Martin Rütter gives tips for everyday dog ​​life

Corona virus and dogs: This is now important when going for a walk “Dog professional” Martin Rütter wants to support dog owners in the corona crisis and therefore answers daily questions from the home office at Instagram-Live on the subject of corona and dogs. We show in the video what dog owners should consider when […]

Google’s trick to put 3D animals on your photos

J.M.S. MADRID Updated:03/28/2020 17: 11h save It is not something new (it was announced last year) but sometimes things come and go as if nothing were happening. Recently, a challenge in social networks has gone viral that explores the augmented reality technology implemented in the Google search engine and that allows viewing animals in 3D […]

Ouwehands Zoo: Still unknown whether giant panda is pregnant NOW

Ouwehands Zoo reports on Wednesday that it is not yet known whether giant panda Wu Wen is pregnant. The female first mated with the male Xing Ya in January, but it is not yet clear whether that was a success. With giant pandas, it is extra complicated to determine whether they are pregnant or not, […]

The first ancestor of all modern animals, discovered in Australia

J. de J. Madrid Updated:03/24/2020 08: 38h save Related news A team led by geologists at the University of California Riverside has discovered in Australia the first ancestor of the family tree that contains most of the common animals today, including humans. The little worm-like creature somewhat larger than a grain of rice, called Ikaria […]

These mice have just gone on a science center adventure – NBC Los Angeles

Surely you have seen the curious penguins wandering recently in the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which closed following COVID-19? With only their keepers nearby, the beautiful birds had the opportunity to browse, see some fish and get the surface of the ground (or aquarium, rather). The California Science Center was inspired, quite clearly and pleasantly, […]

The first animals on Earth were networked

J. de J. Madrid Updated:03/06/2020 09: 43h save Some 500 million years ago, shortly after the first large and complex organisms began to appear on Earth, strange creatures that looked like ferns and up to two meters high dominated the seabed. The rangeomorphs, considered one of the first animals on the planet, they have baffled […]

Parrots also know how to calculate the odds

Parrots are also able to understand abstract mathematical concepts and act according to probabilities. This is suggested a new study published in the magazine ‘Nature Communications’ in which for the first time it is shown that this ability is present in an animal that does not belong to the family of great apes. In this […]

Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden faced did not come from a distant front line. It came from the skies. It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the […]