Alejandro Blanco: «Athletes, like all citizens, must respect the rules»

–It was mistakenly published that the Olympics’ requests to the Government to train had fallen on deaf ears. – We are hand in hand with the Government. We sent a letter to the minister (of Culture and Sport) to see if it was possible, as long as the Ministry of Health with its reports allowed […]

Alejandro Valverde signs up for the Tokyo Games in 2021

The Spanish cyclist from Movistar Alejandro Valverde considers that a postponement of the Tokyo Olympics “was inevitable” and is ready to go to the 2021 Olympic events. “The postponement of the Olympic Games was inevitable especially for athletes,” said Valverde, who will turn 40 in late April, in a video on Twitter. “At the end, […]

“Alexander the blessed”, the happy confined

The extract went viral on the Internet. The young Philippe Noiret, in the shoes of Alexandre Gartempe, a farmer, snacks in his bed. Using a system of pulleys installed above his “featherboard”, he brings down sausage, fresh onions and a bottle of red at will hanging from the ceiling of his room. It was there […]

Alexander Kluge on Corona: “The virus is a mirror”

WORLD ON SUNDAY: Dear Mr. Kluge, we are on the phone in a completely crazy situation. Alexander Kluge: I can’t compare it to anything. WORLD ON SUNDAY: I was hoping that you could compare it to something. You can look back on almost 90 years of life. Kluge: I can compare it to the 1944 […]

Internal documents: the Chancellery warned early about the car toll

Dhe project harbors the “considerable danger” of a violation of European law. The hope of the Ministry of Transport to get the car toll at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has to be “judged skeptically”. Such objections have often been raised against the CSU project. But the reservations quoted here do not come from […]

The left will present a project only for judicial employees

In addition, in another of the criticisms, the project sent by the Executive “equals the age of women and men, which constitutes a lousy background for the struggle of women against the double oppression they suffer in social reality.” In this way, it is detailed that the text that will be presented includes “even the […]