Coronavirus costs Australian GDP “at least” 0.5% as expected by the stimulus package – live policy | News in Australia

The proposed law 2020 on the modification of the telecommunications legislation (international production orders) establishes a new framework in the Telecommunications Act (interception and access) 1979 for the issuance of data orders directly to communication providers subject to an international agreement. Interior Minister Peter Dutton said the bill represents an important step towards confirming agreements […]

Vigil held for the Brisbane mother killed in Canberra

A federal parliamentarian from Queensland told Hannah Clarke and her three children that Australians want to do more to combat domestic violence. Terri Butler, who is Ms Clarke’s federal representative, said the country has seen so many deaths from family violence. “There is a risk that we get used to it and we can’t get […]

“I didn’t know” Senate vote on submarine jobs in South Australia

Anthony Albanese gave an interview for the Adelaide radio sinking on Labor voting habits in the Senate, admitting that he sometimes has no idea what is going on there. The Labor leader was pressured by FiveAA host David Penberthy on why every single party senator yesterday voted against a motion to maintain 700 submarine jobs […]