Today’s anti-Semitism has three origins

Solidarity against hatred of Jews: Israeli flag at a Berlin synagogue Picture: dpa Research on anti-Semitism is controversial, says Stefanie Schüler-Springorum. But that’s not true when you consider all of its forms. A reply. In her essay “Anti-Semitism: a politically heated field” Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, head of the Center for Anti-Semitism Research at the TU Berlin, […]

Anti-Semitism: I was a Jew at the Carnival in Aalst

SBy Belgian standards, Aalst is a pretty unattractive place. A quaint little town, but painted by an below average painter. For three days, however, the city celebrates its medieval carnival, an eclectic festival of colors, music, wigs, imaginative costumes, beer and lots of fun. The carnival was honored by UNESCO in 2010 as a World […]

Aalst carnival still causes international outcry

Year after year, the Aalst carnival is spreading more ink, without the inhabitants of this small town in East Flanders changing the anti-Semitic character of their festivities. On the contrary: this trait appeared further reinforced on Sunday February 23. The international outcry predicted by the daily La Libre Belgique did not fail to happen. Major […]

In Germany, the great fear of the Jewish community

If the Hanau attack was first directed against the Muslim population of Turkish or Kurdish origin, the Jewish community also saw it as an attack targeting them. Security checks at the entrance to the synagogue on Orianenburg Street in Berlin have become the norm. Since the Hanau attack, vigilance has increased. MAURIZIO GAMBARINI / dpa […]

A carnival in Flanders unleashes a wave of criticism for anti-Semitism | International

Alost Carnival has become a magnet for controversy in recent years. The Flemish municipality of 85,000 inhabitants, located just over half an hour’s drive from Brussels, celebrates one of the busiest parades in Belgium every February. And possibly the most detested by the Jewish community. This edition, their floats were more than ever in the […]

Aalst shocks with anti-Semitic vehicles

During a carnival parade in Belgium, Jews were insulted with anti-Semitic figures. Now the European Commission intervened. But she can’t do much about it. Anti-Jewish representations at the carnival in Aalst, Belgium are criticized by the EU Commission encountered. Such pictures should be 75 years after liberation from Auschwitz Commission spokesmen said on Monday in […]

Judenhass demo displaces classic car show “Classic Days” on Kudamm – B.Z. Berlin

Sabine Klier February 22, 2020             13:53 updated                                             15:41 For the 7th time the classic car show “Classic Days” was to transform the Kudamm from 16 to 17 May into a mecca for car lovers. The organizer has now canceled it because the anti-Jewish Al-Quds demo was approved there by the authorities at the same time. […]