 2019 levels.


World’s Largest Airline Will Layoff 19,000 Employees

NEW YORK, – airline American Airlines declare that they will terminate the employment relationship ( PHK) against 19,000 employees in October 2020.

That is the period when the bailouts provided by the United States government to airlines expire. One of the conditions for providing bailout funds is that companies are prohibited from reducing the number or salaries of employees until September 2020.

Quoted from BBC, Wednesday (26/8/2020), the largest airline in the world stated that a policy of downsizing the number of employees, including layoffs and leave or voluntary resignation, would reduce 30 percent of employees compared to the number in March 2020.

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A number of other airlines have warned of similar policies due to the hitting the airline industry as a result of the corona virus pandemic.

United Airlines, for example, as many as 36,000 employees are threatened with losing their jobs.

The German airline Lufthansa said it plans to cut 22,000 employees and British airline British Airways cut 12,000 employees.

American Airlines has received a bailout of 5.8 billion US dollars from the government. Recently, the airline announced plans to temporarily suspend service at 15 small airports in the US due to low demand.

“We must prepare ourselves for the possibility that the government could not find a way to better support the aviation professionals and the services we provide,” explained American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Director Robert Isom.

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In a letter to employees, American Airlines leaders stated that the airline would fly at 50 percent capacity in the last three months of 2020.

International flights will be reduced to 25 percent from the level in 2019.

The airline also stated that it was estimated to have no more than 100,000 employees in October 2020, down from 140,000 employees at the start of March 2020.

In addition to the layoffs of 19,000 officers, a total of 12,500 officers have resigned voluntarily since March 2020. A total of 11,000 officers will do the same by October 2020.


Aerolinea Avianca wants to raise loans for US $ 2,000 million | Companies | Business

Avianca Holdings SA said it has reached agreements with lenders for a significant portion of the $ 2 billion it is trying to raise in its restructuring after the air travel crisis caused by the pandemic led to bankruptcy.

The second largest airline in Latin America is seeking term loans to raise new funds of US $ 1.2 billion and the refinancing of existing debts, according to a regulatory document presented Thursday.

The transaction would consist of a main and a subordinate tranche, both guaranteed by a right to the available collateral. Goldman Sachs Lending Partners LLC and JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA have been retained by Avianca (subject to US Bankruptcy Court approval) to act as lead coordinators and joint bookrunners for the senior tranche.

Lenders can include existing stakeholders, new investors and potentially the Colombian government, the Bogota-based company said in the document.

Under the proposed package, Avianca said it reached an agreement in principle with an ad hoc group of creditors with bonds maturing in 2023. Bondholders will have the option of contributing new money as part of the senior loan. The bonds were trading at 19 cents on the dollar on Thursday, according to Trace bond trading data.

The company also reached an agreement in principle with AI Loyalty Ltd. to acquire an additional 20% stake in the LifeMiles Ltd. loyalty program. Upon completion of the acquisition, Avianca would have a 90% equity stake in LifeMiles, with a possibility of full ownership. Those additional stakes will be available as collateral for the loans, the company said.

Since filing for Chapter 11 protection in New York on May 10, the airline has been depleting capital as its fleet, which operates primarily from Bogota and El Salvador, remains grounded largely due to government bans and falling demand for air travel.

The recession has also forced its competitors Latam Airlines Group SA and Grupo Aeromexico SAB to apply for bankruptcy protection as Latin American airlines, unlike their counterparts in the US and Europe, face the coronavirus crisis without a significant government aid.

“As the Company continues to develop its reorganization plan, Avianca hopes to comprehensively adjust to the current industrial (sic) landscape and the effects of COVID19, transforming the Company into a highly competitive, resized, solid and profitable airline, “Avianca said in the report. A spokeswoman declined to comment.


Garuda Flight Ticket Discounts up to 45%, How about other airlines?


Garuda Indonesia airline offers discounts of up to 45% for several routes on domestic flights. One of these methods is to attract potential passengers in the midst of a sluggish business due to the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Then, what about other airlines?

1. Air Asia

AirAsia airlines also provide discounts to commemorate Indonesia’s 75th Anniversary. AirAsia is organizing the ‘AirAsia Virtual Travel Fair’ which offers discounts of up to 20% on all domestic flight tickets through travel agents from 10-17 August 2020 to fly from today to 31 March 2021.

“The AirAsia Virtual Travel Fair is attended by 114 leading travel agents which are held simultaneously in 14 cities, starting from Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, Bangka Belitung, Lombok, Lamongan, Padang, to Aceh. which offers competitive rates including 15 kg free baggage for domestic flight routes, “said AirAsia Indonesia President Director Veranita Yosephine Sinaga through her statement to detikcom, Monday (10/8/2020).

In addition, AirAsia also offers a special rapid test price of IDR 75,000 for all customers who have tickets with a flight date of 17 August 2020. This special offer can be obtained starting today at the drive-thru rapid test facility at Soewarna Business Park, Soekarno Hatta Airport area. . A similar offer can also be found at Sheila Medika Hospital, Sidoarjo.

To get the rapid test promo service, customers only need to show their order number and identity at the inspection location. Health certificate and rapid test results that will be received are valid for 14 days from the date of examination.

Watch Video “Starting Tomorrow, Flight Ticket Discounts of Up to 50% Are Valid!
[Gambas:Video 20detik]


Flights to nowhere. A moment in the air with a landing at the take-off point. CSA also offers them

Hungry tourists in Taiwan get a new opportunity for a travel experience. A flight that ends where it begins. The road can also be a destination. They offer luxury in Taiwan, CSA works with a cheaper alternative.

One of Taiwan’s largest airlines, Eva Air, is planning a three-hour flight from the Taipei capital to Taipei on Saturday, August 8.

“International tourism has been suspended for several months. But people want to travel and fly to fulfill their wishes, we have prepared this experience, “writes the Eva Air website. He pointed out the topic web

Taiwan has been in isolation since March, with foreigners banned from entering the country due to fears of the spread of coronavirus, with a few exceptions. The offer is mainly aimed at the locals.

In good weather, the carrier promises attractive views of Guishan Island, the panorama of the Huadong coast and the comfort and service of the “popular Hello Kitty Dream Jet”, which is an Airbus A330 model in airline colors, plus a cartoon Hello Kitty character.

The exceptional experience in connection with the flight is also to be catering and the menu, compiled by the Michelin-starred chef of Motokazu Nakamura.

Ticket price? In economy class 180 dollars (4000 crowns), business class 214 dollars (4700 crowns).

Czech variant

In the current crisis, when global demand for air transport has halved, other airlines are also using available capacity for sightseeing flights. For example, during summer weekends, domestic Czech Airlines offers sightseeing trips from Prague with an ATR 72 propeller plane. The route leads around the castles Karlštejn, Křivoklát or Točník, through the Slapy reservoir, Konopiště chateau or Sázava and Ondřejov. So far, the last flight took place on Sunday, August 2. The airlines promise to list more dates due to the great interest. The price of the ticket has so far been 1490 crowns.

Watch the traffic at Václav Havel Airport in Prague

The last journey of the monster from the Caspian Sea.  A giant Russian planetarium sailed into the museum

Second breath for the Boeing 747. Rolls-Royce engine manufacturer will install a fifth engine


State aid for KLM should not be based on false sentiment

It has therefore become a total of 3.4 billion euros in government money for KLM. An amount that is barely noticeable between the tens of billions in aid amounts that have been allocated since March as a result of the corona crisis to keep people and companies afloat. The lion’s share (2.4 billion) of the aid to KLM consists of a guarantee scheme for private lending, the remaining billion is a subordinated loan that will be paid in installments.

This should not only lead KLM, which has long since ceased to be self-employed, to be guided by the liquidity crisis caused by the global corona outbreak, but must also show the company more strongly, the cabinet says. As a major shareholder, the Netherlands has long advocated restructuring the company. Corona is an extra reason for this, as can be seen from the letter that ministers Wopke Hoekstra (Finance, CDA) and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management, VVD) have written to the House of Representatives.

The € 3.4 billion that is now being made available offers the state the opportunity to impose additional conditions. The question is how hard and realistic these are. All the more when it is considered that national governments around the world are supported by national governments and that the competitive advantage of Dutch aid is therefore relative. But it also shows that the cabinet hardly had a choice. Doing nothing is not an option in this fighting market.

Schiphol and thus the Dutch economy are interwoven with KLM in such a way that the free market model cannot fully apply here. It is not without reason that the Dutch government is a shareholder. That has much less to do with KLM than with Schiphol as the home base of the company. Schiphol simply has its crucial function in the economic structure of the Netherlands. That is, still. The world is not standing still here either, and care must be taken to ensure that the special significance of KLM is elevated to dogma

But support for KLM is inevitable at the moment, although it remains a difficult story. It is paradoxical to want to pursue a stringent and radical climate policy and at the same time support one of the major polluters. That is why the government has made a sensible decision to give sustainability a role in the conditions, although the cautious tone is striking again. After all, the ‘requirement’ for KLM to ‘commit’ to existing (international) agreements to limit emissions and to reduce noise pollution is nothing else than the task to comply with the rules already made.

The condition for major intervention on the cost side is understandable. Waiving dividends and bonuses makes sense for a company on the drip. But that it is also decreed that employees who earn at least three times an average income must surrender at least 20 percent of their salary is beyond the powers of the state. It is up to KLM’s management to determine how the imposed cost reduction is achieved.

Many still speak of KLM as ‘our national pride’. Still, pride, not rational sentiment, should guide rational interest in helping the company. Such interest has its limits. This even applies to KLM.


12 flights to Moscow canceled in Pulkovo on June 29

On Monday, June 29, 2020, flights between St.Petersburg and Moscow It turned out to be practically impossible. In the airport Pulkovo almost all flights between the Russian and Northern capitals were canceled. Moreover, completely different airlines. This is stated in the data of the board of the air harbor.

“On Monday, 12 flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow were canceled at Pulkovo Airport,” the airport’s message board says.

Also canceled 12 flights from the capital to the city on Neve. In addition, today planes will not fly from St. Petersburg to Yerevan, and also there will be no flight in the opposite direction. The flight from the Northern capital to Baku.

So, of the canceled flights to Moscow, one is Aeroflot Airlines, one is Pegas Fly and 10 planned flights of the company “Russia“. In the opposite direction, the exact same story.

For tomorrow, June 30, there are practically no canceled flights. However, two flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow and in the opposite direction were also canceled. The Pegas Fly airline will not carry out the planned flight. Therefore, before traveling to the airport, passengers should check the schedule of the scoreboard and also contact the airline to clarify the information.


Naguib Sawiris told CNBC: “Maybe they will not find a cure for Corona, so why do we stay imprisoned at home?”

Businessman Naguib Sawiris said he would buy an airline, opposing US billionaire Warren Buffett, who announced that Berkshire Hathaway sold all of its shares in the airline at the airline’s annual meeting on Saturday.

And in statements to the network CNBC American Sawiris, Chairman and CEO of Orascom Investment Holding, said he saw an opportunity not only in airlines but also in tourist hotels and the Internet sector. Sawiris noted that with every crisis there is an opportunity, adding: “You can go and buy airlines today for a dollar if you pay the bulk of the debt.”

The shares of American airlines have declined this year, with the demand for air travel nearing a complete stop, and it has decreased by more than 95% due to the Corona pandemic. It has infected more than 3.6 million people worldwide and killed at least 256,800, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University of America.

In the interview, Sawiris said he agreed with US President Donald Trump about his administration’s controversial approach to reopening the US economy, noting that this is one of the few times that Trump is right. He explained, “Maybe they will not find a cure, or they may not find a vaccine, so for how long will we remain imprisoned in our homes?”

On the other hand, Sawiris described the so-called oil price war as a calculated attempt to kill the oil shale industry in the United States, adding that the Saudis understood the matter with regard to oil in the long run.

In response to a question about whether oil would fall to the levels reached if the OPEC agreement was reached in March, Sawiris said that prices would have declined anyway due to lower consumption, but they would not have fallen to this level. And he believed that oil would reach $ 100 a barrel about 18 months from now.