That’s because you can not use Alexa to call 911

The set of Amazon hardware products that are powered by your Alexa virtual assistant are used for everything from playing music to controlling different aspects of the home connected to a user, counting the time and more. Amazon and third-party developers are also adding new "skills" all the time to Alexa's already impressive library. But […]

Xbox One: the Internet users of EE. UU. They can control the console via Alexa & Cortana

With a new ability, Xbox Insiders in the United States can now control your console through Alexa and Cortana. Already in early June Microsoft had announced that the Xbox One along with the Google Assistant should support a total of three different language helpers. Compatibility with Microsoft's Cortana and Alexa of Amazon allow users to […]

The Google wizard can now understand two languages ​​at the same time

(CNN Money) – The Google wizard has a new trick. Google Assistant has a new trick. Yes, as you read: the Google Voice Assistant can speak two languages ​​at the same time. This means that bilingual families can request music, check time, control smart lighting and make a long list of other things in two […]