Easter, women doctors of medicine and sacred nursing care

“With the perspective offered by the incipient and often bloody novelty of viral Easter – of ‘virus’, not of’ virtue’-, some of the protagonists of that and this claim special mention” With or without “coronavirus”, or with not as many as those that have been macabre, especially in Spain, every week is holy. Some will […]

Who was expelled and nominated Survivors 2020 Gala 7:

The last evening of the ‘Survivors’ was settled without expulsions. Antonio Pavón He had been separated from the rest for a few days after suffering an injury in one of the games and his return was brief. The bullfighter returned with courage and the desire to continue playing, but Jorge Javier Vázquez gave him the […]

Jos Antonio Reyes was traveling at least 187 km / h when he left the road

The utrerano footballerJose Antonio Reyes, who died on June 1, 2019 after a traffic accident, was circulating at least187 km / h when it perishedon the A-376 road near Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville), his cousin Jonathan Reyes also lost his life. This was announced this Wednesday by the Cadena SER in the local section of […]

José Antonio Ruiz: «The current situation can help to empathize»

José Antonio Ruiz Díez (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 46 years old) was not willing to get up one day when he was 90 years old and regret not having done with his life “what he really wanted”. So he decided to create a school in one of the most dangerous areas in the Congo. […]

«I don’t want to give myself up to discouragement»

Polished NativityFOLLOW Madrid Updated:03/26/2020 02: 14h save Neither the crises, nor the coronaviruses, nor fate, if any, understand geniuses. And if not, ask the painter and sculptor Antonio López (Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, 1936), for whom this 2020 is being a very hard year. On February 17 the first crisis (personal, vital) arrived: his wife died, […]

El Hormiguero: Antonio Banderas, quarantine alone

“I have washed the kitchen, I have put the washing machine …”, this is how Antonio Banderas, who is confined to his house in Malaga away from his girl, Nicole Kimpel, described his day to day. The actor’s girlfriend was trapped in Geneva, where he went to see his family, and the Andalusian interpreter fulfills […]

Blackfacing: How black can you photoshop a white singer?

Classical blackface How black can you photoshop a white singer? Status: 1:55 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes One could call bronzed what happened to Jonas Kaufmann’s face Source: SONY CLASSICAL The main character of Verdi’s “Otello” is a black man. Racism is a topic in the opera. Jonas Kaufmann now looks pretty dark on […]