There is not enough advertising for everyone

Dusseldorf, San Francisco The jogging pants for “cozy home outfits” are an example of many: Companies have adapted their marketing to the corona crisis. In times of exit restrictions, discounter Kik advertises on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger for trousers that many don’t wear on the street. Customers find Kik and other retailers especially in digital […]

The best subscriptions for e-books

Dhe public life in Germany stands still. Bars, cinemas and museums are closed. Time to read a good book. But the bookstores remain closed these days. E-books, digital books that can be read on special e-readers, on computers, smartphones or tablets, provide a remedy. Maintaining an overview is not easy. Devices are now available from […]

10 technology bargains that are really worthwhile

That makes a good bargain Large percentages do not always speak for a good offer. Often, the starting price is based on the usually very high, non-binding price recommendation (RRP) of the manufacturers, so that the discount looks particularly large. In reality, other retailers often offer the device at the same or even cheaper prices. […]

Book market in deep crisis: Corona virus causes sales to collapse

Dusseldorf Like so many others these days, Saša Stanišić is sitting at home, indulging in a beer and grinning, admitting that he feels like a presenter of the daily foam. Well, not entirely: “Training pants below, shirt above.” Then the author starts on time with his “living room reading”, reads excerpts from his works online. […]

Gafa at the time of responsibility

The platforms collaborate with the authorities. Such cooperation can leave traces. By Chloé Woitier and Guillaume Guichard The list of platform actions is long: calls for donations, challenges to encourage confinement, resources for schools, support for SMEs… 283892754 / Julien Eichinger – We almost pinch ourselves to believe it. In messages posted on Twitter, […]

They ask to ban the entry of outsiders to the Amazon due to coronavirus

Indigenous communities of Peru and an international NGO they asked this Wednesday ban outsiders from entering the Amazon to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus among the natives, who are among “The most vulnerable on the planet” in the face of the pandemic. The organization of Indigenous Peoples of the East (Orpio), which brings […]

The US aid package could be late

Denver, New York, Washington Miranda Miller is one of the early victims of the corona crisis. Her job as a waitress in a brewery near Denver was immediately gone when the restaurants had to close. “I am still totally shocked,” says Miller, who is now looking for bargains in the Costco wholesale trade and is […]

Amazon creates 350 new logistics jobs in Germany

Amazon logistics center in Dortmund Since this week, important everyday goods in Germany have been prioritized not only in the incoming goods department at the Amazon logistics centers, but also when shipping to customers. (Photo: dpa) Hall Amazon needs several hundred additional employees in Germany in the corona virus crisis. In order to meet the […]