Trump called the timing of the start of vaccination against COVID-19 in the United States :: Society :: RBC

The US President said that large-scale vaccination of the country’s population will begin “in mid-October, maybe a little later.” If things go wrong, it will happen “in November or at least December,” Trump said.

Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump, during a press conference at the White House, said that widespread distribution of the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine among the US population would begin in October. About it reports CNBC.

“We are on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very safe and efficient manner. We think we can start doing this around October, ”he said.

Trump clarified that this would happen “in mid-October, maybe a little later,” and then added that if events were unsuccessful, the vaccine in the US would have to wait a little longer. “In November or at least in December,” the head of state said.

NYT learns of Trump’s plans to make a “surprise” in the form of a vaccine for the elections

Donald Trump

Commenting on the words of the director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Robert Redfield, who announced that the COVID-19 vaccine will be generally available in the country, most likely only in the second half of 2021, Trump called this information erroneous.


A plane carrying drugs registered in the USA was shot down in Venezuela :: Society :: RBC

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The Venezuelan military shot down a plane with an American registration number used to transport drugs. About it reported Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on his Twitter page.

The plane flew through the state of Zulia. It transported drugs from Colombia – “the largest producer of cocaine in the world.” The military found the aircraft using radar.

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

In early July in Venezuela, the military shot down an American plane that entered the country’s airspace illegally. According to the military, it was used to transport drugs. According to Flightradar, this is a Hawker 800 private jet.

In 2013, President Nicolas Maduro allowed shoot down drug traffickers’ planes in Venezuelan airspace. The initiator of the bill was his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.


Colleague about Bohdalová without napkins: IT’S A GENERAL

“Jiřka is a perfectionist. When something is stupid, he says it and doesn’t go for it. And mostly he’s right. She is an old practitioner, she has been doing it for x years and she has a sense of smell. Jirina is an absolute pro in this, it is necessary to put on her. Even some directors listen to her, so I tell them, ‘You have to be sharp at her, or she’ll kick you out in a minute.’ She is a generalist, but she really has it for that, “Josef smirks an imaginary hat Náhlovský in Sedmička magazine, she adds admiringly: “If she were a Native American, she would be the biggest star she is, because she will play really everything – even a bollard by the roadside.”


Trump threatened “a thousand times more powerful” response to Iranian attack :: Politics :: RBK

The United States has long had information about Iran’s preparation of an action of revenge for the killed General Soleimani. Trump warned the response would be much stronger than the stock itself

Donald Trump

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Iran will receive a thousand times larger response for attempting to attack the United States, President Donald Trump warned on his Twitter.

“According to press reports, Iran may be planning an assassination or other attack on the United States in retaliation for the assassination of terrorist leader Soleimani, which was committed to prevent his planned attacks, the killing of American soldiers, for the death and suffering inflicted over so many years.” …

“The response to any attack by Iran in any form on the United States will be a blow to Iran that will be a thousand times more powerful!” – promised Trump.

On the eve of the publication Politico, reported that the Iranian authorities are planning an assassination attempt against the US Ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks in response to the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani. According to the sources of the publication, the US intelligence knew about the danger threatening Marx since the spring, but in the past few weeks more specific information about the impending attack has appeared. In particular, it became known that the Iranian embassy in South Africa may be involved in the conspiracy to assassinate the ambassador.


YouTube launched a competitor to TikTok :: Business :: RBC

For now, YouTube is only available to users in India. At the end of June, the authorities of this country blocked TikTok

Фото: Toby Melville / Reuters

Video hosting YouTube has launched a short video service YouTube Shorts. About this YouTube announced on his official blog.

The new service, like TikTok, allows you to shoot 15-second videos to which you can add music from YouTube.

The application will be available for users of devices running Android OS, later it was promised to be launched for owners of devices running iOS.

During the testing phase, Shorts will only operate in India. At the end of June, the authorities of this country blocked TikTok and a number of other Chinese apps, including WeChat, the UC browser, and the Clash of Kings game. They explained their decision by the fact that the work of these applications inflicts “damage on the sovereignty and integrity” of the country, threatens its security and public order.

Reuters names Oracle as TikTok buyer instead of Microsoft

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Kanye West won’t be able to show up everywhere

Candidate “of God”, the rapper still intends to appear against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But it will only be able to do so in certain states.

UNITED STATES – Facing Joe Biden and Donald Trump, he wants to represent God … but he will not be able to do it everywhere. Since the month of July and a disturbing meeting during which he appeared very fragile psychologically, Kanye West has officially been a candidate for the American presidential election which will take place in November.

Except that the rapper, if he presents himself outside the traditional channels that are the Republican and Democratic parties (he has the label of the “Birthday Party”), must still meet the traditional electoral requirements. And in this case, it does not do so in several key polling states.

At the beginning of September, Arizona, Wisconsin and Ohio in particular decreed that Kanye West and his running mate Michelle Tidball could not appear on the ballots on November 3.

In Ohio, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the judge who had rejected the artist’s candidacy, yet supported by 15,000 signatures from citizens and numerous documents. According to judicial authorities, Kanye West’s candidacy did not meet all the standards necessary to be approved, such as the missing signatures of his running mate.

Absent in Florida, Arizona and Ohio

In Wisconsin, a state that can switch at each election, a judge also considered that Kanye West could not be among the candidates, due to a delay in the transmission of his file. He should have completed his application before 5 p.m. Friday 11 September. “The candidates must arrive on time to enter the building of the electoral commission where certain papers must be filled out. There is no exception,” the judge justified.

He also missed the deadline to appear in his state of Illinois (though he was born in Atlanta, he spent a large majority of his life in Chicago), but also Missouri, Montana, Virginia- West, Wyoming and Florida, one of the most determining states in each poll.

However, Kanye West’s name may appear in several other states such as Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Vermont. But given the number of large voters needed to be elected to the presidency of the United States, and the crucial importance of Arizona and Ohio in particular, it is already clear that the rapper will not be able to not triumph.


The White House called Trump’s deserved nomination for the Nobel Prize :: Politics :: RBC

US President Donald Trump has been deservedly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to resolve the conflict between Israel and the UAE. About it reported White House Press Secretary Kaylee McEnani at a Washington briefing.

“President Trump was today nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his brokering efforts in the UAE-Israel peace treaty, a historic agreement and the first of its kind in two decades,” she said.

McEnani noted that Trump earned the nomination with hard work, so she deserves it. According to her, the president’s foreign policy will always be aimed at achieving peace.

In addition, the spokeswoman added that Trump managed to implement other projects on the world stage during his presidential term. Thus, on September 9, the US authorities announced a reduction in their military presence in Iraq from 5,200 to 3,000 troops.

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Global internet outage caused by an American company on Sunday

Several sites such as Amazon, eBay, and the video game platforms PlayStation Network and XBox Live suffered from connection problems for several hours.

LThe American telecommunications company CenturyLink suffered a network outage lasting several hours on Sunday affecting websites, streaming platforms and video games in the United States and Europe, and in particular online broadcasts of Ligue 1 matches in France .

“On August 30, customers in various international markets were affected by an outage through our network,” said the company contacted by AFP.

“We can now confirm that all services were restored at 11:12 am (3:12 pm GMT),” CenturyLink said.

According to the Downdetector website, the outage lasted more than five hours.

At least 10,000 customers of the Monroe, Louisiana-based company suffered from connection problems for several hours, according to Downdetector.

Among them are major sites like Amazon, eBay, Starbucks or even the Hulu streaming platforms and those of PlayStation network and XBox Live video games.

In France, Téléfoot subscribers found themselves with a black screen on the channel’s applications, which affected the broadcasting of Ligue 1 matches.

While CenturyLink did not specify the reason for the outage, it could be related to problems in the network at one of its data centers, according to the company’s website.

In 2018, CenturyLink was also the victim of a massive bug affecting ATMs and emergency calls (911) in the United States.


Lavrov said about the management of the Belarusian opposition from the West :: Politics :: RBK

Sergey Lavrov

(Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that Western forces rule the Belarusian opposition. He stated this in an interview with Channel One following a meeting with US First Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan. Its decryption published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We drew attention to the initiative of the President of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko, which he put forward even before the presidential elections and repeated already in the post-election period, – the initiative for constitutional reform as a basis for consolidating society with the subsequent organization of presidential, parliamentary and local government elections. I believe that a hand is extended to all those who are interested in a stable, united Belarus. It, of course, should be noticed by the opposition and those of our Western partners who are now leading this opposition, ”Lavrov said.

According to him, Russia does not consider it possible to try to impose mediators on the Belarusian leadership and the people from outside, “be it the OSCE, the EU, or some separate neighboring country”.

The minister called Belarusians a wise people who can determine the forms of national dialogue and how it will help to overcome the difficulties that have arisen now.

According to Lavrov, the American ambassador heard serious warnings from Russia about the activities of circles that, “say, in Poland and Lithuania express dissatisfaction with the normalization of the situation in Belarus, and are also trying to provoke violent actions in order to provoke an appropriate response from the security officials.”

Protests after the presidential elections in Belarus. the main thing

Photo: Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

Lavrov called the meeting with the American diplomat useful, but expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the Belarusian opposition council. “We would very much like to understand what are the political criteria on which this coordinating council wants to function. There was a lot of contradictory information about the council’s program, ”said the head of Russian diplomacy.

According to him, on the website of opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the goals pursued by this body were described very contradictory. The minister also noted that the composition of the coordinating council also raises questions, since many of its members learned that they are included in it, after the fact.

Rebecca Ross, former spokesman for the US Embassy in Russia reported on Twitter that Lavrov at a meeting with Bigan discussed the situation in Belarus. The American diplomat condemned the use of violence against the protesters and expressed support for the sovereignty of Belarus and the right of its people to self-determination.

Tihanovskaya announced on the creation of an opposition coordination council for the transfer of power in the country on August 14. It is planned to include representatives of associations interested in national dialogue, including labor collectives, parties and trade unions. On the fact of the creation of the coordination council of the opposition, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus aroused criminal case.

Russian Foreign Ministry reported warning to Washington on Belarus

Sergey Lavrov

The reason for the creation of the council was the results of the presidential elections held in Belarus on August 9. By data The Central Election Commission of the republic, the victory was won by Alexander Lukashenko, for whom 80.1% of voters (4 661 075 people) voted. For his main rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya – 10.1% (588,622 people). However, her headquarters did not recognize the election results and demanded transfer of power by peaceful means.

Since then, rallies have been held in Belarusian cities. The demonstrators are demanding a recount; in the first days of the protests, the security forces dispersed them using special means.

Thousands of protest march in Minsk. Photo report

Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / AP


Trump questions Kamala Harris’ American nationality: “She would not meet the conditions to be a candidate”

Donald Trump had already contested for years the American nationality of Barack Obama, supporting false theories according to which he was born in Kenya.

LUnited States President Donald Trump is attempting to cast doubt on the American nationality of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. “I heard today that Kamala Harris would not qualify to run for vice-president,” he insinuated during a press conference at the White House.

Kamala Harris is the daughter of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. She was mostly born in the city of Oakland, which automatically gives her American citizenship.

The Democratic Party reacted immediately, by not saying it was “not surprised” by Donald Trump’s insinuations. “What surprises us on the other hand is that it happens so quickly after his appointment,” Democrats added on CNN.

Donald Trump had already contested for years the American nationality of Barack Obama, supporting false theories according to which he was born in Kenya. Obama ended up making his birth certificate public in 2011. An American president must indeed be born on American soil.