So promotions and demotions: Alberoro and Montagnano they get together. The full picture

Relegated from the Excellence in the Promotion, total block instead of all the demotions in tournaments, from Promotion to the Second category. Are promoted in the higher category all the first. Here are the decisions of the board of directors of the Regional Committee of National Amateur League (Lnd) of Tuscany.

In the meeting this morning at the Football Museum of Coverciano, has marked the end of the season 2019/2020 applying when established by the Federal Council and by the assembly of the Lnd.

Promotions – Alberoro and Montagnano hand-in-hand in Promoting

As determined by the tuscan committee they are promoted to the top category of the the first classified teams in the championship at the time of the interruption of the activity. In group L of the Second category celebrates the Pergine. In the case of the same points and the same number of games pass both. And’ the case of the group And of the First category, where Alberoro and Montagnano, rivals, and divided by a few hundred meters, come back arm-in-arm in the Promotion. In the case of parity or disparity of points with the races less is used average points. This has been the case of the Third category of arezzo with the Cavrigliaalready the winner of the Cup that goes in the Second. The process will be applied to the youth tournaments and provincial and regional.


Four teams come back from the D-series in Excellence (Ghivizzano, Ponsacco and Tuttocuoio between the tuscan), while the Excellence in the Promotion relegated to only one club per league (Rignanese and Virtus Viareggio). Nothing retrocession to the level of youth: neither provincial nor regional levels.

The rankings from the C series to the Third category | 2019/2020

Season 2020/2021: the beginning, the Cup and the under

The idea is that it starts within the first half of October, maybe Sunday, October 11, thus enabling the company to have more than enough time to be able to prepare in the right way and be able to organize the youth tournaments that have not been able to play in this season. Always in the period before the start of the championship will be played cup races. In the next few days will be prepared in the the final pass lists, of the merit and priority among the companies having the right to the altogether in the higher classes.

The Committee decided to limit (exceptionally) to a quota only (1998) the presence of young people in The first category“reads the press note. No block of fees in the Promotion and Excellence as the National Amateur League has decided to the normal flow (2000-2001-2002).

Increase in the group stage

It is clear that the block of the demotions and promotions guaranteed will be reviewed in the group stage. Almost certainly the transition to clusters with 14 clubs. In this way, theExcellence will three roundswhile the Promotion will switch to the four groupings. The enlargement of course it will also affect to the First and Second category.

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Amateur football: “A club like AS Saint-Priest, you can’t shoot it like that!”

Stade Jacques Joly of AS Saint-Priest, March 7. The pennant team (in N2, fourth echelon of French football) narrowly bowed at home against RC Grasse (2-3), and fell to 14e place (out of 16) in the ranking. At this moment, the players do not know it yet, but they have just disputed their last meeting of the season. Worse: this precise defeat condemns them to relegation to national 3, while there are still nine games to play on the calendar. Consequence of the decision made by the French Football Federation (FFF) last Thursday to stop net the amateur championships due to the epidemic of Covid-19, by freezing the classification on the day of the interruption while maintaining the system of three ascent-descent… only for passages from N2 to N3 and vice versa For all other championships, there will only be one ascent, one descent. “I’m scared, it’s an aberration. We add woe to woe ”, fulminates Patrick Gonzalez, president of this popular club in the Lyon suburbs.

Already hard to swallow, the defeat turns to undrinkable. During the first 21 days, Saint-Priest was almost never relegated and had just faced the formations at the top of the table. “The calendar was much more favorable for us then. The following weekend, we played Marignane, one point ahead of us, and we recovered six injured », rages the leader, for whom a white season – the championships purely and simply canceled, with no rise or fall between divisions – would have been more logical. Definitely poissard, AS Saint-Priest: its team B, in regional 2 (7e division), first at the truce, third at the time of the glaciation, will not be promoted.

Sad irony of fate: the leader san-priod had co-written two successive letters at the beginning of the month with Eric Thomas, president of the French Association of Amateur Football (Affa), for the attention of Noël Le Graët, so that several measures are taken in order to best manage the end of the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Approved in the meantime by some 3,000 amateur clubs, the letters went unanswered. “The instances [districts, ligues, fédération, ndlr] never consulted us, castigates Patrick Gonzalez, for five years at the helm of the club. Now we’re going to open the cages, let go of the lions. ”

Three-quarters less employees next season

Such an unexpected descent would be catastrophic for the club. From 1.050 million euros, the budget would drop to around 500,000 euros. A drop of half to be linked with those of the town hall grants (300,000 euros today) and the withdrawal of many sponsors. Without forgetting the aid from the Federation, divided by 4 in the event of demotion (from 35,000 to 8,000 euros, allocated to team travel every weekend).

At the same time, an amateur club like Saint-Priest pays a subscription of 70 euros for each of its 650 licensees, or around 45,000 euros which are found each year in the coffers of the FFF. To this must be added the costs of arbitration (20,000 euros), training, but also fines (around 10,000 per year) … “A large amateur club pays between 80,000 and 100,000 euros a year [à la FFF]”, summarizes Patrick Gonzalez.

If the demotion is activated, the manager will only be able to keep a quarter of the twenty employees currently employed by the association. “We risk stopping training, but also closing sections, teams.” The female structure, strong with 80 people and growing, will also have to review its ambitions. He will no longer be able to pay all of his educators “Who also have training courses which are excessively expensive”, explains Robert Mouangué, sports director since the position was created in 2017.

Up to now, Saint-Priest is one of the only two structures in the eastern part of Lyon to be labeled Eite (the highest level for youth training). The reputation of “blood and gold” as a nursery in the Lyon suburbs is no longer to be proven (Luis Fernandez, Youri Djorkaeff or more recently Nabil Fékir have shaped their game there as a junior). Over the decade, an average of fifteen players signed up each year in professional clubs (18 in 2019). “Many L3 players sometimes have as many as five of our former players, adds Robert Mouangué. So a club like AS Saint-Priest, you can’t shoot him like that. “

A pledge of support that extends beyond the lawns. Visits to museums, cleaning of neighborhoods, awareness of waste treatment in collaboration with local missions: several socio-educational activities allow young people to also become “Good citizens of tomorrow, underlines Robert Mouangué. Without forgetting the internships and training that we find for older children. All this is threatened. Some kids will have to go back to neighborhood clubs with even lower means

It was heartbreaking for Franck Valente, member of the recruitment unit for under-19s for seniors and assistant coach for under-20s. For three years in the staff, this former san-priod player from the 90s is aware of the difficulties that could be those of the club. His included, from next season. “If I am kept in my post, I will not have the same means. And it’s not as easy to attract players in N3 as in N2 “, assures this territorial agent at Lyon-Métropole, which until then pocketed 350 euros per month for its activity within the club. A little more “who [m’]help for the end of the month, like many “.

Close the budget “at all costs”

Despite everything, clubs like Saint-Priest must find the financial resources necessary to be on track for the two deadlines in June. The first, the payment of contributions to the FFF on June 11. For Saint-Priest, the invoice amounts to 500 euros. A reasonable amount, “Because we paid everything in advance”, crop Patrick Gonzalez. “But a lot of small clubs are not in this case and can no longer make money by then. How are they going to do it? ” More worrying, the closure of the budget before the 30th of the same month, date on which the club must go to Paris to present its annual balance sheet to the National Directorate of Management Control (DNCG), the financial police of football. The balance sheet must be balanced, under penalty of sanctions (demotion, for example).

Problem: “Many partners who were supposed to give us money between March and June are at the bottom of the hole. Their employees are on partial unemployment, how do you want them to help us? ” wonders Patrick Gonzalez, who estimates that to be afloat today, he would have to recover between 150,000 and 200,000 euros. A sum that was to be provided in part by raffles and other end-of-year youth or inter-company tournaments, all canceled since. Impossible to count on the traditional recipes of the refreshment bar, after the redevelopment of the sports complex by the town hall this year (it also includes two new synthetic fields, but also a natural lawn, changing rooms and grandstands redone).

“We will all go to war”

“Today, it is not up to us to restructure ourselves. It’s up to Mr. Le Graët to change. If they don’t reverse their decisions,it will be very, very hot. We will all go to war, “threatens the president, who has just addressed a new open letter published this Friday to the Minister of Sports, again supported by Eric Thomas. Among the urgent demands: the cancellation of all the descents, but also the “Implementation of a relief and emergency fund for amateur football”, at least 300 million. As revealed by the Team, this special fund is between 12 and 15 million today. “All 15,000 amateur clubs donate 150 million euros each year to the FFF. It’s an organized racket “, denounces Eric Thomas, who points out that in four years, nearly 4,000 clubs have disappeared. For him, the distrust of amateurs towards the authorities will reach a point of no return. “Football should advance on its two legs. Today he is hopping on his professional leg. “

Roman Métairie


a final whistle for amateur football

There are nearly 2.2 million of them and we talk about it a lot less than the 3,000 people – players, managers, coaches, referees – playing in professional football. If the latter will know more in a few days about the terms of a possible resumption behind closed doors of the Ligue 1 and 2 championships, amateur football is now fixed on its fate. And it is hardly enviable.

The French Football Federation has taken note of Emmanuel Macron’s decision to ban any event likely to bring together the public until mid-July. The 13,000 amateur clubs playing 30,000 games each weekend are therefore officially at a standstill until next season.

A few days ago, Serge Tholoniat, volunteer leader of the US Feurs (Loire), club of Regionale 1 (6th division), was worried in The cross of this eventuality. “It’s a whole social bond that will evaporate, the players and the volunteers are cut off from each other, he said swithout counting the economic risks for next season, since the sponsors, traders or local entrepreneurs, will have other financial priorities than supporting the clubs “.

The FFF Executive Committee has taken this concern into account. He will announce in the coming days a massive support plan for amateur football, to support its restart next season. The envelope is not yet finalized but it should be around 15 million euros.

The rankings frozen on March 13

In sports, the pill is also bitter. The calendar of the ten amateur divisions of French football included ten days to play, synonymous with changes in the rankings, and therefore possible relegation and promotion to another division. The Federation’s executive committee has chosen to permanently freeze the rankings as of March 13. And limit the number of relegations and promotions to one per hen, against two or three usually depending on the level.

If the cause is heard for the vast majority of amateur clubs paying no wages to their players, the decision of the FFF was particularly expected for National 1 (3rd division) clubs, amateur entities in legal terms but flirting in the reality with the operation of professional clubs in Ligue 1 or 2 (1). The FFF Executive Committee has decided to continue thinking in favor of a possible resumption, given the specific nature of this championship. At present, the possibility of postponing the National’s calendar from June still makes it possible to envisage a recovery.

Save the female D1 in danger

The same goes for Women’s Division 1, many of which are attached to men’s pro clubs, while maintaining amateur status. While the sustainability of men’s football is not the cause, many fear that the still fragile development of women’s football will be permanently interrupted. “The current situation is likely to pose an almost existential threat to women’s football if no action is taken to protect its economy”, writes the federation of professional players, who points the finger “Low wages, few opportunities and inequalities in terms of sponsors and investments. “

Sports decisions can have significant repercussions on certain clubs in difficulty, some of which may have to file for bankruptcy, legal remedies are possible. Such a club relegated to the lower division following this truncated championship could for example appeal to the administrative court. To avoid a cascade procedure, the ministry of sports is working urgently on a text which could take the form of an ordinance. This text will reaffirm the right of sports federations to take exceptional decisions, as bodies led by elected leaders and acting as delegates of the public sport service.


Premier League: English footballer Peter Whittingham dies at 35, after one in a pub | Premier League 2019

FILE PHOTO: Cardiff City & apos; s Peter lt; HIT gt; Whittingham lt; / HIT gt; ...

Archive image of Whittingham, with Cardiff City.
“Reuters Staff”REUTERS

Peter Whittingham wasa Cardiff City legendThe unforgettable hit with his left foot was unforgettable, with which in a decade and 459 games with the club he achieved 98 goals and, among other milestones, the promotion to the Premier League. This Thursday he died at the age of 35 due to head injuries resulting from a death he suffered last week in a pub in Barry (Wales).

The English footballer, born in Nuneaton, also wore the Aston Villa jersey (until 2007) and theBlackburn Rovers, the last one I played in, until 2018.

“With immense pain we report that Peter Whittingham has passed away at the age of 35. We are heartbroken. The city, fans, and everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him will painfully feel Peter’s loss. We love you, Pete, and your memory remain with us forever, “Cardiff City said in a statement.

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«I’m not a big fan, but the first thing a ruler has to do is comply with the law»




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“The first thing a ruler has to do is comply with the law.” This was expressed yesterday about bullfighting the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes. It was his first public appearance before the Committee on Culture in the Congress of Deputies.

In response to the spokesperson of the popular group, which celebrated its attendance at bullfighting prizes of the Maestranza in Seville, and that of the Republican Group, Joan Margall, who spoke of subsidies and animal abuse, the minister spoke thus about bullfighting:

«Of course I went to the Maestranza awards. By the way, pbullfighting and university remios. Both. The prizes were awarded to the best records of the Sevillian universities of the different faculties and degrees. Which for me, who is a university professor, was a source of satisfaction. You know perfectly well that the first thing a ruler has to do is obey the law, beyond after the approaches he has ».

And he continued: «I I am not a big fan To the bulls. I’ve said it openly, I’ve never been. Yes to football, but not to bulls. The law says what it says, the law says they are in the intangible heritage, that are part of a Spanish tradition and therefore the legality must be fulfilled. You have to express respect too. He said Indalecio Prieto: “I am a socialist because of liberal.” Well, there is a part of liberalism That is also in my training. Therefore it seems to me that this must be respected.

Rodríguez Uribes buckled like this: «Now, notwithstanding that in another area we move forward –that is why mixing things sometimes brings bad results– in the best protection of animals. It is a requirement, a moral duty of civilization. I think we have to move there, I would not say about animal rights, but in that duty of ours towards them. The history of mankind has great conquests, human rights, the idea of ​​human dignity, but it is also true that in that exaltation of the human dignity We have made some mistake in relation to the environment and we have abused it. The time has come for us to put things in the right environment, in the right environment, and also respect the dignity of all living beings.