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The pandemic hit Deportivo Independiente Medellín hard, who on his return to the competition accumulated two consecutive defeats, complicating his outlook in the Colombian League and the Copa Libertadores.

Next, five reasons for a new red fall, this time in Barrancabermeja against Alianza Petrolera, something that had not happened since October 4, 2016, when he had lost 3-1, until this meeting, he accumulated six games without losing in the oil port

Little definition: This problem has become endemic in Medellín since the departure of Germán Cano, in the complementary stage Aldo Bobadilla tried to add more men in the attack, but they did not manage to make a single clear goal arrival on the goal of Ricardo Jerez. Leonardo Castro is slow, clumsy in movements and instead of dragging marks and positioning himself well, he ends up obstructing his teammates.

Formless players: Many players couldn’t keep up for more than 60 minutes, even though they hadn’t been in competition for six months. Other teams have shown intensity in the game. This Medellín shows long in its lines and where its players find it difficult to finish the games. Clearly, Alianza Petrolera’s goal came as a result of a lack of concentration in defense in the last minutes of the match.

Confusions: Although a large part of the team is ‘new’, neither in the match against Alianza Petrolera nor against Caracas in the Copa Libertadores they achieved a dynamic in the game that would serve to surprise the opposite. In many parts of the game they are reactive to what the opponent does. They do not coordinate the passes, the movements, in some moments it gave the impression that they did not speak and that made it difficult for the opponent to recover the ball easily.

Lack of ideas: Every game that passes, Medellín and his game scheme misses Andrés Ricaurte. Neither Javier Reina, nor José Estupiñán, nor Bayron Garcés have been able to solve this problem in the 180 minutes played without the Antioquia ’10’.

Surprise: Everything is linked to the same thing, a predictable, lukewarm team that does not know whether to attack, defend, wait for what the opponent does or play the ‘pitch’, in most of these games they have done a bit of everything, but nothing well. In the end the rivals are imposed on him with little and that is what should concern the coaching staff the most.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano

FUTBOLRED correspondent


En twitter: @juanchoserran8


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