Six people die after storm in Mississippi

New Orleans – Heavy storms hit the southern United States on Sunday, leaving at least six dead in Mississippi and damage to 300 residences and other buildings in northern Louisiana.

One person died in Walthall County, two others in Lawrence County and three more in Jefferson Davis County, said director of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, Greg Michel. All three prefectures are more than an hour’s drive south of Jackson, near the Louisiana border.

Mississippi had strong gusts of wind in other parts of the state, the National Weather Service noted, and a tornado was sighted north of Meridian, near the Alabama border.

Before the storms hit Mississippi, the weather service reported several dangerous tornadoes and winds in much of northern Louisiana. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries. Utility companies reported thousands of power outages.

Monroe, Louisiana Mayor Jamie Mayo told KNOE-TV that a storm damaged 200 or 300 homes in and around the city.

Flights were canceled at the Monroe Regional Airport, where some of the buildings suffered damage to the facades and debris was on the runways. Airport director Ron Phillips told the News-Star newspaper that the storm caused $ 30 million in damage to aircraft inside a hangar.

In northwest Louisiana, authorities reported damage to dozens of homes in DeSoto and Webster Townships, according to local media.

The highest storm risk for Easter Sunday included much of Mississippi, Alabama and western Georgia, the weather service warned. That area was designated “moderate risk”, while the rest of the southern region was placed under “marginal” threat, he added.

A larger area, from east Texas to the east coast, was at “marginal” risk of storms, the weather service reported.

In Morgan County, Alabama, the roof of a church was damaged by lightning on Sunday afternoon, the director of the county Emergency Management Agency, Eddie Hicks, told the news site. No injuries were reported.

Strong winds were recorded that caused damage to buildings and knocked down trees in Walker County, Alabama, north of Birmingham, WBMA-TV reported.


Harvey Weinstein convicted of harassment became infected with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Prison officials reported a positive coronavirus test from a producer sentenced to 23 years for sex crimes. According to them, Weinstein was isolated on March 19, when he was 68 years old.

Photo: John Minchillo / AP

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual harassment, became infected with a coronavirus. This is with reference to the official representatives of the prison, where the producer is serving his sentence, informs Alabama CNHI News Service.

Weinstein is in the Wende maximum security prison in the city of Alden, New York, where he also confirmed a positive result for coronavirus. This information is from the correctional facility. reported Newspaper Niagara Gazette, published in New York’s Niagara Falls. Source Daily Mail also declaredthat testing showed coronavirus at Weinstein and he was quarantined.

Interlocutors of CNHI reported that Weinstein was isolated on his birthday on March 19 (he turned 68 years old). In this prison, COVID-19 was found in another prisoner, its representatives added.

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison

Court announced Weinstein’s verdict on March 11th. Prior to this, the jury found him guilty on two counts of five presented: rape of the third degree and acts of a sexual nature (the maximum term for this is 25 years in prison). Weinstein was reduced the duration of his imprisonment, but lawyers feared that, given his age, he might not survive this period. A few hours after Weinstein’s sentence were hospitalized with chest pains. CNN noted that this is not the first time he went to the hospital – the producer has problems with his heart and back.


Chaos, inconsistency Marks the launch of the Drive-thru Virus – NBC Los Angeles test

Drive-thru sites have been opened in the United States to make testing the new coronavirus faster and safer. But just like the rest of the United States’ response to the pandemic, the system has been characterized by inconsistencies, delays and shortcomings. Many people who have symptoms and a doctor’s order have waited hours or days for a test.

More than a week after President Donald Trump promised that states and retail stores such as Walmart and CVS would open drive-through test centers, few sites are active and are not yet open to the public. Some states are leaving the test sector open to the private sector; others are coordinating efforts through state health departments.

Patients complained that they had to jump through bulky red tape and wait for days to get tested, then wait even longer for a result. The test centers were opened in some places to be closed shortly afterwards due to the shortage of supplies and staff. And while the drive-through test centers that have been opened are generally sorted, in some there have been long lines.

The slow increase in COVID-19 tests and the unpredictable nature of the system make it difficult for public health officials to track the spread of the disease and bring it under control.

“We need to do more extensive testing to fully understand the scale of the public health situation we are facing,” said Joseph Wendelken, a spokesman for the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Dr Brett Giroir, the federal health officer in charge of overseeing the tests, said on Saturday at a White House briefing that approximately 195,000 people have so far been tested in the United States. This figure does not include some people who have been tested in private laboratories.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illnesses, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover from the new virus. According to the World Health Organization, people with mild illness recover in about two weeks, while those with more severe illness can take anywhere from three weeks to six weeks to recover.

Drive-through test sites have sprung up in places in over 30 states: in state parks and parking lots, near medical centers and universities, the Mississippi state fairgrounds, and near where the Jacksonville Jaguars play. The governor of Maryland last week ordered the stopping of vehicle emission inspection programs across the state, so that the offices could be used as drive-thru centers to test the virus.

But as of Friday, there were no open drive-through tests available in Maryland inspection centers.

The Utah health department said it is not responsible for the sites and is not monitoring them. The North Carolina health director said the state is leaving the tests to the private sector and declined to say how many sites there are. In contrast, in Rhode Island, health organizations manage the sites in collaboration with the state health department.

On Thursday, cars lined up for more than a mile outside a hospital in Houston when the first drive-through test site was opened. U.S. representative Sheila Jackson Lee said she administered fewer than 200 tests in the first six hours.

Elsewhere, at various sites visited by Associated Press reporters, the scenes were well controlled and sometimes quite silent.

Dozens of people waiting by car in a downtown Homestead, Florida on Wednesday waited for their turn to speak with a screener who was wearing a suit and mask and carrying notes. Some were apparently removed. Others were stirred, checked their temperatures, and swabbed for the samples.

But the shortage of supply has stopped the thrusters in several states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina and Utah. A Las Vegas site was shut down because it didn’t have enough workers.

New York state opened several centers with great fanfare on Tuesday. By Friday, however, the New York City health department issued a warning saying that only people requesting hospitalization should be tested, due to a shortage of protective equipment such as face masks. Drive-thru sites in New York State remain open, but only to people who meet certain criteria.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said he had asked the federal government for additional test kits and supplies, but the state received a warning Thursday that all of its requests for drive-through test pods and test kits “are undefined arrears, without any estimate of a timeline for delivery. “

“This is our unfortunate Nevada reality. It depends on us, “he said.

The sites themselves are dotted with tents and traffic cones. The most important features are medical personnel who wear masks, gloves and protective vests or other clothing. They take nose and throat swabs from people sitting in their cars or help people get in for the test.

Some states have only one drive-thru site. Montana’s only site is in Billings, the largest city in the state. Others have a dozen.

Security guards have been reported on many sites, but an AP survey of states did not reveal any security concerns. In Rhode Island, the National Guard was on hand to set up the state’s three drive-thru sites and even to buffer patients.

The vast network of drive-thru sites in retail chains that Trump claimed was coming over a week ago has not materialized yet. CVS has opened a site in Massachusetts that defines a “test model”. Walmart launched two sites on Sunday and Walgreens said it will launch one, all three in Illinois. Only healthcare professionals and first responders are allowed, and Walmart said that a maximum of 150 tests per day could be performed on its federal sites.

The patchwork of approaches has caused confusion for patients. Caroline Mauldin was sentenced to get tested by her doctor in Charleston, South Carolina on Tuesday after suffering from pain and chills for several days.

To make an appointment at a center in a medical center, she had to fill out a long online questionnaire and spent two days calling a number that went to voicemail and did not answer messages. He resorted to tweets in the hospital several times just to get things going.

Finally, on Thursday, he had an appointment for Monday. And she was told that the results would not return until after 4-5 days. The visit will cost you $ 25, he said. Complicating things, he doesn’t have a car and has to borrow it from a friend.

“Here we have a lot of older, low-income people who don’t have Internet access and who don’t have access to transportation. And since they’re the highest risk population, how are we testing for them?” She asked.

In urban areas such as New York and Philadelphia, some sites offer “walk-up” dating for people without cars.

At the Penn Medicine test site in West Philadelphia, two security agents were late on Thursday to make sure that people arriving by car or on foot had an appointment. For about 40 minutes that evening, the line of cars never grew to more than six or seven. But Patricia Sullivan, Penn Medicine’s quality manager, said every morning last week, 25-35 cars were lined up and six or seven standing patients were 6 feet apart on a porch waiting to be seen.

The 20 sites in Greater Philadelphia are testing around 1,000 people a day, but that hasn’t eliminated pent-up demand.

Rosanne Tanner’s 79-year-old mother has been suffering from fever and chest pain since returning from a visit to Tanner’s brother and wife, who had recently been on a cruise ship.

His doctor ordered a test on Tuesday, but when he tried to make an appointment at a drive-through site in a hospital outside of Philadelphia, he was told that “they are overloaded, they are bogged down,” Tanner said.

Medical staff told her that they are scheduling 15 minutes apart, so there are no bottlenecks on the test site.

Finally on Thursday his mother made sure of an appointment for the following Tuesday. Then, he will have to wait another five days for a result.

“The delay in these tests is putting people at risk,” said Tanner.

In Rhode Island, state officials said they are testing 100 to 200 people per day at all test sites, including three drive thrusters.

Governor Gina Raimondo said they want to perform 500 to 600 a day, but they don’t have the supplies they need.

“It is our top priority to reach a place where everyone who needs it can be tested and you will get results very quickly,” said Raimondo during a press conference held on Facebook Live on Friday on Friday. “So if you’re positive, we can quarantine you.”


Associate press writers Michelle L. Price in Las Vegas, Lynne Sladky in Homestead, Florida, Claudia Lauer in Philadelphia, Chris Ehrmann in Hartford, Connecticut, Brady McCombs in Salt Lake City and Jonathan Drew in Raleigh, North Carolina and Anne D ‘Innocenzio and Mike Sisak in New York contributed to this report.


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The American shepherd tells how the journey of Bethlehem turned into a coronavirus quarantine ordeal

BEIT JALAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Thirteen Americans suspected of being exposed to coronavirus during a trip to the Holy Land are in quarantine near Bethlehem and are coordinating with the U.S. and Palestinian authorities to try to return home.

“It would have been the trip of a lifetime,” said Chris Bell, 42, chief pastor of 3Circle Church in Fairhope, Alabama, in a video chat with Reuters from the second floor of the Angel Hotel in Beit Jala, which is close to Bethlehem.

“The 13 of us would be what I would call a community of faith,” said Bell.

“What we are doing is encouraging each other every day, we are reminding each other that we love each other. We are reminding each other that we trust God and that he has a plan for this,” he said.

His church works with a school in Bethlehem, part of the reason for their visit to the Holy Land, he said.

The Angel Hotel was the first area of ​​concern for the coronavirus in the Bethlehem area. After some of its workers tested positive this week, the Palestinian Authority placed restrictions on travel for foreign tourists and subsequently declared a 30-day state of emergency.

The measures effectively closed the city, including the Church of the Nativity, believed to be Jesus’ hometown and local mosques.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, Palestinian security forces have manned blockades and alienated foreigners, while schools, colleges, kindergartens and national parks have been closed.

A man in a protective suit walks outside the Angel Hotel where, according to a Palestinian government official, a group of American visitors have been quarantined as part of the precautions against coronavirus, in the city of Beit Jala in the West Bank occupied by Israel on 7 March 2020 REUTERS / Mussa Qawasma

“We have to go home”

Things “went wrong” for the group from Alabama on Tuesday when they learned they had shared the hotel with a Greek tourist who apparently wore coronavirus, said pastor Bell.

They left for a trip the next morning, but were called back to the hotel the next day and said they were going to quarantine.

He said they were waiting for the test results and expected to be quarantined for 14 days, which means there are still nine left.

The group did not leave the hotel floor and everyone wears gloves and masks when they leave their rooms, the pastor said, adding that his wife Nan was with him and that their three children in the United States were followed by friends and family. .

He thanked Palestinian, Israeli and US officials who were taking care of their care and said the hotel had made sure they had enough food, water and medicine.

“Although we will need to be quarantined, we hope that the United States, our country, can bring us home,” he said. “And if they need to quarantine us there for a while, we understand it. But, you know, we have to go home, “he said.

According to the hotel owner, more than 40 workers and visitors were isolated in the building.

Presentation (9 images)

Palestinian security forces wearing masks and gloves have been stationed in the hotel on Saturday, as they have been since the first cases were announced

An official from the American Embassy in Jerusalem said he was aware of the group’s quarantine reports. “For privacy reasons, we have no further details to share,” he said.

Reporting by Mustafa Abu Ganeyeh in Beit Jala, Suheir Sheikh, Stephen Farrell and Ari Rabinovitch in Jerusalem and Ali Sawafta in Ramallah; Editing by Andrew Heavens and David Clarke

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The Federal Credit Union of Tennessee Valley opens a new branch in Dayton, Tennessee

The Federal Credit Union of Tennessee Valley will open a new and larger branch in Dayton, Tennessee on Wednesday.

Officials with the largest credit union in the region have stated that the new office at 3475 Rhea County Highway is an independent branch built by Dillard Construction Co. and has a modern design with driveways. It replaces the current Dayton branch of TVFCU on South Market Street, which the credit union has occupied since 1986.

Dayton’s new office will offer extended driving hours from 7:00 am. at 19:00 Monday through Friday, and the new office will be open on Saturday in Dayton for the first time, company spokeswoman Jessica McCosh said.

TVFCU operates 18 offices in its 13 county area in southeastern Tennessee and northwest Georgia and serves over 145,000 members.

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Kim Kardashian tweeted support for the Alabama man executed for killing police officers

A man convicted as an accomplice in the 2004 killings of three Alabama police officers who were shot by another man was executed Thursday evening, local time.

Inmate Nathaniel Woods, 43, was pronounced dead at 9:01 pm on Thursday following a lethal injection in Atmore state prison, authorities said.

The prisoner had no last words before the chemicals began to flow, but he seemed to be arranging his hands as a sign of his Islamic faith.

Alabama’s first execution of the year came after a last-minute attempt to stop him, which included support from the son of civil rights leader Martin Luther King III, reality star Kim Kardashian and others who claimed it was unfair. execute a man who did not fail to pull the trigger in the kill.

Kim Kardashian West (R) and Kanye West attempted to intervene in the execution of a drug dealer accused of killing three police officers. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images
media_cameraKim Kardashian West (R) and Kanye West attempted to intervene in the execution of a drug dealer accused of killing three police officers. Image: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

The Alabama state claimed that Woods was an active participant in the killings and had later boasted of statements, song lyrics and art.

The United States Supreme Court issued a temporary stay to consider last minute appeals as celebrated by Woods’ family, but then the court denied the detainee’s petitions.

Alabama governor Kay Ivey denied a request for clemency and the decision was canceled a few hours later despite the petition for ineffective consultants and celebrity protests including Kim Kardashian who tweeted the case to his 64 million followers, asking a suspension of execution.

Woods and Kerry Spencer were convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in the murders of the three Birmingham officers.

The deaths of officers in a hailstorm of gunfire rocked Alabama’s largest city in 2004.

Carlos Owen, Harley A. Chisolm III and Charles R. Bennett died while trying to serve a domestic assault warrant on Woods in a suspected grocery store.

Nathaniel Woods was executed for being present during the filming of three police officers. Image: AFP
media_cameraNathaniel Woods was executed for being present during the filming of three police officers. Image: AFP
Pamela Woods, sister of the convict, protested the execution. Image: AP Photo / Kimberly Chandler
media_cameraPamela Woods, sister of the convict, protested the execution. Image: AP Photo / Kimberly Chandler

Prosecutors claimed that Spencer was the trigger in the killing, opening fire on officers with a high-powered rifle inside the apartment, although Woods had been convicted as an accomplice.

The relatives of the killed officers released statements to the media after the execution, describing lives destroyed by the shootings.

Kerry Spencer is the man who pulled the trigger, killing the poolice officers, not Nathaniel Woods. Image: provided
media_cameraKerry Spencer is the man who pulled the trigger, killing the poolice officers, not Nathaniel Woods. Image: provided

“Nathaniel Woods chose her fate on June 17, 2004. That horrible day could have been avoided if she had any kind of compassion or respect for law enforcement,” said Starr Sidelinker reading a statement on behalf of Chisholm’s sister. . Greg Owen, officer Owen’s son, said in a written statement that his father was a 58-year-old grandfather who just wanted to protect people in the city where he grew up.

“Instead of returning home that day, an ambush was made, murdered and died on the floor of a dirty grocery store,” wrote Greg Owen.

Son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther King III and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., Bernice King. King III joined Kim Kardashian to protest the execution. Image: Getty Images for TIME
media_cameraSon of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther King III and daughter of Martin Luther King Jr., Bernice King. King III joined Kim Kardashian to protest the execution. Image: Getty Images for TIME


Gray Anatomy star Justin Chambers, aka Dr Alex Karev, exits the hit show

Thrifty Meghan comes out in economic top for the last duties of London

US equities drop further despite good economic news

Testimony showed that officers approached a small house where Woods and Spencer were believed to take drugs; at least two other people were also inside.

After talking to Woods through a back door, Owen and Chisholm entered.

State attorneys wrote in court that Woods said he was surrendering to the officers and soon after Spencer opened fire with a high-powered rifle.

In his 2005 trial, a prosecutor told jurors that Woods was the bait and lured officers deeper into the apartment.

media_cameraA “death chamber” in a US correctional facility. Image: AFP

Owen, 58, and Chisholm, 40, were found dead in the kitchen just inside a back door and Bennett, 33, was shot dead near the main door.

A fourth officer was injured but survived.

Supporters launched a last-minute appeal to stop the execution as the case drew national attention.

Supporters claimed that Spencer claimed to be solely responsible for the shootings and that Woods received an unfair trial in 2005.

Kim Kardashian has already met with U.S. President Donald Trump to talk about prison reform. Image: Twitter / Donald Trump
media_cameraKim Kardashian has already met with U.S. President Donald Trump to talk about prison reform. Image: Twitter / Donald Trump

“He’s actually innocent,” Woods’ sister Pamela Woods told reporters outside the prison yesterday.

“Kerry Spencer, the real shooter, said many times that he did it alone without help [from] anyone.”

Spencer told The Appeal in an article about the case that Woods was “100% innocent”. “Killing this African American man, whose case appears to have been poorly handled by the courts, could produce irreversible injustice. Are you willing to allow the execution of a potentially innocent man? “Martin Luther King III had written the governor of the state, Ivey.

Woods had no last words after the keeper had read his death warrant.

At some point during the procedure, the inmate shook his left arm upward against the constraints of the stretcher. His breathing became labored and then slowed down until it was no longer evident.

No execution date has been set for Spencer, who has been sentenced in front of Woods and is on death row.


Super Tuesday: Biden brings Texas – all states and winners at a glance

foreign countries Super Tuesday

Biden brings Texas – all states and winners at a glance

| Reading time: 4 minutes

Biden and Sanders go head to head

In the race for the US Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden put an unexpected winning streak in the primaries. Rival Sanders faces a win in California. Carsten Hädler has the current figures.

Biden, Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg: Which democratic candidate was able to secure the lion’s share of the 415 delegate votes in California, who the thickest disc of the 228 in Texas? Here you can see the winners of the 14 states at a glance.

AIn Super Tuesday, a total of 14 US states voted, including the two heavyweights Texas and California. It was the most important day so far in the race for the Democratic presidential candidate: it was about the votes of more than a third of all delegates who will determine the presidential candidate at the nomination party conference in the summer.

After the first four primaries, the left senator lay Bernie Sanders in the lead. Up until this Tuesday, the 78-year-old was also the leader in national surveys. The “Super Tuesday” changes its clear favorite role: ex-vice president Joe Biden went on election Tuesday with a powerful tailwind. Eliminated applicants Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Beto O’Rourke had called on their supporters to support the 77-year-old’s candidacy.

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden's Super Tuesday night rally in Los Angeles

Joe Biden had a surprising winning streak at “Super Tuesday”


This boost contributed Biden decisive victories on Tuesday. He won in one of the major states, Texas, as well as in Virginia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. Bernie Sanders won in his home state of Vermont, Colorado and Utah – and is predicted to be on the winning track in the important state of California, where most of the delegate votes can be obtained.

Biden’s most important competitor from the moderate warehouse has only just entered the race: the multi-billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (78) was on the “Super Tuesday” for the first time on the ballot papers. He won American Samoa in the Pacific Territory – and was able to break the 15 percent threshold in several countries after the first projections. Bloomberg will also receive delegates, but overall, his performance is a disappointment.

The left senator Elizabeth Warren (70) and the Congresswoman, who is considered to have no chance Tulsi Gabbard (38) completed the Democratic candidate field. However, according to projections, even in Massachusetts, which she represents as a senator, Warren was only in third place behind Biden and Sanders. And Joe Biden won her home state of Oklohoma. The journey should be over for you.


Source: WORLD infographic / Beate Nowak

Vermont (16 delegates)

The Bernie Sanders won several American channels, according to the State of Vermont, which he represents in the US Senate.

Virginia (99 delegates)

Former US Vice President Joe Biden is predicted to have won the Democratic primary in Virginia. This was reported by the US television channels CNN, Fox News, ABC and NBC on Tuesday evening (local time) after the polling stations in the state in the east of the United States. In Virginia, the election is about the votes of 99 delegates who will officially elect the party’s presidential candidate at the Democratic nomination convention in July. At first it was still unclear how many delegates from Virginia will ultimately account for Biden.

North Carolina (110 delegates)

CNN predicts Joe Biden’s win.

American Samoa (6 delegates)

Mike Bloomberg won in the American Pacific Territory.

Maine (24 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 2 a.m.CET. According to the forecasts Biden and Sanders fight for victory. Until early morning it was called “too close to call”. Too tight to call out a winner.

Massachusetts (91 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 2 a.m.CET. American media saw a very close race between Massachusetts Senator Elisabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Fox was the first to announce Biden as the winner. CNN followed. For Elisabeth Warren, this is the bitterest defeat of the evening.

Tennessee (64 delegates)

Various American media see Biden as the winner in Tennessee.

Alabama (52 delegates)

Joe Biden is also predicted to have won the Democratic area code in southern Alabama. This was reported by CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox News on Tuesday evening (local time) after the polling stations closed in the state.

Oklahoma (37 delegates)

Fox News and CNN Declare Joe Biden Winner in Oklahoma

Texas (228 delegates)

Joe Biden is also predicted to win the important state of Texas. The former US vice president narrowly prevailed against Sanders. In Texas, 228, and therefore a particularly large number, of delegates are cast for the election of the presidential candidate.

Arkansas (31 delegates)

The AP news agency and Fox broadcaster declared Joe Biden the winner.

Minnesota (75 delegates)

Joe Biden said in a speech to Los Angeles supporters that he also won in Minnesota. The broadcaster Fox confirmed this assessment.

Colorado (67 delegates)

The ABC broadcaster declared Sanders the winner in Colorado.

Utah (29 delegates)

Fox broadcaster and AP news agency see Sanders as the winner in the Mormon state.

California (415 delegates)

Polling stations closed at 5 a.m.CET. According to CNN’s first forecasts, Bernie Sanders is ahead. The news agency AP and the broadcaster Fox announced him very early as the winner. Biden is fighting for second place with Bloomberg.


REWIND: Mississippi State (19-10, 10-6 SEC) | State of Mississippi

Looking back: The Bulldogs scored in both games last week, defeating Alabama 80-73 on Tuesday at home and also winning in Missouri, 67-63.

Looking forward: MSU closes the regular season this week, playing Tuesday in South Carolina and Saturday against Ole Miss. Both games are scheduled for 5.30pm. starts on the SEC network.

Who shot: Tyson Carter scored 34 points, shooting 12 out of 19 from the field on the bench last week. Carter had 19 points against Alabama and led the state with 15 points in Missouri.

Who is not: The top seven players in the Bulldogs rotation are all playing well, but the Bulldogs don’t get much contribution beyond that.

NET Rankings Watch: The Bulldogs were 52nd in Sunday’s update of the NCAA NET rankings, up four points from last week.

Bottom line: The state of Mississippi remains on the bubble by entering the last week of the regular season. But despite winning twice last week, the Bulldogs actually abandoned ESPN staffologist Joe Lunardi from the “first four out” to the “next four”. MSU has to win – and may even need help – if she returns to dance this year.


Buttigieg will abandon the day of the race for the democratic nomination after the victory of the great Biden

SELMA, Ala. (Reuters) – Pete Buttigieg was preparing to retire from the race for Democratic presidential nomination, an aide said on Sunday, the day after moderate colleague Joe Biden won a big victory in South Carolina.

The move shocked the democratic contest to choose a candidate to hire against Republican President Donald Trump in the November elections and came two days ahead of the 14 Super Tuesday nomination contests to 14 states that will offer the biggest election prize so far.

Buttigieg, a 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who gained initial momentum after narrowly winning the Iowa caucus last month and finishing a second neighbor in New Hampshire, had sought to unite Democrats, independents and moderates Republican voters. He finished fourth in South Carolina.

His departure would leave six Democrats in the party’s presidential race, which once had more than 20 candidates. Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer dropped his offer after finishing third in South Carolina on Saturday.

Last Sunday, Democratic candidates honored the anniversary of a historic civil rights march in Alabama in 1965.

Some faithful in the African American church in Selma, Alabama, where the event was held, have turned their backs on moderate presidential contender Michael Bloomberg, who will appear for the first time on Tuesday after missing the first four competitions.

Bloomberg, a former Mayor of New York, received a cold reception at the historic AME Church of the Brown Chapel in Selma after the pastor, Reverend Leodis Strong, told the meeting that the billionaire businessman had initially rejected the invitation to speak.

“I was hurt, I was disappointed,” said Strong as Bloomberg looked at him stupidly. “I think it’s important that he came, and it shows his willingness to change.”

About 10 people in the small church with about two hundred present stood up and turned their backs on Bloomberg while talking about racial inequality.

Biden and Bloomberg are trying to present themselves as the party’s best choice to face Trump, stating that Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, is too far left to win the political election.


Black voters are a key democratic constituency and Bloomberg has been criticized for supporting the use of a police practice called stop and frisk in New York City that has encouraged police to stop and search pedestrians and has hit disproportionately black and latin.

“It’s just an insult to him to come here. It’s a lack of respect for the legacy of this place,” Lisa Brown, who went to Los Angeles from Selma, after turning her back on Bloomberg, told Reuters. He said the idea of ​​protesting against Bloomberg’s remarks had circulated, but that he was a person, not an organized group.

The silent protest suggests that Bloomberg is facing an uphill climb with some African American voters, who led Biden to a sensational victory in South Carolina.

PHOTO PHOTO: Democratic 2020 U.S. former South Bend presidential candidate, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg attends a campaign event in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 29 February 2020. REUTERS / Eric Thayer

Biden, who was vice president of the first American president of the United States, Barack Obama, was clearly the favorite in the Selma church. He was seated by the pastor, in front of the pews where Bloomberg sat, and received a brilliant presentation from United States representative Terri Sewell, a black Alabama legislator.

“He has earned the right to be on this pulpit and to turn to you now,” Sewell told the crowd.

Candidates were in Selma to celebrate the 55th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” when civil rights protesters were beaten by state soldiers and local police while crossing a bridge.

Last week, Democratic Party officials voiced concern about Sanders’ early wave, worrying that his aggressive political priorities, including the creation of a government-run health system, could rule out moderate voters who were strongly needed to defend the competitive seats in Congress.

“I think the Democratic Party is looking for a Democrat – not a socialist, not a former Republican, a Democrat – to be their candidate,” Biden told Fox News Sunday.

Biden’s reference to a former Republican seems to have been addressed to Bloomberg, who has changed parties several times in his career.

Sanders attacked Biden for receiving contributions from political organizations called Super PACs and billionaires, for what he said was at the expense of the working class, the middle class and low-income people.

“I don’t go to the homes of wealthy people like Joe Biden,” Sanders said on CBS’s “Face the Nation”.

Presentation (24 pictures)

Biden slows Sanders down in fundraising and organization in Super Tuesday states and beyond.

Sanders planned to camp out Sunday in heavy democratic California, where he conducts opinion polls.

Sanders’ campaign said overnight that it raised $ 46.5 million from over 2.2 million donations in February, a huge sum that belittles what any other Democratic candidate raised last year over a period of three months.

Bloomberg continues to spend. He purchased three minutes of commercial airtime during the CBS and NBC television networks on Sunday evening to address the coronavirus epidemic.

Reporting by Joseph Ax and Trevor Hunnicutt, Additional reporting by Michael Martina in Detroit; Written by Doina Chiacu; Curated by Scott Malone, Lisa Shumaker and Peter Cooney

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