TEST of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, between New World and old glories

It was just fifteen years ago thatAge of Empires, third of the name, landed on our coasts. A notable arrival given the prestige of the saga, which always makes us talk about her with respect and nostalgia. The story will make this opus the least significant of the trilogy, but an excellent RTS, in particular thanks to its innovations and its metropolis system. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Is it paying homage to this underrated episode and its progressive DNA or is it just doing the bare minimum? This is the question we had in mind when testing this remaster.

In our eyes this remaster is good, but first and foremost because the original game is so great.

There where Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition was the most anticipated at the turn, it was obviously on the graphic part, minimum union for a remastered version. Drum rolls are unnecessary since Tantalus Media and Forgotten Empires pass this test with flying colors. The game is undeniably livelier than in 2005 and much thinner. If the graphic shock is not as great compared to Definitive Edition of the first two components, the result is nonetheless well-made. However, the engine does not work a miracle compared to the animation very (too much) old-school characters. Let’s console ourselves with the resolution upgrade that allows us to enjoy gaming on our modern devices, including those that support 4K.

More than the graphic evolution, it is the modernization of the interface that gave us pleasure by forging our empires. Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition is in this respect much more readable than the original version. It also has three types of UI, including one that gives pride of place to our memories of conqueror while being more flexible on screen. Identifying each unit can seem tricky at times given their small size and the small life bar above their heads, but overall it’s much more playable nowadays than the 2005 version which was starting to take hold. seriously dust on that side. We would have liked the transformation to go even further, in particular by giving more customization options. Some settings were simply impossible to change or very well hidden. We immediately think of sound notifications, essential in a RTS, but here very annoying since the combat alerts (among others) ring out even when you have your eyes on them and it is quite frustrating not being able to mute them or lower their volume. Far from us the desire to play the small natures, but it happens that we are not far from the cacophony.

Like any good remaster, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition includes all the additional content in addition to the base game, ie no less than four campaigns and 14 civilizations. To our greatest delight, however, the 2020 remodel goes further by offering completely new content. It’s rare enough to be appreciated, but quite frankly, it’s far from the premier quality of this edition.

An insufficiently comprehensive tutorial.

AoE III DE 2Take for example one of the two new modes, called Art of war. Its interest is relatively limited since it combines very short video tutorials with mini-challenges that put into practice what you have just seen in pictures. In theory, it’s a good place to start if you’ve never touched a RTS and / or the original version ofAge of Empires III. In practice, the tutorial is not comprehensive enough to cover the richness of the game, thus leaving gray areas in the player’s mind when it comes to getting down to business. Completing the challenges with the highest score is also quite painful for some of them and not really rewarding compared to a good old skirmish that is much more didactic.

There are still some good things to remember in the content added to this Definitive Edition. The second mode called Historical Battles is therefore an excellent initiative. Unlike campaigns which are more or less fanciful, Tantalus Media and Forgotten Empires rely on real events that players can relive during a mission. It’s smart and said missions are finely crafted enough to be interesting challenges. The catch in this case is that we would have liked this mode to go much further. There are only six historical battles in all which will take you around 30-45 minutes each. It’s hard not to stay hungry once the mode is complete. Logic dictates that you turn to the campaigns already known to the game at the end of this experience, which should occupy you about thirty additional hours, but these are already less funky and with much more boat mechanics. . Remains thatAge of Empires III: Definitive Edition offers us an ultimate gift in the form of two exclusive civilizations, the Swedes and the Incas. This is by far the best the game has to offer and it is with these nations that you are likely to spend the most time. There again, there is a little taste of coming back to it which lets us say that a rab with other nations would not have been refused.

Once the tuft of novelty has been lifted, there is ultimately only the raw title as we left it in 2005. An incredibly rich game, which still proves to be an excellent vintage of real-time strategy today. Take advantage ofAge of Empires III is quite possible nowadays, and this is even what we advise you to do online with a system of matchmaking modern that we are quite happy to see. We are not going to re-test a game that already has fifteen candles, but just know thatAge of Empires III is a RTS particularly dynamic which benefits, as we said in the introduction, from the metropolis system that allows you to quickly import units, resources and upgrades in exchange for experience points obtained during the game.

Age of Empires III has the gameplay and good ideas for him, but he is also obsolete on a lot of points that could pass in 2005 and more nowadays. The Definitive Edition does not correct the obvious problems of pathfinding for example. A fairly major concern in a strategy game, since it very often happens that your units (and in particular your ships) do anything before going to the pipe breaker without wanting to go through enemy territory. If you are prowling with the RTS, other things should make you cringe. We can cite artificial intelligence which is not always reliable and the fact that a unit can only integrate into one control group at a time. The most archaic still remains to be able to build only a limited number of defense towers.


The final note struggles to represent exactly what we think ofAge of Empires III: Definitive Edition. In our eyes this remaster is good, but it is above all because the original game is enormously so and this update allows you to play it in the best conditions, and for not too expensive in addition to the rest. To go to the end of our thoughts, this version seems a little timid to us in its modifications and would clearly have benefited from doing more, even if its additions are welcome for the most part. Obviously, we would have done well without handicaps reminding us regularly that the game is already of a certain age and that it will not necessarily suit those who do not have a minimum of patience with dated mechanics.

You will find Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition at Fnac at € 19.99.


  • Graphics update
  • Good lifespan
  • New content …
  • Interface plus clean

The lessers

  • Settings that cannot be changed
  • Fairly basic campaigns
  • … who remains too shy
  • A little too old on certain points (IA, pathfinding, number of turns …)


When will schools be opened in secondary and high schools? Flash development in face-to-face training!


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the decisions taken after the Cabinet Meeting and shared information on face-to-face training.


President Erdoğan: We are starting face-to-face education in 5th grade in middle schools and 9th grade in high schools as of 2 November. We will announce the situation regarding the other classes where the distance education is continuing as soon as possible by looking at the developments.

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Internet in Russia may rise in price by at least 10%

The cost of Internet access in Russia in 2021 may grow by at least 10% – top managers of providers polled by Telecom Daily warn about this.

In the coming year, prices for services of fixed-line operators (primarily Internet) in Russia may increase by 10-15%. Almost 2/3 of the respondents – top managers of telecommunications companies providing Internet access and pay TV, as well as telephony services – stated this in a survey by the analytical agency Telecom Daily. Another 10% believe that prices will rise by more than 20%. 74% of the surveyed executives are sure that tariffs will rise more than the projected inflation rate.

Most often, survey participants talk about the risks associated with the deterioration of the general situation in the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic (70% of respondents say this). 56% of respondents, whose companies buy equipment, software and media content for subscribers for foreign currency, point to the depreciation of the ruble as a reason for future price increases. Market participants also spoke about capital-intensive initiatives of the Russian authorities (30%). Among them is the Yarovaya law, which requires operators to pay additional expenses for storing conversations and e-mails of subscribers, as well as ensuring their free access to sites under the Accessible Internet project.

Internet prices began to grow in 2018, before that they were constrained by competition between providers, said Denis Kuskov, CEO of Telecom Daily. For example, in late 2018 – early 2019, Rostelecom raised tariffs by 5-7%, he recalls. The increase in tariffs may not be direct, but indirect: the subscriber is transferred from the archive tariff to a more “modern” and high-speed one, the fee for which can be 100 rubles. higher – and relatively low tariffs with low speeds are washed out of the range of operators, explains Kuskov. According to Telecom Daily, in 2018 a Russian subscriber spent an average of 350 rubles on home Internet. per month, in 2019 – already 380 rubles. Forecast for 2020 – 405 rubles. However, it is incorrect to talk about a linear increase, says Kuskov. Often, prices even go down during promotions – however, after a few months, the subscriber still has to pay at market rates.

At the same time, the majority of operators (78%) today do not experience serious financial difficulties, according to the survey data. 46% of Telecom Daily respondents said they have enough money not only to maintain, but also to develop their business.

Operators have repeatedly talked about a sharp increase in demand for home Internet services this spring, with the start of the pandemic. According to the Ministry of Digital Science, in the first half of 2020, home Internet traffic in Russia grew by 34% to more than 29 billion GB.


Pokémon Sword and Shield: Caped Pikachu are invading Galar, find out how to get them back

During the wave of information about the Snowy Crown Lands DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield, we learned of the arrival of many creatures in Disease, dont of Pikachu special items that appeared during the 7G, wearing the various caps of Sacha (Satoshi). We then shared the two codes available at the time, but others have obviously been unveiled since and more are to come. We will therefore group everything together in this article so that you can find your way around.

Here are the different codes to enter:

  • Original Cap : P1KACHUGET;
  • Partner Cap : 1CH00SEY0U ;
  • Hoenn cap : P1KAADVANCE;
  • Sinnoh cap Fits To: V0LTTACKLEP1KA;
  • Unys cap Stk #: P1KABESTW1SH;
  • Kalos cap : KAL0SP1KA;
  • Alola cap : code to come on October 23;
  • World cap : code to come on October 30.

The last will be for the unpublished sentence, with reference to l’anime of 2019 (The trips). All these codes are otherwise only valid until November 30, 2020 ! And if you don’t know where to put them in play, here’s what to do:

  • Select “Mystery Gift” from the main menu;
  • Select “Receive a Mystery Gift”;
  • Select “Via a code or a password”, save your game and the Internet connection will be made;
  • Enter your code ;
  • The gift is transferred to your game

If you ever don’t have one of the games in the 8G, you can buy Pokemon Sword € 44.49 on Amazon or wait until November 6 and get the edition grouping together on the same cartridge the basic content and the Pass d’extension, sold € 79.99 at the Fnac.

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Steve McQueen, that untold racism – Cinema

“I have never been an advocate of violence against racism, but if anything has changed today it depends on the pandemic, on Covid. The Floyd case has been seen on TV by millions of people several times and there has been an awakening to them. things on the part of those who were closed at home to deal with their frailties “. So today at the Rome Film Festival the English Oscar-winning director with 12 years a slave, Steve McQueen, who presented RED WHITE AND BLUE, one of the five episodes of SMALL AX, an anthological TV series (will go to Amazon) set in the Caribbean community of London between the sixties and eighties. A series, among other things, dedicated to George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. In SMALL AX (with Label festival Cannes) racism is on stage, the subtle and immortalized one full of nuances, but without too much rhetoric, as McQueen does very well in RED WHITE AND BLUE. In this episode the true story of Leroy Logan, a black graduated man who, in the sixties, decides at a certain point in his life, despite his father’s opposition, to join the police. For him an underwork, but his idea was to be a bridge between the police and that culture of blacks that he knows well, but in reality Logan will soon become the victim of a double racism: that of the police who see him with hatred and that of blacks who consider him a traitor. “It’s an idea that started a long time ago, exactly eleven years ago – said the director who had had a dazzling debut with Hunger -. The goal was to bring to the big screen untold stories of the black Caribbean community in London. I worked with the producers and with a researcher to reconstruct many of these events that often involve people who are now dead. In the case of Logan, who collaborated with us, he was really someone who wanted to integrate the black community and the police. ” On the new ‘inclusive’ rules of the Academy, Steve McQueen who has a past as a visual artist commented: “A lot has happened in Hollywood after the release of 12 YEARS A SLAVE which was a film that had an extraordinary success. audience with a black protagonist. In Hollywood they thought perhaps that this was another way to make money. Hence also the rules of the Academy, something that could concern more the technical cast, the workers who could be so facilitated to work in an exclusive industry like that of the cinema “. The story of the title of the series, SMALL AXE (the same as a Bob Marley song), evokes a Jamaican proverb about the strength of dissent: “if you are the big tree, we are the little ax” is beautiful.