In Washington sell Mitsubishi Van for $ 5,000

“Japanese” 1988 release may be an option to “Loaf.”

Photo: Mitsubishi Van 1988, source: Motor1

On the eve of the American automobile portal Motor1 reported that Mitsubishi Van sell in Washington for $ 5,000. According to the seller, “minivan runs and drives good, it had lots of mechanical work recently”, and it is in excellent condition, which is not expected from 32-year-old car with mileage of 380,000 km.

Under the hood of the “Wagon” is naturally a 2.4-liter gasoline engine that equipped with new components. Under the replacement went the water pump, timing belt, thermostat, accessory belts, spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel injector connector. Block four-cylinder coupled with an automatic transmission four-speed, and the actuator is provided back.

Photo: Mitsubishi Van 1988, source: Motor1

Of the minuses Mitsubishi Van the owner has identified unsatisfactory insulation and rough engine operation at idle. From the pros spacious 8-seater cabin, capacity 1200 kg, maneuverability and low maintenance. For comparison, the capacity of Ulyanovsk “Loaf” is 875 — 1225 kg. in addition, inside “Mitso” you can furnish a house on wheels.

Recall that the value of the Japanese car is 5,000 dollars, which translated into Russian currency is 347 000. It is noteworthy that the UAZ the same year in good condition can be found on the secondary market for 250 000 — 370 000 rubles. Lovers of Japanese cars such exhibit may be to the taste, because it looks decent.

Photo: UAZ “Loaf”, source: Drom

Skoda will develop competitor Hyundai Creta

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Skoda will develop competitor Hyundai Creta

2020-06-21 08:33:30

Compact minivan Delica Mitsubishi made its debut in 1968. Under this name a car known in his homeland, as well as on the Australian and Taiwanese markets. In Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates model known as the L300, but in America — the Mitsubishi Van or Wagon. The conveyor 52 for years, the minivan was replaced by the 4th generation and has undergone 6 restyling, while domestic UAZ “Loaf” for the conveyor 55 years, has had only 3 upgrades.


Guitar of the leader of Nirvana was auctioned for a record $6 million :: Society :: RBC

Acoustic guitar of the late frontman of the American rock group Nirvana Kurt Cobain was sold under the hammer for $6 million reported by the auction house Julien’s Auctions on Twitter.

“Sold for $6 010 000. A new world record for guitars!”, — stated in the message.

As stated on the website of the auction house, the guitar 1959 edition Martin D-18E was used by Cobain on an acoustic concert for MTV Unplugged on November 18 1993 in new York a few months before his death. The tool was only used by the Nirvana leader during the whole concert.

The concert was voted one of the best in the band’s history and rock music in General. The album Unplugged in New York was subsequently awarded the prize “Grammy”. “Execution Cobain on MTV Unplugged became his self-revelation, and the guitar Martin D-18E was both a tool and a revelation,” reads the description to the lot. Earlier it was reported that it is offered for sale at a starting price of $1 million.


The media learned about the unsuitability of the Ukrainian self-propelled mortars :: Policy :: RBC

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine refused to accept the concern “Ukroboronprom” party self-propelled mortar “bars-8ММК”, entered service, as these guns were unusable. This publication reports the Defence Express.

APU Ukraine received a shipment of mortars in the autumn of last year in the framework of the state defense order. However, according to the publication, a 120-millimeter mortars were supplied with substandard barrels and had no firing tables.

Instead of assault guns brigades were sent to the base storage in the village of Orzhiv, and now APU are looking for other mortars.

Ukraine held military trials “threatening” the Crimean bridge the rockets

The situation is saved by the fact that armored vehicles can use different launchers, without reference to a specific manufacturer. Therefore, an alternative solution to the Ukrainian defense Ministry decided to use “bars-8 MMK” new mortar, developed by a private company “Ukrainian armored vehicles,” the newspaper notes. Now the mortar passes the state tests.

From the trunk of a 120-millimeter mortar are planned in total experience min. 5 thousand today, made about 3 thousand shots. This work is carried out at the highest possible rate, says the publication.

In October of 2018 testing a mobile mortar complex “bars-8 MMK” said Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov. He noted that this complex can quickly move to the desired location of the fire, its computer system allows positioning on the ground, and preparing to fire from traveling takes just one minute. The crew consists of three people, the ammunition of the complex has 60 minutes Turchynov said that “bars-8 MMK” can leave its firing position for 20 seconds to evade return fire.


The court in London halved the salaries of the former co-owner “Trust” :: Business :: RBC

The Bank representative demanded to reduce the amount from £17 thousand to £6 thousand, indicating that Sergey Belyaev leads too “luxurious lifestyle”. The banker asked not to lower it below £10 million In the result the court chose the middle option

Photo: Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti / TASS

London’s high court decided twice to cut the amount that one of the former owners of the Bank “trust” Sergei Belyaev will be able to spend on the life and legal services. This was reported on the judicial portal Law360, writes Forbes.

The court considered that the current amount of spending Belyaeva £17 thousand per month is too large, reducing it to £8 thousand, the Representative of “Trust” and demanded that the amount was reduced to £6 million, arguing that the fact that Belyaev should not be able to continue to lead a “lavish lifestyle”, but have to get a job or reduce costs. In turn Belyaev, who defended themselves in court, said he in connection with the lack of work you need to spend monthly from the accounts of at least £10 thousand

The Central Bank will have the right to prohibit bankers from leaving the country at the revocation of licenses

Photo: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Belyaev, along with two other former co-owners “of the Trust” Ilya Yurov and Nikolai Fetisov lost the case by $900 million in the High court of London in January of this year. The court after four years of litigation has ordered them to pay this amount for the collapse of the Bank in 2014. Five and a half years ago, “trust” became the property “Open”, which was engaged in its sanitation. In 2017, after the reorganization of “Opening” both banks were owned by the Central Bank.

In February the London court has banned Fetisov Yurov and spend money with the arrested accounts of the Russian, British, Swiss and Cypriot banks. According to the court, they may have assets, which are not reported, therefore the contents of the bankers shifted to their wives. However, Belyaeva, the court made an exception, believing that the availability of alternative sources of income is not obvious.


The fall of the ruble prompted private investors to change strategies :: St. Petersburg :: RBC

At the same time, the activation of private investors during the period of market turbulence was almost not accompanied by panic throws, but was often associated with an attempt to use a convenient moment to maximize potential profitability. “We observed deliberate, prudent actions by clients to rebalance their portfolios,” describes VTB Capital Investments Chief Executive Officer, Senior Vice President, Head of VTB Brokerage Services Vladimir Potapov. “Customers behaved quite calmly during the collapse of the market as a whole. We believe that many investors have learned the lessons of previous crises and learned not to go into a state of panic with strong movements in the market. Moreover, we noticed an influx of new customers who came to the market to take advantage of the current low prices for the purchase of assets, ”Aisha Kubezova shares observations.

“In general, customers reacted very correctly,” agrees Vsevolod Lobov, Investment Director of UK Dokhod. “Closing portfolios is usually a consequence of the insufficiency or absence of an airbag.”

Escaping Profitability

The influx of private investors into the stock market as a result of the search for alternative bank deposits options for investing took shape in the trend at the turn of 2017-2018. By that time, the Russian Central Bank had achieved obvious successes in the field of inflation targeting, which led to a stable decrease in interest rates. The inflation target declared by the Central Bank is 4%. According to official figures, at the end of 2019, this figure dropped to about 3%, although this year, for obvious reasons, the price increase may accelerate. However, the final indicator, according to analysts of the Central Bank, will not deviate significantly from the given reference point. In this case, bank deposit rates are unlikely to exceed 6% per annum.

This level is unattractive for customers of Russian banks who are accustomed to saving funds at a double-digit or almost double-digit percentage. The search for alternative investment options is a natural reaction in this case. Moreover, we are talking mainly about clients who, until recently, were not even interested in investment instruments.

The influx of private investors into the stock market as a result of the search for alternative bank deposits options for investing took shape in the trend at the turn of 2017-2018.

“The yield of the deposit at the level of 5-6% per annum ceases to be attractive to individual customers. Therefore, we expect that the demand for investment instruments will increase, ”said Darina Khokhlushina, Deputy Director of Raiffeisenbank’s North-West Retail Center for Retail Business.

“It must be understood that rates in dollars and euros will be pushed to zero for a very long time, and rates in rubles will not repeat the history of 2014-2015,” says Alexey Teploukhov, vice president of Bank Saint Petersburg. “As a result, the attractiveness of financial market instruments can significantly increase, taking into account the returns that we see now.”

An additional stimulating factor in the growth of private investment in the stock market, according to Darina Khokhlushina, was a low threshold for entry and universal digitalization, which facilitated the opening of accounts and transactions. “In the structure of demand, 60% falls on investments in mutual investment funds (UIFs), 20% each on opening a brokerage account and trust management together with an individual investment account (IIA),” Darina Khokhlushina, statistics of Raiffeisenbank, cites.

“Over the past 3 years, the trust market has been growing at a record pace. And this growth is provided precisely by private investors, who, during the period of lowering deposit rates, are looking for alternative and more profitable options for their investments. Both the number of customers and the volume of their assets in recent years have grown several times, ”says Andrei Makarov, head of the Sberbank Asset Management sales department.

Market participants believe that market instability will not stop the continued influx of private investors into the stock market. “2020 as a whole will be very successful for investment products,” predicts Vsevolod Lobov. “This, among other things, will be facilitated by the upcoming increase in taxes on deposits.” Aisha Kubezova claims that some clients are already transferring their assets to the stock market in order to obtain increased returns against the backdrop of the introduction of a tax on deposits. Andrei Makarov, in turn, believes that a tax on deposits will make investments of a term of three years or more more interesting due to the privilege on long-term ownership of Russian securities, in which income up to 3 million rubles per year is not subject to personal income tax.

Attach and expand

The development of an investment culture also implies a change in the attitude of the mass investor to various instruments offered by market participants. “At the first stage, in 2017–2018, customers actively invested in instruments investing in bonds. They regarded them as the most close to deposits instruments in the stock market. Bonds are a conservative tool, their price fluctuations are much lower than in stocks, issuers commit themselves to return 100% of the cost and pay interest, ”Andrei Makarov shares his observations.

The development of an investment culture also implies a change in the attitude of the mass investor to various instruments offered by market participants.

However, he continues, after a brief but sharp decline in the debt market in 2018, many customers realized that it was necessary to diversify their investments: someone transferred part of the funds to equity funds, but most prefer mixed funds and strategies, that is, those that invest both in stocks and bonds.

“Now an individual investment account with a ready-made strategy is in active demand among customers. It does not require any special knowledge from a person – you just need to choose a strategy, then everything is done by professional financiers, ”notes Andrey Makarov.

Interestingly, the two-millionth IIS was opened literally in early April by a client of VTB Bank from the Sverdlovsk Region. A special case only emphasizes the general trend: according to VTB representatives, we are talking about a new participant in the financial market, who had never before tried his hand at investing. The growing popularity of individual investment accounts is due to tax deductions: the holder of the IIA is given the right to return 13% of the paid income tax from an annual contribution of up to 400 thousand rubles (that is, up to 52 thousand rubles per year) or to receive an exemption from taxation of the total amount of income earned on the IIA (when closing the account).

According to Aleksey Teploukhov, Bank Saint Petersburg clients were most often interested in ruble bond strategies (through mutual funds, trust management, IMS) with yield to maturity exceeding bank deposit rates by 2-3 percentage points, and also presented demand for portfolios of Eurobonds in dollars and euros with an expected return of 4-5%. “Structural notes in currencies with an expected return of 8-10% with conditional capital protection, withstanding a 50% drop in the stock market on the horizon for 5 years, were also of interest,” adds Alexey Teploukhov.

The events of March-April 2020 provided additional food for thought by private investors. “Obviously, stock portfolios have been hit hardest. A serious drop in prices is also observed, for example, in the segment of high-yield eurobonds (high-yield), for which there was a very high demand in 2019, ”says Alexey Teploukhov. Funds and management strategies that involve investments in euro-denominated Eurobonds, as well as funds investing in gold, are best shown. “Investors see gold as a protective asset, and in periods of fluctuation, demand for it increases sharply,” Andrei Makarov explains.

“Regardless of the type of product / asset, a conservative investment strategy (in bonds) implies a ruble yield of 7-8% per annum, a balanced strategy (70-80% of the portfolio in bonds, the rest in shares) – 10-12%, and aggressive strategy (100% in shares) – from 20% ”, – Darina Khokhlushina marks the benchmarks.

Play for long

As for the yield of foreign currency instruments, in conservative funds of Eurobonds the yield of securities to maturity is now at the level of 5-7% in US dollars. “Such a high level of yield to maturity for dollar bonds in foreign currency is associated with a significant reduction in their prices during March. On the horizon of three or more years, an investor should focus on a range of 3-5% per annum in dollars, ”explains Andrey Makarov. Products that exhibit higher levels of risk, such as stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for stock indices or high-yielding bonds, can achieve double-digit returns in foreign currency. “But you should always remember that the risks of reducing the value of the portfolio of such instruments are proportional,” warns Andrei Makarov. However, he is convinced that now on the market there really is a good opportunity to buy quality assets at good prices. Alexey Teploukhov agrees with this statement: “We do not know when the fall will end, but obviously the crisis is a unique chance for a significant increase in the potential return on our investments. Such a chance occurs every 5-10 years. ”

“However, one must be prepared that the period of fluctuations will continue for some time. Therefore, it is now better to enter the market in parts at regular intervals, thus averaging the price of entry (so as not to try to find the “bottom”, because this is impossible). And you also need to invest at least for a period of 1 year, and preferably 2-3 years, ”advises Andrei Makarov.

“Regardless of investment instruments, currency diversification is a traditional approach to preserving savings,” Darina Khokhlushina shares recommendations. – Under current conditions, assets in rubles bring profitability, and the currency part will help to keep them from impairment. If you earn in rubles and plan large purchases, then it makes sense to keep in the national currency 40-50% of the funds, 25-30% in dollars and euros. About 20% of the assets should be freely available in case of unforeseen expenses. This problem is solved by the savings account, the yield on which is 5-6% per annum, and withdrawals and replenishment are not limited. This is a simple tool for flexible savings management. ”

Repeat publication of 04/22/2020


Regional tournaments, an alternative to bring tennis to life

Weeks go by and the threat linked to the coronavirus persists to an ultra-globalized tennis, which is in full swing and with a season that seems increasingly threatened. A ray of hope could come in the form of regional tournaments that help the machinery to work again.

“All countries will have their own model to get out of confinement and It will be difficult to restart our circuit, since it takes place every week in a different country“Recalled Tuesday the number one in world tennis, Novak Djokovic. “I think there will be more regional tournaments with prizes, but probably no ATP points at the moment,” the Serbian star predicted.

In France, Thierry Ascione, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s coach, has been talking about it for weeks. His project aims at a tour in the summer, organized in the south of his country. “The project will only see the light of day in the event that the circuit continues to be delayed and if the government authorizes the organization of this type of tournament, which will gather a little public,” Tsonga himself, also involved in this alternative competition, explained to Eurosport. At the moment, the professional tennis circuit is detained until mid-July.

Exhibition matches

Along these lines of scheduling regional appointments, Austria and Germany announced exhibition matches for May and June, respectively, with the participation of 32 players (including Dominic Thiem, Philipp Kohlschreiber and Jan-Lennard Struff) and 24 players.

The plans of Austrians and Germans seem more viable, since the players have already received authorization to resume training. Thiem posted on social media a photo of him on a clay court, celebrating having been able to exchange “the remote control for a racket”.

A somewhat more elaborate idea was proposed by the trainer Patrick Mouratoglou, who plans to organize not a tournament circuit, but matches starting May 16, behind closed doors on the tracks of the Training Academy that he has in the south of France. “Without spectators, with a softened code of conduct and with the possibility of interacting with the players when changing sides,” says Serena Williams’ coach. In total, ten games would be played according to his idea every weekend, for five weeks, in the framework of an event named Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS).

The organizer assures that these duels would be broadcast on television, since at this time there are no major sports competitions underway. So far, four players have been announced for that UTS: the Belgian David Goffin (tenth of the world), Italian Fabio Fognini (eleventh), French Benoît Paire (twenty-second) and the Australian Alexei Popyrin (103º).

Closed-door duels

Another tennis structure has been made available to the players. The Rafa Nadal Academy of Manacor discusses with the ATP the possibility of organizing “a competition campus in the coming months”. The idea is to allow a certain number of “elite players to reside, train and play games with each other, which would be televised so that fans could watch them,” according to a statement from the Spanish star’s Academy.

All this awaiting an official resumption of the circuit, which many see later than the current mid-July date.

There has even been talk of boosting the circuit with closed-door duelsAlthough playing without spectators in the stands is not something that suits the interests of tournament organizers, who cannot be content with just the money from television broadcasting, but also depend heavily on ticket sales. “Can you imagine a Grand Slam final without anyone in the stands?” Fognini asked himself Tuesday, in a live on Instagram with Djokovic.

Tunisian Ons Jabeur, a quarterfinalist at the last Australian Open, even proposed to resume the competitions “in March 2021, in Indian Wells, where everything stopped” in 2020, she told the Eurosport microphone.


Girona works to promote the sale of books in the alternative Sant Jordi

The Councilor for Culture of the City of Girona, Carles Ribas, explained through a virtual press conference yesterday that they are working on different activities to carry out the alternative Sant Jordi celebration, on July 23. Ribas said they were “expectant” of the information and directions being distributed to celebrate this day, but said they had prepared a “pack” that would be offered to all booksellers in the city to help in the event that they existed. there are restrictions on the volume of people who can participate. To help the city bookstores, they will organize various activities, such as book presentations, to encourage sales.

These will begin three weeks before the day you define it as the rose and the book. The goal of these activities is for the book to be sold in advance, “the gift of the book must be maintained,” said the councilor. On the other hand, Ribas encouraged citizens to participate in the initiative “Open Bookstores”, which involves ordering books through the Internet and subsequently purchasing them.

The sector forecasts “losses”

The Guild of Booksellers assumes that the celebration of the alternative Sant Jordi, on July 23, will be “different” to the original and that the billing of the day will not be closer to that of a regular year. They have already been warned that bookstores cannot be “overcrowded” or “crowded” at street stops, said their President, Maria Carme Ferrer, from Girona.

For all of this, among other options, the party is being dilated a few days to make it easier for readers to meet writers. On the other hand, Ferrer doubts that during Sant Jordi “at home” (April 23) there is a “mass” purchase or transportation of books, and leaves in the hands of bookstores and readers choose the formula to participate in the party from the current context of confinement.

Ferrer reiterates the idea of ​​what will take the day, but he reiterates that it will be “different” to the usual one, because despite his confidence that by then he will be able to “be on the street” and estimates that the bookstores will have reopened by mid-May, there will be a number of factors. The main one, the restrictions on the use of public space and in the same bookstores.

In spite of not giving up a celebration of Sant Jordi in the street, from the Guild they do not think that the alternative date will be able to compensate economically for the cancellation of the original. “It will not be a normal Sant Jordi and the losses will be great. It has nothing to do, “says Ferrer, without daring to quantify how far turnover can fall for a sector that generally does about 30% of its annual business.


What are “alternative” masks worth?

The Cross: How effective is the alternative mask?

Dr Bruno Grandbastien: We do not have precise data, in particular on the aerosol filtration rate. In any case not for masks with fabrics which can be diverse and varied. So, we are not sure of anything. Only experience mask from the brand Garridou [un masque antiprojection en tissu, lavable et réutilisable, NDLR], proposed by a consortium around the Lille University Hospital, meets protective characteristics. Otherwise, many patterns are available online.

→ LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest information in France and worldwide

When you carry the virus, asymptomatic or not, the mask helps to avoid dispersing the virus, whether by droplets or when it is sputtered on a person’s face. For the general public, the mask has a barrier effect only. As it will not be as effective as surgical masks, we must continue to respect social distancing.

How to wear the alternative mask?

Dr. B. G.: The first thing is to cover your nose and mouth well, although it can be an obstacle to breathing. We see too many people wearing their masks under their noses. Likewise, it should also encompass the chin. Some models have straps that you lace behind your head, others have elastic bands that go behind your ears.

→ PRACTICAL. Coronavirus: how to make your mask?

If you use it near someone, you get postilions. The external face of the mask is then contaminated and this is why you must avoid removing it from the front. In addition, we touch our faces many times during the day. So remember to have your hydroalcoholic bottle with you or to wash your hands regularly. Finally, if we readjust the mask too often, especially at the nose, it wets and this is where we find the virus if we carry it.

How to maintain your alternative mask?

Dr. B. G.: The duration of wearing the mask is impossible to specify without knowing the fabric used (cotton, linen, synthetic, etc.). For surgical masks, we talk about three or four hours because we know how they are made. In any case, you must wash your mask frequently, so have several with you. We prefer a machine wash at 60 degrees, to have a thermal effect with heat, a chemical effect with detergent and a mechanical effect with the drum of the device. It is also recommended to iron the mask, to add a thermal effect with the steam.

Wearing an alternative mask is one of the elements that provide a solution to deconfinement, but we must not forget to respect other barrier gestures, including social distancing. Otherwise, we will have it all wrong. It is a cocktail of measures that will allow us to intelligently approach this phase of deconfinement.


Booksellers and florists agree to celebrate the alternate St. George’s on July 23

The Book Chamber and the Florist Guild have set Thursday, July 23, as the date to celebrate this year’s Book and Rose Day, after being forced to postpone this traditional April 23 celebration, Saint George. Both guilds have agreed, which bring together publishers, booksellers, distributors and graphic arts associations, as well as the flower industry, and also encouraged all citizens to celebrate Saint George’s Day also on April 23 « from home, ”according to a joint statement.

“Aware that on July 23 the social distance measures must still be maintained to protect the health of all, the guilds are made available to the administrations”, and they hope to find the most appropriate formulas and scenarios for the party with the maximum guarantees. However, they have also argued that, despite the fact that they are “down,” bookstores “do not stop.”

For its part, the independent publishing association Read in English has launched the #ObrimFinestres campaign, in which publishers and writers will recommend books to promote shopping for Sant Jordi. It is proposed that the purchase of books be made through the online portal of independent bookstores Libelista. The association specifies, in a joint statement, that they are in favor of delivering the books after confinement, but “understand and respect” any of their chosen desserts.


Mitsuya, the first Nisei bullfighter, dies at 82: the sword was his Achilles heel

The Black Pope teaches Mitsuya the luck to kill

A very particular character from the world of bulls has died:Ricardo Higa Mitsuya at 82 years old. It was a Peruvian-Japanese bullfighter, coming from a family from the island of Okinawa who migrated to Lima. He studied journalism at the same time that he was preparing to be a bullfighter, he went through the towns of Per until in 1961 he appeared in the Plaza de Acho with steers by Fernando Graa.Cosso stands out for his performancein the first thirds although he says that the sword was his Achilles heel.

The following year I managed to open the large door of the Peruvian capital andtraveled to Spain with the help of ManuelMejas Rapela ‘The Black Pope’ who welcomed him in his house in Genera Mola 3. The family remembers him for his exquisite education, for his discretion, for his enormous liking and for his great discretion. In the summer of 1964, he debuted at Vistalegre and managed to get around the arena. In autumn, his attorney and teacher died. Every year, when Angel Luis Bienvenida visited the cemetery where his father’s mortal remains rested, he found a consumed butt and said:“Mitsuya has already been here”. His way of paying homage to the Black Pope was to leave a lit cigarette of his master’s favorite tobacco, he was silently accompanied by the time it was consumed.

A few years later, he wrote a letter to Antonio Bienvenida at the house he had in Mojcar (Almera) to thank him with some lines written in his own blood for the lessons learned in General Mola before appearing at Las Ventas.

Tom the alternative fromPalomo Linares on August 28, 1970 in Ondara (Alicante),with Julin Garca as witness and bulls of Manuel Zaballos. He came to publicly assure, showing his wild hobby: “The date of my alternative will always be more important than my birthday.” He continued his career in Peru, achieving fame in the Latin American country.He was seriously injured in November of that year in Limaacting alongside Paquirri and Jos Luis Paradas.

He resumed his career as a journalist directing at various times the newspaper Per Shimpo, dedicated to the Japanese colony residing in his city and the magazine El Nisei. It was also thegeneral secretary of the Union of Bullfighters and Steers of Peru.

He lived on horses between Madrid and Lima, when he passed by the Casa de Campo and saw kids bullfighting in the living room by themselves approached to give them some advice. Some thought it wasa curious tourist until, with the subtlety that characterized him, he remembered some explanation from the Black Pope.

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