To stop the spread of Covid-19, Estonia restricts the sale of night alcohol in Tartu County – Abroad – News

From Friday, wholesale of alcohol in catering and entertainment venues in Tartu County will not be allowed from 11 pm.

After two weeks, it is planned to evaluate how effective this step was. If the ban is not extended, it will end on August 31.

According to Prime Minister Jiri Ratass, the government has already begun work to ensure that, in the event of a new outbreak of Covid-19, only local restrictions are introduced as far as possible.

“Over the past week, several new outbreaks have been detected in Tartu and the county and 41 active infections have been confirmed in 14 days, while half of the Estonian counties are not infected at all,” the head of government recalled. “Therefore, we did not consider it necessary to introduce restrictions throughout Estonia and supported the restrictions only in Tartu County.”

At the same time, however, he called on all citizens to be aware of their responsibility to stop the virus from spreading.

“The coming weeks will be crucial for the spread of the virus. In the coming weeks, I want to ask you to avoid crowded, confined spaces, keep a safe distance from other people, wash your hands and stay home if you are ill,” Ratass called. “Only in this way will we be able to bring the situation under control and continue our daily lives without new serious restrictions.”


The controversial rapper from Ufa was without pants at the birthday party of Yegor creed

The actor showed off the stage the white panties to the delight of the audience

Photo: social networks

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Ufa Morgenshtern rapper, known for his controversial antics, has once again found a way to draw attention to themselves. At a party in honor of the birthday of Yegor Creedwith which the artist not only close friends, and records joint tracks, Morgenstern during the greeting of the birthday boy climbed onto the stage and pulled down his pants, showing everyone present the white boxers, and performed a few of their songs.

However, it is necessary to note that the creed, like the rest of those present, appreciated the trick of Morgenstern, supporting him with loud whistling and applause. But fans of the artist watching on Instagram, suggested that Morgenstern goes through alcohol, and advised him to temper his outrageous.



Media: Bari Alibasov was in a psychiatric hospital

Producer Bari Alibasov was in a psychiatric hospital, as reported by “the Fifth channel”.

According to the channel, Alibasov was hospitalized with amnesic syndrome due to alcohol consumption. It is noted that prior to that, he was treated in narcological hospital.

While Bari Alibasov Jr. was unable to comment on the “360” data message, noting that no idea, where did these news.

We will remind, in the summer of 2019 Alibasov went to the hospital after he mixed up the bottles and drank the liquid for cleaning pipes. The producer received burns of the esophagus, stomach and respiratory tract.


Ex-boyfriend of the deceased member “House-2” have assumed the cause of her death

Former participant of the reality show “Dom-2” Anastasia Tarasyuk could kill, said her ex-boyfriend albert Rubbers in an interview with StarHit.

Recall that Tarasyuk died on 22 June 2018. According to media reports, she was depressed and she was on the account at the psychiatrist. The cause of the collapse of her last relationship became addicted women to alcohol.

Rubber also called it unlikely that he committed suicide.

“It is likely that some her new lover decided to Nastya to be addressed,” says the former boyfriend of the girl. According to him, it was murder and not suicide, as it is, as noted by the interlocutor of the edition, was not the suicide type.

The man expressed the hope that the circumstances of the incident thoroughly investigate, but, according to the newspaper, the case was closed and Tarasyuk admitted suicide.


The lawyer explained why Efremov sat behind the wheel drunk

The lawyer explained why Efremov sat behind the wheel drunk

Attorney Michael Ephraim Elman Pashayev in an interview with “Interlocutor” called the reason why his client sat behind the wheel drunk. RIA Novosti, 22.06.2020



Elman Pashayev

Sergey Zakharov (who died in road accident with participation of Efremov)

Anna Maria Efremova

road accident with participation of Mikhail Efremov

Mikhail Efremov




the incident






RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601



RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601





RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601


RIA Novosti

Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4

7 495 645-6601


Elman Pashayev, Sergey Zakharov (who was killed in an accident involving Ephraim), Anna Maria Efremova, an accident involving Mikhail Efremov, Mikhail Efremov, Moscow, Ukraine, alcohol, accidents


Corona and violence against women

Njust rising Covid-19-cases, has to fight South Africa with dramatically increasing acts of violence against women and children. Since the sale of alcohol to the start of the month is once again allowed, had been killed 21 women and children, said President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday in an address to the Nation. Therefore, one could speak of two pandemics. Male perpetrators of increased Attacks with a brutality that “exceeds any Form of mind.”

The problem of Violence in South Africa is not new, but Ramaphosa moved abuse is a direct Parallel between the aggressiveness and alcohol. “Of course, it is not the alcohol, raped a woman or a child, or kill, rather it is the actions of the men of our country,” he said. It is important to draw Lessons from the Lockdown and to protect society from alcohol abuse. He believe that both of these pandemics could be overcome.

Relaxations increase despite Infection

In South Africa cases occur according to Ramaphosa, between a third and a quarter of all the Corona-on the African continent – more than 80,000. Half of them had been detected in the past two weeks, he added. “What was once a distant disease, comes closer and closer.”

Under pressure from business leaders, Ramaphosa announced at the same time, more loosening of the lock-up measures in the fight against the pandemic. In Restaurants now entertainment should be possible. Hotels, cinemas, and hairdressers should be able to resume operations. Even non-contact sports, such as Golf and Tennis should be allowed.


Paul Priluchny said, who comforted him after his divorce from muceniece

Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny got an official divorce. In an interview Youtube-project “together” the 32-year-old actor told how he has built his life after breaking up with his wife. In April, Agatha gathered her things, took the kids and moved to owned by spouses of the Moscow apartment. Paul was left alone in their suburban home. On weekends, the children visit with him, but then again they go to the mom and Priluchny there is one. According to the artist, he does not tolerate loneliness, so I tried to solve this problem. To cope with the feeling of emptiness to help him Pets.

I can’t be alone. Even when I work. I need someone walking around, talking. I have two dogs, cats, fish. I solved this problem, – said the actor.

Paul said that in his childhood scarred by tragedy – the death of his father (he died when the future actor was 13 years old). Therefore he is most afraid of loneliness. This is what prompted him to create a large family: Priluchnogo muceniece and there are two children, 7-year-old Timothy and 4-year-old MIA.

By the way, on the eve of the divorce, Agatha suddenly confessed she still loves her ex-husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. Youtube-an interview with Ksenia Sobchak 31-year-old actress, broke up with her husband because of domestic violence, said not to say bad things about him.

– I love this man, and in any case do not want to show it in a bad light. What else can you do? To kill a human being? People get lost, she said.

#detergente #degreeby

Divorce Priluchnogo and muceniece was relatively peaceful. The actor left his wife and children apartment Moscow. Custody they are divided equally: although the children live with the mother, they can see dad when he wants to.

Previously, Agata explained why their marriage has cracked. According to the actress, she and her husband no longer understand each other.

Our Alliance came to the conclusion that we need to leave. We ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me this is – said muceniece. – He doesn’t understand me. I don’t understand it. We can’t find a common language. We decided that it would be right to go, to be normal parents for their children.

However, fans suspect that the culprit is not just mutual misunderstanding, but also the passion of Paul by alcohol. Just a few weeks after muceniece announced the divorce, she has published in Instagram shocking video. In it, the actress said that during isolation in a country house husband picked up on it hand and was brought to tears children. The quarrel between the spouses began after Priluchny, according to Agatha, drink ten days in a row.

– He brought the children to tears, he raised a hand to me, he is not adequate, – says the actress in the video with tears in his eyes. – He during a pandemic throws us out of the house. So tomorrow we’ll go to the apartment. But I can’t upload because I have no other weapons, except as publicity. Just know that here is a man Paul, you know?


The expert suggested which the colony can get Mikhail Efremov

Lawyer Timur Marsani answered the question of journalists about how the colony can get actor Mikhail Yefremov, if the court finds him guilty of a drunken accident with the death of a person and give a real term. “It will be some kind of elite colony?”, – asked the journalist.

“No elite of the colonies does not exist,” the portal reports “TV Program” the lawyer’s response.

The lawyer noted that it is a serious crime for which the expected punishment till 12 years of imprisonment, but the court may find a mitigating circumstance. On the other hand, explained the lawyer, all this is covered by the presence of alcohol in the blood of the defendant.

“If Efremov for achievements in science and art will get a pardon from the President, in this case, the actor can get away from criminal punishment,” the lawyer said, but suggested that the President is unlikely to go to such a pardon.

Under the Amnesty, such articles, too, never fell, the lawyer said.

Efremov will serve his sentence in General terms in a penal colony or in a colony-settlement, the lawyer said, adding that this may be the Mozhaisk or Tula. If after all of Ephraim will send in a colony of strict regime, then perhaps it will be of Mordovia.


Drunk driving in a group of people in Rheinland-Pfalz

The drunk driver, who drove in Pirmasens in a group of people should previously to have already caused an accident and fled the scene.
Image: dpa

With two per Mille of alcohol in the blood of a man in a group of people is in Pirmasens in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany hazards. A Person is killed, six more were injured.

Ein Drunk group is in Pirmasens (Rheinland-Pfalz) in a people driven and has killed a man. Six other people were injured. The 51-year-old man was on Sunday morning, in the opposite direction in a one-way street and was moved to the front of a restaurant waiting group, police said.

The driver had, according to initial findings, almost two per Mille of alcohol in the blood. As the “Rhine Palatinate” reported he will have caused before the fatal accident another accident in which he fled from the scene of the accident.


Poplavskaya has fallen on the family of Ephraim: “Poured, drank with him”

“Taking a life, and you have to pay according to the law”

In the incident, the actress blamed not only the drunk driver but also his family.

In the opinion of Poplavskaya, “everyone knew that Ephraim “alcohol dependence, but not tried to treat him, make him stop.

“They do it and poured, drank with him.” – wrote Poplavskaya in the social network.

She noted that public figures bear greater responsibility for their actions, as they look and often are equal to millions of people. And when a person “believes that he is superior to others that he was kissed by the gods … then there irreparable things.”

The “star” status, she said, no fucking way should not be a mitigating circumstance.

“Taking a life, and you have to pay according to the law”, – concluded the actress.

While Poplavskaya opposed to deprive Yefremov of awards and titles: it is certain that professional services cannot be cancelled, and to judge a man on each specific thing.

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