Dolphins teach each other hunting techniques, use shells to catch fish NOW

Dolphins not only teach their children how to hunt, they also teach each other new tricks to get food. Biologists write this in the journal Current Biology. The trick in question is to use a shell as a safety net for fish, and then shake out the prey.

In general, toothed whales (such as dolphins) learn from their mothers. However, research on bottlenose dolphins in Australia’s Shark Bay shows that the dolphins can also teach each other things outside of the mother-child bond.

Several bottlenose dolphins were seen catching food in a shell and then fishing it out. They chased a fish and chased it into a large shell.

The dolphins then put their snouts into the opening of the shell and took the object to the surface of the water. There they shake the shell back and forth until their prey fell out, directly into their mouths.

Passing on knowledge mutually helps with survival

Biologists analyzed which dolphins in a population used the trick with the conch and kept this in addition to the social networks within the bottlenose dolphin populations. From this they could conclude that the trick was not mainly passed on from generation to generation, but by a generation among themselves.

When animal species can transfer knowledge among themselves, rather than just from mother to child, for example, they can better adapt to their environment, the authors state in this study. This increases their chances of survival.

Few cases are known of the use of tools in dolphins

The researchers believe that it is not only interesting how the dolphins learn from each other. The hunting trick in question is also unique because it is one of the few examples of dolphins using tools to catch food.

Another example of dolphin use of tools is catching prey with sponge animals.


Antarctica penguins eat better if less ice floats on water NOW

Penguins living in the South Pole appear to benefit if less ice floats on the water. In periods with less ice in Antarctica, the birds seem to be able to eat better. Japanese scientists write this in the journal Science Advances.

Biologists have been researching Adelie penguins for a long time. In addition, they noticed that penguin populations grow very much in periods with little sea ice. In addition, the chicks grow faster and the adult birds have more body mass. In times of ice at sea, breeding periods are problematic.

It was unknown for a long time why this was the case. Until Japanese scientists decided to provide sensors to 175 penguins. Those sensors included speedometers, cameras and GPS systems. This allowed the behavior of the birds to be accurately measured.

The research shows that little sea ice leads to population growth, because the birds have more space to find food in the water. In periods with a lot of sea ice, the birds have to waddle around and look for a break in the ice to dive in.

When there is less ice on the water, the penguins are free to dive where they want. They then have much more space to find food and they also have to compete less with others for food.

Less ice also means more food

Finally, penguins eat krill, a shrimp-like animal that feeds on plankton. When there is less ice on the water, more sunlight enters the water, which in turn increases plankton growth. Then the krill can eat more and the penguin in turn also has more krill to feast on.

However, the researchers add that Adélie penguins live in mainland Antarctica. Penguin species that live on islands near the South Pole seem to thrive less with less sea ice. Why this and the difference between the two species remains to be seen in subsequent research.


“A bench has more value than a dog or a cat “

The Cross : You want to prohibit the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops, fairs and exhibitions, as well as on the websites generalists. For what reasons ?

Loïc Dombreval : There are stores that are doing a good job. They have put in place traceability requirements, which ensure that the animal is born and raised in France, and the birth and education are made under good conditions. But other pet stores do not respect them, and this is a problem. The vendors also have sales targets. They may sometimes not give all the details there is to know before I buy a cat or a dog.

→ TO READ. The chain of roquefort challenged by the association L214 on the fate of the lambs

It is necessary to avoid the sales impulse, where you buy an animal because it is cute. This is even more the case on sites like The Right Corner and Facebook. We do not sell a dog as it sells a chair or a table. I hope that the people who want to buy an animal to do it in a breeding, amateur or professional, or shelter ; they could see it in his house, socialized and in the presence of humans who took care of him.

Why do you offer a certificate of minimum knowledge required before you acquire a pet ?

L. D. : I propose to empower the buyers and reread The Little Prince Saint-Exupéry : “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed “. An animal is a living being who feels things and can suffer. When one agrees to take an animal, we are committed to the respect, and this requires a minimum of knowledge. For example, you should know that a husky loves the snow and runs without becoming exhausted. In an apartment in Paris, this is not the ideal. The owner is pleased because it is a beautiful dog, but this is not an object.

It is to avoid these situations that can lead to the abandonment that I propose a certificate. It will be established very simply on the Internet, with questions in the form of MCQS. Have a cat or a dog, how much does it cost per month ? Against what diseases should it go the vaccinated ? What is the of electronic identification ? These are essential knowledge to acquire before you buy an animal. The important thing is that the person is convinced that she can take daily. It would then be necessary that she present this certificate at the time of acquisition of the animal.

You also want to strengthen the penalties for animal abuse. What do you think of the current legislation ?

L. D. : The penalties are too weak and the maximum penalties are never applied. Degrade a public good is more penalized that engage in acts of cruelty on an animal. You break a bench on the public way, you can take up to five years in prison and a 75 000 € fine ; while an act of cruelty, mistreatment or zoophilia, it was not until two years and 30 000 € fine. A bench has more value than a dog or a cat. This is not normal.

→ DEBATE. Does it perpetuate animal experimentation ?

What I demand is that you hold at a minimum on the legal regime of property. It is absolutely necessary that it simplifies and amplifies the sentences. I’ve also proposed a green number of animal protection dedicated to the reporting of abuse. The animals are certainly less important than human beings, but this does not mean that they are not important. Make sure that they are treated better.


“We dogs “, journey to the end of the Korea

We are the dogs **
Oh Sung-yoon and Lee Choon-Bae
Animated Film from south korea, 1: 42 a.m.
From the age of 8

It is a story that is sadly banal turns of the epic. For a walk with his master, the dog Moon-chi, the party seeking the ball thrown to nice distance, understands too late that it has been abandoned.

Crossing the path of other canines wandering, Moon-chi is confronted with the harshness of life in the wild, begging for food and learning to hunt in the company of other animals revenue to the state of nature, also victims of the cruelty of the men. Chased by a terrible breeder of dogs for fighting, the little band seeks salvation in a hypothetical promised land…

On a backdrop reminiscent of the front of the animal abuse (certain scenes will offend more sensitive children), We dogs is also a tale about the discovery of freedom.

Like The island of dogs, Wes Anderson (2018), another allegory animal and animated dropdown in Asia, this south Korean film is part of a geographical and political context, very particular.

→ CRITICAL : With the ” Island of The dogs “, Master Wes Anderson’s lack of bite

In a country cut in two, the men have forgotten their links with the fauna and flora. The harmony that reigns in nature, evoked through beautiful scenery drawn according to the related techniques of traditional painting in Korean, which contrasts with the ferocity of a hunter’s dog. Too cartoonish to be credible, this character comes to ruin the moral tasty, issued by the film : the Eden which unites the dreams of canines is the one that separates the men.


A bear shot in the Ariège, a debate which revived in the Pyrenees

Who shot the bear was found dead Tuesday, June 9, in the Ariège ? An investigation is underway for a leader of the “anti-bear” look for a deliberate act. The case of recovery in any case the conflict between environmentalists and ranchers in the Pyrenees.

→ IN 2018. The bear sow discord in the Pyrenees

The species is protected and the young male of 150 to 200 kg shot and killed near the ski resort of Guzet is the second bear of the year to be found dead in the pyrenees. Another male, Catechu, accused of many prédations, had succumbed to Spanish side, fifty kilometers from there, in April, without the causes of death have not been disclosed.

After the macabre discovery Tuesday, environmentalists have vented their anger by denouncing the “poaching by balls of a bear “. “This new step has been taken in violence is part of a context of impunity of the opponents to the bear radical and violent that our associations are denouncing for years “say bear Country, Fans and other associations in a joint statement.

New release ?

These same associations are calling on the State to fulfill its commitment to “to quickly replace any dead bear human caused “. The last release to bear the slovenians dates back to 2018, the government has since frozen the reintroductions in the face of opposition.

For the time being, the gendarmes of the brigade of research of Saint-Girons conducting the investigation. The autopsy was to be performed Wednesday, June 10, at the veterinary school of Toulouse. “All means are implemented to identify the author or authors. It is an act of great seriousness “said the prosecutor of Foix Laurent Dumaine, during a press conference. The survey was open for “unauthorized destruction of a protected species “an offence punishable by three years imprisonment and 150 000 euros fine.

The plantigrade was lying in an area of steep near the circus of Gérac, to 1 800 meters of altitude, in the department of Ariège. It has been discovered by experts of the French Office for the biodiversity, conducting observations of predation after farmers had reported sheep killed, Sunday, 7 June, not far away.

→ EXHIBITION. The bear, an animal attaching itself to the uncertain future

It is the minister of the ecological transition, Elizabeth Bollard, who announced Tuesday, June 9, the death of the animal, denouncing an act “illegal and profoundly wrong “and stating that the State was going to file a complaint. The organizations, “pro-bear” are also going to file a complaint.

Breeders infuriated

The authorities count now fifty specimens in the Pyrenees, a number that however, does not guarantee the survival of the species. Last summer, spirits were still heated with the bond of the losses attributed to the bear, after several dérochages massive. For the single Ariège, a stronghold of the species, 565 claims had been introduced, accounting for 1 155 sheep died or were injured.

In the field of higher prédations, the experts put into question the delays to farmers to equip themselves with the means of protection of existing (shepherds, protection dogs, parks, electrified) subsidized to the tune of 80 %. The government had announced last week an additional € 500 000 to the funds allocated for the coexistence between pastoralism and the bear.

Constrained by european legislation on the protection of biodiversity, the French government launched in the 1990s a program of reintroduction of the brown bear in the Pyrenees, where the species had almost disappeared. This was the starting point of a conflict that has been ongoing since ranchers and environmentalists, punctuated by demonstrations, sometimes violent.


Europe is also experiencing contamination between wildlife and humans

Zoonoses have taken an unexpected turn in the Netherlands, in the villages of Milheeze and Beek en Donk. While during the Covid-19 pandemic, we learned that a dog in Hong Kong had tested positive on contact with its owners without developing the disease, or that hamsters or cats had been infected, the Dutch case reminds us that infectious interactions between wild animals and humans can also occur in our western societies, where wildlife farming is practiced.

→ EXPLANATION. Coronavirus: “Zoonosis”, a clever word to unite humans and animals

The two villages in North Brabant, a dozen kilometers apart, are home to mink farms, a mustelid subservient to aquatic ecosystems, comprising 20,500 animals. Seven of them tested positive for coronavirus in late April. According to several veterinarians, the likely assumption is that farm workers have infected the animals. A health area of ​​400 meters has been set up around the farms. The transportation of animals and manure to or from these “prohibited areas” has also been prohibited.

No known case of reverse transmission to humans

According to the virologist Wim van der Poel, of the firm Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, there is no known case of reverse transmission to humans, therefore of risk of epidemic from these foci. This researcher is conducting an in-depth study on the infection in the two farms. Analysis of the air around farms, in particular, should allow this risk to be assessed more precisely.

In mid-April, Wim van der Poel mentioned in a note to the Dutch Minister for Agriculture, Carola Schouten, the possible transmission of the virus from humans to mink. It was based on research by fellow virologist Ron Fouchier of the University of Rotterdam showing that ferrets were infected with the coronavirus by contact with humans, via droplets carried by air.

“The risk for the inhabitants of the region is low as long as the virus is not spread by air around the farms”, he says however. And the eradication of minks, as long as there is no high mortality or high contamination within the species, is not envisaged. Contrary to what has been practiced during previous episodes of zoonoses in the Netherlands, this time concerning domestic species: swine flu or avian flu.


Dog VS Priluchny – 3: 0 … Muceniece spoke about the ideal man

The offended actress considered that a “real” man should, like a dog, be faithful and faithful.

The rapid end of relations and the collapse of a strong Priluchny couple still haunts neither Agatha Muceniece, nor Pavel, nor attentive fans who still believe in the renewal of the union. Previously, happy spouses are now seriously depressed, although they try not to show this by publishing rainbow shots from their lives. However, at times, nevertheless, the tart remarks of a disappointed Agatha slip.

Last night, the actress tried to escape from obsessive thoughts about the impending divorce. However, even squeezing a dog, Agatha could not do without discussing the qualities of an ideal man.

“My love! My sweet That should be a man, right? Faithful, faithful and loving me to madness, ”Agatha said on social networks, comparing the“ real ”man with a dog.

You do not need to be an expert to understand these obvious hints of a woman who has left the family nest. In all three respects, according to Agatha, her ex-husband Priluchny loses. We never had to talk about fidelity and devotion in a relationship: Paul was surrounded by rumors, and sometimes even semi-official statements, about betrayal throughout his family life.

And the actor showed his “love to madness” to the whole country when he came home intoxicated and, as Agatha reported, hit her and drove her out with the children, taking even the phone.

Comparing a real man with a dog, Agatha seemed to mean Paul. In the battle, Dog VS Paul defeated the first in the “dry” – 3-0, showing both his love and his loyalty to the mistress. People are not animals, however, and they are sometimes capable of “animal” actions.


Actor Milos Bikovic met the first of May with a kitten and a bulldog

Many stars of show business very peculiarly observe the regime of self-isolation. Although they constantly talk about quarantine and the difficulties of staying in the four walls of their houses on social networks, they still somehow manage to appear in TV shows and maintain their hairstyles in perfect condition.

But here are some of the actors who really try not to leave the room once again. These include Milos Bikovic, who showed on his Instagram how he celebrates May 1.

“With the holiday of labor … here we are working, whoever can …” – the actor signed the photo.

In the frame, Bikovich is thoughtful, while a charming but clearly dissatisfied kitten sits on his shoulder. And in the next photo, the reason for the dissatisfaction of the animal is understandable – next to it is a large, but clearly friendly bulldog, whom the kitten is still afraid of.

Milos Bikovic explained why “Sunstroke” Mikhalkov failed at the box officeAs the actor noted, the audience is changing over the years and is consumer-friendly about content.


Luis Novaresio and the Loose Animals attacked Romina Manguel for not joining the operation against Cristina Kirchner

The ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice emerged as an informational novelty in the previous that Loose Animals went on the air. That is why it was one of the topics debated, and Luis Novaresio installed the idea of ​​Clarín and La Nación in his program with his colleagues, except Romina Manguel, which triggered a strong crossover.

Despite the efforts by the driver and the panelists to present it as a defeat for the vice president and her lawyer, Graciana Peñafort, the truth is that with the decision of the highest court of justice, the president of the Senate is empowered to call to meet to remotely debate tax laws, such as the wealth tax.

This is what Romina Manguel was trying to explain but, in the journalists’ effort to show a defeat for Cristina Kirchner, it all ended in a debate that was on the wrong terms.

Novaresio tried to impose himself on his partner by showing a series of portal titles, and shot at the A24 site and Infobae, two places where the driver works. Javier Calvo stressed that his colleague was a lawyer to dismiss Manguel’s statements, something that did not go down well with the journalist. These statements were widely condemned on social media.