Henry James, Eric Chevillard, Benjamin Stora … The selection of “Libé” books

Princess Casamassima, by Henry James, translated from English by François-René Daillie reviewed by Annick Duperray. Edition of Annick Duperray. Gallimard, “Folio Classique”, 928 pp., € 11.40. It was on his walks in London that Henry James, born American in 1843 and died English in 1916, must to have written Princess Casamassima published in 1886, political […]

Beach and culture: Tunisia combines the best of two worlds

Dhe air is spicy, smells of herbs, the salt of the sea. The view sweeps over olive groves, whitewashed in warm sunlight. A country road winds in between. The Tunisian Mediterranean coast with its seemingly Provencal hilly landscape, the small sleepy towns and the endlessly long sandy beaches is made for tourism – and yet […]

the Hirak had to leave the street, without having defined its political future

The health crisis dealt a fatal blow to a popular movement which had failed to structure itself. Through Adam Arroudj A place in Algiers, March 20. RAMZI BOUDINA / REUTERS Alger “The Hirak, It’s finish. ” The sentence is brutal but its author, an opposition figure preferring to speak on condition of anonymity, takes no […]

In Algeria, “arrests and convictions are increasing”

“Can the Algerian people return home after a year of Hirak?” “ Obviously, the answer is no for Said Salhi, vice-president of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights. To hear it, the representatives of this “Algerian people” will even be numerous, Friday, March 13, to defy government orders, in the streets of […]

Theater: Algeria by Alima Hamel in “Médéa Mountains”

Published on : 3/13/2020 – 00:59 Alima Hamel, alone on stage in “Médéa Mountains”. © Aglaé Bory It took 20 years for Alima Hamel to tell her painful family story. A torn siblings, a sister murdered in the midst of civil war in Algeria in the 1990s which are remembered as a dark decade. The […]

all sports meetings canceled in Algeria

Published on : 03/10/2020 – 21:19 Algeria has decided to cancel sporting, cultural and political gatherings in order to avoid the spread of the epidemic of new coronavirus, announced Tuesday its Minister of Health Abderahmane Benbouzid. “All sports, cultural and political gatherings are canceled. All shows and fairs are canceled, we don’t take any risks, […]

Algerian boxing hopes to shine in the land of the Rising Sun

Published on : 03/03/2020 – 16:35 With seven representatives, Algerian boxing hopes to win a medal at the Tokyo Games. In 2016 in Rio, the team returned without the slightest charm. Questioned by RFI, the DTN Mourad Meziane expects at least one medal from its athletes. In Dakar, Senegal, Algerian boxing shone behind Morocco by […]

Countries where the virus has been confirmed

Coronavirus is crossing borders, with at least 45 countries that have now confirmed at least one case of infection. Equity markets around the world have been rescued and countries are scrambling to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, implementing contingency plans and travel restrictions on the hardest hit places. “The sudden increases in cases […]

The world is preparing for the coronavirus pandemic; global recession forecast

GENEVA / BEIJING (Reuters) – He hopes that coronavirus will be contained in China by fading away on Friday, as infections spread rapidly around the world, countries have started to accumulate medical equipment and investors have taken off in anticipation of a global recession. . People wearing masks line up to buy masks in a […]